Human Evolution | The Anunnaki Intervention : Documentary – HD

Human Evolution | The Anunnaki Intervention : Documentary – HD

all of a sudden it happened.
a lethal rain of spears pours down on the innocent group of Neanderthals as if
from nowhere men appear of a different type men who were tall strong and
handsome merciless men who spring to the attack the Neanderthals don’t even have
time to comprehend what is happening those who managed to escape took refuge
in the mountains where they were in time to perish of cold and hunger and
loneliness at least that’s what my school textbook told me back in the
1970s more recent research tells us a more complex story of how Homo sapiens
first arrived on the scene in 2010 in the Altai mountains of
Siberia a cave was discovered skeletal remains revealed that the cave had been
home to modern humans Neanderthals and a wholly new type of hominin that we now
call homo Denisova subsequent DNA research has revealed that the
Denisovans also have left the imprint of their DNA in modern humans as we begin
discovering more branches of the human story in realizing how interrelated we
all are it raises the question of how far back does human memory go and what
was it that gave Homo sapiens the edge now it’s clear that something happened
to our ancestors that enabled a massive leap ahead of the herd and that turned
us into a crop farming city building technology inventing civilization what
was it since the time of Darwin questions of human evolution have
fascinated scientists when did humans learn to speak and ask questions think
in abstract terms and perform feats of engineering when did humans learn to
archive and build their collective knowledge and then we found at sea when
we found out see he was gradually thawing out in a melting glacier in the
Italian Tyrol he was about five thousand years old but was far from our image of
primitive man he was wearing well fitting clothing with a range of stitch
work it had different textiles he was wearing shoes with insulation against
the cold he’d cut his hair it shaved it even had his teeth fixed and on his belt
was an amazing utility pack of what looked like dietary support or medical
aids in other words he was clever and it seems to me we keep discovering that
Prius stoic humans were far more clever than
we have previously given them credit for but when did humanity’s intellectual and
technological leap forward occur in the last half century more than 50
archaeological sites have identified the Fertile Crescent of the Middle East as
the cradle of human farming then in 1997 manfred Hoyne of the University of
Norway’s Department of by technical sciences led a team of scientists from
the University of Norway and the Max Planck Institute of Cologne Germany to a
site of unique importance at Karaka dag in southeast Turkey there they found the
evidence of the earliest farm a dozen naturally occurring plants had been
modified to become cultivatable crops this is an extremely technical
alteration in one strain of wheat the transformation would require the
modification of two genes this group achieved such a modification in wheat
barley peas lentils broad beans chickpeas grapes olives flax and bit of
edge the great leap forward was made extremely locally speaking to science
magazine in 1997 Manfred Hine said I cannot prove it but
it is a possibility that one tribe or one family had the idea to get a sense
of how massive and advanced that was let me tell you about William Farah he and
his wife owned a farm just next door to where I used to live and what’s now the
Australian Capital Territory now Australia at the time needed to
establish food security as a nation and what was needed was an entirely new
strain of wheat that could survive Australia’s harsh climate
it took William Farah 20 years of experimentation with all the benefits of
19th century science and the beginning of 20th century science before he
produced that one miracle strain that became Federation wheat 20 years one
strain now let’s just think about this comparison because William Farah knew
about farming he grew up on a farm his dad was a farmer and he had the benefits
of a knowledge of the science of the 19th century in the beginning of the
20th century he had books and encyclopedias of knowledge to put into
practice so that he could make that modification 10,000 years ago in Karachi
dag this family had never seen a farm there were no textbooks or scientists to
give them a clue and yet they went from zero knowledge of farming to doing what
William Farah did 12 times over genetically modifying 12 crops and at
the same time in the same place worked out how to do animal husbandry sheep
goats cattle pigs they worked out how to reproduce and farm those and just to lay
a mystery on mystery how did that knowledge of genetic modification
suddenly get replicated all around the world to create farming in Africa Asia
Europe North America South America suddenly it peppers up all around the
world there’s something anomalous about that story
it is clear that a gap exists in our understanding of human progress around
the planet how did ancient humans make such a phenomenal leap forward in
agronomy how did that advance reach the far corners of the world with such
rapidity where science can only identify the gap ancient texts and ancestral
memories propose an answer Native American mythologist speak of an
external intervention in human progress the Mohicans speak of a nonhuman entity
that coached their ancestors in a time when their survival on the planet was
fragile the Cherokee people tell a beings from the Pleiades arriving in
egg-shaped craft and living among them to teach them agronomy and the
fundamentals of civilization external intervention is the story of Zulu
beginnings Mayan mythology Babylonian and Sumerian narratives all speak of
non-human beings appearing and teaching our distant ancestors new technologies
for farming along with all the rudiments of civilization but before we settle
into two neat and tidy a picture this external assistance if we date it to
Karaka dag puts us at around ten thousand years ago yet just down the
road in the same country you’ll find the remains of gobekli tepe a sophisticated
megalithic structure already standing at that time and buried around 8,000 years
ago this isn’t the work of a family that’s just learned how to farm is
clearly the work of a previous civilization
and gobekli tepe isn’t the only megalithic site from that period the
Gulf of Cambay off the coast of India Malta Japan Cuba all have remains of
ancient cities which would have been above sea level
no more recently than 10,000 years ago so this beautiful intervention at Karaka
dag the first farm was nurturing a new civilization into being after the loss
of a previous civilization that’s where I believe the evidence is pointing so
this is not the beginning of human history at Karachi dag it’s a reset it
follows the period of the Younger Dryas cold period a near extinction level
event towards the end of the most recent Ice Age so this leap forward comes at
precisely the time when human beings would have desperately needed assistance
to recover their footing on the planet and all their lost technology the
question my book raises is how many resets are embedded in human prehistory
who was here 10,000 years ago to assist ancient humans in their recovery could
it have been the survivors of the previous civilization the descendants of
those who had built at gobekli tepe the Gulf of Cambay and off the coast of
Japan in Cuba and Malta one of the reasons I’m not convinced that these
lessons in agronomy came from survivors is the fact that farming appears to
spring up almost simultaneously all around the planet so there’s still an
element missing to that story I lean to the explanations given by our world
mythologies which suggest external intervention by people from another
place and I mean an extraterrestrial civilization
now some might argue oh this is the aliens in the gaps theory you know
wherever there’s a gap in our ability to explain it must be aliens now I fully
understand that skepticism because intervention from survivors doesn’t
clash with our general worldview it’s easier to believe but the questions I
take to these anomalies in our prehistory are what makes this story
coherent and what material data would corroborate an ET explanation what makes
the best sense of what we do know Vladimir’s shared back and maxima cool
off of the kazakh al-farabi University in the Fez and cough Astrophysical
Institute have produced findings solid data in our genetic code patterns that
point to intelligent external intervention in our DNA in our very
design as human beings and the et explanation is there in ancestral
narratives and mythologies the world over in my book escaping from Eden I
argue that that same narrative of intervention by another civilization is
actually embedded in the text of Genesis when we drill down into the translation
of those ancient texts in the study of human origins scientists look for
various indicators of intelligent or human behavior art crafts and ritual
practices can be found dating to 20,000 years ago the remains of people of our
exact design and build can be found in Ethiopia from around 200,000 years ago
the earliest shelters we have found are in japan dating from 500,000 years ago
the earliest evidence of hunting with Spears dates from 400,000 years ago if
we prospect for the earliest use of fire that puts us in Africa between 400,000
years ago and 1.4 million years ago if we are all related then how far back
does our ancestral memory go and how many external interventions may have
happened in that time the book of Ecclesiastes is a book in the Bible with
roots in Sumerian literature and its author says this we have no memory of
who and what went before us and after a while the people who come after us will
have no recollection of us now what’s true of us as individuals may also be
true of civilizations my book argues that the book of Genesis holds ancestral
memory of at least three resets in human history Genesis one represents a
planetary recovery and the nurturing of life on earth including human life
Genesis 6 represents a planetary Cataclysm and a repopulation and Genesis
11 represents the obliteration of a technological civilization and a reset
of the human story where we really state now these ancient narratives all
tell of external interventions recalling some interventions that harm and some
that assists but most profoundly they all tell of external intervention in our
very design today’s scientific consensus has concluded that our ancestors were
descended from a primate ancestor shared by the great apes the two forks
of primate evolution separated as the result of what might seem a tiny
modification of chromosomes great apes have 24 pairings of chromosomes
containing the instructions for how to build a great ape human beings have 23
pairings of chromosomes so did the Apes gain a chromosome or did humans lose one in 2002 a research team in Seattle
analyzing the human genome demonstrated that human chromosome number two was
created by fusing two ancestral chromosomes together in the April 7th
issue of the journal Nature in 2005 a team led by Washington University School
of Medicine published research which included an analysis of human chromosome
2 the team included scientists from Washington University MIT Stanford the
Wellcome Trust the Sanger Institute the National yang-ming University of Taiwan
among others their research uncovered new evidence that confirmed the Seattle
team’s finding that human chromosome 2 resulted from the fusion of two
ancestral ape chromosomes it contains 1346 protein coding genes
representing around 8% of human DNA but what or who engineered this
prehistoric fusion that enabled our ancestors to stand apart from apes and
become truly human Mesoamerican Mesopotamian and Greek
mythology and the narratives of the Bible all speak of a moment in human
history when another civilization from another place interfered in human
evolution now the Popol Vuh the Mayan mythology is
especially interesting because it speaks of a sequence of experiments to get us
like this and the product of the successful experiments was us and some
ape-like creatures that live in the forest that’s what it says now what’s so
interesting about that is that the Popol Vuh relates us to Apes centuries ahead
of Charles Darwin and it’s not that we’re descended from apes in the my own
story the Popol Vuh says that we and these forest dwelling apes were
engineered from a shared ancestor well that’s amazing because that is exactly
what contemporary research including DNA research is telling us today our
ancestral narratives so many of them speak about complex decisions being
taken about upgrading human intelligence and consciousness and we’re told that
there are conflicts among these other powers as to how intelligent or
conscious they wanted the human beings to be now these decisions followed a
period in which the earlier iterations of humans had been engineered as workers
for this other species and the Mayan mythology the Popol Vuh is very frank
plain speaking when it says the engineers said to each other let us make
avatars for ourselves to work for us in southern Africa researcher Michael
challenger points to the presence of prehistoric Minds which he dates to
around two hundred thousand years before present his work joins with the work of
Yann Heine who first drew attention to a vast network of stone circles spanning
South Africa Zimbabwe and Botswana Michael telling Jews work studying the
wear patterns of the stones in their current setting dates them to between
200,000 and 300,000 years ago but who was here 200 to 300 thousand years ago
to build on such a vast scale and to what purpose
what function did this stone grid serve might it have been a form of technology
that we have yet to understand the presence of prehistoric gold mines in
southern Africa certainly raises the question of who was here in the
prehistoric past who wanted those minerals and who did the actual mining
if the mines really are two hundred thousand years old as some researchers
are arguing then our ancestors Homo sapiens were here at that time
not yet smart enough to work out how to farm but smart enough to work in someone
else’s mine now there’s a connection between our early ancestors and mining
that’s actually hinted at in the book of Genesis the text introduces us to Eden
as a place where the humans lived in their earliest iteration in other words
this is the point in the story before they have been upgraded with a higher
intelligence meanwhile the text informs us that just near Eden are some key
mineral deposits including gold and then we’re told that the overlords the Elohim
the powerful ones put the humans to work now who was interested in those minerals
not the humans and exactly what work were our ancestors put to my interest in
all this is partly invested in the past what did happen and what is our place in
the universe but it’s also invested in the now because if our mythologies hold
real information about the engineering of human beings and the establishment of
our level of consciousness then they also hold information about our
potential as human beings with clues about how we can upgrade to a better way
of being human at a higher level of consciousness and that’s what excites me
how far back does human memory extend might our world mythologies hold
vestiges of that memory do those memories include information about our
evolution our interaction with other species and our role in the ancient past
what does information about our origins tell us about our potential today for more on these and other questions
about our human origins stay tuned to the fifth kind TV and the Paul Wallace
channel for more for provoking videos thanks for watching the fifth kind you you


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