The Event that United the Entire Destiny Community – Destiny 2

The Event that United the Entire Destiny Community – Destiny 2

The event that united the Destiny community
is the glass half full way of putting everything, while the “sit in one spot and mash a button
or a click” is the other way to put what happened here. The empyrean foundation has just officially
ended as of 8pm PST/11pm EST on Tuesday, February 25th, 2020. The rewards and follow up were nothing short
of tremendous and we will get to all of the rewards, some we have been missing for years. But this story goes back much further and
has some interesting tales to tell, so join me in taking a trip into the Season of Dawns
most unifying event, the Empyrean Foundation. Some footage in this video is from players
around the community, their links will be in the description of the video, as well as
the music too! Be sure to drop a like & a subscription if
you enjoyed your time here or if this channel keeps popping up in your recommended feed! The Empyrean foundation was not the start
of these community wide events, actually it’s not even close. I stated in my Outbreak Perfected video that
the developers of Destiny are mostly comprised of hardcore World of Warcraft veterans and
how Luke Smith specifically is a Scarab Lord after spending long amounts of time grinding
and using materials that he grinded for to unlock a raid for the entire WoW community. Now, Luke and lots of Bungie devs have also
already done a great job with community wide events from ARG puzzles, to real life puzzles,
Niobe Labs puzzle, and even most recently, the Corridors of time puzzle. Let’s talk for a second about that last
one. So, when the Corridors of time came out, many
of us had zero clue what was happening, but we learned about this truly infinite forest
had a lot to offer. Well, a lot of spreadsheets that is, from
busting out the map of the corridors to find what we thought was the end, to everyone in
the community having a unique code and a reason to get the code revealed with the emblem. Nothing was quite like the feeling of running
through that maze and that final room proccing the “new objective” text. That rush of adrenaline and accomplishment
for the 6 days of time spent on the puzzle was bar none, but aside from the reward being
a disappointment to some, more importantly a lot of people from the entire community
felt that they weren’t able to contribute like how a few small groups were. I had recommended for the next puzzle event
to show us some sort of live progression meter or in the case of the puzzle, to show us the
map coming together. I think it’s safe to say that the foundation
was built upon in an empirical manner. In comes the event that hit on all of the
marks. What the heck was the Empyrean Foundation? To put it simply, the foundation was a way
to bring us back to the lighthouse for the event Trials of Osiris to return. It started out all the way back to the beginning
of the season of Dawn with the obelisks on the Tangled shore, Mars, Earth, Nessus. Once these were rebuilt from using fractaline,
a currency from the season of Dawn and earned through activities inside the season of dawn,
you could pick up mods, grab weapon bounties for new loot, and just in general grind the
seasons content. A large piece of story significance came with
this too, we were clearly lighting a beacon to connect all of these obelisks somewhere. That somewhere was discovered later in the
season when the tower obelisk came to life. This obelisk was very nice to have as it had
all the bounties from all the other planet obelisks and all the weapon frames too! Players had also noticed that on the roadmap
an event was planned for later in the season, this event was called Empyrean Foundation
and if I had to say a couple of words about this event, it’s that it was seen as a new
activity in the sun dial, the seasons 6 man activity and not what we ended up getting. We got a way to donate fractaline in 7 stages
to complete the event, Stage 1 was 400 million which seems like a lot, but it isn’t really
considering the final stage, stage 7 was 9.77 billion! Also, when we did get the activity, we had
no clue how long it would take since their was question marks past stage 4 and seeing
as how the puzzle was done in 6 days, I think a lot of us, myself included, thought we could
get this done in about a week or 2. What the hell was everyone talking about when
you may have seen something about investing in stonks, donating to the foundation, etc. Well the Empyrean foundation worked in an
odd way. It would track something called a resonance
rank and with that number, you knew you were getting all of that back each reset. So what that meant was if you invest in the
new currency called “Light-Fused Fractaline” you could rank up an obelisk infinitely on
a different place like the Tangled shore as that is easily the best spot to do it and
that would keep upgrading your resonance rank. You could also use all the fractaline you
got from the foundation each week to re-invest it into the obelisks for more donating by
the final week. I will let an expert explain it better than
me. Now, this was the best way to do this, but
it took 20,000 glimmer and some legendary shards per Light infused frac, now to just
visit the spider and claim all that easy glimmer for sh…. Oh *BLEEP* me! Spider is a vendor inside of Destiny 2 who
is all about currency transfers, so if you need a planetary material, spider has your
back for usually pretty fair prices, but when spider was needed most, some days he decided
to be a total ween, so this meant having to wait a day or two to even start donating again. On a good day, spider would be selling glimmer
for legendary shards, or a material for glimmer when he would also be selling that material
for shards, so it just became a two step process instead. Now that you’re full on glimmer, it’s
just one tower trip away and were waiting and we’re waiting and we’re waiting and
oh my god I’m just gonna watch a movie instead and come back and wow it’s still here I
just finished all of the Lord of the Rings books and wow it’s still loading! This loading bug that Bungie was aware of
and is still working on a fix as of this video, was just a slow dent in otherwise a pretty
great event. What made the event better was not just the
memes, but the kind of war back and forth on whether or not to donate and which obelisk
was the best! You had the correct choice of tang gang on
the tangled shore and the rest of them which are all gone now that tang gang rules over
them…. So.. the other cool thing to note here is
that over time the tower obelisk started to light up, then make a spire, then finally
the big reveal, but what was also cool was that if you picked up a weapon bounty and
then donated 400 fractaline on donation week, it automatically completed those bounties
so you could shoot for god rolls which kind of ruined the rest of the season grind, but
hey, I’m not complaining! As I stated, the final day was Tuesday February
25th, 2020 and everyone was busting their butt to donate as much as possible, so 100
at a time because yeah that’s how high it let you at once! Some had just started donating and some had
donated over 2 million, either way when it was finally complete at stage 7, something
tremendous happened. A mission that was sort of leaked was available
when the entire community hit the goal. That cut scene seems odd and doesn’t feel
like a mission at all does it? We just put an artifact into the middle of
this thing. Well this is 100% the new lighthouse and the
empyrean foundation that we all donated to, built this for us to use. This is a great execution of the ever evolving
world and we were rewarded with some very familiar shaders and a triumph to complete
this season’s title, worthy. Now, that all seems nice and dandy, but only
20 minutes after it was complete, A BUNGIE LIVE STREAM WAS STARTING! The title of this stream “Destiny 2: SEASON
OF THE WORTHY – TRIALS OF OSIRIS RETURNS – Dev Insight”. I made a full video on the importance & impact
of trials that I think you should check out if you haven’t seen it already, there will
be a card in the top right and a link in the description, but we were just given two large
pieces of news. Season of the Worthy is next season and Trials
of Osiris returns! This stream immediately had the electricity
that I know a lot of people who play Destiny have been missing and for myself, a mostly
PVE player, my Fridays just got that much better! You see, Trials is the pinnacle activity for
the high stakes that we look for, 3v3, 9 wins flawless is an intense feeling and the rewards
for getting that feel even better, so this brings us back. One thing I noted that I was scared of was
the meta that we have and I am happy to report as of the TWAB from February 27th, 2020 that
we are seeing some massive fixes to the broken parts of PVP, some I knew would get fixed
eventually and some that I had no clue Bungie was going to fix so fast, goodbye Contraverse
Hold & Handheld supernovas mapping you in PVP, Warlock melee extended, but still slow
to balance it, Weighted knife tracking deducted, shoulder charge magnet reduced, Hunter tripmines now sticky! The final piece that scared players was the
artifact and the power levels associated with it, so let me break that down quickly. Artifact is the key grinding build making
level process in Destiny 2 right now. This artifact is fun for PVE to make builds
with, but can easily break PVP as we have seen with battery for hunters especially causing
issues. One thing that really scares players is power
level with the artifact since you can overlevel from turning in bounties, the same way Bagel4k
did this to reach 999 power for the shattered throne. This leveling comes from bounties and after
a certain amount of levels for the infinite grind, you will be really strong in trials
considering Trials is a power level advantaged activity. Even more good news though is that Luke Smith
after lots of concern and push back from the community, decided to disable the artifacts
leveling for power advantaged events like trials. Another concern players had is that since
Trials will be free to play, how many cheaters on PC especially will there be? DMG, one of the community managers at bungie
has stated that there will be a triumph to complete to be able to access trials to begin
with to combat cheating, but we will see how many steps are involved and if this will have
a great effect. This is all great great news and shows that
they’re really applying that renewed focus to PVP like we were promised in Shadowkeep. I want to also clarify something that I know
a lot of PVE players are bummed out on. #1: Season of the worthy is not a PVP season,
yes Trials is back, but it’s an overall mode, not a mode associated with the Season
of Worthy which looks to focus on Rasputin and Osiris. #2: If this is a PVP season, we should all
be happy with that as PVP has gotten almost no love for a very very long time in Destiny
and that community deserves a season or even two to make up for it. There were a lot of changes made and I will
be sure to link the TWAB for you to see those, but I want to go into one final section breaking
down the Trials trailer for everyone as I was super super excited to see it myself. So, it’s time to watch the reveal trailer
and other than the pure raw emotion that I’m sure lots of you watching this video felt
that night or when you saw the trailer, there’s more to it then meets the eye. If you don’t like spoilers at all, I’m
going to leave a timestamp to skip ahead, you have been warned. So, Luke Smith gave us a wonderful intro to
all of this and I agree with him, Trials like I have said before, is like walking into a
blockbuster, pick a stream, have fun or game with some buddies and get a new experience
every time. After Luke was done, there’s some amazing
pieces you may have missed. The year 1 Destiny 1 armor returns, the outbreak
perfected gets a new ornament, a returning shortgaze scope comes to scout rifles, maybe
the 4th horseman is back? Title next season is Flawless, Doctrine of
Passing which fired rounds like this is maybe back? Saint 14 is our narrator instead of Shaxx,
3 returning maps from Destiny 1, flawless armor glow, and just lots of great other small
additions. One thing that I’m sure you’re hearing
a lot of me saying is `returning”. While yes these are mostly returning pieces
and I know some people are going to be mad about that, I want you to think about how
great these were and will continue to be. In my remakes and remasters, I had no problem
unless things returned with something new. All the maps are updated with small touches
added, the weapons types for the most part aren’t in the game at all and will bring
a new feel to the table I hope and the armor looks amazing so no complaints there either. Overall, I think Bungie has done a great job
uniting the community. Not only was the Empyrean foundation a success
to me, but to many as well considering the PVE players and the PVP players rejoiced at
unlocking the pinnacle PVP activity while still giving us all some major story incentives
to look forward to. Speaking of looking forward to, I hope to
see you all in the next video and if you did enjoy this one, a like would be greatly appreciated
as well as a subscription, you can follow my Twitch as well, link to that in the description. Enjoy the bloopers and until next time, I
will see you later!


  • evanf1997 says:

    I want to say that I purposely didn’t talk about the Directors cut in this video for a reason! It’s not apart of this event and won’t be a thing till the fall. I believe in the power creep right now in the game and think that limiting infusion will be a good thing similar to how the Taken King made it! Anyways, have a great day and thanks for the support ❤️

  • BEATmyguest31 says:

    Oh yeah! Us PVE-only players all feel so united right now.

  • Nicholas Grogan says:

    The sandbox changes are so fire. So much broken bs is finally being nerffed. They missed Revoker and Arbalest and quick access sling with weapons with 1 in the mag but oh well. Hopefully they will get those soon as well. Honorable mention to sidearms. I actually think sidearms are riding the edge of being broken. Idk if I can call them broken or not but at the very least they're OP. They're actually going to be even better now that shotgun range is being nerffed and while I'm ok with shotgun range being nerffed (as long as fusion range is nerffed into the ground) but it definetly makes me nervous about sidearms though. Sidearms body shot TTK is bonkers depending on the archetype and the range sidearms have is actually pretty damn good. Sidearms are also very accurate while hip firing and while firing in the air which means you have the freedom to move about as you wish and this makes sidearms so damn good. Even if your accuracy isnt perfect while in the air or hip firing it doesnt matter because all you need to do is hit bodys. I think a slight range nerf for sidearms would be good especially if shotguns are being nerffed.

  • Nicholas Grogan says:

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  • Nicholas Grogan says:

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    Cant wait for the heartbreaks, the clutches, and just the grind itself, we all complain about it but guess what, we all love it.

    See you all, whether you're a titan. Or a hunter, and my fellow warlocks, See you all at the lighthouse🤘

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