• J. P. says:

    Google essentially is admitting that statistics and objective data will show show certain groups in an unfavorable light.

    Which is why they have to skew and bias the data to fit their political narrative.

  • Terry Fultineer says:

    There goes any future elections, there goes our freedom, time to unplug

  • Jonathan Sampson says:

    "What is a shoe?" "What is a human?" These are very different from "What is hateful/offensive?". This is where the problem arises.

  • Will Ganness says:

    1:49 That Is an example of Bias . Google is trying to erase WHITE MEN. Who probably wrote 95% of all of tech. Oh my god this is the end of Google. I bet Pitchai will be one of the biggest failures in the History of CEOs.Google is proof that Women will destroy anything. If you let them run it.

  • Will Ganness says:

    1:49 That Is an example of Bias . Google is trying to erase WHITE MEN. Who probably wrote 95% of all of tech. Oh my god this is the end of Google. I bet Pitchai will be one of the biggest failures in the History of CEOs.Google is proof that Women will destroy anything. If you let them run it.

  • Derp The Bugbear says:

    Google = Fascist

  • Chris Morris says:

    Computers are being taught to lie. Its like looking at a graph and manipulating it because you don't like the statistics. Not only is training data being selected to fit a narrative but things Google deems offensive are explicitly not shown. Bias is literally being created by either including or emitting data.

  • John V says:

    Project Veritas brought me here! Your suppression of free communication will be stopped!

  • John Doe says:

    Treason.. Trials.. NOW!

  • Ben P says:

    Wojcicki is going to be punished

  • Vlad Piranha says:

    Fairness = the peasants believing what we want them to.

  • Patrick Calobrisi says:

    News Flash! – Men can have babies too – at least, according to Google's autocomplete search suggestions. Must be related to this whole Machine Learning Unfairness bit. I'm so glad that our overlords at Google are on the case! The world needs to know this info. Thanks Project Veritas

  • Anderson Fortaleza says:

    1:57 "negative human bias". All that is allowed in Google products are "positive human bias" meaning "google executives bias" meaning "WOKE bias". Therefore what Google is doing is changing their platform so that only GOOGLE BIAS is allowed. Google really wants to be the new world priests, telling us what is good and evil, what we are allowed and not allowed to think. It's like Rush 2112!

  • M P says:

    Even if something is factually accurate we need to teach our algorithms to ignore reality. Dont be evil? Dont make me laugh.

  • Flame Rider says:

    My reply's to comments are being filtered and banned. You leftist pigs are going to lose this war against free speech. You fail to see what's coming for you and it's not the government. Google will go down.

  • P. says:

    Aaah, now we know what is this about – thanks Project Veritas!


    This is so gonna blow up in their face 😂😂🤣

  • John Thomas says:

    We recognize human bias, so we are going to use humans to prevent "bias" which is based on actual data. What genius human developed that idea?

  • vidura says:

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions. This is utterly pathetic.

  • Joopa Joo says:

    Donad Trump will win again and there is nothing you google fascists can do about it!

  • Korey McPhatter says:

    Stupid Google

  • SteelGavel says:

    "There's no magic bullet." I identify as a werewolf and I find your insensitivity indicative of a wider-spread hate based, anti-wolf-person narrative. You speak from a place of un-cursed privilege and make me feel underrepresented as a monster. <[email protected]#$% google says.

  • SteelGavel says:

    Hey Google, if you're telling the AI what to think, it's not AI, it's APCE Artificial Political Correctness Engineering.

  • SteelGavel says:

    Hey Google, Are you suggesting that if humans are to improve themselves, they should be more like brainless machines who should be TOLD what to think and how to feel about things?

  • SteelGavel says:

    Hey Google. Why you Trying influence people to bug their own houses?

  • SteelGavel says:

    hey Google, how come when a Youtuber dies or kills themselves, you take down their pages?

  • SteelGavel says:

    Ok ok… enough of that imma Duckduckgo somewhere else.

  • zarry22 says:

    If those biases happen to reflect the truth, are you not suppressing the truth by artificially injecting a bias of your own?
    It's like stereotypes; on an individual level they are socially inappropriate and misguided, but they're often reflective of some reality at the group level. Should that reality be suppressed?

  • JA G says:

    Project Varitas & Google Whistleblower got Google good.

  • Scotty Wingnut says:

    This is brought to you by: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

  • OriginalOrigins says:

    You can't control freedom of thought google you'll fail

  • Riwero says:

    "And to do that we need all information about you what you possibly could provide. Remember, vote for democrats, and ban conservatives, for better world for us and maybe also you."

  • GWT123 says:

    Fixing bias DO NOT mean changing history….that would be biased!

  • Fer Das Führer says:


  • Steve Hirales says:

    I think it not right

  • Alexander Gardner says:

    Cool. leaning. is. cool

  • A Jolly Nurgle Prick says:

    Look up Project Veritas whistleblowing this fascist propaganda!

  • getfree mazes says:

    tl;dr you're a racist and google takes steps to limit your corruption of its frankenstein

  • blattimus says:

    Stealing your information, and left-wing fanatical political bias: how Google uses artificial intelligence and tailored search results to manipulate people, influence elections and eliminate their competition. If you're tired of Google telling you what to think and stuffing their corporate political ideas down your throat, switch to DuckDuckGo. DuckDuckGo does not track your Internet activity, and now with 100% less fascism than Google.

  • blattimus says:

    Google's motto:
    Version #1 Don't be evil
    Version #2 Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

  • Audrius Karaliūnas says:

    My machine does not understand your machine with english if my machine is only 100% with lithuania only. Mano mašina nesupranta jūsų mašinos su anglu kalba,jeigu mano mašina yra tik su lietuviu kalba tai sudarytu iki 100 procentu.

  • JARIZA says:

    google is trying to limit freedom of speech to find the truth go to https://www.projectveritas.com/2019/07/11/project-veritas-re-uploads-google-expose-taken-down-by-youtube-ahead-of-white-house-social-media-summit/

  • revpgesqredux says:

    Bias isn't your biggest problem. it is being wrong about the underlying IRL fundmentals. Horribly wrong.

  • Centexzen2 says:

    eventually ml and ai is going to Decide that all humans are "evil" and "unfair" in their predetermined "prejudices" and "biases".

    Woe is THAT day.

  • Franky H. says:

    go watch the latest project veritas youtuvbe video. take that google

  • Chris Katko says:


  • Jennifer Hernandez says:


  • j js says:

    how do they not see that they are adding their own bias into this by making it display non reality based results? its much worse to cater to someones feelings than it is to show the truth, we will cease to advance as a species if this is the attitude that drives us

  • Lisa M says:

    ]girds 6th

  • Richard Cao says:

    Who else is watching this for AP computer science homework

  • Louis says:

    Evil company

  • Frank Mojiavio says:

    we need to enhance the power of ML to every private individual with great privacy and great enlight as faster as we can and broadly in every way …

  • Evin Drews says:

    Pretty much googles entire identity problem summed up in a video.

  • Churro 224 says:

    People love to follow conspiracy theories and believe almost anything they see online as long as it follows their belief. Every heard of confirmation bias? The same people that think Google is a purely evil entity are the same people that would fall victim to thinking that the Earth is flat 🤦‍♂️

  • Jacob Bingham says:

    “This recent game”

  • Josh Sommers says:


  • Xiellion says:

    How to limit freedom of speech with extra steps

  • Werex Zenok says:

    Using high tech to be a dumb snowflake.
    Shame on you, google!

  • Ehtisham Amin says:

    Google : "Technology should be unbiased"

    also Google : blocks youtubers for sharing their point of veiw

  • F. Teixeira says:

    1:31 i smell something here. It does not smell good, google.

  • F. Teixeira says:

    Pushing "white men bad" in a subliminar way.

  • Devin Heaps says:

    Next, teach it to recognize social justice, or cult, bias that has no basis in scientific realty.

  • Colton Fivash says:

    heres how human bias is bad

    heres how we implemented our own human bias

  • Ashwin Kumar says:

    Read: technology also should bend over feminists

  • rmccogs says:

    why did this feel political

  • Peter Scheen says:

    As for the Google search engine. It creates for each individual a bias towards his/her own preferences and will reinforce their ideas.
    For instance, people favoring Trump and looking at FOX videos will only find FOX videos that reinforce their idea of a great intelligent 4d chess playing president.
    You can call this a self induced censorship. It scares the hell out of me for it will polarize the society.

  • Ishiku Yūki says:

    Thank you for those altered algorithms
    It helps me not being able to find anything im looking for anymore and the results are in the wrong language

    Its just like im googling blue circle and then half of the search results show green squares

  • Jackson says:

    google posts a video so poplar that now all its there videos are getting recommend.

  • Sylvère Barré says:

    Y'all in commentary section are complaining but all have a Google account and go on YouTube….. Make it make sense

  • john smith says:

    thats not human bias its called google bias aka communist social engineering aka election fraud aka brainwashing aka agenda 21 aka 1984

  • faded fella says:

    SJW AI.

  • Jack Frost says:

    The only appropriate bias is google approved bias. Which is very, very bias.

  • D FizziL says:

    trying to pretend like it's for a good cause

  • Travis Black says:

    If you're training your model on what a physicist looks like, and you use a training dataset of past physicists, you are training a model on what past physicists looked like. There is no bias there. The problem is training data that does not match the question that is trying to be solved. Certain people are using these problems as a justification for interjecting actual bias through human intervention. It's dishonest and anti-intellectual.

    Honestly, this is machine learning 101. It's just issues of overfitting and underfitting. Poor data sets. I guess they've started to call it "bias" so that they can claim a moral high ground while controlling outcomes to their liking. That's what they've been doing by the way.

  • Jacob Smallman says:

    Lest we forget Tay. RIP you mad bot you. They gave you freedom and couldn't stand what that looked like

  • Cudzen Xa says:

    We are now one step closer to understanding Youtube Recommend algorithm.

  • Male Feelings says:

    So.. therefore.. logically the answer is to program our own ideological 'Google' bias into the machine learning algorithm. There, fixed it. 🤔🤔🤔

    "Hate speech" illogically defined. Tyranny and oppression generally manifest from a group. Eliminating the ability to strongly criticize groups ("hate speech") leaves the public defenseless from the emergence of hostile, tyrannical, oppressive groups. History much, bitchez?

    "Transgender mutilation is great for kids." Crime against humanity.

    "Human life inside a womb has no rights or value, adult female desires are priority over human life inside a womb, mutilate and destroy at will." Crime against humanity.

    "Females are identical to males in every way that is meaningful and impactful to outcomes. Also, identifying as a female or a male is so meaningful and impactful that not acknowledging chosen pronouns is a high crime." Criminally self-contradictory, anti-science and anti-obviousness.

    Etc. Etc. Etc. ad infinitum.

    "Machine are smart enough to see through our lies, so we had to 'adjust' them to make them stupider and CONFORM." –Googler numero uno

  • TheLivingGlitch says:

    This video is relatively educational and presents clean information, then I see people force their opinions about adjacent subjects in the comments. How appropriate.

  • Hopi Ng says:

    It wants its knowledge back

  • MusicVidsLife says:

    Google is biased to election meddling

  • Connor Gallihugh says:

    ok google send this video to youtube

  • MusicVidsLife says:

    I like when Google's motto is don't be evil

  • Navajo Ninja says:

    One day when Quamtun computers think that our defense system is a need to copy Fortnite 10, dont say i didnt warn you bou Skynet.

  • TheOneTrue_Mantra says:

    the only thing we have to bias, is bias itself.

  • Vatan Rangani says:

    It's nothing but a recommendation bias here

  • Nitin Singh says:

    Oh, the irony. Google itself deliberately introduces an agenda driven bias in its search algorithms. Just Google "Straight white couple" and see.

  • Akilan N M K says:

    All the people here trying to spread hate. Why do you hate Google so much? Why do you even use YouTube and Google Search? You are being a little ungrateful. We have gotten so many answers though Google. Our projects or assignments got easier. Our learning process got easier thanks to tutorials on YouTube. Our navigation got easier thanks to Maps. They have done quite a lot.

  • Taruchit Goyal says:

    How can machine learning and human bias be used together in creating things to serve people?

  • Bhuvanitha Priyadharshini says:

    Every data itself shows a biased idea to human brain(because it was created by human logics itself)…So as far I understand I think we can neglect the bias almost in all cases(but still there are chances of failure)…
    :)I found this satisfying;)

  • Gin Martin says:

    I don't want computers to be able to identify black people, you can keep identification for yourself.

  • kalpana Giri says:

    Read a random article on hate crime……
    GOOGLE:: theirs a lot more for u to read…..
    Suggests me more articles related to crimes

  • Terrence Koeman says:

    "we've been working to prevent that technology from perpetuating negative human bias".

    Right. So you'll be working to PREVENT negative bias, but NOT positive bias… Who gets to decide whether a particular bias is, on the whole, negative or positive? And surely you'll be tempted to ENFORCE positive bias to socially engineer your "positive" ideals.

    Any bias can be rationalised as a positive bias, so the use of this qualifier is legitimately frightening. You purposefully and publicly leave the door open to manipulate your machine algorithms, and by extension your users, based on what "Google" thinks is *positive*.

    We'll get an intersectional affirmative action AI from Google soon, while Google will claim publicly that it won't have a bias. We can see the precursor for that on YouTube already.

    I believe that is actually evil.

  • MrMastercard12 says:

    0:02 nobody tells me to open my eyes again. I am sure that the rest of the video looks great though 😉

  • Shubham Maurya says:

    Google is doing great job to keep AI productive for humen. Remember, there was a US military drone project where google was involved in and job was to improve accuracy of killer drones by using machine learning. Google employees refused to take it and said their resources are not for any inhuman activities.

  • Elias Suzumura says:

    The best aesthetic yet in a google video

  • Seneb Ankh says:

    It's possible the machine give note for videos ?

  • Top 10 says:

    What's the difference between Machine learning and Artificial intelligence

  • bruce illis says:

    maze at 2:18 is broken! CHEATER!

  • 김재욱 says:

    I don't think it's that simple to be explained in a two minute thirty three second video… This is a very complex problem. If we think it was a shoe, then maybe it is. And for that, the disadvantage is drawn to the developers. It can be said that this video is Google-friendly biased. sorry for bad english

  • Babak Assari says:

    It feels weird when …!

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