miniature humans found ( fairies, gnomes and pixies)

miniature humans found ( fairies, gnomes and pixies)

Humanity has a spotty history many of our
long lost relatives have yet to be discovered. We have found extinct species of human like
Homo luzonensis, Homo floresiensis and others. These lost relatives to modern humans are
often identified from small fragments of bone, the new fossils being tiny, suggesting that
Homo luzonensis was a dwarf species like H. floresiensis, more commonly known as the “hobbit”,
that was discovered on an Indonesian Island back in 2004. But are they as small as it gets, could there
be species of human that were smaller, much, much smaller and do we have proof for these
miniature men and women and is the proof being ignored by science? Let’s take a look
Welcome to if…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. So we are all familiar with small humanoid
creatures from our child hood stories. We have a list of human like creatures that
have a progression of sizes from being child sized all the way down to being able to sit
in the palm of your hand. These can be broken down into five core types. (Thanks to TVTROPES for the information)
First up are the Stout (ex; Dwarfs, Giants, Ursine Aliens, the Proud Warrior Race, Beast
Man, Blizzard-type Orcs): Strong, rugged and tough, usually associated with hard physical
work and masculinity, this to the point that they may be a One-Gender Race of males. The archetypal Stout in the fantasy world
being the dwarf. While in a Science Fiction setting, the role
may be given to one of the more warlike alien races, robots or cyborgs or possibly even
humans genetically or cybernetically enhanced for heavy labour or life on high-gravity planets. Stouts can be quick to anger and often have
a culture focused on strength, honor and martial values, and may share an uneasy peace with
other peoples of the setting. Second up are the Fairy, Elf, Angel races:
The most magical or technological race, relatively speaking, and often depicted as so removed
from the other races as to border on the alien or out of touch. This can make some of the other races, especially
the Stouts, openly despise them. It can include angelic types, or on rare occasions
even gods. The typical Fairy is an elf, correspondingly
more “feminine” in contrast to the “masculine” Stouts
Thirdly the Mundane (Human like): Creatures we would most readily identify with. The least magical race, usually enjoys simple
pleasures instead of adventuring, a la Tolkien’s Hobbits. This being where Homo luzonensis, and Homo
floresiensis would fit into the scale. Forth are the High Men (High Elf/Humans/Gods):
high men has no reference to partaking of narcotics but refers to races as the most
powerful, civilized and magically or technologically advanced. Usually a historical or fantastic interpretation
of what humans are or want to be. Finally the cute: weak, but through cleverness
and inner strength they are able to come out on top. Tends to either overlap with Mundane (to produce
Hobbits) or Fairy (to produce gnomes), but usually designed with a larger dose than usual
of Fun Personified. At this point you may be asking why we are
looking at a classification of humanoid types from board games books and movies and why
it is important! Well it’s because there have been remains
found that could show certain humanoid creatures from this list existed and could still exist. Let’s start with the Stouts. Dwarfism is a real medical condition and is
well document but we are talking something different, I looked into Gnomes in the video
linked here. In the video I talk about the many sighting
of gnome like creatures spotted all around the world. A hot spot of supposed gnome activity is Central
and South American countries, in the summer of 2008 arborists trimmed a row of overgrown
trees. These trees were reduced to stumps and this
lead to reports of a strange phenomenon. In the days after the extensive trimming was
completed, there were numerous witnesses who came forward to say that they had spotted
“little men” wearing brownish clothes emerging from the stumps in a single file
formation. According to locals the trees had a long history
of strange occurrences, the row of trees had been the source of sightings of elvish or
gnomish beings lurking about in the branches. Perhaps these creatures called that trees
home and were now upset that it had been so badly damaged and decided it was time to move
on. There have also been a good number of pictures
and video of these little man-like beings, a quick online search will provide you with
half a dozen interesting videos. These gnomes however are not the smallest
cryptid humanoids, it has been claimed that remains of even smaller human like cryptids
have been found. The remains of a tiny humanoid were discovered
in the Rocky Mountains of North America. James Cornan of Wilmington, North Carolina,
claims to have found the remains of what he labeled a “pixie” in a nest of a falcon
while he was exploring the Rockies back in 2017 and scientific tests have concluded the
bones are indeed real. The pixie bones are now kept in a secure facility
in Germany, a place where biological specimens that defy conventional science are said to
be stored. This is not the only miniature skeleton found,
The Derbyshire mummified fairy was discovered back in 2007. It is an 8-inch creature complete with wings;
skin, teeth and flowing red hair and it has been examined by anthropologists and forensic
experts who surprisingly confirmed that the body is genuine. X-rays of the ‘fairy’ revealed an anatomically
identical skeleton to that of a human child. The bones however, are hollow like those of
a bird this making them particularly light, a must if a creature is to fly. The puzzling presence of a navel suggests
that these strange beings reproduce much the same as humans, this despite the absence of
reproductive organs. Another well-known fairy skeleton is from
Late in the last century, a complete skeleton which was uncovered just outside Dorset Vermont. The Dorset skeleton forced “fey” or “fairy”
experts to adjust their tactics when hunting for evidence of the cryptid. The skeleton found in the Vermont hills provided
evidence that fairies were, in fact, endemic to North America, and were likely to be found
in mountainous forested areas. Forests, trees maybe providing a home for
these little fellas and going back to the case with the South American trees, a home
which when destroyed forces these little critters move on. Skeptics have argued that the bones of the
fairy were somewhat bird-like and could have been assembled from those of a known species,
a quail, for example. They argued that the creature had no clear
evolutionary predecessor and without either evidence in the fossil record, or a complete
specimens, the biological community would not take the claim seriously. Remember this I will touch on it again a later. Their skeptical cynicism was said to have
been undone when paleontologists uncovered a nearly complete fairy fossil preserved in
the Vermont slate. The creature would have stood at nearly eight
inches in height and had two pairs of simple dragon-fly like wings. Evolutionary biologists confirm that the Dorset
skeleton represents a more developed version of the same basic creature. The fossil was dated to 2.6 million years
ago. At this point I would like to offer another
explanation, which is could these little human-like creatures be separate from us in terms of
the evolutionary tree? Yes we share the same body morphology but
that could be down to the idea of convergent evolution. Convergent evolution is the independent evolution
of similar features in species of different periods or epochs in a time line. Convergent evolution creates similar body
structures that follow form and or function but were not present in the last common ancestor
of a species group. So where do these little people come from? Maybe we have had the answer with us for a
long while but we just mislabeled what we had found? Could this miniature humanoids be alien? In my video on alien fossils (linked above)
I looked at the remains which have been found and are claimed to be extraterrestrial. These include Russia’s Kyshtym Alien and
the famous “mummified corpse” of Ata. It is often said that aliens are demons as
if this classifies them as some other type of being. When all that is really happening is a different
name is being put onto the same creatures. You say tomato I tamato!! So which of these two options do you favor,
are the many types of small humanoids part of an undiscovered branch of the human evolutionary
tree or are they an alien races that have settled here on planet Earth? Let me know your thoughts in the comments
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    In some cultures Gnomes are elementals, along with Mermaids, Salamanders, and Sylphs. There's a lot of similarities between Fairies and aliens, both are known to abduct people, In the case of fairies, they replace abducted babies with changelings. The story Peter Pan, could be about a abduction, as when you travel fast (like in a spaceship) you age slowly. I tend to believe these creatures are inter dimensional, and only enter this realm, when they want to interact with us. They could be Djinn, who reside between dimensions.

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