yo yo yo CPA strength here this video is
gonna have it how to motivate people be motivated so here
perhaps the CPA exam get motivated you wrote agreed right I know it’s just not
that simple I wish it was that simple this is the first video that I’ve made
that I’ve wanted that the the whole the whole purpose of this video is to hold
someone’s motivation to motivate somebody in that sense it’s it’s for a
particular person but it is you know you know who you are and I really would like
to say thank you to this person’s friend because like I comment and said hey CPA
strength your videos are giving me life which is freaking awesome because why really all cuz I need the money you
know I know what it is to not feel a lot of life you know I know it is for
something anything to give you life it could be weird or not normal for someone
like that gives you life like that’s not normal to be like doesn’t matter I see
so many videos give you life and that your friend is losing motivation for the
CPA exam and he’s trying to be a CPA in Florida so like oh and then you’re like
it you probably you don’t have tighter he’s fine he’s probably will respond to
this or something so I’m like here I’m making a video for you the next day yo
what’s up CPI strikes lagging in through like one
outwitted though I really have gone through points where no one wanna listen
to a word I had to say so for now to be in a position to mode to be able to
motivate people plural especially one person maybe your friend is also two
people I of course I’ll do that it’s not that easy to say be motivated I found
myself being a motivational speaker on these YouTube videos like I I’ve come to
the terms that I do motivate and inspire people the larger my audience the more
people I can inspire and motivate so that’s awesome and I love the feeling I
get from that yo what up CK strength here I I have to do a
motivational videos warning these my first motivational video that I’m doing so I know my hair is a mess oh very much
like I said let’s tell my story because that’s that’s what I usually do so it’s
like maybe maybe someones like know you’ve been doing motivational speaking
this whole time like I was just telling my story so yeah man you know what it is secret
I’m straight let’s go to the video roll up to roll up
this beautiful bean footage Chef Boyardee ADME baby let’s go see pH
drizzle soup has shrank strongest he painted game who do you know more
stronger than this let’s go so I’m already so how did know
how to stay motivated the CPA exam I’ve already told another video so if
you’re you know I’ve already told a point where I failed – I was / – I’d
failed two different CPA exams third you have to pass four of them an 18 month
span so it’s very very hard there’s only about 500,000 CPA certified public
accountants in America very very prestigious the premium license okay
it’s a premium and I’m not a bad to the Select Club and then you have to
actually get someone who’s in the club already to sign off on you and say y’all
I want them in the club so I’m not I’m not ashamed to say that is things
there’s a hard test it’s a premium I know how much blood sweat and tears I
put into this thing and so I know that if I see another CPA they put in just an
insane amount of dedication or they’re so insanely smart or whatever the reason
that they passed this and they’re special as well so they’re welcome to
the club and upper arms and I know they’re smart and I want to hear to have
to say so is what I’m saying I know in my case cuz I need the money I never did
nothing with my life I always gave up I never did nothing whenever ice wherever
I met some resistance I just gave up you know academically sport so I
couldn’t I can’t be the better I’m gonna try uh you know the only thing I wanted
to be really good I was running them streets and I guess if you look back I
really wasn’t that great at that either so you know whatever point you’re on in
the CPA exam your club because once you pass the CPA exam it’s
so big and so extraordinary that you don’t really have to do much after that
I mean it’s just a stepping stone for me what I’m saying is so big everyone’s as
well as the CPA where’s the CPA in the business world and whatever you know you
get a lot of credibility wait I don’t have to do see if you think
about I don’t do CPA stuff right I make youtube videos you don’t need to seek a
license for that but everyone else I have a CPA license and I can go into a
boardroom or it can make some money so I’m saying is your clothes man you don’t
have to actually do your CPA license but just finish it out just stick with the
CPA license or in another video and in a different video I’ve talked about in a
different video I talked about when I was oh for two and I changed my study
habits I stopped worrying about how much time other people studied and I just
started as much as I possibly could and that was the biggest thing and I stopped
counting how many hours of studying I was doing and just started as much as I
could and that was the biggest thing and then I reeled off three straight
victories so you’d say Oh story’s over CPA exam well that was a good triumph no
more struggle for me so here’s I don’t think I’ve talked about this part of the
struggle in a video force this is new stuff for any viewer any longtime viewer
a new time viewer anybody who’s here for the motivation why am i riding on them
huh I need the money yo little boy blue because he needed the
money no why you Brandon autumn JV because I
need the money I’m a little bit offended you’d even ask to be quite frank and
honest’ myself at your boy I have taken the see I didn’t fail until two exams I
need a pass to the next three and I’m getting a job or a first real job you
know I say our first real job I’ve got paid jobs before but it was under CPA so
I just hadn’t worked this place for a year and
the CPA sign off on me and I just had to pass one more exam the far exam the
beats the hardest of the four exams I had already felt at the very very first
time hey you know what I said other video that I never that never cloud with
any other Utes I never had any other collabs I’m sorry I’ve done plenty of
collabs appearances by my IRL my in real life friends I’m sorry y’all and Thai
sticks you’ve done two mukbangs with me camera so I didn’t attack season at this
I failed it was a sick you could do whatever be 73 to 75 to pass I mean it
passed all four needs in one window so that I reeled off three straight
victories so I had like I think about a year I had a year before any of the any
of the victories expired because you have to do it in a year and a half if to
pass all four exams so I passed three in like six months or four or five months
so I just had one more to pass in as well say a year so it’s looking good
well failing the segue two-pound weeks I found out I found out I got I found out
I got this job at at the CPA firm I didn’t start because I was rotated for a
tax preparation position so really tax season starts in January February I got
the job in note L by late late November so I had a month of not much to do I had
one more exam to pass I said oh man I’m starting for the far exam that’s the one
that’s the B’s it’s one I have left I took it the first time around the very
first time when I got a 73 on it so all use 275 to pass I just reeled off three
straight victories I just found a job I’ll take it I’m going to do this right
everything’s going my way so you guys so I studied for it I started the new job
in January was stressful I didn’t take the day off
before anyways I took the exam the far them I got a 73 so I just I wasn’t
working and I the first time we took the exam I got a 73
I failed another exam passed three exams now this exam my sixth time taking the
CPA exam second time taking far I fail to the 73 I continued working this job
did taxis and didn’t really study too much than after tax season I took the
exam I believe in June or July again not sure so this time the clock was ticking
I had about maybe eight months left before he did the credit started
expiring he’s every year we did was low to fight so glasses on at night
motherfucker this is trash like I had been working at this place for six
months now I’ve been telling everybody you know err all my family that you know
I I’ve been on this journey it seemed like forever with the CPA exams I had
this job now why am i you know like what’s going on anyways first time it
took for exam 73 failed failed tax exam passed the past three exams passed tax
past Reg past audit took far again in January failed with another 73 so I took
far two times I got seventy threes on each third time I’m taking four seventh
time I’m taking the CPA exam I’m so over it so over this exam
I got a 72 so my score got worse at this time I remember looking at the score I
wanted I thought this form was gonna be by passing the score
my dog is 13 years just passed away I remember looking up the score I thought
well maybe I’ll remember that but the tenth day I got my waiting score
because my dog passed away no no I got worse so I specifically remember it’s
the small thing sometimes I specifically remember going to the walking track with
one of my very good friends oh he says small little things that helps me out
thank you very much more I said like I just want to be down here like you know
I’ve been starting for so long I mean I already have a charge what have you done
just want to be done you know Timmy says are you not done yet
I was like but I was like yeah I just had to come back because I was like yeah
I wanted it to be done I wasn’t done yet so there you there you go finish it out
just be done with it because now I am a few years I I passed the exam it’s about
I think three three years ago now that I’m filming this that I stopped studying
for these Oh I’m sorry let’s have our triumph right
so anyway she said you’re not done for the exam I signed up for another one
yeah you have to yeah I couldn’t take it in the same quarter so now I had about
six months left if I failed this one I can only fail it maybe I think this time
or one more time and I already failed three times
I got a 73 a 73 and then I got worse – a 72 I don’t know I’m I was trying I’m
trying to think today what happened between that that seventh time that
third failure and that eight Tests that that that winner because I’ll tell you
that fourth test I retook and I went back from the summer
and I as so I was June or July August September so I when I went back there in
September that’s that big gh trash life side
y’all some real white-trash shit right here
sorry and I took it for the last time the far the fourth and final time I took
for I passed it with a 77 my is a little bit a hundred for me let me tell you I
was so happy and I never had to think about that stuff anymore um couple
months later I worked my year at the job I got my CPA license and I’m a licensed
CPA in the state of Florida and just a couple just last week I got my renewal
in the mail for my CPA license I’ve been a licensed CPA since January 2015
it’s October of 2017 now so I’ve been a CPA for like two years I just got my
renewal in for just I’m a licensed CPA in the state of Florida with my
continuing education and all that until December 31st 2019 hope does motivate
you have a blessed day I love you guys see you tomorrow y’all it’s gotta hurt
just got out of hair and makeup two hours I had show up two hours early for
hair makeup right yeah the barbers swagging our man your tattoo
artist you’re gonna get another tattoo soon I forget – that’s my only tattoo
and I’m not all tatted up in my head I’m all tatted up I don’t know what you know
just one of those things yeah a date a daily vlogger I have a zit
right here how am I supposed to motivate all y’all with a freaking big zit on my
face I was thinking now this is motivation of why should
your CPA license I had like a donkey I have the dumbest
haircut I think it looks great but everyone else live don’t they look
stupid me for the business world for people to take you serious you might not
want to have this haircut basically the CPA license if you pass
these exams if you go on and persevere and actually go and get your license he
can act however you want and people will know that you’re just acting how you’re
acting and you’re actually very smart and very intelligent and they love to
pay you to do work for them because they know how smart you are so it’s really
great it’s pretty great equalizer for me because I used to be like just you know
white trash wigger just what’s wrong with you and now they’re like still all
those things but he’s smart because of my secret license


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