Rosslynlee Abandoned Hospital 2018 WE GOT INTO THE BASEMENT

Rosslynlee Abandoned Hospital 2018  WE GOT INTO THE BASEMENT

hi today were at Rosslynlee hospital it was
founded in 1874 under the name lothian and Peebles mental asylum and then
changed 1948 to Rosslynlee hospital this place was closed in 2010 so we’re
gonna go in and have a look and see what we can find so were at Rosslynlee Hospital today
and it’s like just outside Edinburgh In a town called Roslin, o there’s our way in take this deano that was easy oshit that is loud we are in now toilets “netspray pure fruit juices in squash or concentrate” so its a fruit machine. – this place is pretty big so hopefully we get into most of it we didn’t see security so we should be ok surprisingly this was only actually abandoned since 2010 which considering the look of it you would think it was alot longer so we are trying to find a way round to the other side….its blocked off there. they definitely don’t want people in here, were going to keep looking but and hopefully we get in we haven’t made it right round yet so hopefully there is something VHS….Nice piano cool what were they playing? the Waltz. Just found some masks they used to use so we made it in, we just bumped into some other explorers there. puzzle they even bathed them in the same room must have been a wee office pigeons? we just found a theatre its really well kept…..not really this looks like some gym equipment its got a theatre a gym its got 16,000 toilets and 16,000 baths, baths everywhere it is a hospital I suppose “danger weak floor no entry” wine…buying wine…french wine.. must have been a reception like before you go into a ward. and ask who your here to see that must be private rooms….interview room going way back no 10 cigarettes this was a kitchen this is what they served through theres a mirror there hello, Christmas time, more Christmas decorations im not sure about a lot of the history of this place but ill put it down in the description so check that out just big lockers so we found a basement and going to head down there the now. asbestos down here boys so this is like a basement a lot of people say this place is haunted were not sure how apparently patients were badly abused and killed and stuff like that. well this just looks like all different signs….looks like a workshop wheel chair looks like a psychiatrist chair anything in there? some speakers a pool table thats where we came down we just found a newspaper dated 8th December 2009 that was a year before shutting a Christmas tree, slowly but surely finding Christmas decorations everywhere…maybe find a turkey next. they look comfy whats that razors? safety razors offt thats an huge tele hiy thats no bad they love Christmas in this place see where you put the HDMI in theres a wee cooker …official hospital slips…theres a check! £729 when was it dated though? it was dated back in… 1988 bon bons just keep twisting its getting tighter a want to know whats in here! probably paper work the first George Foreman this is definitely where the security guard usually sits….19… 8 people 6 male 2 female break in camera 9 four lads…intruder keys theres a wee heater prescription bags it is pretty cold isn’t it its kind of like a Childs area…with all the stars and stuff that was Rosslynlee hospital dont forget to subscribe like and comment down below Instagram the link is in the description
see you next time you


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