School of Sociological & Anthropological Studies – Nathan Young

School of Sociological  & Anthropological Studies – Nathan Young

This is actually a really critical time for studying sociology and anthropology. I think that these two disciplines have an awful lot to contribute to the world. There are lots of places around the world where there are really burning social issues, and as a planet, we are facing some very difficult choices in terms of how we are going to live as a cosmopolitan people in the world: how we are going to solve environmental problems, how we are going to deal with new technologies, and so on. Both of our programs in sociology and anthropology are expressly designed to give students exposure to the classical theories, the real intellectual foundations of both of the disciplines. But we don’t dwell on them, we don’t make them the core of our programs. Most of the courses that we offer are on very contemporary issues. We offer courses on new media, on technology, on the natural environment, migration, ethnicity, nationalism, racism – very hot-button topics that are extremely current, and we are very proud of doing so. The practicum courses are a new addition to our anthropology program, and we’re really excited about them, because what it allows students to do is to work on an extended project over an 8-month period that has an academic component, but also a highly applied one. And so they will be able to use what they have learned in our programs and apply it to a real world problem, hopefully in a way that is partnered with an outside agency. What our students are able to do, because we give excellent training in quantitative methods and in qualitative methods that is rigorous and very complete is that they are able, then to access, to interpret, to understand all of this information that we are completely saturated with. This has tremendous value on the job market. It has tremendous value also for the person, to be able to become a better citizen, to be able to become a person who can understand the world as well as live in it. And I do think that is one of the best qualities that our program gives to graduating students in both sociology and anthropology.

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