Will You Be Able to Solo in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen?

Will You Be Able to Solo in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen?

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is often
described as a group-oriented game, but what does that actually mean? Because
pretty much every time I hear the developers talk about this, one of the
most common concerns from players I see is that you won’t be able to solo at all
and you’ll always have to find a full group every time you want to accomplish
something, which can take up valuable play time. Now I actually briefly
addressed this in my ‘5 Myths about Pantheon Debunked’ video, but that was a
while ago and since then, we’ve learned a little bit more about the developer’s
plans for this. So I think this topic deserves a closer look. This is BazgrimTV. Learn. Laugh. Level Up. As the title of
this video suggests, the primary question we’re going to be digging into today is
whether or not you’ll be able to solo in Pantheon. And I know that the game’s
development process can sometimes be hard to keep track of and topics like
this can sometimes be confusing, so that’s why I’ve done all the hard work
for you to a pool developer quotes from different sources together on certain
topics and compile them into easy-to-understand videos like this one.
And if you want more Pantheon coverage like this, hit the subscribe button now
because there’s a lot more on the way. But with that, let’s cut straight to the
chase and go to the official FAQ on the Pantheon website just to get a baseline
for this discussion: “Yes while most content will be designed for groups,
there will typically also be content that is soloable. Some classes may solo
better than other classes.” So that’s a good start but that’s still
pretty vague so let’s try to unpack this a little bit more. First of all, this
doesn’t mean that there will only be a little bit of content that will be soloable and if you choose to solo, you’ll essentially be locked out of the
majority of the content. That’s not the case. You could theoretically solo
anything. But you don’t need to take my word for it. Visionary Realms’ Creative
Director Chris “Joppa” Perkins recently joined producer Ben Dean on the Twitch
channel of popular streamer CohhCarnage to explain what Pantheon is to people
who had never heard of it before and to give a brief update about where it’s at
in development. And if you want to watch my reaction to that full video, I’ll
provide a link to that. But of course for the purposes of this discussion, I want
to focus on one point in that broadcast where the topic of soloing was brought
up. “I mean you could say that Pantheon is a
solo friendly game in the sense that we don’t do anything to penalize soloing or
even discourage soloing arbitrarily. It really just comes down to the nature of
the content that you’re faced with in any given area. If you can figure out a
way to solo it, then please, that’s great. But the key is the game is being
designed with the kind of challenge that will in many cases at least
encourage players to band together to some degree to overcome those challenges.”
So while technically possible, keep in mind that soloing will likely be slow
and difficult… the degree to which again depends on your class, but also your
personal skill level. Soloing will likely require you to be even more creative and
strategic in how you approach encounters, since that’s not really how it was
intended to be played. Some games are designed in such a way where you can
group, but it’s often much more efficient to solo. In Pantheon however, it’s the
other way around. You can solo, but it’s often much more
efficient to group. You’ll be encouraged but not required to group. And that’s
really all there is to it. You definitely have multiple options of how you can
play the game – it’s really just a matter of which way is faster per se. But at the
same time, MMO’s shouldn’t be considered a race. So if you’re willing to take the
more challenging route of soloing things, then more power to ya. I do want to
quickly touch on the topic of multiboxing however, because it is a form of
soloing. If you don’t already know, multiboxing is when one person simultaneously
controls multiple characters on multiple accounts. I’m not talking about botting
or anything like that. This is just what some people like to do when they want
the power of a full group, but don’t have any other real people to play with.
But as Joppa describes in this clip from a developer roundtable, if multiboxing
is an easy way to complete content, then it can quickly turn the game antisocial.
“I think we’re going to be moving towards more of a hard-line approach to prohibit
that behavior, because the concern is that it poses too much of a risk to the
core values of the game, being built on that social cooperative
spirit. We want to create a living world where players depend on each other and
form those social bonds by leaning on other actual players to bring the
answer or the solution or the help that that particular race and class and
player is able to bring. So multiboxing, it’s another form of soloing,
but if you’re able to bypass game systems without depending on
other players to do so, like the question refers to those class specific utility
abilities, if you’re able to just have a pocket druid to build your bridges and a
pocket rogue to drop your ropes, like I get where that’s attractive on the
soloing side of things, but it goes against the core convictions of
building a living world where players are building these social contracts,
because they depend on what each other bring to the table. So while this is NOT
an anti-soloing sentiment, because I mean again, I would much rather see
soloing itself promoted and made more room for soloing than I would giving a nod to multi boxing. I mean, we all
know too that saying we’re not going to stop multi boxing is the same thing as
saying ‘yeah go ahead.’ Because if you can multibox and no
one’s gonna stop you, then that’s what you’re gonna do. So anyway, that’s
that’s the the current stance on that. We will be keeping an eye. If
it’s the kind of thing where there needs to be a couple of
servers – I think it’s a little bit of a
stretch, but if there needs to be a couple of servers that exist that are
that are multiboxing-friendly, sure. But when it comes to the core game, when it
comes to the the the mainline experience of playing Pantheon and what we are
doing as developers to support and maintain those convictions,
that’s absolutely our approach.” Okay, so I think we’ve pretty well established that
you’ll definitely be able to find a way to solo in Pantheon, but
not multibox, and it will still probably just be better and more enjoyable if
you’re in a group. But I’ve also seen a lot of people say ‘okay well does that
mean that every time I want to play, I have to call up three to five of my
friends and hope they’re available to play too like it’s a D&D session? And if
not, then I have to solo?’ Well not necessarily.
Even though CohhCarnage isn’t a developer for Pantheon, he does have a ton of
experience with social MMO’s like this. And back in that broadcast with Joppa and
Ben Dean, he made an excellent point about how these types of community-oriented
MMO’s usually work. “You come to a zone by yourself, you don’t have any friends
with you, you start shouting in the public channel say ‘I’m looking for a
group,’ you join a group of random people you’ve never met, you get to know them,
maybe you friend a couple of them so the next time you’re in that group, you notice names
in the chat… it’s the kind of thing where you don’t need to go in with a group, you
don’t even need friends. And I know it’s scary to socialize – I see that in chat – I
know it’s scary. But at the same time, you can have great, great interactions,
meaningful relationships, everyone you talk to in the game, you know you have
this big commonality with because you’re all playing the same game, you’re experiencing the same world. So it’s not quite the same to say you can’t play the
game solo. You can definitely go in solo. But it is a more social-oriented game. So
something to think about there.” And that’s all very true, but I feel like
would it be kind of irresponsible for me to just leave it at that. Because I know
for a fact that some of you’re watching this right now are interested in
Pantheon, but you feel like you just don’t have enough time to group with
people anymore, and you feel like soloing is your only option then. But maybe
soloing just isn’t fun for you and because we ultimately play these games
to have fun, sadly I see a lot of people come to the premature conclusion that
maybe Pantheon just isn’t for them and it’s only for people who are either
really good at soloing or can group for 6 plus hours a day. Maybe you only have a
couple hours a day to play and you think that you’ll waste half that time trying
to even find a group in the first place. And even if you do find a group, you’re
afraid you’ll just inconvenience them if you have to leave before the adventure
is done. Or maybe after years of playing MMO’s you’ve just become jaded and
convinced that every time you group with random strangers, at least one of them is
gonna be some tryhard named Glenn who likes to run off on his own, get himself
killed, yell at the healer, and then ragequit the group. Not that that’s ever
happened to me before. If this is that all relatable to you, then I would be
remiss if I didn’t take this opportunity to bring up the fact that the developers
are keeping players like you in mind as well. In July 2019, Visionary Realms’ Chief
Creative Officer Brad McQuaid appeared on the Countdown to Classic podcast,
where he explained some of the tools the team is working to implement that will
assist players with finding new, genuine friends and groups within the game. “If
we’re going to go ahead and do that, then we really place a responsibility
on ourselves and that is twofold: one, that you can find a group to group with
and two, that we help you keep that group together. So let me address the first, so
finding a group, and really that’s part of onboarding, bringing people into the
game, making them feel at home, making them feel part of the community. There’s
lots of little ways we can do that, but there’s one big way I can talk about
today, and that is there’s there’s going to be a matchmaking system. And players are going to be encouraged when they create a character to
fill out this group matchmaking system. Now they don’t have to, and they don’t
have to answer all the questions, but there’ll be some basic ones like what time zone are you in, when do you usually play, are you a hardcore player
that likes to play six hours sessions, or do you only have two hours
every night, or do you only play Monday, Wednesday, Friday… basic stuff like that.
But then, and again this is optional, there’ll be all sorts of questions about
you, not just in-game, what your preferences are and how you like to play,
but what you’re interested in outside of the game… what are your hobbies,
what are you into, what makes you passionate, what drives you forward, and the idea
here is to bring people together that have similar personality types, both
in-game and outside of the game, and to create those friendships. I run
into people all the time and they’ve met their spouse
in a game that I’ve worked on, or they’ve met friends, or they’re still involved in
a guild, even if that guild’s not active, and they still
have this relationship 15-20 years later. And that’s because of a real bond – it wasn’t
just ‘oh this is some guy I play with online, but other than that I don’t care
about them.’ No, these are real friendships and real relationships that
form, and whatever we can do to help bring those people together, help them
find each other, help them group up and then help them stay in that group. We
have the caravan system which is in a sense offline travel, where
if you can’t make it one night into the game and all your friends decide to sail to a different continent, you’ll have the option of logging in at
least near, probably at a bind point near where they logged off, so you’re not at the end or other side of the world and having to play catch-up.
And then there’s just a lot of systems like that I’ll go into
more later on as we get closer to alpha and beta. But you can see the theme, you
can see the the desire and the responsibility that we feel to help
bring people together and help them stay together.” Before I wrap things up, I just
want to clarify a couple things. This so called matchmaking system won’t be like
what you might be accustomed to in other games where it automatically places you
in groups and then teleports you to the dungeon. Think of it more like an in-game social media tool that just makes it easier for
you to organically find and interact with like-minded people. So whether you
want to just hang out and explore, or roleplay, or slay a dragon, this tool will
aim to make it a lot easier to find those
people. So you won’t be stuck just spamming lfg in zone chat for hours. And
server population will be a key factor in this. So throughout testing, the devs
will be monitoring server size to find the sweet spot – small enough so that you
can develop that name recognition that community oriented games rely on, and big
enough so that there are almost always enough people to play with, although not
so big that you’re always stepping over people to get things done. And even
though we’re still waiting for more details on the caravan system, I do want
to mention real quick that Brad has said elsewhere that it’ll be closely
monitored to mitigate potential abuse, so this will be a fine balancing act of
reducing wasted time while still keeping travel meaningful. And also, dungeons will
be designed in such a way that you can reach certain safe spaces to allow you
to log off partway through an adventure and then easily pick it back up another
time. So you don’t always have to spend another hour just to fight your way back
out of the dungeon. All of this is in a deliberate effort to ensure that those
who enjoy a challenge but maybe don’t have as much free time anymore can still
find a way to accomplish something meaningful, even with a group. Now keep in
mind that it probably won’t be as much as those who are poopsocking it on the
daily. But like I said earlier, MMO’s aren’t a race, so whether you want a
group for two hours or nine hours or just take on the world alone, the choice
is yours. I really hope you found this video informative and I also hope that
you now feel at least a little more confident that regardless of your
schedule or play style, you’ll still be able to find a way to have fun playing
Pantheon. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video.


  • Christopher Smith says:

    What I want is somewhat confusing.

    It's Yes, but also no. I would love to be able to do SOME things solo but not everything. Sometimes I just want me time.

  • Mr. Carroll Ware Is my real name look it up. says:

    Like EverQuest, world of Warcraft, dungeons & dragons etc. You will be able to solo some content, some will require groups and raids. I except boxers at launch.

  • Jimmy Call says:

    This is a fundamental topic that needs to be hashed out. We can't overlook how much VR has claimed Pantheon is a group orientated game. This is what is upsetting Solo-Players. VR shouldn't be challenged by Solo'ers. Just make sure group facilities are there and let player choose what they want to do. If it means single players need to be a few levels higher to take down a mob, then perfect. If it means dungeons are so dangerous then it will damage the game.

  • Michael Hall says:

    "If you can figure out a way to solo it then please. That's great." Annnnnd then they nerf that class into oblivion.

  • Jimmy Call says:

    There's a lot of players that join guilds/groups and are ignored or ostracised by the big talker personalities, and soon, that player doesn't want to be in any more guilds. This same player type is usually a loyal regular subscriber for years soloing and exploring the game. Does VR want to ignore this significant paying customer base?

  • Jimmy Call says:

    I do not like the idea that you're teleported/caravaned to group's last logoff locale. That takes the realism out of the fantasy. Btw it's easy to confuse groups and guilds. Guilds heavily sways how many groups and raids one will have opportunity to be in. A spontaneous grouping of unknown players is probably not an issue for most.

  • Bryan Ganz says:

    Shout out to D&D

  • Alex Loomis says:

    If you can't solo, this game wont survive. This is a different era compared to oldschool EQ.

  • Doford says:

    I think players should be able to adventure alone, scout out places and play exploration mechanics but I think progression should be most down to grouping.

  • Isaiah A says:

    I am really against multi-boxing & am very happy VR taking a stance against it.

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