Society’s Definition of “Success” is a Lie – 500k Q&A

Society’s Definition of “Success” is a Lie – 500k Q&A


  • MR. OBVIOUS says:

    success is succeeding to accomplish what you set out to do. It's literal.

  • Olaf Van der Veen says:

    I disagree with you on 'fake it till you make it'. I interpret it very differently from you – I see it more as 'just do the thing, even if it isn't part of your identity yet, and it will become a part of your identity change'. This last part has been shown to be true; just as our identity inform our habits/actions (as you discuss), our actions also reflect back on our identity and our identity will therefore change over time. So, in my opinion, you should sometimes fake it till you make it – do the things that you don't think are part of your identity, and eventually they become your identity.

  • Sean B says:

    Just reading the comments section proves that there are many definitions of success, which means it’s subjective to every individual

  • Al Kan Not says:

    The current, mainstream definition of success is forced down our throat by Capitalism.

  • Audrey De Leon says:

    So that explains why I get so attracted with your creations! Fellow INFJ here 😄

  • Tenzin Sonam says:

    Thank you 🙏

  • Riccardo Moscatello says:

    10:22 Nope, that's just disrespectful and unprofessional, you should change bar. Definetly not part of the culture, just part of being an asshole..

  • Nais Sketching says:

    I love your videos, you're my role model. You're really an inspiration for us youngsters right now, where everything is going so quickly right now, with success and hustle.

  • Tweba Senoi says:

    I absolutely love what you do. You're my inspiration!❤

  • Эркин Калыбеков says:

    Successful person is someone who lives a balanced life who has a time for health, business, family and ext

  • Anastassia Demeshko says:

    Just wanted to say that I really appreciate all your videos! It's so refreshing to listen to the way in which you discuss things and I love the vulnerability of your content! I too, am on the road to finding mental clarity and am so grateful for people like you that share their journey <3 you're amazing!

  • Keramas Wiguna says:

    Dont worry about that, my youtube always showing your video first, every time you upload


  • Alenka Mali says:

    it is a very objective subject…

  • Blank kim says:

    I have anxiety problem, my mind is clouded with worried and endless thoughts but watching your video relaxes me somehow

  • Ashish Choudhary says:

    Love you drew, your videos are so awesome. Writing before even watching the video, I know it's going to be great. Keep up the great work.

  • Maria Francesca Drews says:

    My last name is "Drews". Totally feel you on the name confusion.

  • Robert Oosterloo says:

    Can you make a video about how to beat winter depression? I've been struggling with it for years now and it keeps coming back. PS gratz on 500k 😉

  • T.A. Facts says:

    Would anybody recommend me some YouTubers like Nathaniel?

  • Ana Sarić says:

    thank you too :))

  • Roswitha Bearfield says:

    @2:51 I think you took it too literally. They are saying that if you do work your dream job, it will feel like you're having fun and not actually working because you are liking what you do. It's not saying you're not actually working. If you enjoy doing something, it won't feel like a hassle or a chore, and then there is the plus side that you are getting paid for it.

  • Erik Merales says:

    “If you’re faking it, you’re not making it.”

  • Ngemoh Kingsley says:

    It's funny how Nathaniel ones dropped a comment on MKBHD's Video on how lit his Video quality was, well we can all agree you got to that point buddy 👍

  • Lowpoly says:

    keep up the great work Nathan! An inspiration as always.

  • 은서/Lidia Lee says:

    Having a dream job doesn't mean not working! I'm totally with you! people around me still think that working physically hard or accomplishing high positions in a career is working and earning success.

  • 211xx112 says:

    hitting the bell real quick

  • Philmotiviert says:

    I knew it, you're an INFJ. Since you are very communicative and outgoing as you mentioned several times I considered ENFJ in my analysis too. But now the human kind knows the result and as an ENFJ myself I'm proud of you. :-DD

    All the best, Nathaniel, keep being upright and honest. It genuinely should start a movement for all the conservatives who are programmed of how a man should be: strong, fearless and hiding weaknesses. That's completely one-sided and biased.
    You are inspiration and the message spreads thanks to you and other few important people.

    PS.: I was inspired through Casey Neistat too and I figured exactly the same things out as you. Hustle is not worth it if your family life crashes. And inner quiet is not perceptible if you're in a constant rush, even if it's your passion. So I agree with you a 100 %.

  • Arkileogisticologist says:

    The saying "Find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life" is absolutely true. Those who think it's not haven't worked enough of the really bad, soul-destroying jobs to realise how good it is to have a job you love. Only by working those bad jobs do you gain perspective on how lucky you are to do something you love; it's still work, yes, but it's work you're grateful to be able to do.

  • MarissaPR says:

    I love your videos! The content, your messages and your visual journaling is amazing. Keep on going! Thank you!! 🙂

  • Sober Sherpa says:

    I work part-time, I take off a week or two and then put in a week or two of work.

    I keep my living expenses as low as; mindfully and intentionally choosing how I spend $$$.

    Most of my clothing comes from Goodwill, Salvation army in thrift. I find some great clothes for cheap.

    I don't care about looking cool or being cool. What society does is is what society does – why would I give a f ck when I make $40 to $100 per hour.

    Following fashion trends, being popular does not lead to a better quality of life. Look up the definition of the word "prudent" – then look at all the words associated with this word. Then look up proverbs and then see how both prudent and Proverbs work hand-in-hand.

    Following society is a trap that cripples humans.

  • Amina AMRI says:

    Nathaniel, you are unique and I wish my kids will look up to you. You raised critical thinking to another level. I look forward to hearing that you are working on a book where you describe your journey to self-discovery and self-improvement, but most importantly how guiding rules to self-development have affected the way you think. Wish you all the best.

  • Trap part says:

    I think "fake it till you make it" means the opportunity to believe in yourself by moving away from your fears for a while. You are scared, but you try to fake it and see, that you are actually capable of it.

  • Ivonne Guajardo says:

    i wonder if you got discouraged back in your earlier days or even now, and how do you cope with that, btw i love that you include sight scenes on your videos, is like a little travel segment.

  • Germán Alvarado says:

    All the bells you want 😉 haha, did it since video one

  • Thomas Andenna says:

    Being honest requires strenght, right, but also beign TOO honest makes you appear weak, that's another truth.
    Are we really sure that is possible to not have a facade?
    Self-confidence is appearance. We are not self-confident in ourselves, and when we think that we ARE self-confident in reality we FEEL self-confident. We are not designed to be SURE of anything, we are boiling flesh in the face of death…. all the confidence we get is just faked by our "mindset". Deep inside we all are scared as hell, like when we were child.
    So… being self-confident without a facade is a countersense. If you are REALLY trasparent you will not inspire self confidence but also weakness, pain… and all those things we keep private.
    We are like onions: we have layers. We don't show everyone our inner layers.
    There is a way to be TRUE, TRASPARENT,without appearing weak: is to UTILIZE something (not everything) of those emotional weakness to appear strong in face of others. This is also a trick: a kind of "facade" isn't it?
    I speak for myself but I realized that it's not wise to show everything, but to show it properly. That's strenght.
    But again, it's not real honesty isn't it? It's another mindset trick.

    Sorry for my bad english, I'm italian… and I can see that you are sitting on a italian park bench – probably in Milan.

  • Brandon Guzman says:

    I had to admit I secretly wanted him to be gay. but don't care he can be anything he wants :3

  • Philipp Martin says:

    Fake it till you make isn't always bad. Sometimes it is useful when you are a financial dependent and can't afford to invest time in changing something completely, that really needs change now. Companies adapting to the digital age is a good example. You have to change your behaviour and say you can do it, while you still figuring it out and learn on the job.

  • Thomas Andenna says:

    About "Fake it 'till you make it"
    → this should be interpreted
    as some inner mechanism, not external one. It's not "act like you are a superstar until you become", but "feel yourself capable of what you want to achieve".

  • IFAkaYode Lolekan says:

    I like ur feet

  • William G. says:

    I was feeling lost, needing life tips, and i remebebred how much i feel in home with your videos❤

  • The Theo says:

    Congrats on 500k man! Huge milestone!

  • Janeth Tellez says:

    I hit the bell for ya 😊

  • TzudemE says:

    Any1 listening to NF instantly wanted to answer „What’s your definition of sucess“ with „I don’t trust the thoughts that come inside my head“ 🤔🤔

  • Lisa Collarini says:

    I'm italian 🇮🇹 and let me tell you: continuing the conversation instead of serving the customer it's not a cultural trait, it's in fact rudeness 🤣 I'm sorry!
    Btw I love seeing my country throught your eyes! It's even more fascinating.

  • Annika XX says:

    I always thought that you are an INFJ, too. 🙂

  • Siyah Beyaz says:

    Your videos brings me so much peace. The way you talk without rushing, the color theme of the video, the cut scenes from cities etc. All of them brings me so much joy and peace and a sense of stability in my mind. It's helping me to get away from all the chaos in my mind, basically. So thank you. You are loved and appreciated. 🌸

  • Bernd jason says:

    nice once again 🙂 … but "i wanted to make something not 'so' edited" didn't quite work out i guess, but nevertheless i enjoyed the video 🙂

  • Javier Zapata says:

    What’s your definition of succes… NF

  • Nano-books says:

    There are many metrics of success, but it seems it's generally limited to wealth, recognition and "great" accomplishments (which usually have a lot to do with gaining wealth and recognition…).

  • gaurav nayyar says:

    Reading the title of the video I didn't want to click. I thought it would be something like you'll be reading some random bunch of lines people say. I was wrong. Great questions and answers really insightful. Thanks DREW!

  • María Del Mar says:

    Omgggg, im freaking out. When you answered the duck size horse question i was like, omg that was such a INFJ type of answer (I am one myself), and then a minute later you said you are one!!!!! Yasss, i had the feeling, maybe thats why i vibe so much with you.

    Great video as always nathe, xo

  • Lorenzo Costabile says:

    I'm Italian and I loved your analysis of conversations in bars hahah

  • Mishi says:

    Bruh last time I checked this channel had 60K subs

  • Asmita Chatterjee says:

    Your recent videos are rekindling my passionate love affair with Italy. Ugghh not fair… Italy, you gorgeous, gorgeous thing!

  • Therese Cats says:

    Your honest, conversational style is so refreshing. I’ve only just found this channel but have watched almost every video.

  • That's What "i" Said says:

    I find if I have to work at my hobby (something I love), it takes AWAY from it and turns it into a job. How do I get my head out of that? Congrats on your YT success!!!

  • Ida says:

    I think that quote about never working a day in your life means more that it will never feel like “work” as in it will be more enjoyable than being in a field you dislike.

  • متعة العلم says:

    Success is living a life where wealth (or 10k/m minimum), health, love and happiness are in place, while worshiping almighty god and remembering the after life.

  • Jeremy Andrews says:

    My vision of success, is quite different than most. Once you face your own mortality, several times over, and you are still alive to talk about it, that changes the success calculus. Because every day, after you reach "the day you were supposed to die" is icing on the cake. I've been there three times. And everything i do after those days is accomplishing something that you haven't. I'm still alive, walking around with a target on my back. It pushed to me get better, to be better, and to love harder. I have a particular view of life that many of my peers take for granted, and many tend to scoff at my view of the world or the grand scheme of things. I just know, in the end, where I am going. And I try every day to make the best out of 24 hours, because tomorrow is not guaranteed when you live with a death target on your back. Thanks Nathanial. Another great video.

  • متعة العلم says:

    I don't believe there's something called confidence, I believe there's something called being comforable in your own skin.

    Usually there are 2 things that make us un-comfortable being ourselves in front of strangers or outer-circle:

    1- fear of judgement, you wonder what would people say about you so you wear a mask to avoid this, my selfI hated this ALOT, and a solution for this, is see what are the downsides of your self, maybe bad habits or you swear a lot, whatever it is, try to fix it so you fear nothing to be judged of.

    2- not knowing how to communicate, myself i suffered a lot from this, and I think a good solution is to observe. Observe how people around react to ceartain events and how they replay to certain dialogs, after observing a lot of peope…

    You'll have like a dictionary of replays in your mind, after that you pick one of them, and then practise saying it again and again 'till you're comfortable sayin' it in public.

    Things to remember:
    – you don't need to meet anybody's expectations about you
    – you being different means you're unique not weird
    – your 'freinds' play a huge role in your life, and if they don't accept your persnoality, that might be a reason why you're not comfortable being yourself, and probably you don't like those peolple niether, my self i'd rather to get them out of my life.

    – you don't have to have friends, the goal is to have good friends, if there isn't, then lonley is better than hanging out with yoxic people.

    – you don't need to be social if you don't want to, just know how to communicate gor when you want to talk

    And last thing, you live life on your own terms, not on society's term. I believe in you, you can do it.

  • Mateo Ordonez-Caroprese says:

    Hey what lens are you using? Looks amazing! 😃

  • متعة العلم says:

    Something thay changed my life is self image, it's better to check Mr. dan lok's ted-ex speach about self-mage, believe me, it'll change your life (in god's welling)

  • Quynh Nguyen says:

    College is also a lie!

  • متعة العلم says:

    "How to stop feel pain when you're alone?"

    Here's the thing, you don't need anyone, period. when you think that you need friends you're telling yourself that you're not enough, and that's totally wrong, you are enough.

    It caused a lot of depression to think about friends, 'till one day I though "why am I even sad?, this is my personality, And if people don't like it, then I don't need them. I'm different, I'm not everage, I'm unique."

    And since this day, I don't care about anyone but myself, and I can't express how good it is to respect yourself and know that you're enough.

    I believe society planted in us that we need friends however they're, whether toxic or good, it doesn't matter, and even if you don't care about friends, you might feel sad, and that's not because you want friends, you already know that you're enough….

    But because society planted this toxic idea that you need friends, so you feel like an outsider for not having friends, and that's NOT true and would never be true.

    Once I though with thsi mindset, I stopped putting masks and became comfortable in my own skin.

    And once I started to not care about friends, I started improving so much in learning skills, when I took this useless distraction out of my mind (friends and being social),

    I finally got back my life, my skills got better, my comfort in being my self got better, and eventually even my communication skill became better.

    All of this because first i prayed to god so much (and i suggest you too do it) to fix my life, and almighty god did, every thing good in my life is thanks to god, almight ALLAH.
    Thank god.
    Second because I lived on my own terms, not on society's term.

    if i don't like somebody
    I don't hang out with him. If i don't want to talk, I simply don't talk, but here's the thing, you have to give up all the toxic people in your life first (including so called 'friends' and family members and relatives that re toxic) so you could discover your true self, and be comfortable in your own skin, so you could actually improve and change your life wothout fearing judgement from people who you don't like anyway.

    If you don't believe in yourself then who will?
    If you're not goimg to change now then when?

    As a beginning, watch Mr. Dan lok's tedex speach about self image.

    After that here's what i'd do:

    – cut the cause of sadness/ depression (usually toxic people or comparing yourself to others)
    – recover. Discovering my true self
    – learn about building my personality (confidence, communication and confronting people) watch youtube videos, read books, read articles nad blog post, do every thing you can.
    – practise communication every single day with yourself in a lock room 'till you mastered how to talk and defend yourself verbally
    – learn at leat one fighting skill, karate, kung fu, martual arts, boxing


    – after you're confident, put your health in place and start going to the gym (better in home for ladies)
    – start eating healthu food


    And last thing: financials
    – learn a high-income skill (see Mr. Dan lok videos & youtube channel)
    – practise one high-income skill 'till you're so good
    – make 10k/month with your high-income skill.


    And that's it, now you:
    – don't have toxic peole
    – know how to communicate
    – know how to defend yourself verbally and physically
    – have your health in place
    – are financialy independant.

    And BAM! you became successful.

  • Susan LaMoreaux says:

    Sat here taking notes for the whole video. And I just KNEW you were going to say INFJ 😊

  • Lauric Chambion says:

    I feel like every time I write a comment on your videos, I say "Thank you" but THANK YOU!
    Casey Neistat inspired you, now you inspire me.
    I feel like I deeply understand what you say and that feels good to be understood and to hear thoughts I can have quite regularly. You're the best!

  • zure says:

    I would love to see a video about loneliness from you, your opinion seems interesting and it may help some people to deal with it!

  • Mark P says:

    Very impressive. Editing, your cander, music, etc. You seem like a regular cat just like most of us. I gotta' write that it seems more like a convo than watching a yt video. Good stuff.

  • Alex Furley says:

    Men in the comments. Please research the Mankind Project.
    I just did their New Warrior Training program and it's completely reassured me that societies pressures aren't paramount and that simple human connect is. It's a weekend that could change your life and is run all over the globe.

  • Mikaela Brennan says:


  • Deandre Gilberry says:

    To me success is showing up everyday, being present with your happiness or being present with your misery. Also success is how much love you have given to yourself and others, are you caring, are you selfless, are you setting your ego aside. Success is also the smiles you leave on peoples facing after a day of living or rather a lfietime of living. That is success in my little book of mine ~ Deandre Gilberry

  • E Suarez says:

    I've had to train myself to play your videos in the background for the sake of productivity, but more times than not you make a point that strikes a chord and I always end up reverting back, glued to your video. From the conversation you had about having an emotionally safe space with your mom, your immersion and interest in other cultures and just cataloging your personal journey as a 22 year old, your content is so impactful and reflective . I'm around the same age, and currently figuring myself out as a creative/adult. Your videos are like having a raw conversation with an old friend who is going through the same ups and downs that come with this stage of life.

  • Martha Cassanova says:

    ❤️ you’re gorgeous, regards from Mexico 😍

  • Plantbased Sim says:

    I am 42 and have had blood cancer in the past (when I was 27). This changed my outlook on life and ideas about succes. A successful life is one in which you are happy and at peace with yourself and your circumstances. For me it is about spending time with my loved ones, in nature, being in the present moment, taking care of my body and mind and having a fulfilling job. Plus immensely enjoying the fact that I am relatively healthy again and appreciating all the little things in life as well as the big and being grateful for them. For example how wonderful is it that I can move my body and walk around town or do sports at the gym? Or: how delicious is this food I am eating? Or how lucky are we that my mother is old but still alive and that we can enjoy her company? The key words are in my opinion inner peace and contentment. Not money, a succesfull business, a big house or a car.

  • Sabnam says:

    i'm infj too

  • Sunil Narine says:

    Success= having a vibranium skull that cannot be penetrated by anything and everything else is delusional.

  • J.Mario Patanè says:

    you like Italy, do you?

  • Gekko Wizard says:

    Hmm seemed to have subscribed to you and cant remember – not saying thats a bad thing 🙂

  • Oriol Arralde says:

    Inspiring video, thanks for sharing. I have the luck of working and make a living as a creator (I'm a tattooist, illustrator and a little bit an actor) but I always feel the need of expressing myself in another way, in a more straightforward way, but always struggle with inseccurities like "who's gonna be interested in your stuff?" or "there are bunch of people doing it, how're you gonna do something different??". Channels like yours and particulary videos like this one make me come closer and more inspired about the idea of just making it! Keep on the good work!

  • ChrisGJ says:

    The saying "do something you love and you'll never work a day in your life" is about finding what you do as enjoyable as a hobby, something you love is something you would find time for outside of an office position (if you had one) anyway, so basically it's not about not working as in not doing things, it's about not working as in finding even hard stuff enjoyable and wanting to continue no matter

  • Shine On says:

    Can you make a video sometime,
    " A day in your life"

  • Giuliano Di Paolo says:

    Love how you push not grinding as a way to succeed! Unfortunately the majority does the opposite. Keep up the good work 🙂

  • ody sthenics says:

    Like it💪❤️

  • Heather Blossoms says:

    You are such a joy to watch I can feel your energy coming through the screen 🙂 Bell icon activated!

  • Saffron says:

    Why do you have an icecream cone as your logo?

  • DasDas says:

    I agree with the "fake it till you make it" almost 100%. Faking success or everything that you show to the world and that is fake (rented cars, fake money, stock footage to show a situation that you aren't even personally in etc.) are pure bs. However, I think there's one thing where it can help: Personal inner-problems and fears. I for example am very shy and introverted (and I am a 20+ male which makes it much harder), but somehow the thought of being a better and more open self helps me to go through situations. I for example was in a big city here in my country germany and always had in my had the regular thoughts an introverted and shy person has – always self-critics. But once I started to simply imagine that I am an open person, it really helped a lot when I talked with people or started to do random eye-contact. I have challenged myself by trying to already BE the better me instead of thinking that I COULD be a better me. It was only in my thoughts because I didn't randomly to transform into a sexy looking hulk. In my opinion this counts to fake it till you make it as at the beginning you won't be able to randomly talk to people. But however, at one point the wish of really show that better you will be so strong, that you will try to show it. I have talked with a few strangers when I was there and it really helped a lot. The next situation in the same city was when I visited a skyscraper while having an extreme fear of heights. I couldn't even climb a ladder and then a freaking skyscraper?! The thought of that I am already a better me helped me here too and in the end that thoughts combined with fear of missing out (as I won't visit that city soon again) I was able to go to the edge of the skyscraper platform and touch the railing. I mean you said that you also sometimes force yourself to go out and why does it work? Because you think of a better you than you currently are (atleast you think so that you are currently not good enough). What do you think about this thoughts?

  • Dario C L Barbosa says:


  • Christian Alonso says:

    3:20 – 3:50
    The way men express their emotions (or rather not express them and be emotionally unavailable) is due to how we raise men in this world due to society. The same way women are taught to nurture, to be kind, and to give; then we have grown-ass women who do too much, who love too much.
    That concept as a whole is wrong and unhealthy. I hope to see some changes in the future.

  • Mikaela Raymond says:

    So disappointed he didn't answer the horse duck question :0

  • Hallease says:

    That's interesting that you don't like the "fake it til you make it" phrase. I find it's defined a lot of my career/success growth thus far, there are aspects of new environments or experiences that I feel like sometimes I have to fake it through. I've done something similar but not exactly that, so I have some of the answers, but inevitably some of it i'll be figuring out as I go — but still trying to maintain an external/internal confidence even though I don't have the answer. Anyway, congrats on 500k, I've been a silent watcher of your channel for a while so it's cool to see you grow!

  • Fashionable Father says:

    Your explanation of your broll; MAGIC!

  • TheShaaaj20 says:

    Your videos have been inspiring to me, i think it’s amazing that you’ve kept on for so long, hats off!

  • Helena says:

    I love your broll footage! I can see beauty in every shot, it feels like you capture the little charming things about a place that leave the strongest impression. It's also very relaxing to watch

  • Danielle Nguyen says:

    Thanks for the video, Bell button was pressed in return !

  • malcolm adderley says:


  • Diyana says:

    i've never hit the bell icon for any youtubers, but the ones i wanna watch they're always there either in my subscriptions feed or home page, including yours! so know that i'm always looking out for your videos 🙂

  • J. D. says:

    Happiness and Success is really more about contentment. Problem is we have been conditioned by society to never be content and never be satisfied. I think that’s why it’s important as humans that we set time aside to unplug and self reflect daily wether through journaling or solitude. It sounds simple but it’s amazing how much it can help get you focused on what really matters and where true success and happiness in your life is.

  • Anna Lieu says:

    I have also gotten myself to the point where I don't have, "nothing to do." I am so glad to hear that you are trying to not fill all of your time. Looking forward to any suggestions!

  • Remy Elysee says:

    Your response to the duck/horse question made me audibly cackle lmao

  • adilla afiani says:

    Just managed to watch this video now. And im so sad that i didnt get a chance to ask you question! Anyway, that question asking why you put random shot in your while you talk about something else… I was shocked by! Because my mind works exactly like you explained why you put those shots is to represent the feeling and to me those just make sense. But what i am saying is.. I'm just fascinated by the fact that what is obvious for you sometimes might not be very for others. As always, great video, Andrew!!

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