Has AGENT KELSO Gone Rogue? || Story / Theory Crafting || The Division 2

Has AGENT KELSO Gone Rogue? || Story / Theory Crafting || The Division 2

mortar attack chemical seven survivors yes man seven total the sheriff just came in can you get these people to safety I’m gonna go kill the bastards that did this you’re safe now promise the attack came from Jefferson Plaza you know what to do hey kill them all you Eleni Kelso was one of the first woman to complete the US Army Ranger school during training she demonstrated an aptitude for creative thinking which made her highly sought after by the CIA and for a number of years she performed covert ops as a parent military agent in the national clandestine service while working for the CIA she acquired quite a mixed reputation particularly with the superiors who found her methods questionable although she always got the job done Kelso was eventually head hunted by the division and worked as an instructor before taking on an active agent status she is cautious and watchful she takes it all in and assists as a situation before acting however when faced with an immediate threat often a ruthless sight comes out most likely an effect of self-preservation and often results in extreme acts of violence Kelso is one of the first people we meet in Washington DC she was one of the few remaining division agents in the area through our mission of taking back the capital Kelso is more released they’re helping us out every step of the way so what is it about this agent that has people so suspicious of her in my opinion there isn’t a singular situation that I could point to in fact all the way through the story multiple rig flags should have been raised and then there were the concerns around his assessment this particular during the Jefferson Trade Center mission agents a task of rescuing agent Espinoza he’s been captured by the hyenas and the leader Khan Texas fire Espinoza’s watch dating that she’s open to a hostage deal if we back off Kelso tells us to ignore the deal and go in guns a-blazing and in turn Espinoza gets killed she then quickly backtracks stating that there was nothing we could have done and hopes the hyena leader suffered before she died nothing too major here perhaps it was just a bad call on her part however let’s now look at the Potomac Events Center Luke Olsen’s comms get cut off while she’s under heavy fire and eventually Isaac reports agent down we’re led to believe she’s dead and it’s not until the end when she suddenly appears that we realize she’s still alive her story she states that her watch broke and she lost comms I don’t know just didn’t play out very smoothly in it just all seemed a bit off speaking of a watch did you notice you wizard on her belt and the orange glow just seems a little darker than normal but even if we ignore these few situations in every cutscene which is given some pretty obvious camera angles close-ups and long pants that really show that they really want us to focus on it a lot more than anyone else a good example of this is when president Ellis is talking after being rescued she’s barely saying anything but the camera kept zooming in on her while she gave some reasonably unimpressed looks the game is building a personal connection to Kelso for us potentially to the point of sitting up and watching a fall also have you noticed she doesn’t have a static location on the map like every other NPC why and considering how invested to us with helping us push out the hyena outcasts and true sons will wash you and the black tusk invaded in fact I don’t actually recall hearing much from her at all [Music] Celso is what is known as an a-type personality she is smart and patient short-tempered and wears a heart on her sleeve because of this is relatively easy to tell that she isn’t at all happy about how things are currently being run you can also see how frustrated she’s becoming with all the restrictions that have been placed on her and the team it was noted in the broken dawn book that the black tusk can hide an agent who’s gone rogue from being picked up by the Isaac Network so of that in mind if she’s working with the black tusk it could explain the way that she acts about the broad spectrum antivirals the whole way through the story I mean we all know they’re important but she’s almost a little over the top obsessive about them even for her she’s forever pushing us to bring back data on the antivirals and when we do finally bring everything back to Kelso there’s absolutely no feedback on the notes and data you gave to her we did it all Kirk what happened with it and where was our thank you man as a freak else Oh God such a dead now but this could explain where she disappears all the time and also why we don’t really see or hear from her too much during the black tusk invasion if Kelso is truly turned it back on the sh t it’s likely she’s ever gone one of two directions with president Ellis or the black tusk or maybe she’s teamed up to follow Arin kina I touch base on this in another video but but think about all of the messages that Keener’s left in DC they sort of don’t really make a lot of sense he’s just repeating himself he even said himself I don’t know why I’m leaving these messages but if you think of these messages perhaps not being left for us to read but for agent Kelso they start to make a little more sense these are more of the same type of messages that he lived for us in New York his way of trying to lure us over to his way of thinking and to join his cause think about it we’re unknown to kina with different agents to the ones he was dealing with in New York the original agents of Washington DC have mostly been killed or of gone missing there are even reports of agents who have abandoned their roles as division agents and have left the city it’s unlikely that kina stop recruiting when he left New York again this idea speaks as to why she may have gone dark on the comms from time to time and why she is so interested and everything surrounding the broad-spectrum antivirus but much like the black tusk I still don’t think she’s gone down this path however I do think she could have been in contact with kina and potentially the black tusk to [Music] along this journey I think with miss Reid Kelso’s Rohrer attitude and dislike of the traditional rules in law and order Kelso is relatively emotional yes but she’s under a bit of stress you know just a little bit all of her fellow agents have died abandoned the city or have gone rogue she seems to legitimately care for the people of the city and wants to do everything she can to fix this for them I guess it’s not exactly shocking considering what she’s been through can we do been working with her as much as you can activity is mostly painting games that kind of thing is it helping yeah for sure but it’s a process and triste has a lot on her plate maybe if you can stop by sometimes me the only time that little girl lights up is when you’re around okay yeah sure I know you’re busy I’ll make time I think her unconventional way of responding to things in the funny look she gives us more because she just wants to get the job done she cares more about the result than the process she will do whatever it takes however with the stress of being relatively alone in this situation hearing so strongly for the people under her care and watching as the world around her fall apart she is beginning and if she made the right decision in the leave this is the point in time where Kelso started looking at her options she isn’t going to up and leave the civilians to to fend for themselves she’ll be looking for the best and least detrimental way of gaining peace for the people of DC I think she has reached up to kena because she likes the idea of what he wants to accomplish and that the world is quickly falling apart but at the same time she isn’t ready to betray the shd and go full rogue these recordings he lifts are intended for her to keep reminding her that he’s still there waiting then again with the invasion of the black tusk and a goal of creating a new America perhaps the fastest option of Curly before the invasion the BTS you contacted Odessa Sawyer about the possibility of her coming on board she turned them down it wouldn’t be unlikely that they also approached Kelso so she now has a way to be in contact with them she knows they are striving to create a new better world they have all the guns and financial support the black tasks are all of a sudden looking like a pretty good option for bringing peace so there is the possibility that Kelso has started or is considering working with the black tusk but not working for them she simply wants to do what’s best for the people of DC she fills the division of fighting a losing battle and she’s looking for outside support personally I don’t think she’s gone this far yet but I think all of this is going through a head at this stage and she’s walking a fine line and decided which direction she’s going to take with her be with Keena or the black tusk if things don’t get better I can see her picking a side down the line [Music] I put a crazy amount of research into this one a lot more than I was expecting to have to do but on paper there really isn’t too much in relation to each and Celso I repeated missions over and over to make sure I hadn’t missed anything of which I’m pretty sure I have so let me know in the comments below but I’ll admit probably the biggest question I had that came out of this whole thing did Kelso either get many the toys he was after if I can’t get more pieces from the toy store I’m not gonna be able to finish my fucking math did many get to finish his map no wonder he seemed so anxious and stressed all the time if he made it this far thank you very much for watching from time to time I like to get my ramble on with these theory crafting type videos anyway don’t forget to check out my social media stuff like Twitter etc I have the links in the description otherwise thank you again and I’ll catch you in the next one Cheers [Music] [Music]


  • Alex Hall says:

    I figured she was going to go Rogue since the closed beta

  • xxx tino says:

    She's directive 51, they even hinted that she's more in line with them then the division.

  • Ahmed Games says:

    Maybe she doesn’t attack the black tusk because they use highly advanced technology and isn’t it weird it’s very very advanced for 2002

  • Eric Acosta says:

    I'd hope she's not rogue. She's a cool character.

  • I only use this account to comment Ok says:

    I was always suspicious of her from her having no issac, no arm patch, and not wearing her wrist watch as its on her belt.Great video. Imagine if she was working with keener and we learn this in the episode 3 dlc

  • fred the human says:

    You're attacking my wifu NGN gaming. Me and kelso was going to get a farm outside of DC together and start a family

  • Richie Bear says:

    Betcha Kelso is the Hunter that killed that agent…..that’s why the Hunter didn’t engage us

  • Kenneth Brown says:

    I have been suspicious of her actions since we all was In the WH with Ellis. Her facial expressions, look at her eyes when the lil girl gave her a hug🤔. I hope I'm wrong she rubs me the wrong way,hopefully I'm wrong. #greatvideo

  • The Reader says:

    I did notice something interesting when the expeditions first came out. There are three more cell phone recording sections labeled President Ellis, Emeline Shaw, and Agent Kelso, or something along those lines. Now my thinking is, this is a good move, adding more details for Ellis and Shaw because of the expeditions to go out and find them. But why is Kelso there as well? Yes, it's interesting to know a bit more of her backstory but why would the devs include this with the expansion of the story? I think this is just a way to set us up for the next few episodes, perhaps lead us to discover if Kelso has turned against the Division.

  • AlexOS says:

    Well. My personal opinion. What ever Kelso is doing, I'm sure she has a good reason. Hell if you could pick sides I'd probably join her.

  • Vidicus says:

    I felt this way from the getgo. To many coincidences. I told my clan she was going to turn on us as we played the game… never happened, but it sure felt like it was going to.

  • xxx tino says:

    Man I loved your video since the division…and when I show you a video to some people and turns them on the game.

  • shinvelcro says:

    I don't think she has really had any interaction with Keener though. Other then the player character in the first game, he was not really happy on letting people walk away from his offer. The black tusk sounds more in line as really, she always seemed pretty untrustworthy. I would have said she was being molded to be this games Keener in fact, until the E3 stuff showed up where it seems we get to meet him again.

  • Naveena Vice says:

    Also, question, TD2 events are happening about 6 mos after TD1, how do you know that players’ agents aren’t the same as in NYC? We could’ve been re-assigned. Keener could’ve learnt about it and the audio logs were indeed meant for us?

    He never repeats himself for no reason or makes meaningless messages, you just need to listen to him more attentively. For example, in TD1 he mentioned how he tipped off the factions to chase him in the Piers to take their eyes of the prize. What a coincidence that he mentions going back to NYC in TD2? Just because? I don’t think so. What if while we hunt for him in NYC, he’ll be back in DC or go to another location now that our eyes are again off the prize?
    Same as there is a reason he mentioned Tchernenko so often in his logs or how he can cook up a new virus and MAYBE let it loose. There are hints all over, one just has to listen and connect the dots.

  • wrathofautumn says:

    I've had my suspicions about Kelso for the longest time. She has all the makings of a fallen hero archetype. What I can say is that if she does turn out to be a scout for Aaron Keener or is affiliated with the First Wave in Manhattan that went rogue, it'll definitely be a welcome twist as, since right now, there has been little to no connections with the first game to this one. I want to see if any of this is Aaron Keener's doing behind the screens. That bastard's got an execution coming for the longest time.

  • WalterWhite87 says:

    Man, I love your work. Hard hitting with the facts or details we might have missed only to get a laugh with your ending segments. You the MVP

  • Toxic Penguin says:

    I wanted to expand this idea a little bit more, why did Kelso didn’t go with us (the agent) in the mission where the Hyena boss had an SHD agent as hostage when Kelso assisted us in 2 main mission the one with outcast strategic something and the one with the hyenas to save the daughter of Odessa. What if she wanted to have that agent eliminated so at the end she only deals with us and no one else

  • Troy Veenendaal says:

    I have thought she has always been shady at best, I agree though. I don’t think we have lost her yet but if something does not change we could loose her or have to disavow her. She is not Arron Keener but then again Keener was a good guy until he got burned.

  • Khumo1548 says:

    I hope she doesn't go rogue, it would be kind of stupid for damn near every agent we meet to be a rogue or dead from a story standpoint

  • Jeff Williams says:

    Kelso is a Graduated of US Army Ranger School.

    Did anyone ever stop to think That Division Agents could have roles in other Government Agencies.

    What if Kelso is a former CIA, or FBI Agent.

  • Unknown Gaming says:

    Super duper late but I’m here now, interesting vid joe!

  • Zorux says:

    Not my fucking problem

  • FumiyaSugawara says:

    In one of the Echos of Hyenas vs Sons you can find her way to the right hidding

  • leon 15 says:

    I don't have a doubt that she would stab us in the back when it we're in new york.

  • Julien Boreau says:

    hoooo DUDES !!!! Come on !!! SHE —- HAS —- A —– CAT !!!! So she's absolutely a Rogue !! Those animals are deceitful by nature

  • BadKittyNZ says:

    I'm telling you again babe "agent Kelso is Aaron Keener's catwoman to his batman"… DUN DUN DUUUUUN!!!!!!!!

    End Scene

  • CMDRFandragon says:

    I knew Kelso was a bitch. Is she D2s Keener? Ill pop her right along side Keener. Like Biiiiitch, we did not take the last month clearing the DC area if the trash so u n ur btsu scum could come in here and fuck it all back up….

  • Lotail says:

    I always thought she was more on the rogue side of things. When we first met her I thought her ring thing was red

  • Siqari סיקארי says:

    Keener has been smashing Kelso

  • Chris JJNAKAMURA says:

    In the huge update trailer that came out last month, they did mention that the division are going to have to hunt down one of their own. Not sure who they meant, but it looks like it could be Kelso or even Keener or both. If there is a rogue agent mission, I wonder who the NPC's are going to be as we traverse through the mission. Whoever it is, maybe they're going to end up siding with the black tusk and they'll be the NPCs we fight against before reaching the rogue agent(s).

  • Knight Wolf says:

    I believe Kelso is a loner who likes to get things done. She "puts up with us agents" because she needs help. But i also think shes trying to figure out which "of us" she would like to work with and turn us to her cause. That being to rid DC of all the hostiles no matter what needs to be done to do so. And if she has to leave the area to continue the fight where would she go? California? Quantico? Texas? But i think she has enemies that want to get rid of her hence shes darker then most. Heres a thought..Who sets up our missions? Depending on the difficulty while he sits in his office telling us where to go. Is he truely helping us agents or trying to get rid of us. ..just sayin'…

  • Danny Rivera says:

    The keener content is coming and the video close-ups are rather prominent . I think it's to speculative though in truth

  • Adrian S says:

    NGN, if Kelso doesn't follow people that she doesn't respect. Why does she follow Manny? How is Manny in charge of SHD? It is like given command to the work experience kid since he is the only person left. Why can't they get Agent Lau from NY?

  • Newfie Guy Last says:

    Like always….Awesome!!…..was thinking there was something off with her!.. Good Stuff!

  • Mark Mallari says:

    Hey man. There's a certain recording in camp white oak that we felt it might be Kelso. An unknown woman instructing the president that he needs to show up.

  • David Overton says:

    Another great video. I love your content man, keep up the great work!!

  • Rob Huggins says:

    I love your videos on the division! I appreciate all your hard work and you give a perspective on the story and the game most wouldn't think of. Please keep up the good work agent! I'm with you till the end!!! Xbox GT== rhugg215

  • Colin Hakes says:

    It's funny because yesterday I was collecting all the voice recordings, and one said her mental state is out of control

  • NLR Knight says:

    why do i think she ran into HIM, that traitor Keener

  • 92alpha13 says:

    She is Episode 2. Agents going to New York for her and keener.

  • Bodark says:

    Well in the new audio logs you see that the division understands she doesn't listen to command, and that makes sense when your command structure is completely fucked you probably want someone who's gonna go out and do what's needed to be done.

  • ItzWolffz says:

    She’s probably a rogue agent but she’s not AWOL. Working to fix DC by her own means the sketchy way like she’s done her missions for the CIA.

  • Karl Leego says:

    No Kelso can't be rogue.. No. Maybe she's "rogue" by some SHD standards, like taskforce 141 in COD MW series was. They were working for the American cause but they were marked as rogue because they killed a bad commander. Maybe she just don't want to follow all the rules and restriction by SHD that would slow her down. Maybe she helps us capture Ellis one day

  • Keith Mclean says:

    I like kelso, but what if she's keeners ex? Boom! Great video again.

  • Random Mango says:

    always been questioning Kelso! I hope that there is something to her, and it isn't all red herrings! What ever reason for her to be "rogue", she will be doing it for the right reasons!

  • Cesar Vences says:

    She mainly wanted power and freedom to do what she wants without restrictions in my opinion

  • Carlos Pedraza says:

    Outstanding Video! we need to know if Manny got the rest of the toys!

    About Kelso, well, I like her; I missed her around during the invasion. I believe we can hear her during the Not-Smithsonian Zoo Mission (broke my heart, the ending of that mission) but it would have been REALLY REALLY useful to have her around blowing stuff up on the invaded Missions. SPECIALLY on the strongholds.

    I believe she is going her own way. Even if she is shuffling the options to join Keener or 'collaborate' with the BTSU. She might go Rogue on her own terms, not as part of a larger organization. I also believe she is spending more time with the little girl rescued from the Castle (as per the audios) but that might be me, being biased by being a father of a young girl.

    My bet is that we will see more of her on Ep. 3; and now that I think of it, we will have a Mexican Standoff 'The Good, The Bad and the Ugly' style.

  • PAK-GG says:

    2:58 EVERY TIME

  • Infernos Gaming says:

    The alarm in the base is to remind us that Manny needs his toys lol

  • simon 70 says:

    she's keeners misses I reckon

  • Coolmusicplaylist says:

    What gets me is that she said get em to safety then said to go to the center. Csn someone explain this to?

  • Coolmusicplaylist says:

    LOL 12:53 I didnt see that before

  • Federiso Dave says:

    That Discord notification threw me off.

  • Stephen Forman says:

    I just wanna say, I luv your lore videos! They give so much backround and details that it makes me wanna get off of work and go straight home and play! I particularly dig this one because I can fully see agent Kelso going rogue AND being in league with Keener who has a secret leadership role with the BTSU!( just my speculation). I personally wanna see Faye Lao Come back! Picture this: Agent Kelso is found to be rogue with Keener and BT, right when your cornered and about to go down for good, Faye comes in with an Agent who is a rendering of the 1st agent you made in Div 1 and you battle back with them and save the Broad Spec. AV

  • Mr Tee says:

    Haven't trusted Kelso since the word go. She sounds too much like the "unknown voice" in division 1 on the very first underground mission. The lady says "the end is N.Y." then gets accused of being division and the guy on the other end wants to know why she's helping, and what the "con" is. She tells him it's a new world, and new friends have to be made, and to have "fun" with the stuff she's giving them.

  • Dennis Hansen says:

    If she is rogue, then I want to go rogue too.

  • Jaime Wess says:

    please let her go rogue, I wanna shoot her everytime she talks.

  • navaler says:

    awesome video and I still asking me if Kelso is really bad. but at the moment I feel she is more a really angry soldier. and not really with the BT or Keener. She want solution more on her own way. and then finally leave and see her family.
    at the end of the new book broken dawn she was still handle normally. even to a stranger with part of division tec….
    its really hard to say. hope we will see more from her.

  • Eraycer says:

    I've been afraid of this right along. I notice some of the things and once I found out about Elis I said to my friends I hope Celso stays clean.

  • Veldara says:

    This chick's got the crazy eyes, I never trusted her.

  • stoke_moran says:

    During the cutscene with Ellis, I thought she was going to turn. But with what happened during the reveal of Ellis, it became clear to me she was just really suspicious of him.

  • Daniel Viklund says:

    She sucked, she was annoying and envious.
    So i just blocked her out, did my thing, didnt even notice she was gone

  • CT2598 says:

    Manny's Map and his toys… the real question lol

  • RegalCrown Legend says:

    Didn’t know people cared about divisions story this is awesome

  • j sanchez says:

    Is it just me or does anyone else wish she was romanceable? Or is it just me? Lmao. Shes definitely a video game hottie and wouldnt mind building some type of relationship with her.

  • Boldbetrayer batey says:

    Awesome. Like following your vids. Keep up the good work. 👍👍👍👍👍

  • nohumanityleft says:

    What about us the agent in all this…I'm sure our repeated success must of sway her some way.

  • Mr Nozchalazt says:

    Kelso doesn't strike me as rogue. To me she has good intentions but, she's willing to do whatever necessary in desperate times, I definitely think getting her hands dirty isn't completely off the table. D.C. is a war zone and Manny is worried about toys for his damn map… People man I tell you lol.

  • Mr Nozchalazt says:

    I wish we could get a story line where our agent goes rogue. Much more interesting imo, screw all this hero "I'm here to save the day" crap.

  • ulan zhalaldin says:

    1000 people of planet Earth cares about her😏.. Anyway, who cares??? 🤦‍♂️

  • scraverX says:

    I find it interesting that The head of the Theatre also wears her watch on her belt, she is kinda "ex-division" from my read on the story.
    I actually suspect Kelso is more like a Hunter, since they also are able to hide from SHD despite collecting watches like a nut job collecting ears.

  • Josean rodriguez says:

    always have a feeling about her been bad but could be her character animation cuz you cant really tell emotion on her face is all flat solid and also about the president cuz to be hones there is really no use to keep the president hostage cuz a president is just a symbol for the weak and bring nothing to the table, as you can see how he has no effect in his betrayal only payback but other them that his dead will change nothing

  • LoudAngryJerk says:

    I was suspicious of her from basically the beginning. TBS, recently I've begun thinking about it, and… I dunno… she's too *obvious*.
    I'm pretty sure Manny is the actual traitor. For one thing it would hurt more. He's basically central to our whole operation.

  • DanKusPuGuS 2000 says:

    Yeah i knew something was uo with ellis bc he was talking with hyenas and not bound

  • Jag says:

    She was always suspicious to me in that one outcast mission where the dude in the White House keeps on calling her name and she doesn’t answer for like 10 minutes and then u go into the building and she just comes outta nowhere like “hey what’s up”

  • Louis Koo says:

    I think Kelso will turn "rogue" under SHD definition, but not real rogue like Aaron Keener. I will also think she has some contact with Ellis/Black Tusk & Aaron Keener, but I think she may not just them.

    Instead Kelco could have been making use of all 3 sides, SHD, Black Tusk, & Aaron Keener, to achieve her own goal. I think future episode may have one directly related to her, anyway she's tired & missed home, but she may probably learned that all her family members were gone … and she go rogue.

  • Robby Biddle says:

    Interesting theory.

  • Luka Srednoselec says:

    Cant blame her . . .as soon i get to dz being rogue is what i love in this game 😂

  • Nathan says:

    Kelso is Aaron Keener eyes on the inside. She's still conflicted about jumping ship and joining Keener so she keeps a balance between the two until the shit hits the fan and whatever choice she makes at that moment will be 100%. She's definitely a Cannon but not a loose one like Keener. As we already know Keener and Kelso are very unstable people. It's just a matter of how long she can keep her shit together. And when she loses it, there's going to be a lot of dead people in her wake.

  • Theron Nett says:

    I don't think we are different agents, there is a map in the 1st part of the game and it's location if you look up the landmarks is in New York. They play it off where your agent can either be the same or a different agent, it's totally up to you.

  • elite reptilian says:

    Great video! Always had a feeling about Kelso and wondered whe she's gone after the black tusk invaded.. hope we will find out and her story to expanse.. great video dude, once again..

  • Moses P says:

    Who or what the fuck is NGN gaming, u couldn't even use a normal name, fuk this…. hit that dislike button if u hate corporate scum

  • Moses P says:

    Great video… I hit the like button…. still though…. NGN wtf

  • gamingMax m says:

    She always looked fishy. Damn weird looks!

  • Ivan Ruiz says:

    Never liked this character tbh. I always felt like she would go rogue at the end of the game

  • Tech 313 says:

    I told my clan this two months ago. Lol i should have posted a video

  • Jim Bailey says:

    I told my buddies the first time we played Potomac, the watch never goes dead or off. We thought the same lol

  • NG2k15 says:

    Came here just to say I DONT CARE if Kelso or any other mofo in this game has gone rogue…it's pathetic to see people pretending that there is a story to this game

  • Anders Christian Hald Pedersen says:

    been suspicious ever since the "president"-cutscene – and been convinced of her beeing "dirty" ever since the recruitment soundclip.

  • Ralph Gaming says:

    there’s a recording of a agent in the dark killing another agent because he trust to much and it sounds just like her maybe I’m wrong but it sounds just like her

  • Maj0rtuffy says:

    I'm 350 hours into this game, had forgotten there was an actual story involved with it. Just shooting, and looting, and loving it!

  • Tekkenbd26fan says:

    If Kelso did thAT WOULD BE DOPE that would give her free rain to do what she needed to do.

  • Chevy Lawless says:

    Wouldnt be suprized if kelso was a Hunter lowkey.

  • Blammo D says:

    Are we supposed to CARE about any of these characters? The writing is so shit in this game, unfortunately. It has all the necessary elements for a truly great story but MASSIVE just shits the bed on narrative design.

  • Charly DayZ says:

    What if Kelso is the main baddie pulling the strings? The leader is a female

  • Caleb Morris says:

    The black tusk are similar to the enclave led by autumn in fallout 3, technologically advanced, want to seem like the good guys, want to rebuild America, and a lot of the community want to join them. If I do say so my self both are a necessary evil.

  • Buccaneer_9 says:

    Alani Kelso is THE boss.  She will be the final mission/event in this game's story.

  • Buccaneer_9 says:

    Looking forward to shooting her in her fucking sneaky face.

  • TopShonuff says:

    I think she’s a Double Agent Playing Both Sides. Who eventually becomes good at the end. I don’t think she trust you 100% but watching you to see if you’ll go Rogue. She does disappears but is Thankful for accomplishments. She’s being pulled around and feels used. She doesn’t really have to listen to anybody except the President. But you’ll find out later the President has become compromised. And your assigned to arrest him. So now Trust is harder to find.

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