• Marcos Zarate says:

    A gangsta Michio Kaku… "Shut up KID" dam that shit was funny.

  • elena olivares says:

    In addition to the disappearance of the dinosaurs many nations have disappeared including the "Mayans" . . . many people have disappeared from parks, never to be seen again. . . Not to mention the knowledge that was burned in the "Library of Alexander"
    It has always been the nature of "Atheists" to corrupt themselves with stupidity and mischief if not alcohol and drugs. . . to go where they have no business going without the permission of our visitors. Our visitors are here to see the climatic demise of a fickle and reckless human that is drunk with ignorance.

  • Jitesh Gawali says:

    Never mind the veracity of his talks, I should add that I as a person who knows only little about Mr Kaku find him so full of ideas and gallant imagination. On the slippery side, however, I find that he has an answer for everything – his anecdote on type 1, 2, and 3 humans is exhilarating as much as it is quixotic – he has guessed we'd be type 3 humans – the most advanced species that has access to the Planck energy and for whom time and space is unstable – in the next 1,00,000 years. How do you reach there – what kind of extrapolation has he applied? In Kaku's own words, "Talk about parametrizing the future."

  • Lance Kutchins says:

    Gloat all you want and advertise the ethical discrepancies between those given access to tech ( your genetic profile for example) and that provided to the masses. This is the moral root that leads to the unraveling of our entire society, secrecy, misinfo, twisted truths to perpetuate an existing elite power structure in place to perpetuate and expand it's own control at the expense of the masses. Glorify Teller all you want, but as you know, it's misdirected use demonstrates our own dominance by a psychopathic few without compassion, who ruthlessly gain and maintain power due to our own subservience to the false pretense of economic superiority and engineered greed defining "a soulless success."

  • Lance Kutchins says:

    I love how you encourage immoral behavior and the giggle factor concerning ET. No wonder you will never experience such grandor. You are not morally or spiritually able to achieve the unselfish loving and empathic understanding within your own honest, unselfish, consciousness. The technology is purely tangential, your conciousness, which is universal, unfortunately is the status quo for too many scientists, physicists caught in material physics. Communication with and interaction with ET is real now, and it lies in consciousness, not technology.

  • Lance Kutchins says:

    The myth of your material perceptions of reality will become obsolete soon, I hope. What you determine as logical is not such, as it ignores the limitations imposed by science stuck within materialism tempered by our own limited senses and technologies derived by the same biases and myths, or illusions imprinted through and on our DNA as survival methodologies within our very limited evolution. Your consciousness is the key, yet you never really discuss it.

  • David Ramirez says:

    I read the book hyperspace and a breif history of time. These two book[s] along with my military experience lead me to choose a life of stagnation. I prefer to live stagnant than to give the funders of research the means to destory as one would seek to give. Ill dance instead, and ask the stove top for the secrets of the universe, and die happy knowing them.

  • RushFlaut says:

    I would like to ask him when in his life he started to think about string theory.

  • Girl Fawkes says:

    DO NOT BELIEVE A SINGLE WORD OF THIS VIDEO…. Lies, lies, lies. Also applies to anything sponsored by GOOGLE. HOW DOES THIS DINGBAT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE MIND OF GOD? String Theory?!!! LMAO.

  • Emanuel Spiteri says:

    What about 0 point energy?

  • Blaise Dahl says:

    Just lower the mic sensitivity a bit, could’ve been caught and fixed with one mic check.

  • Blaise Dahl says:

    If you’re watching this in the 22nd century, what did he get right?

  • Claudia Pinheiro says:

    My eternal gratitude to you for all the shared knowledge, all the time you have devoted,that may be that may giv back you in health! Gratitude the immensity of treasures distributed in to us from Planet Earth! gratitude!

  • marcin rychlewski says:


  • 1967deek says:

    He talks shit most of the time there no evidence for string ttheory and most of what he say is Impossible and he must know it

  • 1967deek says:

    flying cars are stupid type 2 civilization 0 civilization has the same credibility as kent hovind

  • 1967deek says:

    flying cars are stupid type 2 civilization 0 civilization has the same credibility as kent hovind

  • 1967deek says:

    He must know that what he is saying is Impossible but he will spout lies to sell his book

  • Aneese Hamudi says:

    I worship michio

  • Marc Bülow says:

    Kyoto to the page. +
    We are different to NSA. ?
    Stitch the battery. –

  • Adam Toth says:

    0:35 "it wheighs 6,5 billion, with a B, billion times more massive then the sun…"
    1:34 "it wheighs about 2-4 million times more massive then the sun…"

    WTF Kaku?!

  • julle huu says:

    he shoud be some sort of podcast not repeating those same stories

  • Yuneec says:

    1:49 Then what does the black hole go around?

  • Tuan Le says:

    Found 277 unintelligent beings on this video. Hint, hint, the dislikes.

  • op says:

    "I'm a physicist."

  • Jspath3 says:

    If I had a dollar for every time he told that garage story.. I think he uses it in every interview

  • Science Creation says:

    Michio kaku's explain always amaze me. He is a great science explainer. My favorite science explainer

  • Jo Daddy says:

    This guy, this guy cracks me up.

  • Clayton Clarke says:

    Step one, Cut all Taxes. step two learn how to take care of your damn self. step 3 help your community
    step 4 thank mama

  • JGphins says:

    Michio Kaku thank you sir for all your hard work and contributions to man kind.

  • Asle Runar Borgersen says:

    "Is there intelligent life on Earth"…? No, when a 16 year old swedish girl, uneducated, taken out of school by her parents, can speak to UN and the "whole world" consider her as an "climate-expert" ….is the best evidence that there is no intelligent life on Earth.

  • hunterwiliamcz says:

    Michio: I'm a physicist

  • AnxiousHeart 2342 says:

    We won't get there. Population rising, job availability decreasing due to technology replacing human jobs. There will be a massive conflict between social classes. Crime epidemics sweeping the nations as desperate poor people try to survive. My message to you all, this will occur, you see it but ignore it. The system the gov created was to keep you distracted and occupied by the pursuit of money. Be prepared for the worst. Be safe.

  • Heidi Castro says:

    Me gustaría que sus entrevistas fueran traducidas al español, ya que son muy interesantes

  • Dennis F. says:

    I'd like to see Kaku have a Debate session with Musk

  • Victor de Wendel says:

    @michio kaku knows many ideas but has yet to prove knowing the true morals needed to progress.
    – advice-
    Do not steel.
    This nut Kaku advocates theft from beings we are in the interest of. Kaku doesn’t know binary reality. Human or non human, in one or any one other form – any being is One being.
    If you come home from an extra terrestrial trip why want a right to brag and not a will to share?
    Kaku is still a child obviously, brain-smart not grown in heart.
    So to You Kaku
    0+1=All&All word the word words

  • Margit Serna says:

    They should read the Bible cause it covers this age into the next age at the end of the next age Satan will no longer be and the dark age od evil will no longer be and life will have no limits with God

  • Naz6 James says:

    Why I have doubts on that woman? Seems like she doesnt really convincing when asking question.

  • Kho Dam says:

    بنظر شما فضا در فضا است یا فضا در فضا ؟؟☝اصلا ولش کن میشه فضا را تعریف کنید ؟؟؟☝☝💕💕✌

  • TheLoveThief says:

    He tells the same story every time. And doesn't answer an honest question. He went completely off topic. He didn't even come close to answering the question.

  • renbeni shitiri says:

    Y do intelligent man keep their hairstyle the same lol check out Einstein, Abdul Kalam etc… 🤣

  • Jack Cooper says:

    His rarget marke is chldren

    The fddler is a rat

  • Andrea RT says:

    21 min crazy future

  • Stella Andre says:

    we aren't happy with just polluting the earth but we have been throwing away trash in space too:(

  • Dylan Lowe says:

    so, is he or is he not a physicist?

  • Rodrigo Silveira says:

    Folks complaining about the mic. I listened to this at 1.8x playback and didn't notice anything…

  • June Bug says:

    I came to this video from "'Hey Bill Nye, Why Don't Computers Allow Us to Talk Directly to Animals?' #TuesdaysWithBill"

  • June Bug says:

    Sucks to see him getting old. Great to see older video showing him young. 🙂

  • Emil Marte says:

    Nothing against the professor I’m a follower since my younger teenage years, but has anyone noticed that in must interviews he says the same exact things in the same order? Dig a lil and you’ll see what I mean

  • Jessi Denver says:

    Who the fuck is disliking this? WHOOOOO???!!!!!

  • KLJF says:

    the human race is now treating buffoons like wise men , and treating the wise like criminals .
    you people will scream in terror when the truth is revealed .

  • Louise Martin says:

    Is this guy a physicist?

  • Ramakrishnan S says:

    A whole bunch of lies.
    Black holes & space are fakes. They exist only in your imagination.
    Research Flat Earth. The true nature of this world.

  • Eddie A. says:

    Bullshit. We have A.I. far more intelligent than hes letting on

  • Henning Woldhaug says:

    wow mr kaku has gotten REALLY full of himself eh

  • Null Null says:

    OMG. This guy assembled a particle accelerator in high school. Thanks Google for making it possible to watch this video.

  • John Gohde says:

    Reusable rockets??? Reusable rockets currently exist, Michio Kaku. … Duh!

  • Ahmet Erden says:

    By looking the questions asked by people, I certainly can say Google has gathered the the most brilliant people around the world.

  • William Griffin says:

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graphene Graphene has a special set of properties which set it apart from other allotropes of carbon. In proportion to its thickness, it is about 100 times stronger than the strongest steel. Yet its density is dramatically lower than any other steel, with a surfacic mass of 0.763mg per square meter. It conducts heat and electricity very efficiently and is nearly transparent.[3] Graphene also shows a large and nonlinear diamagnetism,[4] even greater than graphite, and can be levitated by Nd-Fe-B magnets

  • Moises Urbano says:

    I think Spider-Man is real…

  • gbmpyzochwfdisurjklvanetxq says:

    Why can I hear the host speaking perfectly loud and clear and Michio sounds like he's speaking through a tin can… what's your problem, Joogle?

  • Douglas Ward says:

    They find gold in the moon and it's war time baybeeeeee.

  • Prarie Pallet says:

    Fallow Tesla's work to uncover Truth!!

  • Kieran Murphy says:


  • Sabir Hodzic says:

    When Mr. Michio talks about the end of the world he so confidently claims that it will happen after a few billion or millions of years… What does that look like to me ??? It's like a meteorologist who claims that an earthquake won't happen in 10 years, and who can be sure of something like that this can happen tomorrow, and especially in such a large cosmos that is still unknown to us???!!!!…

  • Tunggul Sujarwo, B.Arch, MBA says:

    Blackhole as the center of a galaxy is a big leap of human knowlegdes.

    About 25 years ago, sun moving to unkown orbit and known goes to, what it called by, some apex dot.

    Only in 25 years periode. Awesome 👍

  • Alex Leitch BSc Open says:

    No one ever sees the future of humanity…?

  • Prarie Pallet says:

    Michiko are you still falling for mainstream evolution fake theory.. it's either energy and consciousness..

  • प्रियदर्शी says:

    Sad to see him get old indeed. He always had a bright, energetic face. Still, Michio is as amazing as ever!

  • primostire says:

    Corporate planner: get smart guy a good microphone or NO chocolate fountain? Mr.microphone it is.
    "Thank you RONCO for sponsoring the audio for todays guest"

  • John Lamee says:

    I think michio is underestimating the speed at which programming and AI is accelerating.. 10-40 years and we WILL have general intelligent AI. Technological development is getting faster and faster day by day.

  • sla jobs says:

    And indeed, I am just always astounded concerning the remarkable things served by you. Some four facts on this page are undeniably the most effective I have had.


  • Dos Testigos Apocalipsis 11: 3 –LA BIBLIA says:

    THE BIBLE Says: "… And I will appoint my two witnesses, and they will prophesy for 1,260 days, clothed in sackcloth.” 4 They are “the two olive trees” and the two lampstands, and “they stand before the Lord of the earth.”[a] 5 If anyone tries to harm them, fire comes from their mouths and devours their enemies. This is how anyone who wants to harm them must die. 6 They have power to shut up the heavens so that it will not rain during the time they are prophesying; and they have power to turn the waters into blood and to strike the earth with every kind of plague as often as they want…" Revelation 11:3 (NIV) – READ THE BIBLE EVERYDAY! — CHRISTIANS SHOULD BE EVAGELIZING THE PEOPLE! 🙏🏽✝️🇵🇪🗺️ – Revelation 11:3 Last resource for giving YOUR HEART TO JESUS! – Lince, Perú; Sud. America. Lince, Peru Last resource for giving YOUR HEART TO JESUS! – Lince, Perú; Sud. America. Lince, Peru


    google can give more and more from the new comons project untill scammer tommy too full of titanium data and toomy boommm finally

  • Alfred Adrian,Jr. says:

    I don't understand how Michio can remain so positive about the future of mankind given the state of the world and the seemingly high probability that our fate is already sealed.

  • Gardum says:

    I think from people that I have spoken to that we will reach the Singularity by 2030 to 2035 at most, we are exponentially increasing A.I competence, we already have A.I developing engineering projects, once we have A.I developing more advanced A.I it will go thousands of times faster than what we can do.
    We have learning A.I now that can learn to play Chess and Go not just be programmed to look like it's actually playing, but have learnt to play in only 24 hours better than the best human in the world.
    If they want to plunder Protein like we do with Live stock of course they will be dangerous to us as we will be no more to them than Livestock is to us.
    Us Humans will eat just about every other Animal on this planet and if we found other Planets in the future that we colonise and found creatures that we looked at as not intelligent then they would also become food.
    Humans don't give two hoots about any other creature than themselves, a lot of us may have Pets and think nothing of having an animals as a pet, like previous generations may have had other colour Humans as pets or Slaves.
    Why would we think a civilisation from another Galaxy as far ahead of us in intelligence as we are to Cows or Sheep would treat us any better 🙂 we are dead meat if we are ever found or visited by Aliens.
    They wouldn't understand us any better than we understand Monkeys or Porpoises or Whales and the Porpoise and Whale have way bigger brains than us and yet we kill them left right and centre with barely a thought.
    I myself am an optimist and would like to see Aliens before my time is up, I just am optimistic enough to also know that if I do get to see Aliens before I go it will be the day I got to see them lol

  • Francis Mumbi says:

    Cartoonists vs Physicists….

  • Steve Lux says:

    A few issues with those "ring" black holes: The gravitational difference between specific locations within a "ring" of a black hole would be so significant anywhere near a black hole that minute locational differences in any axis would gravitationally disassemble just about any material known at the atomic/subatomic level.   Secondly, the surface speed to create a black hole "ring" would have to exceed the speed of light for the centripetal force to exceed the gravitational force of a black hole.  That kind of breaks the rule about light being the speed limit of our universe.  Additionally, how do you spin an extra solar mass to achieve surface speeds to and beyond relativistic speeds?

  • TheJustina102085 says:

    The audio is awful but great interview..

  • Rafael O'Phelan says:

    Genius Dr. Kaku

  • J Fort says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, but he seems smart.

  • na na says:

    lol mr kaku,a blackhole is what your sitting on!.

  • SkiFi Sk Music says:

    BFR – Big Fucking Rocket 😀

  • John F Hendry says:

    The Universe has a C/G because you cannot measure a symmetrical waveform using time without creating an asymmetry in time in the reverse oscillation phase. SLAC confirmed time has asymmetry in 2012 following SLAC's E158 ratio being shown in Sept 2011 to add 2.48e-5 sec to the speed of light traveling 453.6 miles by creating an asymmetry in time "stuck in a hole" of 0.20e-5 sec using OPERA's neutrino data as the neutrino's forward oscillation phase length. It's absolutely amazing what a loose cable can prove…

  • Gary Johnson says:

    If they put as much effort and enthusiasm into saving life on this planet as in their determination to go where no man has gone before, maybe we could educate the ignorant, eliminate poverty and restore balance to earth biosphere, however I believe that scientist have largely given up on this, because of religion, politics, nationalism, stupidly and that humans in general aren’t worth saving from themselves, sadly, they’re probably right. To bad I can hitch a ride to Mars, like a hobo on a train or stowaway on a ship..lolol

  • Jarl Karl says:


  • Jahvon Jordan says:

    Then the vibration of breath should be helpful to a wireless nuralink via “earpod” like bearpod vibration change sight & breath is a form of regulation of the performance of sight?

  • Jahvon Jordan says:

    So if darkmatter was a kind of jelly, light can’t change or print its shape like new gen 3D printer

  • felix farquharson says:

    Why are we talking like this is a single use lifetime. One life.

  • Groovism.org says:

    The Theo oof everything is music!! It’s our instinct, our therapy. Our history!! We are all & the universe, are all simply vibrations! We can all vibrate as One. When we do, miracles will happen!!

  • Liz Gichora says:

    Brilliant mind! I enjoy reading your books and remarkable inspirations in bring awareness of future worlds. Thank you very much.

  • Jimmy Tran says:

    There is no humanity civilization colonies gone just families

  • I am says:

    Got abducted again last night. They got the probes out and all I managed to steal was the aliens heart ♥️👽😏

  • jayson Juarez says:

    all a bunch of stupid

  • prolamer7 says:

    Asimo project was canceled….

  • Just Living says:

    They throw the word colonize around like it means a friendly visit. We have colonized enough. Let's not colonize anymore.

  • Tyson Flax says:

    Any species that could travel to us is probably beyond war and petty arguing. I doubt they would come on a spaceship but probably be able to detect us from their home planet. It would be a waste of time for them unless just to give us charity entertainment or education.
    I believe the universe has a lot of dinosaurs because without that sort of freak asteroid that hit earth they would still be here stopping man. Most other planets probably did not have such a perfect size asteroid and still have dinosaurs. Maybe an intelligent reptile species. Who knows.

  • Elena Scire says:

    Thank you for mentioning we human will become planetarystars.

  • PugZ Designs says:

    He's also not correct that nothing escapes a black hole.

  • Arthur C says:

    Google must have invented the time machine and brought back the mic from 1960’. Cool

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