Hawaii Travel Tips: Culture

Hawaii Travel Tips: Culture

When you’re here in Hawai’i you have to think about it from a Hawaiian perspective. [singing in Hawaiian] So an oli is done to ask
permission. We have a custom here in Hawai’i of asking permission to enter a
place. it really is wise to do so because you’re not assuming. Once you ask that
permission to be invited to be there, ooh all kinds of doors can open. I hope that they take away a little bit of that passion and love that they experience
here in Hawai’i and carry that with them to their home and share that with their
community and family. In hopes that they too will want to experience the beauty
of the culture, the history, the people, and of course the ‘āina (land).


  • DedeRoni says:

    Beautiful Aloha clip ,, my Heart will go on ":D;*

  • Bowman Olds says:

    Mahalo for sharing the culture of Hawaii. My father was from Oahu and my mother from the Big Island. As a young boy growing up in Hilo, I was fortunate to live amongst a diverse culture, ethnic backgrounds, and an all-encompassing aloha spirit which has no equal. Aloha Ke Akua.

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