How do Americans feel about guns? Inside the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll

How do Americans feel about guns? Inside the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll

-The Washington Post/ABC poll
was in the field September 2nd through 5th, which was after several
shootings in the United States, including the most recent
one in Odessa, Texas. Overall, we found
majority support for several different
gun-control measures, including over 8 in 10
who support red-flag laws and over 8 in 10 who support
increased background checks. But a majority supported
all the measures we tested, including mandatory
buy-back programs for certain types of weapons. 56% of Americans support
a nationwide ban on the sale
of assault weapons, including over 4 in 10 who
strongly support such a measure. A slim majority of Americans,
51%, said they trust Democrats
in Congress more to handle gun issues
than President Trump. Here’s something on the mind
of many Americans these days. Six in ten are worried
that a mass shooting could happen
in their community. That’s up slightly from
when we last asked in 2013, and 55% were worried. The Post/ABC poll found a strict
gender divide in opinions on guns. Women are 20 points
more confident that passing
stricter gun control will reduce mass shootings. Women are also more than twice
as likely to trust Democrats in Congress
to handle gun issues than Trump. Men are split more evenly
on this issue. There’s less agreement
that passing stricter gun-control laws would lead to less
mass shootings. More Democrats think
this than Republicans. Similar majorities across party
lines are confident that treatment
and mental-health access can help reduce
mass shootings in America. That’s over 7 in 10 of Democrats
, Republicans, and independents. As always, polls are snapshots, and these are the opinions from
when we measured them, September 2nd through 5th. Opinions can change based
on things that are happening
and what people think. So, it’s good to keep in touch
with the American public and see what they think
about what’s going on.


  • Joe T says:

    It's simplistic to think that every problem can be solved by banning guns. I'm not a gun owner but even i can see the ban will only serve to benefit those who seek to use guns for criminality, because they'll still be able to get guns while normal people won't, which means they face no resistance

  • Laurier says:

    Guns are Russian Bots 🤖Beep! Beep! You must vote for Trump!

  • Ray Hernandez says:

    Dont trust any poll done by liberals and secondly a misinformed society will make bad decisions or have stupid perceptions. The reason why people are misinformed is due to so called unbiased journalist like the Wahington Post.
    Fact: As gun ownership has increased in this country our gun crimes has fallen. You won't hear that in the liberal media, because it doesnt fit the narrative.

  • ALX Armed Liberation Xecutive says:

    There are 300,000,000+/- small arms in America.
    If you stopped selling firearms today nothing would change.

  • Tourniquet Now says:

    Weird how racist the Washington post is: black kids getting killed by illegal handguns every single day. Yet the Washington post is silent. Pretty clear they support black homicide.

  • googlesucks you says:

    We are duped into guns by fear
    Mongers. God damn guns and their gods.


    All gun laws are infringements. "Shall not be infringed" is pretty straight forward unless you are a Leftist.

  • Linda Minton says:

    When you only survey democrats, WaPo/ABC get the results they want.

  • Heritage Karma says:

    Gun owners all over America….including MANY democrats will never give up their guns. Small thinking will get bad results.

  • Oteyot says:

    Darn if only criminals would follow the laws and not illegally obtaining one of the over 300 million firearms in the us today

  • R D H says:

    I have never been polled and I dont know anyone who has. quit polling big cities like new york chicago and la and start polling real americans

  • A Santiago says:

    Afraid of being shot? Get educated and buy a gun. Also nice bias polling

  • Speedin Speedy says:


  • Marie John 3:16 says:

    We must learn from history that's what hitler did with the Jews turn in you'r guns for safety purposes. I think not!

  • Moshe Morgenstern Morgenstern says:

    Ask me about me trusting government to protect my 2nd Ammendment rights. I have a 3 word answer. Comey, McCabe, Sztrock. The very men we trusted to protect us………

  • LivingKV says:

    People are always afraid of what they don’t understand. This stands a true statement all around. White people (not all) are scared of Muslims because they don’t know or understand Muslims. The same exact can be said about you guys are scared of guns, you guys have probably never handled again let alone shoot one. Stop being afraid of what you don’t understand just because of the stupid things you hear on the news. Theres 3.5 million Muslims in this country and only a few have been a problem & the same can be said about guns. There’s over 20 million legal guns in this country. If real legal gun owners were the problem you would know it. Open your eyes people.

  • Aaron Richardson says:

    I like my 2nd amendment like i like the first one. not infringed, those who think gun control is the right thing to do are also the same ones that cry the loudest when you start talking about taking away free speech. tell me, what is the difference there because as i see it, even my gun hating sister thinks gun control is stupid and realizes that if there is no resistance to the bad and evil from the side of good, then the bad goes unchallenged. background check me, i dont care but keep your other regulations and buy back programs to yourself. start treating the real issue which is mental health. you cant always tell someone has mental disparities going on and that should be on the family to recognize when to take someones guns from access or to delegate that to their local police to remove them from possession if its that bad. If its something that goes unnoticed and someone shoots up a school or a town or a store then i promise i will be there to stop that threat should something like that hit the area that i am my opinion

  • Maya Simon says:

    I'm a woman I support be Guns

  • Michael Bond says:

    Fake news! Bezos is a traitor. No self respecting patriot would buy anything from Amazon.

  • Ben Qualley says:

    My right to own a gun protects your right to say I shouldn't

  • glencannondr says:

    most gun owners dont need it for protection. the number one reason people owns, is just to own them. some like shooting at ranges or hunting, but most just own one to own one. that privilege comes at a price since just owning a gun raises your risk of death by gunfire than non-gun owners. go figure.

  • Darryn Crow says:

    I don't support gun grabbers

  • Nothin But Crap says:

    Lol did they ask only Dems and Liberals for the polling questions? Such biased bullshit!! Hope Crowder does a segment on this video!!

  • Roy Bals says:

    This girl is bullcrap

  • wonmanonedur7 says:

    Where is the polling area?

  • Laura Alt says:

    Fun fact obesity kills more Americans then guns🔫or mass shooting 👍🏼

  • aowi7280 says:

    I'm not one of the "majority" then. Those polls are worded so poorly the results get skewed.

  • oofa loompa says:

    It’s stupid to ban guns, limit them. You should be able to defend yourself with a taser or pistol, not a damn AK-47

  • Darren Navarro says:

    56% more like .56%

  • jersey joe says:

    The average person knows nothing about how an assault weapons works or how its defined. So how can you poll them on it without going into details of its operation and how it compares to other type weapons.

  • Human Personson says:

    The YouTube dislike poll shows that wapo is fake news

  • Marius Thefaker says:

    Sandy Hook.
    you did nothing, you'll do nothing.
    prove me wrong…

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