LIVE: Snow in Charlotte and across the Carolinas

15 June fifth to change fifth to
change fifth th fifth to eighth in aphorisms of
health fifth th and th can do the fifth to eighth that everybody is the first one
storm seen chiefly draws for the
national team available are
either the Rio, should a live
pictu on snow was a mistake two any
elevated surface that school but
the road surfaces for the most
part are likely to miss the way until
we get insulators a knife in
order to see a lot of itself do
I think the evening hours is
still on developing there’s going to
pick up as a down to the next
couple of hours on been started
in the courts a snow all the way
do on a take this off my laptop year of us can see the
event is the view over investors
city without some big snow
flakes fallen right there’s a
way that among other locations so when
you bring up the radar here fighting freeze of my computer
which I think I just an idea to
leave the second load up on the
CIA, behind the year in minutes
t along IE five in a previous full
screen to show you because I’m
looking at the radar you’re seeing green honor the
end of that agreement is in our
intimate theater is using a
strategy that would raise the
life onc five on our radar is what we
call correlation coefficient
teammates see me use this stuff
during 20 new Congress does it
can sho be a Greenville Spartanburg radar
everything that’s coming back,
marine shame there are those are
particles are hard to meet
years, w that swimmers and that’s because
of the raindrops it’s a
snowflake six asleep on start
different shape so that the
relationship has been pushing off in this
direction today for the last
couple hours nationally and
clearly show with the rain snow
white is m probably some credence in
developing in some of these
locations on this machine work on radar minority community on those
bright and scissor axis: what
snowflake showing up on the
raider they reflect the radar
beam really , down 37 ensure architectures are falling
it’s another sign of abating of
effort of Kuwait on the
distances up about 4° in the
last hour on because we’re going to the
process of dynamic coolly and
the dynamic: is being driven by
all the strike all their which
is be that’s driving a lot of the
solution to hour by hour here,
we can go to the next hour look
at 40 colder than a month in
just 363 some pretty heavy snow melt and
it’s gonna be coming down like
crazy if he and it’s gonna be
sticking to the rooftops grass
and into the lead briefly specially
elevated roadways which are
surrounded by temperatures up in
the third cell of what it looks
lik that’s when you’re gonna have
some issues because even if you see a rain still
makes most of the evening this
is the problem overnight is how
we can happen to me not to be
honest , as temperatures will take
awhile to drop below freezing and by tomorrow morning in a
sneak up on because a lot of a
lot of you will drive the senior
state to what rows and it’s one
mor on this than a freeze up
anything that’s when out there
so again on getting its when
reports on to interface with
thank you so m what happens is else’s passes
along to the weather service and
also contract with at least no
one is so right now it’s around IE five dropping
sell slowly in the next couple
of hours will be missing
widespread smell of crusty
review what heav and acidity adds up to one major
snow for us , one week into this election
built as graphic last night to
bring this up full screen 40 of
the easiest way to measure snow
is , every hour would be a simple
Killebrew learn their measure
how much you got been cleaned
aboard often the lead of the
schools every hour because of the way
it’s been announced, we’d love
to see the snowfall totals if
you get a chance to do so, before I leave this
year I can get back into another
cut in the star Filipino Virgil
a sandwich, here’s a look at the pretty much from about now things that got 678 o’clock 1 to 3 inches I think still
mimics an event that’s gonna be
on the grassy surfaces but
notice when things go downhill
overnights 91 issue into the one I did was sit up and down here here it is on the pop and the
free world click on what’s as we’re going to be refreshed
at one try that again and again this so there’s a look at the
snowfall map and began a lot of
Milton going on this 1 to 2
inches been my biggest trouble
here on an o I think this is a great
illustration of what I expect to
see your the Charlotte area is still falling cars covered roofs covered, look
up their exports on the grassy
surfaces but the road is just
what even in the mountains that’s
just what so they should be OK
the scene and a lot of questions
about driving, I was because
questi in the nineties with which
electors of the container like
sonic use turn signals that in the file on the future
of the reign of the pointers on
warriors hazards of the
questions they are because it’s
usually, online, Tivoli different
posturing have to get you to TVs
and live online be covered,
other than that the state: enjoy
our first the assumption is a instill in a city of employee
rock and this is really a chord
with the happened at the airline
is a good they covered, other
tha between Allen about the o’clock that morning went down to freeze
and now to nominate the big
story certainly want to be the
black ice browser will talk more
abo of us sitting out the gas into
the work because of rain and
sleet were saying starting to
come down to the Vichy official
who ar will save the messages that is really the company last
year and have your fingers made the day we haven’t seen a
flowing down from the current
white meat is trying to get home
before this really does
something, this the need to know when to hold
open houses started and an ad and Salisbury had the gun at the bowling is coming
down now you can see that in a
scheme like pennies now
benefiting the null and because
issues a the reality earlier today at 3
hours early today at this point
it is also canceling out that an
abundance of caution and a senio I was of little surprise I
immediately without the way
Americans I’m from New York so
I’m used to like the heavy snow
day, as a The mailing are waiting to hear from
CNN’s about the decision for
school on Friday that is
expected later today some parts
list on T game while North Carolina that
is near Lemoore of your slowdown
this video see you can see the
kids really see just how large
th air so if you urge you to slow
it down and please be careful
stay with us with your back to see more historically safe
places in our area, WCC got, and I was the one place the hands of the fact that, but that did the ceiling live without signing
Maclean dark alley where we see
that snow was coming down pretty
quickly, of course we’re more , the freeze is expected in the
over an hour so much, too, that
of welfare of course if snow is
a big deal here in the Carolinas the first 501st and only as
fighting and when the scene of
their native of us so we are on the IE
five north reading back for
Shirley we’re in Gaston county
money during the scam around for
you from the outlandish of the storm
track are you can see against
those three lines in the last
you can really get a sense of
the B the old when it hits it because
it’s not below freezing at right
now the temperature outside here
37° is what the city store pr the northbound heading for
Charles it is the three is that
what happened later this evening
I use his daughter meteorologist
Eri to deal with and telling you all
day two tax and number on your
screen for the latest on
closings or maybe even download
a rap s he has online business teacher
we have a whole department that
responding to user makes any tax
assets and am a renaissance in t Stephens writes an easy and safe
oscillator IDs now in your area
or even right now where every
year at this summit is the tax
as a mailing to download and an
easy in Seattle and their liking
they wanted a journey and
receive that my forecast and may
I know has come to regulations it seems that is
active in ms-service to the
drummer and senate and house if
I didn’t want to do the same
topic driv this is a wet snow so as a
snowflakes are falling down that
they would each other and
essentially sticking another
like many sno and coming together every single
county in North Carolina is
under a winter weather advisory
or winter storm warning you’ll
see I try to look back less time in
which I consider this ever
happening was a Christmas snow
in 2010 when the entire states
also wa retained all of them are county
is now seen snow this will
likely be our first accumulation of the
season and is on guarantees to
make you might as well in the
temple in its 40 cap is
accumulati I expect gross would generally
be whacked with an overnight the
temperature falls building near freezing if not
all over the 2829° when you wake
up tomorrow and that will lead
to widespread reef resort to
caus you’ll see that will see that 1
to 3 inches of snow and sleet
mixed with three freeze
overnight is the big concerns of
false yea that doesn’t help you to be
surrounded by 32° year or last
and as bridges and overpasses
will buy some fairly quickly but
it al instances, below freezing the
Nicole again on Saturday morning
when of the week and newly
remember the city of sunny with
temper that by this time next week for
an amazing swingman unsurprising
I think you grabbed 140401,
check the roses Thursday
afternoon to you right now for coming up
new pictures and videos coming
into our newsroom from this
winter weather is almost as if
you rev fifth and sixth soft sale now
for Wednesday in times of the
afternoon, the national holiday receive a
slick roadways facsimile travel
along just fine now down the that IDC out there and we will
continue to fall of course this
winter weather, continuing on
with a copy of course no fall
expec than once the conditions old at a summer breaking his bid to find bad as saying things
like the emergency operations there
became active the sad that it’s a fear of some are
breaking aid the players and
snow, the flight data sang thankfully the ground just whack at this point made with people than 7 1/2 the one I see this year deal
last until the mounds of five
Tennessee the Carolinas to this
is the first pitch on the shape,
west , but even close in our area and
you’ll see less and less of a
cell eastern eye and say, the
stony point and Alexander county
lo this isn’t the show moves
Charlotte coming in from Steve
is some good size let snowflakes
coming down the grass else to
look and as it hits the back that make up
more just completed a bill
through this is a brand new int
are a nuisance Niguel seeking in
the religiously these of his
innocence of the falling outside
of our windows because it would
sell excited about this stuff
will see , they can make a good old days
when Smith assumed a right-or
51-30 SEC, continues our
reporters for the standings of
updates on folder falsehood that if they
should . He had the region’s heaviest the delta flight look here in
Boone been checked out king
street earlier looks like things
are started announce first cars
on th I check in for more than chiefly
religious tenets after the very
latest Hollywood team before or
just the widespread a winter we maybe 3 inches in some of the
isolated locations are ever
snowfall for the winter 4.3 inches of this is our first
lead its noble we can see that
brings to life shifted as often
as a scene from the pictures
acro The road to just one right now
the ground temperature is in the
upper forties to near 50 their
tensions are just above freezing live meteorologist Isis got
explains why we can assume the
worst road conditions tomorrow
morning with skies are clear now
im-on to feel like it’s not about 30°
this is an answer out of the air
temperatures and generally in
the middle thirties or at about as a hyperlink to rouse in a row
this package will be back to
take a look at your full
forecasts and when all of this
will final its early as the
they’ll be holding off on
treating the roads because right
now it’s just too wet in their
mater the said the snow is coming down
hard visit city Nevada just
turning into water later tonight
though the cost of the the 20
truc star freezing over those rhinos. So they won’t reveal it is
finished, also, will be trained
to nine months for stops into
many conferees in prison, the ANC duty says will be closely
monitoring conditions throughout
the night if they do need to
treat the road a little bit
earlier to india’s core safely sent only
have to do is taxed at
(270)-432-9306 hundredths and
just give us your name location
that when fare, just after the deal is
this winter weather in Charlotte
we’ve played: the context of a
look at the queen’s city’s
history and your answer is an much for
your next huge if tomorrow until
we’ve said in Tennessee can see the snow
coming down there is water on
the less the same conditions are
seeing here in Charlotte area
damn without emergency department
specialists in Kazakhstan
carried out two controlled
explosions on a mountain and
were told this wa and and we do have some or
whether he’s talked about here
Mississippi some promising
developments to talk about for
all those fo for those who have been
displaced during the flooding of
the shelter at the Jackson
police academy of remains open and it remains a live in least
100 available spaces of four
anyone who might need it tough to be watching this
closely to the Rivers are still
well above flood level expected
to remain high for the end of
the week at its know when and where I now
with estimates humiliation over
and over the Riesling forth over
the Salisbury universe of comf fifth and sixth and wouldn’t be
traded. And steam sentence below
the zookeeper some say for sure,
even seriously injured all the the sock, for lack of businesses
over the years we have heard a
lot of good night TV and he
actually did something in the past, those , like longer deny it through
this message like people need to
replace their windows or patio
doors of the print off because
the to do and where the replacement
win the division of the Anderson
one of the largest, manufactures
in North America so we can usu and you offer of three major
building where you read the
entire story diagnosed, giving
him a sister, the woman assessed
and rev viewers and at-work order to
make no one emailed no way I’m
no opening the door in the way
you score-year free with those
who ac most people like to use the
fastest in the house has seen
the citizen to 60 , would you prefer you know how
fast it goes from 60 to 0,
Monday through Friday at 20,000
of the NT 166000000-feet
eight-ounce you’ll get fifth to eighth-fifth
and sixth day than to say that your July
4, outside interest has arisen
underwent hernia the Cleveland
and Seattle now found in our
areas, over and over and finally
responded been found him one of
the drive around like the
routing of having to buy stock
in article th 3802980018-year-feet nine at
eight-feedback from. Thank you
for enough forces now is a good
deal of his nominees were
tracking t , easier of injured when their
heavy snow and so you have seems
as though he has a team has a
lot higher than your boss for
your country music and other
travelers and important as the
aisle department has a lovely
with their headlights on some
sense us are 380 someone think the Leonard , just learned of the schools in
the fall of the county’s schools
and operate on a 2 hour delay in
Lancaster than a week on a 3 on snow, the health of the
announcement from all the
amounts of how little we know
the deals on and on Tuesday,
down since takin keeping the year, zero for the
Federal U.S. and foreign orders
home and stole 50 of the apple
menu. It’s enough. Anyone can be
r and one 5th death of life for
their lifetime, here at any of
the sun gives access and a lot
of warszawa area, basil and
excel on favor of them are like it is no
sign of variables that leaves
the winds and rain cell line
seems to be highly over
satellites fo on the resource kit for a new
economy. The Lincoln over a link
to depose the very traditional
for one year of his right now in
l the typical droplets are really
cool one looks like a dipping
daughter small soft enough so we
we saw some of the seventh fleet and freezing rain that’s a tough
one a lot of folks could the reason rainfalls as liquid
its water falling from the
stocky freezes after tour hit
the ground so the only
temperature of th to get competition and winter is
for it to happen when your temps are
visible freezing or another in
the mid thirties has issued your
rental: images abated there some 8910 o’clock one
lingering for about four morning
with the stench is getting close
to the freezing marks the falling now the worsening
conditions would freeze of nike’s on a napkin
folding this fall if this guy I drove
and what roads through a green is an abrasion overpass
newsroom temperatures will be much cooler there’s a
look at the Sonoma we do not
make it will linger at 10:00 in the package is right
there at 10:00 some lingering
floors by midnight should start
them about the dry out and
forcef an especially the bridges and
overpasses those of your biggest concerns
the watch a prayer is a black
guys are easily get that name is
it just looks like the way piece
o act as an index rises to the
level of aid to purchase those countries
really quickly in the situations as well done
tomorrow morning will be down
its members want is the the event Sunday morning so
again a thing what this week and
will rephrase that. A lot of
mealtime sunny skies and
temperatures that they can grab threats have
convinced as the FTP the afternoon to be a little
at Meany not so much maybe the
visual makes it look acted
because the visibility is
typical author does the
conditions that are see growing area right now here’s a
lilac if I decide just by the 5 mg B couple of years, the, the
easiest would the travel office after the city
of the taping of the airport’s we
all come with all this would the area’s shore to see some
changes happening in Charlotte
Douglas was check in now with
the BC and seizure of sycamore
been on a look at the final where
Missouri map analogy come over
here and look in Charlotte at
the top of every other Airport
in the cou 51 delays 52 cancellations and
if you look to the big circle
via that means one of every two
flights into the game was some kind of
misery and because of such a
dork I’m Christiane numbers 25% of the cancellations and
delays in the entire country
right now the wish of those Airport and
it’s a really with the problems
are coming from its relief from
South Alaska nor the storms
coming DC coming down from the north to
the Olsen Miami, had some issues
with no delays and cancellations
and earlier today that the co throughout the rest may have
much more red Kelly, senior on
this mystery mad because that is
huge and shrubs 161 share for
the c if you fly now are expecting
someone and chances are to be
the 1. Now fully they start to get
things moving now in the NL
after that whether All-Star 88
and a few were number one PDT
Sunday afte even if they are taking a look
at the admissions testing and of
course with that, whether that
was seen as profit carolina’s
Jes the ice is a big concern over
night some districts are letting
school’s out early including
Newbury county and city state
offici label of steam closings and
always coming in right now are
scrolling at the bottom of your
screen a signal that the first
one Do as they continue well into the
night the winter weather
advisory remains in effect until
tomorrow morning and smile is
going to brunch rocks and then on the
roads all across the Charleston
all day long between highways
ramps and overpasses at some
kind of guy I mean is that sells a
picture of being dealt with a
radar images foot skull and on
and Rockville right now we’ve
got the go and the rain snow line showing
up on our tool called operators
who said she’s just what is a
rain snow makes that -15 self
prett for the next couple of hours
each, to start moving around 910
o’clock tonight as a package
wasn’t a while we have to watch
for i may be to beat even nine of
10:00 tonight that when the snow
comes to an end to the problems
really just again on the
Rosemead r by about the 10:00 hour and then
close to midnight between Willie
Santa C bands wind down across
the area that is that temperatu close two freemen at symbol of
freezing back into the 22nd of
the day tomorrow we’ll talk more
about the road and Jackson also
w ready to jump in action and get
the world’s ready for tomorrow
morning’s commute because it can
be slick one guy like some other his rights and CBOT says will be
sending 20 college shops across
an area of the right now they’re
holding off on shooting the ro add the one-even if it happened
in CBOT trucks closely
monitoring road temperatures is
the threat of black ice on the
concern in com will be trained to nine
months for stops and Joan
Finney, freeze in prison, a CD
of cases will be deploying 25
shots of the bidder states will be monitored
closely on something, route two, too,
was very careful and on display
to move them over more says you’re in CBOT will be
monitoring the roads closely
throughout the night and if they
need to treat them a little
earlier th at 7 to 1 had any idea what is
going to happen is for school
does tomorrow that decision is
expected later today as
official’s t that is analyzed our leasing is
articulate, grabs the first
thinking there is never seen
enough cars military apps but
that conc and teachers staff that have
become a school in the morning
as Ian Aspin did dismiss off
campus as 3 hours early today at
an abu a deal to get a dossier of these
of like to see a little snow so
she can enjoy it and enjoy their
pursuit into the black guys in they have is the people when the man that no word yet
from CNS at Seattle delays or
cancellations for students and
undercounting tomorrow when the
deal that have our coverage and gas
in times like this is a lot of
us in our city where we’ve seen
some whaling ban flights falling
t bolster these are really fix
snowflakes are seeking only
jackets covered with the slights
no footnotes also seeking on the
groun conditions ahead of tomorrow and
if they have to make any delays
from what conditions freezing
over to glistens with some
parent how people can prepare for this
level of in a sea of your traffic
accidents and 80¢ power outages
that they are expecting the
worst of the storm to be tonight
until tom to this one would encourage
people of the general public to
stay off the roads with the eyes
of mail to Dana if he if their
auth insult by police as an answer
that rolls out as long as those
in late morning handles nine as
a rather be out on the rose bowl
s quite frankly right now is that
comes down we are learning about
morse: the lazy closings for
tomorrow to the scene to
Charlesto were counties changing their
schools so we got only concern
Caldwell 53 hour delay PC Air
block else who is we’re hearing
will b I see him check out the error
the last four years here this
handy dandy text messages a
system that we’ve got going
because tax the evidence that still is
really coming down and there is
little rock hill Charlotte
moore’s bill Monroe Wachs all
heavy snow a eighth and I wonder signs live
edition of the storm track are
coming off a look at the
conditions that you can expect
on these r about using live outside Ali Sami the capital city agency
lot of snow out there and it’s
full of the first one forecaster
just minutes away , has a lot of headaches 99 and
can see there’s a lot of snow on
the ground up there right now
when while we’re not saying that the overzealous early following
here Fred and Sarah we are
figure we’re out of town on the
ice 77 dinner loop making their
way a RE of course the good news is I
have not seen a single car like
we usually do in these bad
weather conditions I have not
seen a high right now aftermath ½
dollars-on-line ½ this is what
it looks like in Gaston county
to nine P C’s L still coming
down rig finance and whether they have
read that has brought in Seattle
and that’s not see site of your
life or if they sweated out
becau as we get leader into the
overnight hours, see some more
pictures because it’s a really
coming down in areas around
Charlotte as when their new ground or shrub
because as any precipitation
self indexing pool the cold air
close to the ground so even of
atten a winter storm warning because
women into something that lets
no 12 weeks as cops here with so
much melting some areas might
end average about NAFTA pretty good
way to the snowfall totals do
this in Japan because the stuff
is to become too pretty quickly
po in some typical of elevated
roadway system to meet a
religious aegis of explained by
those bridges and overpasses are
always pre the thing that 32 AM -32° and
its surrounding the entire
Brands the entire overpass near
14 is actually called at the
service o at all because the gander at the
20 pretty flat-step into the
trap now Brad will top of the
twenties that tomorrow morning
that to around 30° and not much
warmer during the day tomorrow
also eating your folder for
driving around now we will see a
pretty b rhine around 29 Shirley 29 in a
rock hill and again these are
cold enough than anything what
is the price up and there could
be even though we’re heading into
march will be right back fifth BC fifth slowly home video from Salisbury
but I wanted to stick up around
this area northeast of Charles
year this is in China grove uses widgets know I think the column
was, this one’s a talent is that
real kid that is turnout chided
the snow flakes ride his bike o to believe that you one county
near mortuary and two still see
the service sector leaders for
viewers are shown as one Seymour
y way it is an eighth th-530 left of the review-of-has
a lot of sites event at the
right now in this scene becoming
very, all across the Carolinas
to that it’s not just a North
Carolina seems now he is alive
with a rousing rochell and South
Carolina you can see it’s really
comi it looks like the package is
moving this label with ginger
seen as a system actually put it
this way as we go to the evening
bec it’s solid Snelling cases in
some cases it’s a really really
heavy to moderates know that he
was still then pushes itself a
watc all and into the afternoon vs.
rising likely would typically C
felony factoring and employees
as well as quite silly at the
Sybi on the runways something around
as brackets and I will be back
in just a little bit to talk
more about the full weekend
forecast and wallets is the right sale me
say you are driving shot here
now my outlook at bats digest
blanketed by snow you’re saying
its have had decided to run on until
late tomorrow three our general
delight is because all the
freezing temperatures were
expecting farther south, the union,
expecting a season-net-savvy
move as an all-star Brian harper
is 99,000 dow at every now and there are 558, when heavy
snow here in Monrovia 800 living
across the area. The past couple
of hours that Iran has that the providence holy day of my mouth
like that, if not, that villages
Monday night and a fully
investigate the whole of years
of of t temperatures will drop anything
on the ground with its way and
sleet or snow will freeze making
for potentially icy conditions s Manchurian creation following
distance and leave plenty of
room between you and the car in
front of you to take extra
caution wi and alive look now, the first
one docking radar for two: up to
maybe that will take a break and
be right back and was the one place you can
use these fifth time to live with the Lancaster
City as we can see the rose from
clear of their lives so often
cited the length of the NAZI
Al-d have walking their dogs here
only a very hard to conceive
also started this thing, last
year, half of last year in the
fourth.-S couple more so than 2¢ an ounce fifth, the users of 66 months
purchase these are the last person once in a given
then allowed, perfectly
seasoned, saying the fried fish
fillets in which any tartar
sauce Americ as luck would have liked to have
instantaneous nine silence
election at Salishan IRS event
of the clues about how they’re
prepar Paso Heights said CBOT says they
will be sending 20 ton trucks
out later denied the right now
they’re holding off on treating
th those rhinos. Some don’t. Davis finished,
also, will be trained to nine
months for stops into many
conferees in prison, the problems in the women’s 895 for
the canyon and more and get this
is actually this is the best,
because it’s not sticking on the am certainly take your time and
ms the sixth bridges and
overpasses some of the enemy of
the issue now the question and
answer i and is very nose of the
snowflakes can survive to the
ground up there will still knelt
on contact with the road
surfaces of grou from a bully pulpit still may be
about either nine maybe 10:00 in
ministry for ages to say what it
looks like the bands in a piv slack in the forties and then
filing into the afternoon into
the thirties upset-NMS up by
Jonathan ranch 2 inches of snow
game w that and then the temperature
drop is to be the concern is
even if you sell lottery today
more than snow doesn’t mean it’s
not b that some advice of everything
on those bridges and overpasses
it seemed up 30% chance of
history snowflake tonight here’s
a loo probably close to about 60° guys
in this temperatures on over the
next couple of days warning
backup simply giving us the
chanc up for that the animal and fun
and that the longer this cut the
time set down trying to sell
flights, now also initial use
old d of this is way up their opinion,
the lies when the Cheyenne the
list those in the mounds in
wintertime, this is just one can
ask two out with the eighth
collected the air block the deal
for college or counted, after a
brief districts that are
reporting-hour on our website doubly CC dot com
slash closings a weekday one
reminds you of EV tax message
waiting to get at least two U
and th to 70432936001 CNN number
(704)-329-3600 and this is tax
message still, tax and you
should be able to get that was
pretty easily and at last check their singing
tests at the website and looks
like we have about 37 either
delays are closings reported
there o as a convicted of Alpha live with his
family can see absolutely
nothing, but because you’ve
selling off if the house closings as part of our
team coverage that continues
tonight at six and most of the
cheeky urologist of an image
from what setup for the North Carolina Mts
as temperatures can see the fall
across series that included
centers right now or in the low
to real clear the staff of the
temperature drops in that city,
was easily concealed really hard
to tease in several cases of
slices of these contracts out later
tonight, to win for the store
that is because they say, it has
two but right now they used to
treat and religion identity of cases
will be sending 25 tons of
interstates another comparison
may not have fully interactive
activiti common desire to win awesome
reason for wanting some 1009
subtle differences, points to
finish line and CBOT Energy has
released that’s compared to 46, all of
yesterday they say that’s
directly attributed to the
winter weather channel five in
Charlotte elec as 3 hours early example, after
school and 36,040
thousand-the-air and hundreds of
injury to the nine incident and
that the deat school officials are really
wants now 42 visit a place where
budget-year stint after mark in
the morning such as the
anything-it . Have a view that nothing of
the probably have a chilling
servers and you don’t, I figured
the CIA

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