• Anna Vogt says:

    This is beyond sick and I feel so perverted but sorry to say it seems these girls CHOSE to take him up on thesse acts for money. They weren't locked up or forced to stay. THEY have to have SOME accountability and can you imagine… a child?!! What on eath did they have planned for that poor little thing! A bunch of sick, rich perverts that have to go. Glad when God step in and destroys all this refuse.

  • Sk Roy says:

    She made money from Epstein and travelled world over. First time she was exploited agreed. But following that she went to various people on her own. Now she wants to make money in millions.

  • Chris Jones says:

    Could it be that Jefferey had an IQ in the two-hundreds and actually had the power to log on to E-trade and make a few million every time he felt like it? Hell, why couldn't there be at least one person like that in this gigantic world full of wonders? Other than that I can make no sense of the story whatsoever and cannot see where the hell he got a billion dollars or anything like it. You've gotta sell a lot of units to go up a billion dollars…

    My guess is that he was a sort of Mossad listening post and Maxwell was his handler. Not a bad idea, really. Just mix around and make as many high-class friends as possible.

  • Sv Vr says:

    They wanted the baby to rape it. Disgusting fucks

  • Timelessmusic Familymusic says:

    Now all these adults friends of Epstein are shock & appalled that this was happening even though it was occurring everyday. Now they want to play dumb, saying that's not the Epstein that we know. Otherwise, we would never have been associate with him in the first place.

  • Wooly Pandora says:

    Go after Maxwell ! Let her sing like a bird on the others who raped little girls . Everyone one of them raped little children and now that Epstein is supposed to be dead , the people are just to turn a cheek ? So many people should pay for what they did to these children .

  • Stefan Unson says:

    Just looking at her, Epstein must have fed her very well…

  • Russell Henderson says:

    Jeffery is the Victim here he was murdered. Were these teenage girls victims? "yes" the first time but when they went back for money they became prostitutes and he became the Victim of his mental illness which the LBGQ likes us to claim is a lifestyle. Remember there were once laws against being Gay or committing sodomy. Well these women don't need money they need "professional mental help." Let me be clear what Jeffery did was wrong but this was his lifestyle (mental illness) We are to blame we promote mental illness by calling LBGQ correct lifestyle. I am not against Gays don't take wrong they all deserve our love just as Jeffery did. We look at Hollywood they corrupt our minds look at Disney this is for our children Snow White gets married at 14 most of the others princesses are 16. Look at the Descendents 3 she is 16 marrying the king? our daughters loose their virginity younger and younger we are a sick nation Jeffery maybe a "hero" because if we can wakeup and conquer this sexual infection.
    Jeffery worked in the panty industry so he wanted to see these young girls in panties
    He became sick as if he was like a drunk he asked these women for beer and kept feeding him until he became drunk. Jeffery is or was sick this sickiness comes from Hollywood who glorify prostitution Pretty woman, 9 1/2 Weeks, 50 Shades of Grey, Eyes Wide Shut ect. We have Kamala Harris who wants to legalize Prostitution  "women should have the right to sell their bodies" Democrats have feed Jeffery. Maybe this will make people think. In some States you can get married at 14? it is okay for abortions even after birth if the woman and doctor wants it? Murder of innocence. We as Democrats encourage women being raped and murdered at our borders We act like we care. Lets not condemn Jeffery but to open our eyes to his sickness.

  • Kumar Gaurav says:

    These girls were not forced to do what they were doing. These girls were doing it at will. These girls were accepting cash for giving sexual favours.
    So how on earth these girls have become saints. How can they accuse other person if they were doing it for money and willingly.
    They resurface to tell stories for money, I guess.
    These girls were immoral then and they are still now.
    Even I was a teenager once and I knew what i was doing. Nobody could force me to do anything which I did not liked or approved.

  • Anne Collins says:

    Thank God this young woman never had a child by Epstein. It's life would've been SO messed up.

  • rxp56 says:

    She was 19!

  • J V says:


  • Horse Power05 says:

    now I see the story you're as guilty as Maxwell and got paid you were smart enough to walk away later after you made your money

  • C. Hudson says:

    Ya know what I'm finding fellas- with all these random shootings and baby rapers?! That dudes are cowards. So, go ahead and blast me if you like. I know you will. You get everything- and it's NEVER enough. Pro- sports; and yet, it's never enough. They still behave like goons. Women finally get sports, to compete with each other- and you criticize it and get sex changes to compete with women. God damn- what a fucked up bunch. Women, with any self respect at all, should stay away from dudes- completely! Sadly, if women tried to create a safe place for just women- men would invade, and destroy, it. Everything good and pure in this world, they ultimately destroy. Go ahead and blame feminism; or social conditioning- or you Mother. It's always HER fault; never YOUR fault! Put on your big boy BVD's and grow the hell up!

  • Tiny Dancer says:

    If she was smart enough to know that she needed a massage certificate when they were done with her, then she knew what she was doing… obviously she could have left anytime she wanted….

  • Ay Bee says:

    Where were her own parents during all these times??

  • Billy Doyle says:


  • Bill Edgar says:

    Speculative theory only If anyone remembers J Edgar Hoover used monitoring devices on people with power to keep him in office I bet you Epstein had porno films filmed of the rich and powerful perhaps he was a Israeli agent of influence (no anti semitism intended) as Robert Maxwell was The other thing is if anything happened to Ghislane it would look damned suspicious so I dont think fatal measures would be used on her Worst to happened would be keep silent or else warning Bribed to keep quiet and charges dropped or diluted

  • Mono Woman says:

    You need a surrogate when you are a Trannie. Ghislaine will resurface as Glen. What were their plans for the baby? That's when the nightmares really start.

  • Noelle With an E says:

    Just like the fundies and their “religious communes” where every man has 10 wives who receive snap benefits for every “illegitimate” child born.

  • Jan Hall says:

    "Children I like to call them"? There is a big, big difference between 'young women' and 'children'.

  • Lennart Krantz says:

    Strange  justice:  Reports  that  might  reveal  something  bad  about  rich  and  powerful  people  are  "redacted"  beyond  recognition.   Persons  who  might  reveal  something  are  silenced.   Not  by  a  noisy  mafia  drive-by  shooting , but  in  a  quiet  high-security  room  which  is  surrounded  by  officers  of  justice.  Coroners  remain  silent  even  if  they  see  injuries , which  differ  from  the  public  explanations  given.  Incredible  what  the  American  public  buys.

  • BootlegFightVideo says:

    "Donald liked Epstein," said Steven Hoffenberg, a Trump acquaintance who was Epstein's business partner at a New York private equity firm in the 1980s and '90s, until Hoffenberg was convicted of running a massive Ponzi scheme. "But he was crazy about Maxwell, a very charming lady."

  • William Porter says:

    Because they cant find her.

  • Mary Robinson says:

    She admits to bringing girls in ?? She is guilty too then !!

  • Tony Kuli says:

    Where is Ghislane Maxwell?

  • Corri ander says:

    The Queen and the secret service of Britain need to stop covering for her paedophile son, Andrew. Those young girls were groomed and abused by men and women who are nothing but sex traffickers and paedophiles! The Royal family and the Palace keep throwing out negative stories about Meghan and Harry, LEAVE THEM ALONE!Sort out your nasty son, maaaaarm, who engages in sexual acts, with underaged children! Maaaaarm!

  • christopher cook says:

    If they are old enough to bleed they are old enough to butcher. Ask any Muslim groomer. We must embrace Diversity!

  • christopher cook says:

    Arrest for what and when? A bit late now to jump on the bandwagon.

  • M. ramadan says:

    The biggest crime is the Media stop talking about Epstine just because he is zoiniest Jew top Massad leader

  • debra knight says:

    GO WATCH..AMAZING POLLY…did you know that Ghislaine had two other sisters who are just as CLANDESTINE as their father and sisters.. Connected to Deep State as well… THIS IS A HUGE WEB OF CO CONSPIRATORS

  • Edgardo Nieves says:


  • ginger bollocks says:

    I'd like to know when all the crazy eyed,frothing at the mouth,lefti,liberal,MEETOO FEMINIST BITCHES are going to demand the arrest of GHISLAINE MAXWELL and PRINCE ANDREW.
    The same FEMINISTS BITCHES that demanded the arrest and prosecution of HARVEY WINESTIEN and BRETT KAVANHA.Or don't these young girls count in their minds.

  • Tim McNamee says:

    Just an overcompensated street wh*re but once she got caught amazingly enough she's a victim all of a sudden. Isn't that the female wh*re game in life. If you're the driver in a bank robbery and then get caught and say I didn't know they were robbing a bank. RIGHT

  • Steve Marshall says:

    Which planet is this woman on 🤔why aren't all the females who procured other girls behind bars they are as guilty as the men !

  • laricjmpons says:

    Thumbs down = the number of Epstein's accomplices.


    The royal family killed Jeffrey now just wait for the victims to be killed that can make the prince go down. It can take up to 5 years befor she will die mysteriously. (MI6)

  • proamerican freedomfighteranticop says:

    Why is she not arrested she abused her trust she was hot when she was a kid tho

  • proamerican freedomfighteranticop says:

    Damn 7 times a day i get jeffrey Epstein beat as a young 25yr old male i need it like 25 times a day

  • proamerican freedomfighteranticop says:

    Bj and popcorn that sounds awesome while watching sex and the city sweet family time 😭😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • proamerican freedomfighteranticop says:

    200 thousand a month shiii ill sell my ass and mouth for that and im dude lets go 😭😂🤣🤣 i need money man i got dreams and bills bruh.

  • proamerican freedomfighteranticop says:

    Now u know the real reason why goverment cares about ur kids

  • ian1856 says:

    As soon as these "victims" began soliciting other girls, they became co-conspirators. That's crossing a line, and they can't maintain their innocence. If Ghislaine Maxwell was wrong for doing what she did, so are they.

  • Smell the Glove says:

    It takes time to build a legal case against Ghislaine Maxwell, you can be certain that prosecutors are doing just that.

  • Iconoclast says:

    One cannot see the bigger picture of the modern world until the most important piece of the puzzle is included and that is the Jewish connection to so much treachery in the world.

    If you study Judaism you begin to understand that the behavior and mindset of to many Jews/Zionist’s is a direct result of the historical teachings of Judaism. Because of the research I have done the only reasonable and intellectually honest position I can have is to be anti-Semitic. This doesn’t mean I hate any or all Jews, just the twisted religion that influenced them.

    There is a great deal of misinformation on "THE JEWISH QUESTION", I highly recommend The Unz Review to start with.
    The Unz Review where Ron Unz who is a theoretical physicist by training, (with a reported IQ of some 200) has created a platform where academics, intellectuals, professors, ex CIA, scientists, ect, can voice opinions on an array of topics that the average reader would have great difficulty in sourcing on his own. Mr Unz who is of Jewish heritage has written a series of essays on the history of his faith and its aftermath that are truly astonishing and very well researched. He is totally mainstream and active in politics and has nothing to gain, (other than his intellectual and moral integrity) and much to lose, (others have been killed for less) for his very political incorrect honesty.

    A snippet

    As a further illustration of the seething hatred traditional Judaism radiates towards all those of a different background, saving the life of a non-Jew is generally considered improper or even prohibited, and taking any such action on the Sabbath would be an absolute violation of religious edict. Such dogmas are certainly ironic given the widespread presence of Jews in the medical profession during recent centuries, but they came to the fore in Israel when a religiously-minded military doctor took them to heart and his position was supported by the country’s highest religious authorities.And while religious Judaism has a decidedly negative view towards all non-Jews, Christianity in particular is regarded as a total abomination, which must be wiped from the face of the earth.Whereas pious Muslims consider Jesus as the holy prophet of God and Muhammed’s immediate predecessor, according to the Jewish Talmud, Jesus is perhaps the vilest being who ever lived, condemned to spend eternity in the bottommost pit of Hell, immersed in a boiling vat of excrement. Religious Jews regard the Muslim Quran as just another book, though a totally mistaken one, but the Christian Bible represents purest evil, and if circumstances permit, burning Bibles is a very praiseworthy act. Pious Jews are also enjoined to always spit three times at any cross or church they encounter, and direct a curse at all Christian cemeteries. Indeed, many deeply religious Jews utter a prayer each and every day for the immediate extermination of all Christians.

    Full Article

    American Pravda: Oddities of the Jewish Religion

    Below is a link to other websites, these websites deal with a multitude of topics and for Jewish specific just search Jews or Jewish Question.

    I feel sorry for the Jews that are not part of the problem but feel they are the only ones that can fix the problem by being honest about their history and making the others come to terms with the issue, but I am not optimistic because of the extremely tribal nature of Judaism.


    inconvenient history

    It's Time to Drop the Jew Taboo


    Below are links to the atrocity that first really opened my eyes to the evil that these people are capable of and also the near total control they have over the USA.


  • Pokergirl Sam says:

    Wow she's getting into people just having babies to keep the pedo thing going and the baby would either be mind controlled or sexual abuse.

  • cromerbeach says:

    That Maxwell witch needs to go to jail

  • Royal Power says:

    We want all those involved brought to judgment and save others from these pedos in Powerful Position in Governments Now.??.. Maxwells information would be great but it’s clear her accident is coming Soon she gonna die before she talks about Epstein and his Pedo friends and family for that is the way 😂

  • nistel SE says:

    won't be surprised bloated smug indulgent hollywood types like tarantino, shyamalan, that revenant director etc. are implicated in epstein's pedo/orgy circles.

  • Liverpool FC YNWA says:

    She’s was ok takeing the money 💰 the lier

  • Sugar Muffin says:

    The only thing Jeffrey did wrong was being born in a country filled with prudes. He had 66 great years and 1 bad month. RIP Jeffrey

  • Sugar Muffin says:

    They're not children!

  • Aries Snake says:

    Yeah why is Maxwell not arrested???

  • Eddie Roman says:


  • CJ says:

    The way Virginia said it, sounds like she "agreed" to have a child and give it to them for the $200k a month.

  • Magick Power says:

    Why did you go along with this? Okay sounds like infant sex abuse and occult sacrifice. She calls Jeffrey instead of calling the authorities. Wow makes no sense.

  • Arzu Daniel says:

    This is one brave girl. She was a victim of not only these sickest evil people, but also of her parents. Her father wasn't allowed in the first time at that evil man's mansion, but she did get raped that day and repeatedly after that. This was a child. At least there should be charges against him as well for parental negligence, for not noticing what had happened to his daughter at least the first time.

  • Iain Sinfield says:

    Never forget that Bill Clinton went to that island four times!

  • Fred Drew says:


  • Grimescene City says:

    One things for sure these victims look very well off now.

  • Russell Mitchell says:


  • Oblivion Bw says:

    Que barangao que essa mulher ficou pqp , mas se aceitava dinheiro já com 16 anos , pra mim era puta não uma vítima

  • Thomas Schmelzer says:

    It was OK then but not now?

  • Mojo Jojo says:

    Why didn't they talk while he was alive ?

  • Hunters channel says:

    idk why I feel like this one at.21 asked to suck dick for money and was a ring leader bringing them in. shes too good on those cameras

  • Hunters channel says:

    she wanted the money she didn't think any of it was weird. I kno ur daddy's telling u to cover it up a little sobu dont look like such a whore

  • Carol 70-year-old English NATIONALIST says:


  • Lore for One says:

    Roberts is an opportunist.

  • nattydreadlocks1973 says:

    Let me finish my message certificate first.😂😂😂 She is mighty blase as to her role in helping the late Mr. Epstein molest children.

  • Harry Kuheim says:

    Bill Clinton and many other powerful Democrats in Government and the Media were well aware of what was going on….This is why no Democrat can ever be President again…

  • ron kathy says:

    bill Clinton was on his plane 27 times

  • Laurent Lapinte Lestang says:


  • John says:

    We must all face the facts…
    9/11 was an inside job, pizzagate is real, bill gates is a eugenicist carrying our eugenic experiments through use of vaccines and genetic engineering, our governments are ran by a satanic cult of pedophiles, the Las Vegas & El Paso shooting was a false flag, and the one world government is real and it is oppressive

  • John says:

    90% of media is controlled by six companies do you people think it could be possible that the heads of these 6 companies could be compromised? I mean come on people

  • S. Gillespie says:

    It's amazing how the teenage mind is not fully mature even though these children talk, walk and seemingly act like adults, which is why there are laws against pedophiles.

  • Alexander Baron says:

    Virginia Roberts: proven liar, whore, and self-confessed procurer: https://www.bitchute.com/video/vnJrJ0sHpStu/

  • Mr. Rob Soft says:

    Virginia, not "virgin" sice you have been with more men that I can count. You accuse every man you spread your legs for of rape? You are even accusing Prince Andrew of England of rape. Was this before or after Epstein?

  • C B says:

    The child would probably have been used for the satanic rituals historically practiced amongst these people. Why do you think so many little children go missing from the streets, care homes, orphanages, etc.?

  • mike green says:

    Take vodka and money know what ya doing ! Money hungry slut!!!!!

  • Ber P. says:

    I hope the baby rots inside the whore

  • User 1 says:

    If you are reading this: you can never again say you didn’t know. It just you chose to do nothing.

  • Rafael Felipe says:

    "Virginia Roberts Giuffre, said in a federal court filing that she was forced to have sex with the prince while underage". Miss Giuffre, Epstein did not force you to have sex with Prince Andrew, you were in Epstein's presence because you were a teenage prostitute, Epstein paid you money to have sex with him, his friends and you happily obliged. Woman look at the picture showing you, Prince Andrew and Maxwell at Epstein's residence. Look at your face in that picture, what was that big smile for? You supposedly just been sexually assaulted by Prince Andrew, I don't see any sign of trauma on your face, no distress except a big smile. You were smiling because you just been paid big just for opening your legs for a few minutes. Now you are a washed up 35 year old woman most likely with no source of income you are crying murder and seeking out rich men who had sex with you when you were a teenage prostitute to sue. Epstein and Prince Andrew are not the only men you slept with when you were a teenager prostitute, bring out all the poor men you slept with and drag them in court too. If I were the Judge and Jury I would not award you a penny of Epstein's money because Epstein already paid you for your sexual services. All that crocodile tears won't work on me and that goes for the rest of Epstein's accusers. I can see through you. If you want to blame someone for your predicament when you were teenagers, blame your parents.

  • Who want the dancehall fi stop? says:

    i bet she delightfully took every inch of it. she was 17, so where is the problem? Act a hoe be threat like a hoe

  • Ronnie Carroll says:

    I want to praise this Miami News Channel Again for not allowing this story to just die and the people involved to simply walk away. The Mainstream Media's covering of the events is somewhat questionable as they have allowed Alan Dershowitz hours of television time to critize these ladies and call them names. This Miami News Channel confronted Dershowitz in a way that that the mainstream media would never have been allowed to do!

    Good Job for exposing these sick people!

  • Damien CALLAGHAN says:

    Look at the photograph at the start….
    And the Award for MOTHER OF THE YEAR GOES TO………………

  • Corri ander says:

    The people at the Buckingham Palace complex can continue covering for this paedophile. BUT! We the people of Britain know what you weirdos in the Palace got up to. They all got up to no good, I am sure! They trafficked vulnerable children from children homes in Islington and elsewhere. The police are also corrupt. From the very top to the bottom. They know exactly who is up to no good! Andrew, Fergy and the whole household and his Mother are so weird and corrupt.

  • Dan M says:

    This maxwell woman, i think, was just a very sick person.

  • Leeanna Lynx says:

    They had puppies?

  • primal mythic says:


  • helen mitchell says:

    Disgusting wake up world

  • Timelessmusic Familymusic says:

    I'm sure people in power are hiding Maxwell, because they are scare of her talking to the media. I'm sure she told these high officals & made it very clear, "If I don't get protection from you guys, I am not going down alone". These high power individuals told the FBI to back off tracking down Maxwell if they want to keep their jobs. They're actually mad at the Miami Herald for leaking out the story in the first place. Like Trump always said, it's fake news.

  • Tomas Nofziger says:

    Like her father, Ghislaine Maxwell is a national hero of Israel. After her father stole half-a-billion pounds from the retirement fund of his employees in his publishing empire (Britain), and after he died from a "fall" from his yacht anchored off the Canary Islands, he was buried on the Mount of Olives in Israel with full honors of a national hero. 

    In attendance were Israel's president and Prime Minister; the director of Mossad; and SIX former directors of Mossad. He was praised for his "extraordinary service to the state of Israel" … however that pans out in its details. 

    Ghislaine is was his #1 daughter and he even named the yacht after her. THEREFORE, do you think she and Jeffery were running a blackmail scheme for Israel? Or are were they just out to enjoy life with a bit of money—half-a-billion dollars, US—provided anonymously to him without any record of doing business as a Hedge Fund manager / owner?

  • christos karagianis says:

    She expresses her self very comfortable she is a kind of rotten person too she not Santa Maria

  • dacian dracu says:

    This bitch doesnt look abused or forced to do anything at all when she was in the pictures with the rich dudes, come on people dont be naive dont feed sorry for all those hoes, they all look and was happy in the photos with the rich guys and like every hoe when they got dumped they want revenge, really ?

  • matt Johnson says:

    Why hasn't Virginia been arrested. Ya she was 17 and what was done to her was wrong. But she did turn 18 and had freedom to leave when wanted, and she admitted to bringing more and more girls to him so she is an aid to Epstein just like Maxwell and the others. She liked the money so ya she should be prosecuted as well

  • twinkie 1 says:

    Maybe they are all on the same side.

  • Stuart O'Neill says:


  • Stuart O'Neill says:

    Someone higher up are protecting these bastards, TRUMP.? CIA? FBI? ALL INVOLVED IN CHILD RAPE

  • sharon lea says:

    who knows Maxwell could be dead somewhere too…all the pilots and people running his properties should be held accountable too…they all knew what was going on…I think he was a professional blackmailer…cameras everywhere in his properties and he was farming these girls out and videotaping everything and the FBI has all of these so called files but the FBI is corrupt too so I think everything will just disappear…too many big men involved in this all over the world…Russia has been using this tactic since the 40's…nothing new under the sun…

  • jim morgan says:

    If she was guilty they'd have arrested her by now put her in a cell on suicide watch, told the guards watching her to clock off three hours early, moved her to a single cell where no cameras work then after she commits suicide they'd let a strange van come in the back way with someone wearing "military green" in the back they'd not sign it on or take the license as is mandatory then they'd wheel out her dead body that doesn't really look like her and have a pap from the NY post just 'hanging around' a top security installation ready to take a photo and play with photoshop before releasing it to us gullible bastards to talk about how there's only been two suicides in this installation in its thirty year history.

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