The New Humanity

The New Humanity

In the story of the Bible there are two realms: the earth, where we live, and the heavens, where God lives. We have been talking about the spiritual beings: the elohim, the divine council, angels and cherubim, the satan and demons. The last character we want to focus on is humanity. Now, humans aren’t spiritual beings. In Genesis 1 and 2, they are made of the dirt, like the animals. But notice that God calls humans to become something more. He elevates them to live and rule in Eden, the place where heaven and earth are one. They are invited to eat from the tree of life. What does that mean, to eat of the tree of life? Well, it is an image of receiving God’s own eternal life into yourself. It is about a whole new kind of existence. So, wait. Physical beings living forever? How could that even work? Well, somehow, sharing in God’s life transforms our bodies so that we can inhabit heaven and earth at the same time. It also transforms our imaginations so that we learn how to rule the world like God, in the power of love. This is an amazing calling, but humanity is quickly deceived by a spiritual rebel. Yes. He lies to the humans, saying that they can rule and get eternal life on their own terms. And God exiled all of them from the garden. They are cut off from the source of true life. Evil and death now have power over us and we live in a world of fear, self-preservation, and violence. But God promises that one day a human will come to defeat evil and death at their source and to open up a new way to a reunited heaven and earth. This promise reaches its fulfillment in Jesus. Right! When we are introduced to Jesus, he is a human but he is also way more. Yeah, we are told that in Jesus, God and humanity have become one so that he can restore the rest of humanity to its lost calling. Jesus was tested by that same deceptive spiritual being, not in a garden but out in the wilderness. Yeah, it tells Jesus the same lie: “You could rule the whole world right now if you come under my authority and do things my way.” But, Jesus knew that that lie leads to death. So, he rejected it and was victorious over the spiritual power of evil. So then Jesus started announcing that God’s heavenly rule was arriving here, on earth, through him. So, he went around confronting the power of death in healing and exorcisms. Jesus was opening the way back to eternal life to rule with God and become new humans. Yes! He also confronted our imaginations by teaching how corrupt spiritual powers enslave whole communities with their lies. Lies like, “My tribe is superior to your tribe.” But Jesus said every human is an image of God. Or, the lie that power comes through force. While Jesus taught that real power requires sacrifice and generosity. Or the lie that peace comes through violence. While he said that true peace comes through self-giving love. This is a new kind of humanity. Yeah, a humanity transformed by God’s life and his love. Jesus didn’t just talk about these ideals, he lived them out. Yeah, exactly! He brought God’s heavenly kingdom to Jerusalem to confront the powers. In fact, that’s what got him arrested. Well, so maybe the way of Jesus can’t win over evil. But from Jesus’ point of view, his coming death was actually a battle. A battle? Yeah, not against humans but against the real enemy: the spiritual powers that enslave us through their lies. Jesus gave his life and let evil do its worst. But God’s love has the power to create life even out of death. That is what happened when Jesus rose from the dead. The risen Jesus is human but a new kind of human. Yeah, when Jesus’ followers met him alive from the dead, he had a transformed body that could live in heaven and earth at the same time. He’s like a new category of human, one that can live and rule with God forever. Jesus is the new humanity that we are called to become. Right. He said that all authority in heaven and earth belongs to him. Then he sent out his followers to announce that his eternal life is available to us now in the present. We can experience eternal life now? Well, Jesus said that eternal life is knowing this God of love, so that our imaginations can be transformed as we’re liberated to love God and to love our neighbor. We trust that even if we die, God’s love will transform our bodies and raise us up into the new creation. That is how the story of the Bible ends. Yeah, the ending is a new beginning with Jesus and the new humanity ruling in a united heaven on earth together.


  • The Bible Project says:

    For more information on this video, download our video notes here:

    We don’t normally think of humans as “spiritual” beings, because in most languages, the word for “spiritual” means “non-physical.” However, in the opening pages of Genesis, humans are presented as creatures of the earth and of the heavens. God makes humanity from the dirt, but then he exhales his divine breath to bring the creature to life (Genesis 2:7). God also appoints humanity to rule over all creation as his image (Genesis 1:26-28) and even invites them to share in his eternal life by eating from the tree of life (Genesis 2:16). Imagine a human who has “ingested” God’s own eternal life into their being. We’re talking humanity 2.0 here! But of course, that’s not what happens. Humanity joins in a cosmic rebellion and forfeits their access to eternal life (see Genesis 3), and they become corrupt and violent (Genesis 4, 6, 11). So then, the biblical story doesn’t begin with humanity falling from perfection. Rather, it begins with a lost opportunity, or as the apostle Paul puts it, humanity falls short of the glorious status God purposed for them (Romans 1:23 and 3:23). From this angle, the rest of the biblical story is about God’s raising up a new human who will be God’s forever faithful partner in ruling the world. And (surprise!), this plot line is fulfilled in Jesus. This is why the Gospel of Mark portrays Jesus as a “new Adam” at peace with the animals (Mark 1:13). It’s why John has Pontius Pilate announce Jesus saying, “Behold the human!” as he walks out with a bloody robe and crown of thorns (John 19:1-5). Paul the apostle calls Jesus the true “image of God” (2 Corinthians 4:4) and “the last Adam” (1 Corinthians 15:45), because his death and resurrection established him as “the new humanity” who rules with God over heaven and earth (see Ephesians 1:19-21). In other words, the risen Jesus is a “physical-spiritual being.” He has a real body that can be touched and talked to, but it has also been transformed and exists in a different mode than our bodies. The "new human Jesus" lives in heaven and earth at the same time (see Matthew 28:18-20). And for those who trust in him, he invites us to share in his new humanity through the Spirit that he is breathing upon his people still today (Romans 8:9-11).

  • Mukah Ispahani says:

    Great video, however i'm a bit concerned with the part where you said humans are not spiritual beings. Remember we were made in God's image. He formed man from the dust after which He breathed the breath of life into that body; that was man's Spirit. That's why God said in Jeremiah 1:5 "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations." The body is just a house which man requires to function here on earth; that's why God the word of God needed a physical body to live on earth. That's who Jesus is; God in flesh. In essence what i'm saying is Man is a Spiritual being, that's why God asked us to worship Him in Spirit and in truth.

  • Ashley Ramming says:

    Just amazing! This work you do is incredible! I'm so excited for season 6. My only regret is that there's not enough time to share them all with my students. Keep up the good work!

  • Dr Cringe says:

    Jews believes that their tribe is superior to all other people of the world.

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    Love this. But why are the humans so fat?

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    Both of you have a satisfying voice.

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    Thank you Lord Jesus 💙💚💛

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    Watched your spiritual beings playlist i love your content!

    My brother told me about you’re channel keep spreading this knowledge!

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    Amen… Its so beautifully done ❤️😍

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    Pfff yeah right hod made humans from dirt Haha no first came dinosaurs then mammals then evolution then humans

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    Eckhart Tolle's interpretation of an enlightened being, much like Buddha, seems to be more and more true the more I listen

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    I love the new animations. I also like that you change it every once in awhile. Keep it up

  • Susan Amber Bruce says:

    What! Didn't Adam and Eve get stopped from eating from the tree of life?

  • Alyson Smith says:

    Dr. Heiser is WAY OFF with this video. It's borderline prosperity Gospel and borderline heretical. Jesus did not die because he owed something to Satan or even to defeat Satan (although that does happen). Jesus died to satisfy the wrath of God. The wrath that we deserved…"for the wages of sin is death." Wages are something that we earn. We've earned death and eternal separation from God for our sins. That's why Jesus had to die. Furthermore Jesus is not a "new category of human" after the resurrection. He is both fully man AND fully God before his death and both fully man AND fully God after his ressurrection. God does not evolve, He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He cannot be less than what he is or more than what he is. He is unchanging. Furthermore, we are co-heirs with Christ but we do not become deities ourselves, we may share in some of His attributes but we do not and will not BECOME GODS later in heaven. Furthermore, yes we do get eternal life when we believe in Christ, but he never answers the question of HOW? This video never mentions our sin, our need for repentance or the suffering that will come with being a Christian. Christ guarantees suffering for His names sake. This video is fluff. Dr. Heiser used to teach at a SBC Seminary…He knows better than to post such mumbo jumbo.

  • beth knox says:

    Thank you God for another chance in the new earth coming soon!

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    This was a gr8 series

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    Godhead in the city of Fayetteville NC. I can go any place in the whole Nation my soul is secure and untouchable thank you Almighty Allah.

    Read the Bible daily

  • thecreator_109 says:

    I love the way the message of God is portrayed in this video, so simple and it brought me so much joy and hope that we’ll all one day meet God in our own way in this world and we’ll be able to understand him in a whole new and beautiful way 🕊

  • Picco bow says:

    While I agree 100% with everything narrated, I don’t agree the way Jesus was depicted in the video.

  • HolySoldier162 says:

    Now ive listened to pastors, ex satanist, and followed the, what seems like, endless rabbit holes of the Illuminati conspiracy; yet this short video gives you understanding of what the bigger picture is, the good and bad. Christianity teaches you to be like Jesus, and in that you have hope (2 Peter 1:3-4). The evil spirits only hope is the lake of fire, after the Judgement day.

  • Raqz Llanera says:

    Just a bit correction. animals are made by a word. when God spoke there they all exist as an animal the difference between us humans we are created and formed by God and breathe in God's breath on our nostrils.. 😊

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    People should see this

  • A M Jordan says:

    Humans are spiritual beings. Mankind is a truine being – spirit, soul and body- made in the image of God. God is a triune being: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Genesis 1:26, 27;
    1 Thessalonians 5:23. Animals have bodies and souls but not spirits; They were not made in God’s image. Because of the fall of mankind, the human spirit died (Genesis 2:17). Our spirits need to be born again through believing in Jesus the Messiah for eternal salvation (John, chapter 3).

  • PhiladelphiYAH Redeem for the Afroasiatik Diaspora says:

    Eden was not a place where Heaven and Earth coexisted together. Nothing can coexist with the FATHER'S heaven. There are at least three levels of Heaven and the FATHER'S is at the highest. The FATHER does not deal with flesh only spiritual. JESUS is the GOD of the Old Testament that man has had contact with. No man has ever seen nor spoken to the father and no man ascends to heaven.

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    During the Temptation, Christ responded to Satan with "It is written…" invoking the Power of the Word of God. Satan, lacking free will, has no choice but to adhere to God's Law. Let us not forget that The Creator has permitted Satan the ability to influence humanity. Satan has no actual power. Satan does not possess free will and creative force. The Creator and humanity possess free will and creative force.

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    You guys are blowing my mind with these videos – thanks so much for your work. Know that your efforts are having a far reaching effect – we are in Australia – these videos are getting played in schools to thousands of kids – keep going! Bless you all.

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    I love your videos, but for non born again Christians you’ve mislead them into how it is that we inherit the kingdom.
    CORRECTION: Salvation is not just through “knowing of God” but instead through repentance of ones sins to Jesus and accepting that Jesus is the way the truth and the life. That Jesus is our ONLY Salvation.

  • Young GabriSun says:

    Honestly, when I get to Heaven I’m first going to cry tears of absolute joy in Jesus arms for a week straight. Then I’m going to just lay in a meadow and enjoy the peace of not having to worry about anything. After that – creative mode is at 100% I’m swimming with the dolphins. I know it sounds naive but God knows my heart. I just want to be a kid forever and Heaven allows that because guess what? We accept our Father.

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    I have little difficulty accepting the premise NOT put in this video: 1) we are ALL created in image of God (God is Spirtual Being), thus we have the the spirtual breath given to us to imagine, understand, and see God's Love and truth and about life, 2) our body is a temple were Holy spirt can dwell after Jesus sent Him, and 3) our physical body is not the focus in the Gospel. Love, Truth, Communion, and Worship are the reasons for our purpose.

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    People must drive home the point that Jesus is coming back and the kingdom will be on the earth, a renewed earth like the garden I would think, no more war no more death, mankind’s future, as well as Jesus who is a man, is to be on the renewed earth!

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  • Daniel Potter says:

    This is a part I feel we miss because we are disconnected from nature. The two trees were ethenogens. One for life and one that was good but would fulfill evil as we sought demonic wisdom from the devil in the form of a sereph. We worshiped him as a false Christ into the world of the beast and inherited it as his kingdom.

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    !+! "FOR THE SAKE OF THE ELECT WHOM GOD HAS CHOSEN SINCE BEFORE THE WORLD WAS, HE SHORTENED THE DAYS"; therefore, as of 12/12/12>12/21/12 A.D., if GOD the FATHER, thru GOD the SON, has not endued u w/ the Holy Spirit of OMNI3perYHV+VHYinChrist+Jesus'TRINITY, b prepared to b told @ the femtoPETA JESUCHRISTOQUANTUM eye of the needle's door: "Depart from Me, u worker of iniquity. I never knew u!+!" Here r the Consciousness Realities revealed to this Least&Last Witness of 144,000 Eunuchs of Mt.Zion on 12/12/12>12/21/12 A.D.: yoctoYOTTA PATERNOSTROQUANTUM; femtoPETA JESUCHRISTOQUANTUM; nanoTERA holoMATERIOentropicoQUANTUM; picoGIGA SATANOQUANTUM, relative to the micronoKILOmetrico HUMANOQUANTUM!+!

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    Keep up the good work! May I make a suggestion though? God explained the creation of man twice. First in His image; He gave us a spirit. So we are spiritual beings. Secondly, He formed our bodies so we can function in this world. So we’re both spirit and flesh. Having a spirit and through baptism is how we’re able to receive His Spirit. Just wanted to share that. Thank you for obediently walking in your Kingdom purpose and being an inspiration to others ❤️

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