William & Kate: The First Year

William & Kate: The First Year

On the 29th of April 2011 the most talked-about couple in the
world tied the knot. It was a real fairy-tale wasn’t it?
It was the real thing and since that day it’s been a whirlwind 12 months for Will
and Kate from taking part in the local pub quiz
in Anglesey, he actually said to me oh what colour the Simpsons card is? and I couldn’t help myself I said I think its
royal blue and he laughed his head off when I said that. I love being in Anglesea and it’s a beautiful place To their first official royal tour French: Merci beaucoup, Votre Excellence It will improve as we go on. *Laughing* Just what happens when you come face to
face with the Duchess I didn’t know if I could touch, what I
can touch, It ended up looking like I was playing twister with her. I personally thought it was absolutely phenomenal and I think they were just terrific the two of them. we’ll find out what makes this twosome tick. The fact that there is a passion there, there is a chemistry there is very clear and here how the world’s favorite couple
has won over everyone on there way. They’re just very
normal there down to earth, there caring, they sort of identify with the ordinary working man. We’ll see them deal with Britain in turmoil the signal that they were
sending out was that they care that they understand and while the Prince does his duty
overseas, In Argentina’s capital there chant is ”Get out of the Falklands” We see the future Queen Consort flying
solo. ”I feel enormously proud to be part of East Anglia’s
Children’s Hospices” One-year on from their big day, this is
the inside story of how William and Kate stole the nation’s
hearts ”and now as they say lights camera action” William & Kate: The First Year On Friday the 29th of April 2011 The eyes of the world focused on London and the fairytale wedding of Prince
William to Catherine Middleton William Wales & Kate Middleton were history of arts students together at Saint Andrews University
today they are making history themselves that’s why we’re all here one and a half million people flocked
onto the streets of London Here at Hyde Park were expecting some 200,000 fans plus but at Westminster Abbey only the chosen
few had an invite, the guest list reflected the
world William and Kate inhabit their own
friends the young and successful there was a tremendously buzzy atmosphere .. People were greeting each other pleased to see each other when I got married in Westminster Abbey and I would be terribly pleased if the the atmosphere for my wedding was perhaps what theirs was. with the supporting cast in place at one minute past 11 the moment
everyone had been waiting for arrived She is wearing Brand Alexander McQueen it is a wedding dress that has been
designed as well speculated by Sarah Burton That dress just kinda nailed the right level
between you know the simplicity and the glamour
she just got it perfectly right The bride walked towards me and it was just a
very breath-taking and wonderful sight really, is such a such
a beautiful dress I dare say she did feel a bit nervous I mean who wouldn’t at that particular moment? but there was no great sign of it at all she, she seemed very calm and very
together and utterly prepared for what was going to
happen. Around the world 2.4 billion people watched as William
and Catherine said I Do ”Be who god meant you to be and you will set the world on fire” the families watched on with pride but one
very special person dear to Prince William was missing I felt a little heartbroken on the day that we weren’t seeing Diana in the abbey because she would’ve been loving every second I think Princess of wales would’ve been.. his mother would’ve been very very proud off him. The new royal couple The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as hundreds of thousands of people made
there way up the mall to gather beneath the balcony inside the palace the two families were
preparing for the official photograph they’d just come back from the abbey, they’d just come back in that carriage and, and then came into the throne room
it was lovely listening to them all getting on and to who was paying attention to what and whatever it was great but for Hugo the pressure was on we had officially twenty-eight minutes
from when they got back to the abbey to when they had to leave the
throne room with the clock ticking Hugo had one last
task to get a shot of the bride and groom
with their bridesmaids and pages but he had a trick up his sleeve to get
the children on his side I felt that jelly beans was probably a suitable bribe we then showed them the jelly beans and said right we have got the jelly beans they are for you but we’ve got to do the job first. there was a bit of an ugly scramble for
the jelly beans after the shoot there’s no doubt about that *laughs* Outside Buckingham Palace tension was building as the huge crowds
waited for a glimpse of the newlyweds Oh Wow Oh wow she says, oh wow and there was one thing they all wanted to see crowd shouting *kiss kiss* and there you the you have the moment they had all come for the kiss this new tradition that you imagine has been going for hundreds of years it was actually only invented by William’s parents Charles and Diana They did the kiss you know that first kiss like okay let’s get this one over but it was the second one which was the real
humdinger oo another one It was not rehearsed it was spontaneous and again it showed the passion those two are not
afraid to touch each other matter fact it looks like they like to touch each other 2nd May 2011 just days after playing starring roles
on the world stage it was back to normal for the newlyweds
as Catherine and William return to their home in Anglesey Anglesey it’s a small Island of,of Wales it’s rather windswept it’s very remote
they live in a not excessively large cottage close to the sea and they absolutely
love it you know I love being in Anglesey and its a
beautiful place when the sun shines out its, its stunning and the beaches here the general life is
is great to settle in and we our left alone its good I think William and Catherine relish life in
Anglesey its private its quiet when they’re out there
just Will and Kate they don’t have a team of staff something
that they decided they didn’t want to take on when they got married they have
a housekeeper but it’s Katie does the shopping the
cleaning taking out the garbage she does all of
those things while Catherine is busy homemaking
Williams hard at work as a search and rescue pilot at RAF valley every day you come into work and you don’t quite know what’s going to happen its quite exciting in that sense, its unpredictable but at the same time its great you get to go out and actually save someone’s life , hopefully or at least make a difference to someone when you know that there in trouble William has a a full-time career in the
Royal air force and he’s made it clear that that’s a job
that he wants to keep going with full-time as much as he possibly can even for
the next two or three years some reports have suggested even longer he wants to be a serving Royal Air Force officer and he’s not messing around Prince William’s career is very very important to him Its totally apparent to me straight away how important the job is the general airmanship you need to to have around you all which you need to survive the weather and whatever sort of situations your thrown into, it definitely is advanced flying and its rewarding so put the two
together and it’s a fantastic job you could never accuse people of favouritesing him because of who he was because nobody would put other people’s
lives at risk and have a rescue sea helicopter going out with a man who didn’t know how to fly it Its a tough job and just like people all over the
country at the end of the day he likes to wind down by popping into his local for the pub quiz on the night William came in I was
actually in the kitchen and one of the staff came through and said Prince William’s here and I said no theres no chance I sat on the table opposite him and he was really friendly he actually said to me do you know what colour the Simpsons card is and I couldn’t help myself I said I think its royal blue and he laughed his head off when I said that. He stayed right to the very end and then I went over an thank him for coming in and he thank me for lovely evening and said
that we’d see him again. and the canny landlord could spot an
opportunity when it presented itself I told everybody that Prince William had been and I told them that he was coming the
following Thursday as well but which I didn’t know I just know whether it’s
true or not so but the following Thursday to
pub was very busy as well *laughs* Kate and William enjoy life in Anglesey
away from their royal duties but it won’t last for ever things will
change when they move to London which will happen probably at some point in 2013 it’s when
they will have to give up that private part of their
lives and they will become full-time working royals for the time
being they can enjoy some quality time in Wales think this is a wonderful opportunity for them both to have a life that’s as normal as possible I think
that this is sadly for them probably a short span of their life when they can really really be like a normal person. two weeks into married life the
newlyweds swap the rugged beaches of Anglesey for there top secret honeymoon
destination tropical beaches of the Seychelles they said before they wanted to go somewhere hot and its a young persons destination. Seychelles fitted the bill this was something a bit different younger more kids what people from there
generation with a bit of money would do for a honeymoon really. They went to the Seychelles in 2007 post to there temporary breakup they had a fabulous time, Williams reported to have said its the best holiday he ever had and so I think they were keen to go back somewhere that had really positive memories for them. the couple settled down in their
exclusive four thousand pounds a night villa on the uber fashionable north island what was great was that they could be
safe and secure in and very remote part of the world on a on a little island
what more could you want after 10 days of taking in the Sun it was back to Britain and back to
business 24th May 2011 The President (USA) and his wife Michelle were
welcomed by the Queen and Prince Philip and later met the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge here was a moment which demonstrated the extraordinary leap she taken from being an
ordinary member of the public to suddenly meeting the most powerful man in the
world the President of the United States she looked great she was sun tanned, glowing I mean I just love the fact that she
wore a high street dress for that meeting it kinda said it all didn’t it that Reiss dress the £175 dress sold out immediately the Duchess of Cambridge
is an enormously powerful sales driver as soon as she wear’s something
it sells right out she has an immediate instant effect from kicking back in her casuals to couture on the red carpet all eyes are on the
Duchess wherever she goes and comparisons to Princess Diana are inevitable my impression is that she is trying very hard
not to be the fashion plate that Princess Diana was and Princess Diana was adored by the British fashion industry she loved wearing clothes I think Kate was never particularly interested
in fashion never had any need to dress to be photographed and now she suddenly finds herself thrown in to the spotlight with Will and Kate on top of everyone’s
guest list the world watches there every move This was the royals as glitterati William and Kate could
hardly have chosen a more opulent occasion for their official
debut as a married couple when Kate stepped out of her limousine my
goodness the Duchess she dazzled she looked absolutely
stunning she was wearing a Jenny Packham blush gown down to the ground nipped in at the
waist and she literally sparkled she really looked like she was having a
blast and you’re enjoying what you’re wearing is the key to looking great clothes and
I think that was one of the reasons why that dress was so successful because she looked like she was really enjoying it while everyone of Catherine’s outfits
hits the headlines the fashion press waits with bated
breath to see how her look evolves. I think it was Yves Saint Laurent who said that ”fashion is passing and style is
eternal” I would hope that the advisers that she
had would steer her kinda clear of fashion
she’s a young woman so she can certainly nod to it but style is more important as Kate starts to take on more and more
royal duties increasingly she’ll be expected to
showcase the British fashion industry I think as she’s moving forward she mustn’t shy away
from wearing some of those higher-end British designers may be
putting some them of them on the map she is our future Queen Consort we do like to see her looking spiffy and glamourous and so far hasn’t put a foot wrong so
hopefully that’ll continue Coming up: William and Catherine take a
trip across the pond Canada and the United States were a
trial flawless and what does the newlyweds
body language say about them? We were really witnessing a moment then between the two of them that it clearly illustrates how
in love they are William & Kate: The first Year 30th June 2011 just two months after their wedding day
with the world under their spell the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge headed
off on their first official overseas trip which kicked off in Canada It was William and Kate present themselves
to the world and the world had an insatiable appetite for them after
that wedding Canada was a perfect choice because
Canada does royal tours extremely well it’s had dozens royal
visits over the years there’s a lot of pressure of them and no one
quite knew the reception that they were going to
get whether it would be one of anticipation apprehension would they
fill the Queen’s boots really as well as people might have hoped but there was no need to worry Canada went crazy for Kate this evening the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived in Ottawa and big crowds turned out to see them KA BOOM look up what do you see rows and rows of cameras people shouting Kate Kate
look this way look that way people have driven over night to secure a good
spot they got there at 3:30 in the morning to make sure they were at the
front of the guard rail so they might get a photograph
and William & Kate did everything they could to see, touch,
do a picture with as many people as humanly possible with so many people desperate for a
piece of William & Catherine it fell to one man to keep the Royal
show on the road on paper my job was to be there the right place at the right
time there’s so many people involved every everything has to be planed by
minute but on site when the Duke and Duchess is there that
you need somebody that knows exactly what’s going on and where people supposed go it was Jones job to keep the couple on
schedule but he soon found out just who is in
control at one part we were 15 minutes late so I scooted up behind the Duke and said I’m sorry
we have to go now and I totally remember he turns towards me and he’s like Jones this is my first contact with Canadian I
want to take my time so I was like yes sir I backed up and since then I say I know what the tour is all about kicking of there nine-day trip in Ottawa French: Merci beaucoup, Votre Excellence it will improve as we go on the Duke and Duchess hit the road with
the tour like no other making Inuit speeches *Speaking Inuit* – That means thank you street hockey and evens Stetsons what they said to the
Canadians is look at us we’re not like royals that
you’ve seen before there totally in touch with not being stuffy every day there seemed to be something
different one day it was canoes or was cooking with
kids you know they just embraced everything by day 5 the newlyweds reach Prince Edward Island
and William took the controls of the Sea King helicopter for some extracurricular training landing a helicopter on water or water birding as it’s known is a
skill unique to the Canadian air force and the Duke quickly picked up this new trick and as hes coming around the helicopter come to land were looking at each other this is not looking
good no not looking good we’re just joking you could see the duchess looking at us what do you guys mean is not good *laughs* and so we had a good fun on this side of the lake having impressed everyone with his
piloting skills the Duke and Duchess took to the waves for a dragon boat race I was walking down to the pontoon where they were getting in the dragon boat race and I suddenly heard ”Arthur Arthur” and I looked round and there she was and I said ” William’s said he’s gonna win” and she said ”in his dreams” *Laughs* Both William & Catherine are very competitive so
I think the both of them it with game on Kate was steering originally as we went up the lake but it was very windy tricky day and so when we got to the top
of the lake I think she had her fill of steering and so what I asked her
if she would like to steer or paddle she chose the paddling for the second half. I stood up to switch positions and then I was faced with a dilemma I was looking eye to eye with the duchess and I didn’t know if I could touch what
I could touch it ended up looking like I was playing
twister with her because I was doing everything
humanly possible within a 24 inch wide boat not to touch as we shuffled and change position we were side by
side he was talking trash to the princess sort of bragging that that he was going
to beat her and that sort of thing He was paddling very hard he was yelling ”they are
gaining on us lets, go” that kinda thing she knew how to paddle she got a little splashed didn’t effect her at all she was paddling wonderfully the whole time Williams boat won the race that they had and certainly at the end of the race he was very
pleased to have been victorious one of our guys actually said to him your Royal
Highness is this gonna get in trouble at home and he said there’s no chivalry in sport what we saw with Catherine & William at
the Dragon Boat Race were too young people who really get a
kick out of each other and she had that lovely little moment on
the dock after they got off the boat where she pretended to push him in and then they
held onto each other it was just it was lovely we don’t often get to see royal public
displays of affection and we were really witnessing a moment there
between the two of them that clearly illustrates how in love they are they are always touching each other the fact
that there is a passion there is a chemistry there
is very clear They smile at each other they flirt with each other it’s really cute to watch and they’re very sexy Nine days and 8,000 miles later the
newlyweds had wooed Canada I think the trip to Canada was the most
incredible success I happened to say to somebody I think it’s quite
fantastic how she’s taking to this just like a duck to water and somebody
said to me we knew it would be alright
because of the way she reacted to the wedding she was so calm about the wedding she
listened she knew what she had to do and so they, they were not astonished like me that somebody can get it so right the first time the hottest couple in the world had
conquered Canada but could they shine in hollywood the
bright lights of tinseltown beckoned this was them come into lala land and they layed on everything you know all the
a-list celebrities turned out to pay homage to them with only three days to tour LA
there schedule was jam-packed with everything from painting to a charity polo match and as a winner the prince was rewarded with a kiss there’s a star-studded night ahead a BAFTA reception and big names Nicole Kidman, Tom Hanks, Jennifer Lopez no doubt though who the
real stars are going to be I don’t think it was until I got to the end of the red carpet as the Duke & Duchess were about to arrive that I suddenly realised what a big event
this was I walked up the red carpet with them talking to them about the other things
they’ve been doing on the tour and before we knew it we’re at the first line-up I felt my role that night was to look after William & Kate so many people wanted to meet
them we only had so much time and so you’ll put the CD in the background
hovering around looking a bit tense it was very interesting watching everybody
because even Barbra Streisand who’s the Queen of
celebrities in america was incredibly nervous
meeting Catherine and William of everybody in that room the one who
looked most composed most comfortable was William, Catherine was
just beaming it was like watching a child who just entered this world of candy and wonder and splendor she just
couldn’t stop smiling here we are in Hollywood where there our big events every night week in and week out and yet this
event was so special after a spellbinding performance worthy of a Academy Award Kids ” Thank you for coming” it was time for the Royals to return
home PR wise Canada and the United States were a trial, flawless nothing went wrong the script couldn’t
have been written any better by Hollywood itself it was flawlessly organized the pictures
were sensational and William and Kate as everybody can
see carried off perfectly written 22nd July 2011 12 days after their North American trip Kate’s wedding dress went on display in
Buckingham Palace the Queen went to see the dress with the
Duchess who made it famous but the dress provoked an unexpected
reaction Queen: ”…its horrible, dreadful” she wasn’t talking about the dress being
horrible she was merely talking about the way
that it was displayed just fantastic to see the Queen just talking normally and say what she
thought rather than what the spin-doctors thought she ought to be saying headline immediately ‘It’s horrible says
the Queen’ what it didn’t do it gave that
exhibition such a boost and I mean record numbers went to see
that dress and numbers were huge Coming up: Birmingham gets a royal visit i think is terribly important when there
are disasters and clashes that come out of the blue like that that people realize that people of the royal family are thinking of him and Christmas at Sandringham I’ve done Sandringham at least 20
years last year crowd was the biggest ever
seen William & Kate: The First Year From the glamour of Hollywood to the gritty reality of the UK’s turmoil just five weeks after there overseas tour duty called for the Duke and Duchess tension on the streets again hundreds of
police on standby after a mob violence last night left London burning In August Riots spread across the streets of Britain and the royal family responded quickly Prince Charles went to London, Prince
Harry to Soulford, and the Duke and Duchess visited one of
the worst affected areas Birmingham This weeks series of royal visits was orchestrated by the Prince of Wales
officials say he watched television coverage of the riots in dismay and immediately contacted his
two sons to draw up a plan of action we expect them to be not only there when things good but visit when times are bad so the royal family are really at
ground roots level and you would expect them to be
there yes absolutely if you shy away from that and then you shy away from people who we are and and what happens to us as a nation for one community the ultimate price was
paid Shazard Ali, his brother Abdul Musavir and Haroon Jahan were killed when a car plowed into the
group of men out in Winson Green In response to the tragic event the Duke and Duchess held a private
meeting with the grieving family it was a private family meeting I’m I am grateful for the prince and
his wife for coming down It was for someone like myself I am a nobody and for them to come down it was very very
touching I think is terribly important when they’re disasters and tragedy’s come out the blue like that people
realise that people of the royal family are thinking of them It’s hugely important for the Royals to get out and get into the communities when bad things have happened and all of this really goes all the way
back to the Queen Mother during the Blitz she really rallied she tried to get out
and and see Britain’s that was suffering William and Kate want to be seen to be
in touch with real people the signal that they
were sending out was that they care that they understand and I
think that’s very important I think they’ve pulled that off really, really very well crowd: *cheering* 2nd November 2011 In November they carried out their first
humanitarian aid mission they went to Copenhagen to visit unicef headquarters where they
were packing supplies for Africa with the Crown Prince of Denmark and his wife a foursome of young European royalty here to champion the cause of Africa’s dispossessed ”But I think it was initially a very big story a lot of people did hear about it
I think because it has been going on and people
have perhaps lost track of the terrible situation so I think
this hopefully will put the light back home on this crisis” but it wasn’t the East African crisis that made the headlines the next day they were offered the taste of a special
peanut paste made for malnourished children William tried some his wife passed it on to the Danish
Royals that sent the rumor mill into overdrive that she was pregnant because pregnant
women are advised not to eat peanuts it wasn’t the first or the last time Kate would find
herself in the middle of the pregnancy speculations story I think before the ink had even tried on the
register the royal baby rumour mill had kicked off but the things that had kicked off these rumours were just astounding Kate drinks water at a
cocktail party she’s pregnant, she wears a lose fitting gown she’s pregnant, she doesn’t eat peanut paste she’s
pregnant, one of the the american tabloid magazines went as far as to say that her little ‘rinky dink’ clutch bag held in front of her stomach was hiding a bump its, it’s nonsense they’ll have a baby when good and ready. 25th December 2011 Duke of Edinburgh is continuing his
recovery in hospital tonight after missing the Royal service at Sandringham
for the first time with Prince Philip’s illness
overshadowing Christmas celebrations the Royals rallied round to support the
Queen The Queen had 27 house guests at Sandringham this year the whole family was there was fantastic it wasn’t just the family that turned out so did the crowds I’ve done Sandringham church at least 20 years and I know about crowds I’ve been there in
snow, I’ve been there in gales I’ve been their in torrential rain, I’ve been there
when the Suns been shining but last year the crowd was the biggest I’ve ever seen experiencing her first festive season at
Sandringham one of the biggest dilemma’s facing the
Duchess was what to pack for Christmas with the Royals you’d probably get up in something and
put on something a little bit more robust and weatherproof to go out shootin’ come
back again drenched wet have a hot bath you
possibly can change into something like a skirt or clean pair of trousers for tea and then
change again for dinner so that would be four changes in a day it sounds ridiculous but it’s actually quite practical but it wasn’t just her wardrobe that
Katherine had to worry about what do you give the family that has
everything I mean I think its somewhat looked down on to be very extravagant at Christmas because I think the Queen
probably rightly feels that if its not sort of set at the witty or amusing level that people will do more than perhaps they can afford Kate really really got it this year because what she brought
to the table to give to her new family were pots of
homemade jam and that went down a treat Coming up: Prince William flies into the
eye of the storm in Argentina’s capital their chant is ”get out of the Falklands” and the Duchess makes one little girl’s
dreams come true ”We got a phone call to say that Amy had been nominated by Alder Hey (children’s hospital) to present the Duchess with flowers” William & Kate: The First Year After their first Christmas together as
Royals 2012 began with Catherine and William
being separated when the Prince was deployed eight thousand miles away in the Falkland Islands Falkland Irelander’s gearing up for the thirtieth anniversary the
Argentinian invasion are also getting ready for a working visit by Prince
William Prince William will begin work at this
windswept base within days flying helicopters, living in basic
accommodation. Part of being a services family is separation thats
part of life for Kate & I’m sure she new about that and it’s what they want its part of the
normality that they want He’s arrived in the Falklands amid
renewed tensions between Britain and Argentina in Argentina’s capital their chant is get
out of the Falklands it’s addressed to Prince William whose
just arrived there but also to Britain I think Williams time in the Falcons really presented a perfect option for
Catherine to step out and launch her solo career I don’t know the ropes really when of course he’s used to it but no I’m willing to learn quickly and work hard William: ”she’ll do very well” 8th February 2012 With William away serving Queen & Country Kate solo career kicked off with a visit
to the National Portrait Gallery In London’s West End a blizzard of Kate
mania it was very straightforward it was an
arrival the viewing of the art gallery was
private no cameras let in there was a short receiving line and she
left, it went flawlessly and, and from there all the evidence
was that flying solo was just fine as far as
Kate was concerned With her first Royal Visit without
William successfully under her belt Kate’s next visit was an altogether more
public affair a warm welcome in Liverpool for the Duchess of Cambridge this morning at the start of her busiest day of solo engagements
to date first stop a visit to a charity helping
addicts to recover from drink and drug dependency On Valentine’s Day Catherine out stepped for her second engagement and she visited the
brink which is the very first alcohol-free bar in Liverpool it’s run by
another one of her patronesses Action On Addiction she done a lot research and had come to
the conclusion that addiction was at the route cause of so many problems in our society she felt that if you deal with addiction
you deal with all those other problems as well It’s very important for them to be seen to
be in touch with real gritty issues of the day and the addiction centre does
that with another visit close to her heart
undertaken Catherine’s whirlwind tour in Liverpool
took a to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital hospitals really are forum where the
Royals excel out it’s an arena where there presence is so appreciated the crowds turned out in force for a
glimpse of the new Duchess and for one little girl the day was a dream
come true We’ve been going to Alder Hey since she was nine days old she got diagnosed with a heart condition we got a phone call to say that Amy had been nominated by Alder Hey to present the Duchess with flowers Amy: I felt very excited and very happy she said she liked my coat and she said the flowers were very pretty aren’t they To meet the Princess it was like a fairy- tale the Duchess then continued her tour of
the wards she’s got a natural warmth, a dazzling smile and she was half way there before she ever started speaking to the patients and the patients really responded to her if she couldn’t speak a lot about
medical condition she found something else that they could speak about the boundaries that you perceive with a
royal visit time, time, time they were broken and Kate broke those down to spend time with the children she spent a lot of time talking to our patients it was very touching there was a buzz about the place and it was really exciting it was a great day with Kate shades of diana completely totally at ease sit on the
bed chat to a kid in hospital big smiles all
round made his or her day it’s perfect so you know she’s got the touch there’s no doubt about that after a month on the road meeting and
greeting lending her support making people smile hitting the old hockey ball and handing
out shamrocks to the Irish Guards there was one royal duty Catherine still
hadn’t performed and that was to make her first public
speech it was her biggest test yet where you have to make speeches you know everybody’s been looking forward to for weeks knowing about it for weeks and know its your first I think it must be utterly terrifying she
would have been very aware that had she messed up that would have been headlines the next day not what she said not the work of the
charity it would have been Kate made a boob First of all I’d like to say thank you Thank you for not only accepting me as your patron Thank you also for inviting me here today she did a fantastic job she would have
been greatly relieved to get the first one out the way I’m only sorry that William can’t be here today he would love it here she did very well and I think now she’s done the first one it’s onwards and upwards I feel enormously proud to be part of
East Anglia’s children’s hospices and see the wonderful life-changing work that you do Thank you applause William will find that the wife once he once steered from public engagements like this is now more than comfortable in public on her own with Catherine having to perfect her
skills all alone while william was away at some events she had a wealth of
experience to rely on In front of cheering crowds the Queen began her Diamond Jubilee tour of the UK in Leicester today a few paces behind the
Queen as ever was Prince Philip behind him
their granddaughter-in law Kate learning the royal ropes from the experts the fact the Queen invited Kate join to her
for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations was really very, very touching and very
special I think it must have made Kate feel very welcomed into the royal family and
very privileged the Queen and Catherine have a very fond
relationship and I think the Queen looks at Kate sees that she’s the future she’s the queen consort It will be many years before we see her in the top job alongside William but there’s no better way to learn then by doing it this is a family now that is actually
genuinely quite happy that the past is behind it everybody
seems to be settled everybody seems to be happy and I think
that’s a very very important to the Queen 21st March 2012 with William back from his tour of duty
in the Falklands the Duke and Duchess were reunited and life went back to normal in Anglesey but as working members of the royal
family normality always includes some official duties
there next big set-piece event is a tour of the South Pacific you can be sure it’s going
to be huge in terms of global attention it wont just
be us following them they’ll be media from all
around the world it’ll be a very very big event after that I suspect thereby be a period of quiet and calm they’ve both made it clear that in the immediate future they want to
continue their life as a serving services family probably at some point in
2013 that’s when the prince will decide his
future with the RAF its when they will have to give up their
private part of their lives that part of life that they are so able too enjoy in Anglesey at the moment at and
things will change will they have a family well it’s speculation obviously that part of
the part of the plan I think we’ll take it
one step at a time were sort of get over the marriage first than maybe look
at the kids as well as one day becoming parents
William and Catherine’s future lies at the helm of our country they are our future King and Queen
consort I think William & Catherine will be fantastic leaders I think looking ahead to
William I think there is a sense that it will be
in quite safe hands they are an amazing couple who have just taken the nation’s heart I think the reason that we’ve fallen in love
with them so much is because they are genuinely in love We’re looking forward to better serve our lives together on
and see what the future holds think as a double act we couldn’t get much
better actually well it’s nearly time once again to honour the good evil and sexy of soap land Phillip
Schofield presents the British Soap Awards 2012 tomorrow night at eight Its the story that hasn’t been told before next
tonight on itv1 the hunt for Bin Laden


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  • Brighton says:


  • Kate Scott says:

    This is why William and Kate eclipse Meagan they are friends, lovers and partners…Unfortunately Meagan isn't that with young Harry and that is so obvious it worries me as Harry is a wonderful person and hes been fooled by someone who has a 'wishlist' to fur-full

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    I feel so proud of wills & Kate, I am happy for them in their successes and watching this video these years later, I feel they have both been a radiant example of our time honoured tradition. It is deeply inspiring.

    I am sure that for most of us on outside, we understand very little about the immense pressures of royal duty.
    I appreciate their work and value the tradition they represent immensely.

    Good for them ! ✨✨

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    I see no hate or racial remarks about kate !? If it was the dutchess mrs Megan Harry!! It would be so rude and racial!!!?? But catherine is a beautiful woman and she is the right person for Williams as much as Meagan is for Harry!! The queen have two beautiful granddaughters!#

  • Roberta A. Carney says:

    I believe Prince William chose well where Miss Katherine Middleton to be his wife.
    She beautiful, intelligent, down to earth, amazingly grass rooted to all people works wild, and definitely has abundance of poise, grace, and elegance.
    GOD bless their union of marriage all their days and their children.

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    ขับรถโชเล่ ชนท้ายรถกระบะ ตรงข้าม ธนาคาร กสิกรไทย
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    William is very lucky!
    This beauty has class, has fineness and is so dignified!
    Kate's personal attributes seem more prominent since Harry's choice.

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    No human being is a nobody. The sooner everyone grasp that; the better off humanity will be.

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    They will be the best king and queen consort in the history of this country

  • Armando Sanchez says:


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    Neat note of interesting, more obscure information: 12:21: The design of the MAC Cosmetics Turquatic newer release fragrance bottle circa 2012! I should look into whether they are still releasing the fragrance in that particular bottle design.

  • Mary-Ellen Wayne says:

    @20:40: "water birding" is a new term to me!

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  • happy I care says:


  • happy I care says:

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    The royal family knows that that’s a comparison they can’t have! 😂

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    Megan Houle, Because half the coutry is broke, schools without exercise books and using scraps of paper, because hospitals are running on a shoe string, mental health services are cut causing suicide rates to soar, because rough sleepers and homeless levels have reached the highes rates ever. More and more food banks are opened every week, with huge cuts in police and fire services ….and yet we have the fourth richest woman in the world. Would it kill her to release a few of those stately homes- the ones we dont hear about because she’snever used the. Shecould cut a third of her amassed wealth and never miss it. And we are not allowed the civilty of being citizens- we are subjects. And object to being a subject for anybody….welcome haters of this squeaky clean rich couple

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  • Suzannah Chirgwin-wade says:

    Kathrine is my best friend, a women with a pure hearts of gold and they are my King and Queen

  • Roxie Sagatelian says:

    Kate and prince William are a true class act. Megan can’t hold a candle to Kate and Prince Harry is forever a clown but now he’s got a ring thru his nose which Megan is leading him by. Megan is a nightmare that won’t go away. She thinks she is a super star instead of a humble Duchess. She is a troll and a toad and does not deserve the title she has, every thing she says and does is well rehearsed . She can’t fill Princess Diana’s shoes no mater how many PR people she had working for her. She is really trying to sell herself and Harry
    follows her like the fool he is. She really conned him to marry her she was and still is a piece of smelly trash.Who really cares about you Megan ? You have nothing of value to you.

  • Lynn Behnke says:

    Why don't pregnant women eat peanuts?

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    βασιληκες κοπριες

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