• Ryan Wilson says:

    thank you for the effort you have spent. your work indeed make difference across the globe. my friend got a good job after watching your videos in the far east.

  • Ahmad Jamal says:

    i love you man thanks very much for this tutorial

  • Lauren W says:

    Wow! This has transformed my morning. I saw another video about this with no explanation so I put the $ in the wrong part of the formula to try to create an absolute cell reference. Now I'm saved. Thanks so much!

  • DrawnByShaun says:

    hey wanted to say your vids are super. You probably use the reveal formulas hotkey Ctrl ~ now rather than f2 down f2 down f2 down 😉

  • vishal pandey says:

    Sir you're great
    All Small things are explained excellently and are pretty helpful
    😀😀 thank you very much sir
    Loads of love ❤😘

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