Patch Adams Presents: Clowning in Russia

Patch Adams Presents: Clowning in Russia

So I have to care, you see. It’s the right use of me. It’s why I want to live with patients. Because I’m not actually interested in time off. And so I didn’t have a clinic. I didn’t have a hospital. What could I do? And I went in two directions: One, I’ve told every audience that I answer all my mail. So pretty much since 1985, two-to-three-hundred days a year, lecturing in large audiences. I tell them first I answer all my mail. If you need a friend, if you have ideas no one will talk with you about, or you want input into a project, or just want to hate me, write me a letter. But I wanted hands on care too. And I, you know, I’m a clown that is a doctor, not a doctor that is a clown. I was a clown first, and I love being goofy. I’m addicted to being goofy. I think that’s even more true. And so, I said, why I don’t I go on clown trips? Gorbachev had just come into office in the Soviet Union. And, I knew something had changed there. And basic peace work is to love your enemy. So, the first place we went on a contract was the Soviet Union. And this year will be the 33rd year of that trip. Wow, I love Russia. My favorite writer is Dostoevsky. I have probably three or four hundred books of Russian literature. And the people are so receptive to clowning, and so receptive to funny. And so we will — every November, its on our website, two weeks — we take 40-people to Russia to clown 12 or 13 days, day and night. Look out here comes fun! And we found in hospitals, orphanages, prisons, nursing homes, streets, restaurants, hotels, nobody is safe. But to be goofy is a ticket and passport into naughty behavior and fun every place on the planet. And it was in 1992 that we met Maria in Moscow, and Marina in Saint Petersburg. And we became such close friends that within a year, Maria was ready to start her work with orphans. And maybe y’all reserve that for next time?
Haha, come back.


  • Larry Whittington says:

    I care too!!! Patch so for a safe and happy international world 🌎
    Dismantle the Nukes
    Or, Actually let's save
    This for a threatening
    Astroid 🤷‍♂️ 😳💥💫🌍
    ☄️ 😁👍✔️🤡
    Godspeed Sincerely from LarryWhittington
    giggles Giggles!!!!🤗✅🌍 Ура!!!!
    Meaning Hurray!!!!

  • Cylinda Malone says:

    I believe a smile heals lol my nickname is cyli

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