• T-rocktheKorn b says:

    Mad Max 2019.
    NDP. I dont answer your questions.
    CP. Im not an American sleeper agent I promise.
    Bloc. The party is Quebecois.
    Green. Pollution. You should all be ashamed.
    Liberal. I did not have sexual relations with those women. Yeah you did… Your fired.

  • Sonik HipHop says:

    Scheer is a dolt. Pretty clear that actual conservatives will vote PPC this election

  • Todd Sullivan says:

    The translator for Trudeau did a great job at capturing his annoying actor voice.

  • Mikey Tha Fsh says:

    Scheer made his first mistake when he said he would need five years to balance the budget. His second, lethal mistake was having David Menzies arrested at a Conservative Party event. Menzoid's crime? Attempted journalism. So the "best placed" alternative to Truedoe is no better, and pledges to do no better. Bernier has made a stand against sharia. On that alone, the #PPC should have the support of all women, as well as those that love one or more women. Balancing the budget and privatizing the CBC are a side order of icing.

  • DEN E.V says:

    Hello from Toronto.
    Vote People's Party of Canada

  • Jay says:

    It was not more subdued, it was more respectful. I actually prefer when our leaders act like adults and not talk over each other.

  • Mista J says:

    Look at all these gullible fools pretend Max isn't just another skeezy frenchman politician talking out both sides of his mouth.

  • Mhz Mhz says:


  • darthvenimous A says:


  • Woodcock says:

    I'll vote PPC. Maxime Bernier makes sense to me.

  • Kanto Armstrong says:

    What's up with all these mindless bots promoting Bernier

  • Domobomb says:

    Bernier's best moment 1:29:12 ??

  • Cat Ballou says:

    I hope Max gets in…..Scheer stole the Conservative leadership from him when he recruited people from the dairy industry to vote against him. Scheer won by a hair and immediately afterwards had the ballots destroyed. Then to rub it in publicly….he did his "toasting" with a carton of milk! Scheer is slippery…..I do not trust what he says!

  • Domobomb says:

    1:43:58 This made me laugh out loud. May is an absolute loonbag.

    "So, your costed platform was shredded because you plan on increasing spending by 70 BILLION DOLLARS each year"

  • Phil Can says:


  • ShinkoSays Jump! says:

    Lol thanks for your your question, and my sympathies ,but Mr Trudeau did this and that and this and that . Oh sorry I ignored your question completely yours truly Andrew scheer

  • Tad Mcdougle says:

    By the way he talks you'd think that Trudeau is running a provincial government….Didn't know Ford and Kenney were running for prime minister yikes

  • Mike B says:

    I’m curious about one thing…. Why is the majority of comments online positive towards PPC but the polls are saying different… Aren’t there more people online than offline these days?

  • duckfield says:

    Maxime is the only sane choice.

  • Angus Deschambeault says:

    Let's go Max! I'm indigenous and supporting Max Bernier

  • Cliff Dawe says:

    What are we going to run Industry on May? Well intentioned Farts?

  • Cliff Dawe says:

    What clean energy are you offering Windmills and or Solar? 🙂 Absolutely Useless Junk!

  • rhaven50 says:

    Where are the post debate interviews?

  • Cliff Dawe says:

    Until you have alternate Energy that can handle Industrial size work as well as Gas and Oil, Electricity, Propane you are all talking out of your Butts!

  • Nick says:

    Maxine Bernier will work for Canada and Canadians and put Canadians first.

  • Dan says:

    The face made @3:29:57 (and the circumstances surrounding it) show Justins true colours.

  • mell0wleaf says:

    Imagine being Canadian in 2019 and not voting for Maxime Bernier

    MAD MAX 2019

  • TiMeDriFterZ says:

    Elizabeth may should go back to the states where she was born and run for president, bye bye lol.

  • Todd Sullivan says:

    Can Singh talk about any subject without trying to throw an emotional story in?

  • Sapo con Zapatos says:

    MAD MAX 2019!

  • Cliff Dawe says:

    This debate is horrible, it is all over the place!

  • Simon Tide says:

    NDP thugs just shut down Rebel Media Journalists Book sale event. NDP is a real fascist party.

  • Maj C says:

    Max cleaned house this round…PPC platform is solid

  • Todd D says:

    Jagmeet Singh went to an elite private grade/high school in the US. He didn't have to take french like the rest of us.. what a fraud!

  • Donald Nicol says:

    It is difficult to understand what is being said,with both French and English being spoke loudly at the same time.It became a garble, and prompted me to spend more time commenting,than listening to this shouting match.

  • Cody Pierce says:

    Vote Maxime Bernier 2019 🇨🇦 Don't listen to the biased news, he is genuine and has the best platform. Listen to your heart and your mind, not the headlines

  • Massimo Riggio says:

    Anyone else notice how the 'commentators' from 56:00 until the start, ALL the leaders are mentioned EXCEPT Maxime Bernier/PPC? He was forgotten.
    They skipped over him and rambled on… [NOT] so funny how the globalist skank media rags, etal. (ie."MSM") keep playing this game of ignoring and omitting candidates they don't like. But more of us are waking up to their BS and that game is losing it's sheen, especially for those of us paying attention. The 'globalists' may win a few more battles for a while, but they have already lost the war.

  • Sabiondo162 says:

    Max Bernier is a joke and all these bots praising him on are clueless.

  • Jim Squire says:

    PPC 2019 Tell the UN to F-OFF. We'll keep control of Canada thank you very much. Maximize yourselves and spread the word.

  • Simon Tide says:

    Love him or Hate him. Agree or Disagree with him. At least Mad Max can give honest answers.

  • Common Sense says:

    Mad max 2019!!! The only one for the people!!!

  • realcanadiangirl64 says:

    CBC says Scheer is behind in the Polls. Everywhere else I'm reading they're leading the Polls. I can't wait for you guys to get defunded!!!!

  • realcanadiangirl64 says:


  • Scribbler Squire says:

    The PPC has my vote and you should vote for them too. MAX is the best leader of the choices.

  • Anon Nymous says:


  • girl girl says:

    De ja vu… Sounds like the same questions/scripted answers over and over repeated in French..

  • realcanadiangirl64 says:

    Excuse me??? They all speak French on Canadian flights?! How about English language speaking people being allowed to communicate in their own language in Quebec???

  • michael heredia says:

    So many ppc bots

  • Terra Blue says:

    Maxime Bernier is speaking with the voice of the people AND YOU CAN NOT SILENCE US!!🇨🇦

  • Chris Murray says:

    Good teacher or good groper?

  • Tamatik Canada says:

    Rebel media news is awesome!!!

  • Melissa M says:

    Vote PPC ! people’s party of Canada , Maxime Bernier aka Mad Max !!!!

  • Andrew Vajda says:

    3 “parties” should not have debated. Especially the Bloc!!!!

  • Spiritual Braces says:

    wow, they don't even let Max talk, there is a reason or it… PPC!!!!

  • Bobby Boy says:

    PPC = healthier economy and country. a big win on this debate

  • Martin Melendez says:

    Really them talk just unrealistic subject that no help to the real Canadian life, please talk about car insurance, mortgage loan, why the grant are only for the rich that is the reason the rich don't care if the taxes go higher because he received no less than$850,000.- in grants every two years, politics are the same here in Canada as Mexico or China, we need real people care for people and bunch of Hippocrates. I will try to be in politics to stop the way to make this beautiful country very unhappy

  • Spiritual Braces says:

    PPC all the way!!!

  • Ghastlyteaparty says:

    Why do they treat the opening to this like it's a sports team? Like they way they frame the debate is sickening to it's core. This is a spectacle where every 4 years we hear a bunch of neo-liberal, privileged af politicians debate about the crumbs they're going to throw to us peasants, and we just have to choose based on which crumbs seem the least terrible and are presented in the most charismatic way. None of them are going to put the most vulnerable or the workers above corporations and the elite. However at least NDP has put in some promises that won't immediately destroy workers movements, the environment, women's and LGBTQ rights. So I guess congrats to Singh for being the least worst.

  • Phyllis Michailidis says:

    Vote PPC to get our country back Dark to Light 🙏 for JUSTICE 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 🌍

  • Max Entropy says:

    CBC buried Bernier…
    CBC did not provide any coverage of the Conservative leader Bernier.

    Un-fund CBC

  • Great Dane says:

    All Singh does is whine. Poor me wa wa wa.

  • Louise L Normand says:

    PPC all the way!

  • Rob Phillips says:

    Elizabeth May wants a decarbonized electrical corridor. She is absolutely nuts. She simply has no clue in regards to the amount of energy this would require; not only to build it, but also to supply it. Even once achieved, it would take decades of fine tuning and would require supplemental sources like OIL to keep up with demand. I will vote for Max.

  • Darrell says:

    They don’t care about the west. So it catering to Quebec. F Quebec. Either Quebec separates or the west separates. There can’t be an unfair treatment between provinces. Every questions about Quebec

  • Rob Phillips says:

    My like is for Max. #defundCBC

  • Roland H says:

    Oh boy rare treat, CBC with open comments.

  • anna skorupinska says:

    The best promise given is balancing the budget. Vote Maxime Bernier People's Party of Canada. Unfortunately people do not realize that the only way to maintain current social programs is to stop paying higher and higher interest on deficits. Most canadiens have credit card debt so you should know better.

  • AJ Spang says:

    Even if we cut our carbon footprint,countries like China won't do anything. They don't care about the earth…i think it's pretty obvious with the garbage products they make and the coal plants their building. We need to abandon all trade with countries that heavily pollute the earth. It's simple. Canada should be making the bold move while finding ways to increase trade with other countries that are also trying to reduce carbon emissions. The other thing that people need to realize is that green power is not enough for us to survive. We need to develop nuclear technology. It's the only way our race is going to survive. The damn sun (our life support) is a big ball of nuclear reactions! Canada should be investing billions of dollars in high efficiency reactors (thorium as an example). The CANDU reactor is a prime example of what Canadians can create. We need to get back on track and become independent. We have all the resources to thrive and become a superpower. We're not using our resources correctly.

  • Rock Chartrand says:

    wow CBC not even trying to avoid showing their love for liberals

  • Kennedy Tactical Concepts says:

    Maxime nailed it!

  • wl03bu says:

    May's French is a lot better than I thought. Good for her!

  • Matt Ball says:

    They didnt give Bernier much time… But he was the best

  • K says:

    Max and the ppc is the only choice. Look at the comments and see what people really think. Not what the CBC says people think. Ppc is making huge waves weather they report on it or not

  • Cocidious McBeth says:

    Let's make history. PPC 2019 remind the world we are not a 2 party system. Mad Max is the best thing to ever happen to canada

  • Complete says:

    With the exception of Bernier, the rest are just lip service pros. They have an yes answer for every question. Bernier is the only one saying we have a debt issue and can't afford these projects and soon to be forgotten about gifts from the rest. he's actually saying what people don;t want to hear, strange for a politician The real emergency here is not climate change its our debt. That is threatening us right now, today. With out money we cant clean up the environment

  • shrinerspark says:

    Proud to be anti PPC

  • Complete says:

    And why is it perfectly reasonable to protect french culture but absolutely abhorrent to protect the rest of Canada culture

  • EngieBengie says:

    Votez pour Maxime, tabarnak!

  • Deganawidah Ayenwatha says:

    Trudeau lied again when he said that Canada is "on track" to meeting Paris targets and that Canada has "led the way" in the world on climate change action.

  • CBC News says:

    Watch the major party leaders take questions after the final debate of the election campaign. https://youtu.be/b1UboBW_CP8 ^am

  • Guesly-A. Coulanges says:

    This debate was a lot better that the english, the format was excellent. It was dynamic and clear. And the Moderator was very good. He didn't cut everyone and one moderator was clearly enough.

  • Ifanie Soivilus says:

    I was leaning towards Andrew Scheer but Maxim's plans makes more sense. He sounds like a guy living in the Canadian part of planet earth. Also… the other party leaders sound like they live in a fairytail world. Their plans can't stand against reality. I will be voting with my conscience for Maxim.

  • Darrell says:

    Is it just me or is Elizabeth May complete loon. She keep saying there’s a climate emergency. But we aren’t the problem. We can stop 100% of CO2 and it wouldn’t matter in the least. Without China and India and United States and Russia what we do is irrelevant. I agree 100% of scientists agree in climate change. But the climate alarmists scientists I’ve been fudging and cherry pick data to push their agenda. NWO. Or as i like to call it Communism. Where the government tells you if you’re hot or cold. Whether you go out today or stay at home. How many children you can have Or what you can eat. How much money you can have. Where you live. What you do for a living. Basically every aspect of your life will be controlled. That’s why there’s lots of scientists they’re starting to speak up. And say that CO2 is not affecting the climate as predicted. But the government they create the problem. They propose a solution. And execute their plans. Which will be. NWO. We are going to spend billions on this. It’s gonna affect lots of peoples lives. We need to be 100% correct no biased in the Science. No fudging of numbers clear and precise. Meanwhile we can look into moving away from fossil fuels. But we’re nowhere close to that as of yet. And anyone who says we are they are lying.

  • UltraAar says:


  • Jinshi Yu says:

    Each of candidate are all good actor or actress , but are all naive children

  • Furstain says:

    Looking for extremists on either side of the spectrum? Canadian and American debates couldn’t be a better place to find them

  • Josva the Fool says:

    PPC is the only real choice for real canadians.

  • Mario Lavoie says:

    Le bloc est anti richess national! Vous etes tous anti Canada sauf Maxime Bernier! Avec Mad max nous allons ramener la richess au Canada! P.P.C.2019! C"est le temp pour du vrais changement! I am sure that most quebecers support the pipeline! Enough with Arabian oil!

  • Mario Lavoie says:

    P.P.C. pour sauver le Canada de les mains du U.N. global migrant compact invasion et le faux paris accord! Il va amener du changement positif et cèst le temp!

  • PPC to the MAX 2019! says:

    Polls are not to asses the public opinion, they are falsely reported results designed to PROPAGANDIZE the population. USA 2016 polls assured us Trump could not win.

  • PPC to the MAX 2019! says:

    Best aspect of this debate is I do not have to hear the Turd Ministers lisping lying voice directly.

  • PPC to the MAX 2019! says:

    Got to give credit to this translator. He is so good that he conveys the essence of the Prime Moron of Canada's spoiled low iq whining.

  • realcanadiangirl64 says:

    Here's an important message for all Quebecers who support the Bloc and his opinion of Alberta's "dirty oil" from a Quebec politician.

  • Jikook Army says:

    I'm not a conservative, but if I was I would vote PPC, because even though Maxime Bernier doesn't believe in Climate Change, he truly believes in moving away from fossil fuels AND he's very practical in his views. I don't believe he would slash as much in services as Scheer would.

    My two choices are Blanchet first and then Bernier. They hold my interest.

  • iabd says:

    GO PPC! I have never voted before but Maxime is the only one whom I feel is telling the truth without caring about pleasing anybody. He has principles and a strong personality to say NO to what's not right.

  • osk2689 says:

    Why all the leaders agree on respecting ehat is good for Quebec?! Why they don't respect what is good for Alberta!

  • rick ghai says:

    notice how noone battles Max

  • Felix Nguyen says:

    Conservatives, don't split the vote or Trudeau will win!

    Just vote for Bernier already!

  • David Clark says:

    If you want to know if Bernier won the debate, just ask a PPC supporter. Pure, objective, evidence-based judgment there.

  • Franz Harder says:

    Al they talk abaut is howe they are going to tax the hell out of hard working citizens bad bad bad

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