Penn State Sociology Professor Fails To Understand Comparison Standards

Penn State Sociology Professor Fails To Understand Comparison Standards

How’d you do in the SATs? Like.. 14 10 something like that. Are you smart? uhm.. Yes. 14 10 You even know what we’re doing and you still can’t say it It’s hard for me to say that. it’s like. You don’t say that. Yeah. You don’t say it. Hey guys, this is Jerry. So I’m wearing my bowtie again, because a lot of you said it looked cool. So sociology 119 at Penn State. I don’t know which Penn State campus this was or this is um This course is going on right now. But this professor. I’m calling washed-up rock star. So washed-up rock star professor is trying to teach people about Psychology about perceptions etc. And he’s talking about East versus West and in the east Like this girl, as an example we just saw Maybe they’re a little bit more humble. Maybe they don’t think of themselves as great Maybe they don’t like to be the center of attention. They want to be part of something right? Whereas in the West they Overestimate their abilities, they might have more confidence and they also want to be the one to stand out, right? so he’s talking about this and This girl that he’s asking makes a very great point that I want to expand on So, let’s see what he says so our professor and why I think it’s so brilliant I had a young woman from China. She had a perfect score Two semesters ago a perfect score on the SATs. I said, are you smart and she’s like No, not really You see what I mean? This is the thing. But like I really like most of the Chinese student, the international student here have 1,400. Yeah, exactly. You don’t say that It’s not a big deal You don’t say it that’s right, but if you were American you would It’s just no but this is part of being an American you would are you kidding. If you if she went to China and someone asked Her if she was smart Trust me. She would be like yeah, of course. I’m smart. So I didn’t watch the rest of the lecture so I don’t know how the professor and if he responded more than what was available in this clip, but to really understand this kind of You might interpret it as lack of confidence or an inability to talk yourself up or maybe even a miss estimation of your actual abilities But you can’t separate it from the cultural slash just the actual context of things It’s such a pressure cooker environment in China and just like she says it’s natural for someone to Get that kind of score to be able to come to America to study so what I’m trying to get at is. It really depends on what you’re comparing yourself against if You come from an environment where people are getting 900 out of 1600 on their SATs and let’s say 26 or 25 out of 36 on their AC T’s then of course You’re gonna see someone with let’s say a 34 33 or 30 on Their AC T’s and be like.. Why does that person not feel highly about his or her self? It’s better than me but in That person’s context in that person’s environment That might not be anything. I personally, I out of 35 out of 36 on my math section of the AC T and That was just average for University of Pennsylvania No, I didn’t go to Penn State. I went to the University of Pennsylvania. So it’s a different caliber of people I’m not saying we’re smarter. I’m just saying we studied harder and maybe we studied smarter but At University of Pennsylvania, you know we were the top. A lot of us were valedictorians etc. I wasn’t, but there were a lot of valedictorians etc at our school But because in our school We were that level. All of us felt inadequate and stupid because there was always someone still better than us you see? so a lot of it has to do with your comparison group And I don’t think this point Got passed on to our professor because our professor I think is over associating this culture of humbleness Which definitely exists in China and a lot of countries outside of America, but he’s also not understanding the pressure cooker environment that maybe Is not causing humbleness to be the number one thing that Gets a vote when you’re asked this question of are you smart based on your test scores? But actually it’s a realistic evaluation of your environment. If.. everyone gets 1,400 or above.. Then you’re just average, right? According to you and you’re not going to downward comparison. So you’re not gonna say dude. Um Even though let’s say most of the white people at Penn State got 900 or you know, ten hundred or let’s say 1100 And I got 1400, therefore I’m smarter than them. You’re probably going to say something like: they’re stupid You know. I’m just being funny. The point is.. And I’m gonna bring in something from professor Jordan Peterson on this It’s useless and a lot of times, as you can see, it’s kind of detrimental if you compare yourself too much with other people and This is something I told my cousin once when he was telling me that he felt like oh he was inadequate He felt like he’s two years out of college. He didn’t do anything. He feels like he’s not as good as his other Relatives and I told him look Jordan Peterson said this and it’s one of the few things that I completely 100% agree with him on professor. Jordan Peterson said Always compare yourself with how you were Don’t compare yourself with other people don’t compare yourself with your neighbors, with your best friends, with your classmates with your valedictorian, you know Don’t compare yourself with those other students in your class because you don’t know what their situations were You don’t know what their environments were. You also don’t know what their basic genetic building blocks fundamentals are. So you don’t know any of these initial or current conditions So you don’t know what’s caused them to get to where they are right now unless you do a twin study and you raise the two twins at the exact same type of way it’s Useless to compare yourself to other people. You don’t have to be that radical you could say yes sometimes you Should compare yourself to other people, a little bit. Just because you want to know where the times are going You want to know where things are going, right? So maybe you should, just for your own information, compare yourself once in awhile, but don’t make it The be-all end-all. Or don’t make it the make-or-break based on how you compare to other people, because we’ve established it’s pointless So I think that is a good lesson we can learn from this lecture. Again We’re trying to learn something and move forward. We’re not just trying to criticize in this talk. So There’s one thing we saw from this lecture that I wanted to build on is Try your best to think about how you are now, and think about if you were to give yourself advice five years ago Would you be able to give yourself some good advice? If you can, I think That’s a sign that you’ve grown as a person, so you should be proud of yourself! Maybe if we all can be like that We don’t have to have this East versus West type of bullshit. Oh one culture is more humble all of that generalization Just compare yourself to yourself now If you compare yourself to how you were let’s say a year ago, If you’ve gone down, then maybe we need to talk. So Anyways guys I will do more reflections and critiques of the sociology 119 course that’s going pretty viral online right now. And so Mister washed out washed up. Whatever uhm rock star Professor, or whatever your name is. I’m sorry I forgot your name. If you want to respond to this, If you want an interview on my channel, please let me know. Okay. Talk to you guys soon. Let me know what you guys think and More to come tomorrow.


  • Jerry Liu says:

    Here's a response to standards of attractiveness:
    Here's another analysis of another clip with Asians vs Asian Americans:

    This is the video clip that we will critique 😉 I kind of explained part of what I'm going to say in my comment on the video: Anyways, hope you enjoy my analysis here!

  • JC Yu says:

    Thanks Jerry, even before u do an interpretation of the data. Pls note that academia has already changed into a business since the 00's (dot.con era).
    Profs. don't need to invent anything to obtain their Professorship to obtain rank and the rest is "public"ations (admin paperwork). They turn their" Associate" and "Assistant" professors into patsies like in those fanboy clubs.

    Most don't do any research. Don't teach. Only judge students. Pure Fail.
    And frankly just like a corrupt power hungry politician using students and free slave labor. The taxpayers, aka your retirement funds are going into institutions that deliberately promote lack of critical thinking, problem solving, independent creativity all not taught.

    I'd say this. Parents better teach their own kids well because the education is deliberately dumbing them down.

  • Sadan Suile says:

    I’m here for Abby

  • wunder says:

    Don't do premieres

  • geckogekko says:

    Looking forward to it!

  • Index says:

    Dr. Sam Richards means well, BUT he is agitating and promotes stereotypes doing more harm than good. Absolute imbecile. Like, "dude", "bro bro bro" acts like he is a chill cool down to earth uncle, but he comes off as cringe because he is too forceful of an act, some old guy pretending to be young.
    His video where he measures peoples' brow bones, peoples' noses, and talks about asian eyes is borderline phrenology from the Nazis; he literally incorporated within his class the same pseudoscience the nazis used. The ideology behind this guys rhetoric is definitely the lesser evil compared with Trump's right wing populism, HOWEVER he is still evil insofar as he wants to capture people into a group identity. Also, he needs to realize that some people genuinely do not care about race/ethnicity/tribalism — he forgets that some people out there, you know, actually focus and care about the individual and personality.

  • Dora Winifred says:

    Don't brag about yourself because there's always someone better and you will just look stupid. Even the Bible states let other people praise you, don't brag.

  • Dora Winifred says:

    I love the humility of eastern cultures. They can have everything going for them and still be down to earth people. You don't get that in the west and most people who think highly of themselves really don't have much to offer. I worked with a guy who was constantly bragging about himself. He asked me what I thought if him and I told him he was arrogant 😂

  • Laura Ralls says:

    I'm feelin' the bowtie. I watch some of the other videos of Soc 119 and they are pretty cool. Did you watch the one from 7 months ago called, "Logical argument against affirmative action" That is so sad that Asians have to get 140 higher points on the SAT than the other students.

  • Explicit Tech says:

    Getting good scores most comes down to having good studying skills. A lot of mistakes that I see new college students make is that they ask for help at the last minute, and that becomes a reflection of their exam score. I've done this (just so happened to have made the same mistake last month), and I'm sure many others have as well. It'll save you the time and grief if you learn to be proactive about your needs, in any situation.

  • hate love nothing says:

    I stumbled upon the professor's videos around the same time as you (just a thought), also what do you think of this professor's teaching on psychology.

  • a. ashley says:

    my two opinions about comparisons:

    1. as a theist, i believe a person should focus on their purpose (in this life), instead of comparing, because God has a specific job for each of us to fulfill. He has already assigned it to us. we have to find out what it is; what are we passionate about? where do we want to serve. this movie ending reminds me of that:

    *edit: also, God will bless the things He has assigned for us, because He wants us to succeed in those areas. He wants us to learn how to trust Him 100%. (have faith.) the bible verse Isaiah 55:11 says the following: so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.

    2. this movie clip sums it up by say the following: in this lifetime, you don't have to prove nothing to nobody except yourself.

    as Dr. King said in his last speech, "I just want to do God's will."
    he said, "I'm not fearing any man. Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord." imo, that sounds like a nice place to be in. plus, we need to look to God for strength when we start to worry about things, no matter how big or small. off topic, i don't agree with Dr. King's first part of that video when he talked about living under a totalitarian government, but maybe i'm just not understanding what he meant.

    edit: i forgot to mention one more saying: He (God) equips the called.
    meaning, He will prepare us along the way for the things He wants us to accomplish, which include going through certain life experiences that will get us ready for our assignment.

  • Razear says:

    Yeah, if you want to compare yourself to other people, it's important to understand the calibre of the pool of students that you're comparing yourself to. You could be a mediocre, journeyman student and walk into a special-ed class and look like a genius, but if you stepped into a Mensa club you'd probably come across as a downie in comparison.

    "Rule 4: Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today." Dr. Jordan B. Peterson

  • Chris Gao says:

    Lookin slick jerry

  • BlackDolphin90 says:

    With the bow tie you remind me of a fight commentator….or that guy that introduces the boxers in the ring….or square lol

  • Dornla says:

    don't wear bowtie jerry, you know only jerk old farts wear them!

  • average NPC says:

    Yo Jerry, I want to share an observation with you. I feel that especially Americans frequently say "I don't agree with everything person X says, but", when quoting that person on a particular topic.
    Maybe I just perceive it that way because of the environment I live/lived in. In Germany and China this seems unnecessary. But somehow in America it's like this auto-protection-reflex to avoid being smeared with person X's controversial opinions.

    Do you feel that way? Or would you disagree?

  • S asi58 says:

    The SAT as well as the ACT are types of intelligence test. They provide a rough estimate of your intelligence, since using direct IQ tests arent allowed.
    So, I would say these standardized test are okay for measuring intelligence. Though, I wouldn't consider them to be very good at estimating. This is because most of the questions require a lot of knowledge that has to be learned before hand, in comparison to actual IQ tests. Also, studying and preparation plays a significant role in how you do on the test, which is also unlike IQ test.
    For example, I am sure you know people who started preparing for their sat or act from middle school, of freshman year of high school. Since, repetition increases speed, so students who studied for longer were actually able to complete the test and get higher scores.

  • wunder says:

    Great Analysis, Jerry! Can't wait for the next video.
    I want to add a point here: Maybe it's different in Germany compared to the US, but in Germany people won't say "I'm smart" because that would make them seem arrogant. I think most smart people are aware of the fact that they're smart, but it wouldn't be smart to say that, because acting humble will make you look like a better person. I personally find that situation awful but there's no way around it

  • Praneet Castelino says:

    Sociology sounds like a useless course.

  • willie nealson says:

    This video pleases The Hive.

  • The Odd Hikikomori says:

    I've been watching most of his lectures on youtube.There was one video where he kept asking muslim girls wearing hijabs if they felt comfortable with other girls wearing provocative outfits,it's like he wanted them to get triggered.

  • Ancap Zombie says:

    I'm with the Chinese students in thinking that getting a high score on these tests isn't special. The purpose of the sat and act are to standardise college entrance exams. Doing badly means you're behind, not doing well making you ahead. A much better test of intelligence would be placement exams, testing abilities above and beyond the standard education.

  • obsolete professor says:

    On the other end of the spectrum…:,000

  • obsolete professor says:

    Friend of mine went to high caliber private schools in the Silicon Valley. He felt they had him there as their token idiot. He could feel the sneers and the double entendre remarks as they made fun of him. His payback was that he showed some of the smart kids how to hotwire their parents Porsches.

  • The Asian American Man Experience says:

    Same with my culture, we talk "not highly" of ourselves and our children. When I worked during my summer undergrad years at elementary schools, I would translate for some parents who didn't speak English in my language. The teacher told me to tell the student's mom that her son has the highest grade overall in the class and her son is very smart. After I translated that to the mother, the mother told me to tell the teacher that his son isn't that smart and that he's very dumb and watches too much TV with a chuckle. The mother didn't respond in the way like, oh he is and I'm very proud of him because he studies a lot. So we just down play it like it's nothing as if it's not a big deal reveal achievements in life.

  • BlueJayRobin says:

    "Crabs in a bucket". People will target those that are above them for any reason.

    It is better to be smarter without rubbing the noses of others in it. They may know or suspect that you are smarter but if one allows them to forget it, they may respect you or at least leave you alone and un-attacked.

    Cooler to fly under the radar than be high-flying where everyone/anyone may shoot you down.

    Run silent. Run deep.
    On the other hand if one is not kinda bright and flashy a Chinese girl won't marry you (if one is so wacky as to marry) unless you can brag about your job, your fully paid home and your Cash. Her parents won't let her. No? Would a 1400+ SAT Girl not only go for The Hard Cash? No Chinese waiters or truck drivers for her.

  • JavyisMaxed says:

    Jerry boy

  • Jeff Hamill says:

    Hey Jerry,
    I am Jeff, the "manager" of the Soc 119 YouTube Channel. I LOVE that you are watching our content and reflecting on it! Soc 119 is all about having open and honest conversations – regardless if you think that Sam (washed up rockstar – which he will love lol) is right on or completely off his rocker.

    I do have to emphasize that Soc 119 is a class about race, culture and ethnic relations. So yes it is good to compare yourself to who you were in the past to become a better person, however that wasn't the point of the exercise. We were simply looking at how people view themselves because of their cultural "invisible strings." This is NOT to say that viewing yourself isn't helpful, because it is. But with Sociology, we look at people as a whole. West and East cultures are different when comparing yourself to everyone else. Is that harmful? Yes. For sure. But we do it anyway. We explore HOW we have become this way and WHY we do it. I would HIGHLY recommend watching more current videos and I would love to hear your thoughts about what we are talking about this semester!

    I already sent the clips you have made to Sam and I am not sure if he will be able to respond and be on a video with you. However, I will send the information along and we will be in touch soon!

    Keep up the thoughts and critics!

  • Mixed Goku says:

    Nice breakdown of the video!

  • FdGod says:

    Another thing about bragging is that you may provoke envy in other people.

  • Steven Zheng says:

    If you studied smarter, you probably are smarter.

  • budasfeet says:

    I wish you are there to debunk that professor. You have a point. I hate the talks about cultures, especially when you are expect to adapt and accept behaviors when you are in a different country. Cultural behaviors are just the what the average people do, not always the best behaviors based on logic and reason.

  • Lepol Hart says:

    I agree with you and Jordan Peterson. It's better not to compare yourself with others as it only causes stress and constant anxiety. I've seen several of the SOC119 videos and the professor seemed to be accurate about the cultural differences between east and west. I think it's good for people to learn about these differences as it's foolish to ignore them since the world has become very globalised now and east and west are now doing alot more trade. My opinion on the humbleness of Eastern cultures is that it is one way of keeping people down and making them do as they're told. If you take China as a good example of this, it is a nanny state as people think as a collective i. e. what is best for the group mentality and are not taught to be independent from a young age. The Chinese government can take advantage of this and use it to make people do as they're told so if anyone does anything that is different they get ostracised by the others and made to fall in line. Being humble is not necessarily a bad thing but it makes it easier to control people as they're much less likely to shout out their achievements and opinions.

  • ChariotOfFaith says:

    Please allow some room for modesty and humility.
    An objective assessment of your own IQ.


  • Thomas says:

    The only way to get a girl is to HELP YOURSELF…. Walk up to a girl IN PERSON. Do it 500 times.

    Professor is annoying, he's not helping anyone actually like them.

  • Thomas says:

    That's the kind of disconnected professor I've seen time and time again. You have to kiss his ass and play along just to make a decent grade.

  • slavnov gosha says:

    It’s not true that only people in China have good score come to US. There are a lot of people that can’t go to college in China because of bad study but has a lot of money so they go overseas. People in China are actually humble because of the teaching of 儒家思想. Most of people wont go out and say I am good or great even they know that they are better. In China you don’t need to show you are great to be great, people will now that.

  • Kevin Li says:

    “Dude bro dude “ lol

  • biobele william-west says:

    Hey brother….. CNN so called documentary on MGTOW with Lisa Ling was fucking horrible

  • Northern Light says:

    Historically there is not that big difference between east and west when it comes to values. Before World War II Europe was very tribal, nationalistic and individual was not important. This same mentality was also present in communist countries of Eastern-Europe. Even today I see a lot of similarities between Finnish people (where Im from) and East-Asians. But both groups have changer more towards American style individualistic way of live in the 30 years.

  • Juicebowl says:

    Hey Jerry, I remember you were looking for questions for this professor, but I don't remember where you wanted us to send the questions. I'll just leave it here and if there's another inbox someoen please let me know.

    [Question] As China becomes more competitive with the US, do you see tenants of Western civilization like diversity becoming less important in a world where China has become competitive without it. Will there be a culture that focuses more on merit in Western societies as a result? For example in the US, you have groups that are of African descent, Latin, Native American, mid and far Eastern descent, while China is predominantly populated by local groups under the broader category of Chinese descent. How is it that a fairly homogenous group of people will potentially outperform a more diverse group and is that a topic that will be considered in the future as China develops more. Also, will China become more tolerant of diversity?

  • 🕸JACK from PHILLY 🕸 says:

    What courses did you take Jerry? What was your major at penn?

  • daserock 1990 says:

    it does look cool u remind me of Asian James Bond!!!

  • daserock 1990 says:

    asiapol secret service 1960s Chinese spy movie u have to see it…

  • Daniel Okada says:

    If she had just said "It's all relative" she probably would have stolen the air from the prof's argument.

    And for the record; she was being humble in that hesitant, semi-awkward, being put on the spot type of manner that isn't wholly uncommon amongst Asians. Body language, speech patterns, tone, inflection, etc. Much of that does have to do with level of comfort with regards to public speaking as well. These are freshmen; it's a 100 series prerequisite class. Unless you were in the drama club, held student office, competed on the speech and debate team, etc. your typical freshman isn't going to be highly comfortable in this type of situation. And I'm sure being an exchange student doesn't help either.

  • Camelia Pretty says:

    After she graduate, my best friend from university left in Usa to study, and she had str8 A on a line until she graduate. She was an average student here in her country. When i asked her how in the hell, she said that is way to easy. I even read some of her tests and indeed they were. Things that we study here in highschool she had them on tests there. Bummer.

  • 我操死了那个跪在倭奴胯下吃屎喝尿和吸允精子的精日粪子-胡继光-和他的洋奴爷爷胡耀邦与贱畜全家! says:

    Your argument only works in a purely abstract sense without regard to the reality of "Far Eastern" culture, especially traditional Chinese culture of the past 1,000 years or so, the overall characteristics of which are in fact like this professor described.

  • IGot7 Revluv ExoL Army who Stay Once Gi-dle Blinks says:

    This was a great speech and breakdown. I'm a girl who's in med school at 21 when my sister was out by 23. There is no way I'll be done at that time…. and coming from my family and being a predominantly black household (which brings it's on different cultural issues from asian) seriously makes things much more complicated. I needed to hear this. 💜❤💜💪🏾

  • 1upmydog says:

    You made an ass of yourself Jerry on this one! The professor is pretty spot on about Asian culture and the difference between western culture, if you watch most of his YouTube videos. You admitted yourself that you didn’t bother to watch the whole video. That’s pretty ignorant.

  • Walk the Dog says:

    The penn state professor "dude" has the dumbest lectures on YouTube ! –

  • shamare04 says:

    I wish you would have seen the whole lecture. He had a white female student to answer the same questions. She responded the way he expected. I would love to have seen your response to the entire scenario.

  • p weed chicken says:

    lmao if you go to penn state theres no way you got over 1350 on sat or over 30 on act

  • Revision TV82 says:


  • CP L says:

    Jerry, I see where you're coming from in this video but personally I feel there's something off about the logic in your argument, and tbh, I'm having trouble with this reply. You're also making a comparison between east and west, are you not? And then adding the Peterson bit about not comparing to others. It's very true about context, as you say, but are you saying that there isn't a level of humility when it comes to east compared to west? I understand the suggestion is that her answers are based on her own comparison with the people around her who happen to all have the same level of intelligence, but does this suggest that she wouldn't be as modest if her score was higher? Does it suggest she's the one in error because she shouldn't compare herself to her classmates? Being neither Chinese nor American I can't really say, but I don't register the failure part in your title in relation to the video. It seems to me he's highlighting different POVs and how groups can register the same information differently but it's being interpreted as creating damaging stereotypes (as if they don't already exist with every culture).

  • Jermaine Edwards says:

    Intelligence is not about high scores high scores shows you are good at retaining information not that you are necessarily intelligent and their are many forms of intelligence it's just that certain cultures at certain times in history value different types of intelligence in certain environments. if intelligence was a concrete thing it would not be so changeable and people would have a universal agreement on what intelligence actually is intelligence is like beauty.

  • rose petals says:

    I really don't like this professor. Sorry bad representative, constantly misrepresenting the field of sociology. Penn state needs to get it together and fire him.

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