Pro-Choice vs Pro-Life: Can They See Eye To Eye?

Pro-Choice vs Pro-Life: Can They See Eye To Eye?

Hey everyone, thank you for joining us for another middle-ground episode. Be sure to stick around after the episode because we’re going to talk about how we make middle ground and also what we’ve learned from them. Enjoy. In all our conversations so far, nobody has brought up the rights of the fetus person. Doesn’t she have the right… the choice to live? ~But with that being said, that’s a cluster of cells that could not, a lot of the time, exist outside of a woman’s world. ~Hi, my name is Jolene, I am a college student and I’m pro-life. ~Hello everyone. My name is Timmerie and I’m pro-life, and I talk about these issues on my radio show “Trending with Timmerie”. ~I’m Jason. I’m a Youtuber called “Pastor Jason Answers”. So, yes, I’m a Christian pastor. ~My name is Liz, I work in tech, and I am pro-choice. ~My name is Kimberly. I am a college student and I am pro-choice. ~Hey guys, I’m Natalie. I’m a poet teaching artist and mental health advocate, and I am pro-choice. PROMPT: I know someone who’s had an abortion. ~I guess I’ll go first. I have had two myself. The first one, I was not emotionally stable. I was not financially stable. I was about to get evicted from where I was living and my family wouldn’t- you know, The the list goes on and on. I was on drugs, it wasn’t something that I would be able to do nor I wanted to do. And recently, I had a miscarriage in which, because it was incomplete, I had to go in for a DNC which is instant abortion procedure. And at this point in my life, I want to have kids and so, you know, that experience as well was something that was… equally as difficult for me as the first one that I had to go through voluntarily ~I’m so sorry you went through that experience. ~Church supports WP CC which is an organization that helps women during pregnancy after pregnancy and post abortion counselling. More than the people that I’ve met there, my mom almost had an abortion because of me. She doesn’t tell me the whole story because she doesn’t like talk about it, but her life was in danger and everybody was saying “just abort the baby,” which is totally legitimate if the woman’s life is in danger, I believe. But I’m actually glad that uh, she didn’t abort me but had the baby anyway. ~I was 18 when I got my first abortion and at that time I was living with my grandmother. They were very conservative-raised as Catholic Christians. They would probably kick me out of the house if they were to find out I was pregnant. I was still you know, fresh out of high school, did not have you know, the monetary needs to raise a child and no place to live. So… yeah. ~I have had both friends and extended family members who’ve had abortions, and I’m sure the two of you can speak to this, it’s a decision that you carry with you, the rest of your life. and I have seen people two years later and I’ve seen people thirty years later still struggling with the aftermath of abortion And that’s why I think us women deserve so much more than abortion I know several people who have been like on the line like wanting to but I don’t know anyone who actually Went through with the process I have two little brothers and when my mom was pregnant with the youngest one He was not planned and he was I mean, I guess you could say at that time He was an unwanted child throughout her pregnancy She just was thinking of how much of burden this could be if my mom did not believe that life begins at conception Then she probably would have gotten an abortion. But my baby brother. Well now he’s older He has impacted every single one of our lives in such a positive way that I just could not imagine him not being on this planet and it really made me think that When life is born like life is beautiful and life is so much more beautiful than there not being any life at all I think that’s sometimes true There’s so many other factors People who don’t have all of those things right who don’t have a family who don’t maybe have a partner who don’t have stable housing Is that going to be the right circumstance for that child? Is that gonna be more damaging? thinking about the quality of the life that you can provide because you are the caretaker of that being and if you are not in a position to do that that is the same as child abuse to me and as sad as that is because you know That’s something we can’t ignore. I still believe that that is a life and it is just as valuable as someone who May be growing up in a rich family and like have everything and have all these resources I believe both those lives are equally valuable. See I was just going to say under what you’re seeing It sounds like quality of life is what determines whether or not someone should live it and in that case It’s the poor people who are preyed upon to have Abortions and it’s support people who then spend years struggling with post-abortion syndrome as well And so what with cutting off access to abortion what what? Solution is that going to provide to those low-income individuals people who may not be able to have access to health care? There are crisis pregnancy centers across the nation waiting with the financial means to help women Who are facing crisis pregnancy. The reality is is when people choose to have their children and they ask for help Let’s say family cuts them off. There are other people willing to give help if we ask have you had to receive Kind of benefits before? no, but I’ve worked with hundreds upon hundreds of women who have. So based on my own experience You know, I’m someone who previously granted I don’t have children, but I would had previously had to be on food stamps I previously have received Unemployment benefits pretty much anything that you can name there was a point in my life where I had to be able to get that kind of assistance and It’s not as much money as you think and a lot of these individuals are still struggling to be able to Provide for not only their baby but themselves and I think it’s really unfair to Put a woman and you know, this this now baby in that situation against their own you know against their own will Men should not be a part of the conversation It’s not a part of a man’s body It’s not a life that they are personally bringing into the world And I don’t think that they should be the end-all be-all to make that choice Well, I’m the only guy here and sometimes even before I speak a word I feel judged that you have no say because it’s not your body, but I have two beautiful kids What if my wife didn’t want kids what if she had an abortion without my say without my advice doesn’t this affect my life too A lot. I actually think everyone has to be a part of every conversation Now, I don’t think men should be the dominant voice in the conversation at all But I do think that everybody has to work together to create solutions to really large issues And so yeah I think men absolutely have to be a part of it but not the dominant voice the realities it takes two to tango, right? I think we can all agree on that and the chromosomes come from both the mother and the father that baby Was a part of the father as well. I mean, I I guess I didn’t necessarily want to say that men absolutely shouldn’t be a part of the Conversation where I see it is a lot of the individuals who are trying to make these laws right now are men well I think that there still needs to be a conversation between a couple I don’t think that it’s fair for anybody other than the woman having to go through this Make that final decision in what she wants to do with her body. As a guy I feel like my My statements are more opinions or suggestions that it doesn’t really matter Thank you for your input But we really need to make the decision based on what the woman feels and I feel like I’m more of a second-rate Citizen compared to the woman who has to make the real decision. Yeah I mean, I find that that’s like the one place men feel that way versus women There’s very many instances in our lives where we don’t get the first say and we don’t get the last say either we’re Asking people permission to do things with ourselves And I think for me that’s what’s really problematic when it wasn’t legal people still got abortions and they just died in alleys and so is that What we’re okay with as a society because people don’t have access and don’t have choices. I’m not okay with that. I Feel as if my rights are in danger Some of these laws are allowing for non-medical physicians to perform abortions and operate without a medical license So my right to good quality health care is being diminished But also my right as you know one day wanting to be a parent parental notification Those laws are being swept away and so parents who love their children More than the facility workers or at least should right They should be able to talk to their child before they make such a serious decision and the parents rights are going away At the end of the day, that’s not their choice to make that’s not their body and so I I get I guess I just I get where you’re Coming from from like an emotional standpoint but I believe that an abortion is a medical procedure and I don’t think that anybody else should really be involved Other than the person that’s having it for me I want women to have the right to make a choice and There are states that are saying we will make the choice for you and that’s problematic to me on an equitable level Attaching jail time and all these things for women. I don’t see the same thing happening for men It’s not the women who would be going to jail It’s people who are providing abortion is that that would be facing criminal charges So I understand the fear and I think there’s a lot of could we agree? There’s a lot of media hype that’s creating a lack of communication and the lack of clarity in a lot of areas and I as a Pro-lifer do not believe that any woman seeking abortion should face criminal charges This is me, chill Well as an American I highly value my rights and freedom to do what I want with my body and things like that These days I’ve been reconsidering my views on gun control because you know, you know There’s mass shootings and innocent people are dying. We have to do something about that and and if I have to Step back and give up some rights to own certain guns. I’ll consider it because Innocent people are dying and I see it as the same thing with abortion and in all our conversation so far Nobody has brought up the rights of the fetus person Doesn’t she have the right but the choice today? But with that being said that’s that’s a cluster of cells that could not a lot of the time exist outside of a woman’s womb III guess I’m just gonna have to agree to disagree with you on that in an ideal world Totally if there were resources and access and support like we wish there were I’d be like totally nobody should have abortions because we have a society that supports people But we actually don’t live in a society where that’s true for everyone. And so that’s the issue. Let’s try right if you don’t draw the line at conception, then where’s the line and when I hear people say Oh like you don’t have the right to choose what to do with my body because it’s my body I feel like I do because if you were to have a pet animal and it was in your backyard And you beat that thing to death? I feel like we all have moral judgment and we I would stand up for that buts Not my animal and it’s not my backyard. It’s not my house I still believe in my moral compass that I should have the right to speak up about it because I genuinely believe that that is wrong Abortion is killing human life. And so that is why I feel that I have the right to say something about it The responsibility of pregnancy prevention is currently equal between men and women Other than in cases of rape or incest I believe that pregnancy prevention is equal because we enter into sexual intimacy both willingly Yeah, I agree with that it takes two people that make those choices whether it’s abstinence whether it’s using Contraceptives consent is what I think where prevention starts Okay, I’ll admit it It is easier for us. I mean, even if there is a birth control pill Culturally today, we’re not taking that we’re not gonna snip and you know it it’s easier. Sorry No, I agree. They always push it towards women if you don’t want to get pregnant Yes, there are condoms out there for men to prevent pregnancy. However It’s not nobody wears. Yeah, that’s true And they’ve also tried to come up with, you know various different birth control methods for men No, no, and it’s the overwhelming response. There’s so many side effects There’s the possibility of this and that and you know, I’ve had a friend that had a stroke because of her birth control You know and I think that it’s really unfair that that responsibility is solely being placed on women Well, and also if it’s gonna be solely on me to prevent then it is solely on me to make a choice thereafter Yeah, I agree with what you guys are saying But these conversations need to be said before any action is done for both people to understand that they are both Responsible for this I agree with you and one of the things that I always think about in the conversation of abortion is education Right any education around our bodies or just consent right or just rape all of these things are not conversations that are widely happening I think about my own experience of sex Ed in high school was taught by the gym teacher Who was also teaching us driver’s training? Right anything there and so I think about What was the quality of The educational experience I got and typically in my partnerships I am the first person that my partner has encountered that is willing and able to have a conversation About sex, about birth control, about all of these things. So it’s interesting that we’re like, we should be having these conversations But people don’t have the emotional intelligence to be having these conversations or the emotional immaturity which is unfortunate But it’s the reality right and so it does leave the onus on the person who is gonna be most impacted Which in this case would be women Someone from the other side sincerely tried to empathize with me Yeah You too Marie have empathized with me the most thank you for just understanding me and then just You know throwing your insight out there yeah, now I really appreciated how you were able to understand each different situation and circumstance and be able to like agree and just Agree to disagree with everything that’s being said I think that this is how real conversations usually occur and It shows people that we don’t have to avoid a topic and so thanks for listening and thanks for sharing and I have to tell the two of you like I’m sorry and on behalf of Any person who’s pro-life who has ever made you feel Criminalized for having had an abortion and I do not believe that anyone should face jail time for having had an abortion. Like I Understand your circumstances and I want you to know that The dude… Feel bad, I feel like I picked on you too. Yes, that was the odd man out But uh, I believe in women’s rights equal pay for equal work. There should be more representation in government my big thing is that The fetus is not just a blob of tissue It’s a real person a him or her and maybe I didn’t get that a cross for you to grasp that on my perspective I hope that it didn’t come across that we are not Empathetic cuz I know for sure I was really trying to listen to You and trying to find a commonality. I was actually like oh interesting Okay, you think this and what and why like, I think I think those things are super valuable to not have the same perspective But still be able to find spaces to a line because that’s where the real work is not us all agreeing But still there are some basic things we want for humans and women and so if that’s true Then we all have to do some sort of work in some sort of bending in places to make that be true Everybody thank you for watching another episode of middle ground. My name is Erin and this is Dan and we are both jubilee directors So you’ve directed a lot on middle ground. What is something that you’ve learned? having done all that I think the biggest thing for my own self growth is it’s made me aware of where my ignorance is like this has forced me to really sit down and hear opinions that I have shut out more often than not and It’s made me have to confront that and grow from that and be more open Yeah, I think once you hear it come from another human being you have to see the human being Coming with that opinion. Yeah Well, if you guys have any thoughts on what you’ve learned for middle ground Please comment below if you like this be sure to follow us on Instagram That’s we’re going to find out a lot more of what’s coming up next in our videos as well as behind the scenes stuff with us and We’d love to get to know you there. So see you then


  • Jubilee says:

    Hi everyone! We decided to bring back a popular topic to hear other people’s perspective on Pro Life vs Pro Choice. This is definitely a difficult topic since we all have our own opinions and experiences on whether we believe in one side or the other.

    Do you know anyone in your life that has either got an abortion or decided to keep the baby & what has that experience been for them?

  • Leila Bank says:

    I agree with Anastasia o: Pro-choice does NOT mean pro-abortion, it just means we think anyone bearing a child should have the CHOICE to abort it or not. Pro-choice and pro-abortion are NOT the same thing.

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  • Francis Gabeiel Benasa says:

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  • Tay P says:

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  • Lindy Ichihara says:

    My husband's ex girlfriend aborted their child. She told him it was her choice to make and her body. He offered to take care of that baby and take him after. She did not want to, this kills him and it will always be with him. It was his choice too, and she took it away from him. Man should have a say as well.

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    My problem with both sides are that with pro life, it’s almost threatening to innocent women who end up in a mistake like that. With Pro choice (other than rape) you HAD a choice. Birth control and condoms or even DONT HAVE SEX.

    I’m also not okay with the fact that abortion is being used as a form of birth control, and I’m not happy that states are trying to take away the rights of women across America.

    I’m Pro Smart I guess… both?

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    The best solution to the "abortion" problem is that men and women need to have access to information and tools to prevent pregnacies so there wouldnt be abortions more people need to talk about ways to prevent pregancaies and give access to these tools so people do not have to make that difficult choice of aborting if unwanted pregnacies can be avoided then abortion wouldnt have to be an option is would be greatly reduced

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    Posting this before watching. If you are pro life, you are not actually pro life in all respects toward humans. You are okay with ruining someone’s life with an unwanted burden. You value a bundle of cells over a living breathing human on this earth. You would rather a child be born into a life of disarray and remorse than have them never be born and have the mother/others affected live happy lies. Pro life arguments are immoral. Immoral, period.

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  • Paulo Matos says:

    Legalizing abortion is not the same as an invitation or incentive to abort. The women who want to abort will do it being legal or not. Legalizing it is about offering these women the option to do it safely, in a hospital with a certified professional and in a way she doesn't have to add shame to that already traumatizing experience.

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    Nobody brought up the bodily autonomy argument, which I think is the strongest logical argument for abortion. If my daughter was going to die without a blood transfusion from me, for example, there is not a doctor alive who would force me to give up my blood for her life if I was not willing. Why is that different before she is born? We are infringing on women’s’ bodily autonomy to force her to carry a child. Like, sure you can argue that I probably SHOULD give my daughter the blood transfusion (maybe you should carry the fetus to term), but no one would FORCE me to give up the rights to my body to keep her alive. No one here brought up this argument.

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    Also- if abortion is illegal and you choose to get a shady abortion- unless it was to save your life- you are at fault for what happens to you as a result , like dude . Abortions arent a necessity – no one * except those in life threatening situations * needs an abortion

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    Sorry, just wondering if this is a thing anywhere else in the world other then in USA?

  • PeterleZainmer Mainzer says:

    If you have a comfortable life like this fundamental woman, it is easy to say abortion is wrong including for raped women.
    But once this woman would be raped by a black man with HIV, she would be abort.
    Same went with mother Teresa. She preached: illness and pain brings us nearer to Jesus who suffered too.
    In her "hospitals" the suffering did at the best get aspirin. 99.99% of all donations – we are talking about 300-700 million $ – went to the Vatican.
    When this criminal Teresa got cancer and pain she flew with a private jet to USA to a private clinic. She did not want to suffer. Shame on this criminal woman.

  • East Kidd says:

    THeres a pro life club at my catholic school :/ like why

  • Jajajaja jajajaja says:

    I loved this conservation💌

  • Jetfire97 says:

    TombWraith I know you're here. I just wanted to know if you've heard about the "cheerleader high-schooler" that buried her newborn baby in her backyard. She has been on the news lately.
    So sad.

  • Romaniya Voloshchuk says:

    Timmerie seems very kind, but she is totally misguided and her statements are extremely misleading. For example, she talks about Crisis Pregnancy Centers as if they were helpful – they aren’t. They are posing as abortion clinics, trapping women, giving them false information, and completely failing to provide any tangible support for them after they give birth. Likewise, how can you say that putting doctors who perform abortions in jail be beneficial for women? If no one is willing to perform a medically safe abortion, we will go back to the unsafe home abortions (as is already often the case in states like Texas). So the result is the same. Plus, what if someone performs abortion on themselves? Won’t that be classified as murder under such a law? And then, how can a woman who had a miscarriage prove that it wasn’t an abortion? According to doctors, it’s hard to tell – especially when it was induced by a deliberate fall or physical injury… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I really wish there was some side note to clarify this stuff, because I see very positive comments about her, but her statements are actually really problematic.

  • Nol is Best Boi says:


  • Ali ASMR says:

    If you cannot take care of the baby, PLS PUT THEM UP FOR ADOPTION INSTEAD OF ABORTING THEM

  • Ali ASMR says:

    ‘We want abortion, but we don’t want to wear condoms’ woah woah woah, what the hell

  • Megan Thomas says:

    'It takes two to tango', in tango there's almost always consent. In becoming pregnant, not always. Also in tango one party doesn't bare the main responsibility of carrying and often looking after that child.

  • Ironic Kid says:

    I'm pretty tired of hearing people say "pro choice = pro abortion" because pro choice is ONLY for the choice of what to do with the fetus. Nothing more nothing less. A 16 year old girl who doesn't want to have a baby should make the choice not to just as a 36 year old nun who does want to have a child should make the choice to have it. But both are discriminated for their choices and being pro choice means you believe they should do with whatever they want to their own bodies.

  • derpbearfilms says:

    I am pro choice, listen, abortion needs to be open. If a person is too sick, and can't have a baby and will die if she does, if abortion is illegal, she will die, no breast milk and no money for formula, the baby will die, it's better to have 1 thing die, than to let 2 people die, got it. Also, who cares if someone get's an abortion, you aren't their boss, people should be able to make that decision without criticism.

  • Char Alexis says:

    I can somewhat get what pro life is trying to say but I really hope they get it is called pro choice. Not pro abortion. If you do not agree with abortion that is perfectly okay you don’t have to get an abortion but trying to take it away from someone else that’s just not right. Everyone is their own person and you should understand that they should have the choice to decide what they want to do. It should not be up to you on what another woman wants to do with her own body. What are you accomplishing by taking away someone else’s right ??? Like tell me pls explain to me what do u accomplish? Forcing a women to have a baby she doesn’t want? What does that accomplish? Nothing. And I cannot believe that girl compared a FETUS to a LIVE animal?

  • ariane. says:

    I dont like when they basically say I know people who regretted to had an abortion so that's why nobody should have one.

  • Lie Luh says:

    “Doesn’t have the fetus have a say in it” … really? lol. Hey fetus what you think ?🤔

  • Lexi Fisher says:

    I felt bad for Kimberly, it seemed like she was just sad the whole time 🙁

  • A J says:

    'nobody wears it'

    Then why is the condom industry valued at over $7B?

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