Did Humans Live On Mars Before Earth? | Unveiled

Did Humans Live On Mars Before Earth? | Unveiled

Did Humans Live on Mars Before Earth? The prospect of life existing elsewhere in
the solar system or wider universe has been at the center of debate for decades. Given
the millions of stars and worlds “out there”, is Earth really the only one actually hosting
anything? And even if it was found that life doesn’t exist on other planets right now,
could it have existed somewhere else in the past? Somewhere relatively close to home? This is Unveiled, and today we’re answering
the extraordinary question; Did humans live on Mars before Earth? Are you a fiend for facts? Are you constantly
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bell for more fascinating content! Though it’s widely believed that Mars in
its current state couldn’t support complex life, there are various theories to suggest
that ancient Mars may have been a much more hospitable, habitable environment – perhaps
at one point even more so than Earth was. It’s thought that, more than three billion
years ago, the “Red Planet” was actually similar to what Earth is now in terms of climate
and conditions, with vast lakes and warmer weather patterns. In terms of whether it ever hosted life, NASA’s
Curiosity Rover has provided plenty of apparent evidence that it may have – or at least that
it was a possibility. Curiosity was launched in November 2011 and landed in August 2012
with the primary goal of exploring the Gale Crater – an area that’s now believed to
have once been a sprawling body of water. The rover’s mission objectives were (and
still are) very far-reaching, but much of what it does, collects, studies and records
is done so that NASA scientists can try to determine whether Mars could ever have hosted
life. First off, while navigating the Gale Crater,
Curiosity discovered a host of specific molecules and carbon chains which, according to NASA,
could have contributed to the formation of early life. Since then, during Curiosity’s
further exploration of the Martian landscape, it has found evidence of sulfur, nitrogen,
hydrogen, oxygen and carbon; elements that are also essential to life. We are, after
all, carbon-based beings. The puzzle is by no means complete, and at
the moment there’s no solid, irrefutable answer on whether life does, has or has never
existed on Mars… But it does seem as though early Mars at least contained all of the fundamental
pieces necessary for it to happen. John Grotzinger, the chief scientist behind the Curiosity Rover,
has every confidence that Mars was once a habitable planet – even claiming that the
water that once filled the Gale Crater would’ve been safe to drink! It’s an exciting thought, but it also ignites
another question: If life was initially on Mars instead of Earth, then how did it eventually
get here? Well – assuming for a second that life at some point did, in fact, exist on
Mars – the prospect of the two planets somehow exchanging organisms might not be all that
far-fetched, given their close proximity. At the closest point in their orbits, Earth
and Mars are approximately 34 million miles apart. It is a massive distance, but not exactly
insurmountable in the grand scheme of space. And here we get to the panspermia theory,
which suggests that forms of life exist throughout the universe and travel through space mostly
on meteorites. The chances of microbes actually surviving such high-speed, inter-planetary,
trans-star-system journeys are definitely low, but studies have shown that it is possible.
And we do already know that various meteors from other celestial bodies have made their
way to Earth. And that Mars has been pummeled with space debris in its past, as well. So,
if there’s even a grain of truth in the panspermia theory, then it may well have played
out on our planet and the “Red Planet” – and, across billions of years, such events
may theoretically have passed vital material from Mars to Earth. Much more recently, scientists like Steven
Benner, of the Westheimer Institute of Science and Technology, have added more fuel to the
theory – arguing that, thanks to its store of the element boron, early-Mars may have
actually been a better place than early-Earth for the creation of RNA or ribonucleic acid
– an essential building block for life. So, perhaps life really did develop on Mars first
before travelling to Earth… Or, at the very least, an adequate store of Boron made it
to Earth via meteorites, to kickstart evolution here. It ties closely with the “Phosphate Problem”,
which science has long been trying to figure out. The problem posits that early-Earth couldn’t
sustain the vital phosphates needed to create life… But early-Mars could well have done.
In 2013, shortly after Benner revealed his ideas on why Mars may have been a better breeding
ground for basic life, the university of Nevada’s Christopher Adcock led a study which found
that it was much more likely that phosphates on Mars would’ve developed in water; compared
to phosphates on Earth which weren’t as compliant with water. So, seeing as we believe
life started in water, Mars is arguably a more likely early home. As interesting and possible as it may seem,
though, the idea that life existed on Mars is still just a theory. And the jump from
the Red Planet perhaps hosting early microbial life to it being the long-lost-home for an
ancient line of actual human beings that we no longer know about is a massive one. Depending
on who you ask, some form of life may have existed (or may still exist) on Mars… But
walking, talking, advanced, intelligent and recognizable humans? Not likely. For those trying to pinpoint the origin of
life, though, Mars offers an alternative to our own planet – with some claiming that Earth
increasingly seems a more unlikely source. But there are still plenty of questions hanging
over Mars in general – not least, “what exactly happened to its atmosphere?” While
there’s still no proof that life has ever existed or excelled there, the general consensus
is that it’s at least possible. What do you think? Is there anything we missed?
Let us know in the comments, check out these other clips from Unveiled, and make sure you
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  • Unveiled says:

    Why Did NASA Stop Going to the Moon? – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEZH_9nUFDg

  • Anarchy Dude says:

    Here's a theory I'd like to see discussed:

    Space & Time are the same… space-time.
    So maybe our solar system is actually a physically observable manifestation of our complete timeline with each "planet" being our existence at different notable points throughout time.
    The most easily explainable example being Earth BECOMING Mars due to humankind finally obliterating itself & its world via nuclear destruction.

    Or a more suitably "down to earth" version of this theory, what is happening here on Earth has/will at some point happened/happen on every other planet in the solar system, and better, deeper observation into these heavenly bodies can help us better understand the true nature of our own planet & its true place in the grand design of our solar system.


  • Edward Hess says:

    People have coming from mars to earth because there planet where destroyed.
    Or planet are not destroyd but or planet wil stay in life.
    Only the people on this planet are going to be Destroyd.
    Because or earth are litle with to match people on it.
    The earth can not give food to al the people on earth in the future and the earth are dieing.
    We can only save earth to make no childeren anymore or destroy or selfs to save earth from dieing.
    Simply spoken you wil see but scientist know that for a long time and can not speak out because the Governmens give treats to scientist if they speak out.
    There are many scientist that have being killed by NSA and CIA because the have spoken some secrets to the public.
    The organazations like NSA And CIA FBI.
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    They do what they want with out the law .
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    But mus't also listen to the laws from american courts and judge's.
    Every organazation fall under USA Government.
    But they give not a peace of shit on the Government and the laws.

  • rune drejer says:

    Yep.. No one else could wrek a planet like us 😂😂

  • Keith Goodman says:

    I'm pretty sure my friends wife is from Mars, she loves smelling dead skunks.. seriously!

  • Brooke Curtis says:

    I’m glad somebody made this video cause I had this thought too!

  • Random Stuff says:

    if the had we would already had the technology to be able to travel to space and even to another solar systems

  • Rusty Shackelburt says:

    Don't go to Mars yet. Wait until the Earth looses the Moon. The Moon will crash into Mars, and increase it's mass, and re-ignite it's core, thus generating a magnetic field and increased gravity. Volcanoes will create a new atmosphere. Maybe after 200 million years, Humans could live there!

  • Jean-Marc Laurin says:

    Everybody seems to forget that mitochondrial DNA tracks backwards to other primates and previous mammals. Someone will have to explain why humans from mars would share 99% of their DNA with other life forms already here and everything else that was excreted from the primeval ooze a billion years ago. Everybody forgets that earth life forms have evolved with earth gravity and earth atmosphere. Nothing on mars could have changed that fact. Gravity rules our bone growth, blood pressure, digestion and even our eyesight. How the hell would we have erased our Martian traces in a few hundred thousand years?

    Mars has 1/3 earths gravity. It has always had 1/3 earths gravity and always will. If there is life to be found on mars, it would have evolved with that specific constraint written in its DNA.

  • kempmt1 says:

    I've seen an Anime movie of this subject. I don't recall the name of it.

  • Trexzatike Blox says:

    Could different based beings be possible

  • Kevin Williams says:

    There is a reason why Mars is affiliated with war or the God of war , there lays what is left one of the worst wars in human history, that was wrote out Just like other wars , we created a good way with sound to come here to earth , sound is more powerful than most realize

  • Jorge Rodriguez says:

    Me: how did life started. Scientists: Big Bang, microbial life in Mars, we don’t know we weren’t there 😂

  • Ryan Esau says:

    Total bullshit.

  • David Brandenburg says:

    I bet we lived there until some rouge planet almost hit us causing the planets core to slow way down, and allowing the atmosphere to be stripped off over time until we had to move. that would explain why we have planets like Uranus, whose orbits show them laying on their sides.

  • JRGJRG says:

    This would be a bad thing. I don't want to believe it. It would mean that humans are planet killers.

  • Robert G says:

    How incredibly stupid!

  • ted4ps says:

    OR…….. Did early earthlings, millions of years ago, go to Mars and establish life there? What about all the "earth-like" art affects, pyramids, faces, etc. ?

  • MJ says:

    Where's the evidence? No materials left? They would of had to have left some sort of sign of life.

  • John homes says:

    If humans lived on Mars before Earth that would make us Planet Destroyers we are on planet number to looking for a third to destroy we don't learn we stayed greedy we will destroy the planet to profit

  • Curtis Jones says:

    Oh, will the insanity ever END?? NOT until JESUS comes back and sets up HIS thousand year reign.

  • Travis Keith says:

    Mars electro field has become too weak to hold in it's air so most of the water evaperated and the sun blew it away.

  • Tony Romo says:

    There’s an obelisk on the moon of mars and it’s sending a transmission

  • Elige Wood says:

    No. With a capital N.

  • B G says:

    When will science finally admit there is absolutely no proof whatsoever or facts that life exists anywhere else other than planet Earth. Please stop with the endless daydreaming theories

  • Jo Jo Johnson says:

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  • fyve angelZ says:

    both were inhabited by the Annunaki, and that face on mars is actually the tomb of an Annunaki god who was kicked off of earth.

  • Enrique Atentar says:

    Nephelims live there but God don't agreed on them so he destroyed and kill all of them young and old using the 7 seraphims lucky survivors return to earth and hide in countries where you find vimanas.

  • Angela Hall says:

    Indigenous people of Earth are all black or dark skinned. White man just showed up one day and never left. White man came from Mars.

  • Patrick J. Harris says:

    I like the way the material was presented. Great job.

  • narutosensei77 says:

    Could have sworn heard mars was hit by a meteor in the past like earth but its atmosphere was destryed in the process.

  • Meni Meni says:

    Maybe we came from Venus and now it's time to think about going to March and leaving Earth because of the proximity to the sun, the same procedure has happened to our ancestors,

  • Tim Eaton says:

    Not sure about humans
    But some life form as feel mars was just like earth
    But overtime died I feel earth one day could be like mars
    The way we’re going killing ruining destroying everything we see
    To the point or close to extinction
    Funny thing is that we ever go to mars overtime could be the new earth

  • one estate says:

    Can't wait for the manned mission.

  • Mac Nigel tv says:

    I was so curious about that curiousity rovers battery is it still running right now?

  • Wesley Mcspadden says:

    The answer is no

  • Johnny Dupuis says:

    I have wondered if Mars was a mirror of our Earth.

  • N. Holbrook says:

    No…no they did not. But humans lived on Earth before humans lived on Earth. We still remember them in the stories we tell.

  • Araragi Koyomi says:

    Wait? Were actually a Martian? Where's my Telepathy? Why am i not an esper? Rofl😂

  • Idi Amin says:

    I think white people come from mars, it would explain why they burn even in the european summers!

  • Austinlakerboy 8 says:

    Wouldn’t there be buildings and stuff if we lived there?

  • Adrian says:

    Yeah, but what does Ancient Astronaut Theorists say? Lol

  • Pete Mca says:

    Are you kidding me??… don’t you people look at the thousands of pics that the rovers have taken??…. it’s all there, statues, machinery, writing etc… very Egyptian like and many thousands of years old….. wake up and do some research .. nasa tried to cover up only so much and in the end the rovers have lived much longer than nasa expected and the pics are public domain..! and if you think I’m a UFO crackpot or conspiracy nut, your wrong…. I can’t honestly understand why so many just aren’t aware…..

  • Pop Lock says:

    Yes they did

  • Duc Ly says:

    Men lived in Mars and women lived in Venus. Both escaped their planets and settled on earth.

  • Azazel Zel says:


  • jeff Mac says:

    Dumbest question ever ☹️

  • Luke Yznaga says:

    your really not showing any real evidence WHICH IS OUT THERE especially on youtube, of the fact that at one time, Mars had live before earth did. I gave you a thumbs down. In fact, yoiu don't even begin to answer the question until WELL HALF INTO the whole video. Uck you.

  • John Doe says:

    I'd like to visit Uranus

  • Lor Bmoreflow says:

    Lmao we think we can colonize it because we already destroyed a once habitable planet😭😂

  • Monster Mousse says:

    Mars is still in its infancy amongst the galaxy. Their is a lot of time for development as water had barely begun forming there.

  • Ted Bishop says:

    No life can exist on Mars. Mars has no liquid water.

  • bobby ray of the family smith says:

    I work for NASA I'm paid to post round earth propaganda to keep the feckless masses fooled ha

  • cblizz730 says:

    As much as I'd like to believe this, the gravity is just too low for humans to have existed on Mars first without advanced technologies.. It's possible that Mars or early venus could have seeded life for earth due to meteor impacts.

  • Flyacow Good says:

    Door knobs do not exist that is a scientific fact you can look it up.

  • dee bu soh says:

    Yes.. They escaped to earth.. Im John carter..

  • Quasar Sword says:

    And Venus before that?

  • Dominic A says:

    They did,but the commute was a bitch!

  • ScooterzNC Brandie says:

    I can’t believe anyone even believes we actually have a rover on mars that we can remote control from here on earth! It laughable at best! We haven’t even been to the moon let alone mars…….

  • packingraw says:

    and the answer is.. an easy no

  • Johnf says:

    Planets are not real, all are cgi pics, its proven through photoforensics, time and again weve been lied to aboit satellites, VAN ALLEN BELTS proves this, no launches in space ever go beyond atmosphere, ALL science fiction, all made up by LIARS

  • Zain 2005 says:

    Earth: humans die with global warming
    Mars: humans die without global warming

  • Jay Boh says:

    Well, we're supposed to have come from apes so if we were there then why the backtracking in evolution? Did we de-evolve like in Mario Bros then come here? If so then how lol. Aha, see… I highly doubt we came from elsewhere

  • Joel Ricketts says:

    I’m just a dumb farm boy. Science is always best guess, In are current understanding of reality.. which are reality is constantly evolving to adopt new information. That being said absolutely nothing including the question of did humans live on mars first should be meet with a hard no. One, we have not found life elsewhere. If in fact we do find life and we study this life’s DNA Is it not possible that we find evidence linking it to something found on earth or even humans. Panspermia would then become less of a theory and more of an adoption into are reality right. So the fact that science today can say we are from earth because we share common ancestor with Monkeys. Will not guarantee that science of tomorrow won’t reshape are understanding of life and how life threw the cosmos could be more familiar than currently thought of. Do I think we came from mars as humans, I don’t think it is likely but I do think it is possible.

  • shakespeare fan says:

    Completely ludicrous !!!!!

  • donkique956 says:

    How could Mars be habitable three billion years ago if the sun was 30% weaker? That means Mars would have been colder than what it is today, atmosphere or not.

  • Addison Kramme says:

    Imagine standing on mars being told you have to move to earth

  • iamlsusam says:

    No possible way for us to have moved from planet to planet! So the answer is no.

  • Nick Wightman says:

    that background music is so cringy

  • The Whiz Kid says:

    There is the movie, The Martian if anyone wants to use that as the possibility of human life on Mars, but given that earth has water, other interstellar species could be visiting or have visited, given their technology might be far superior to ours

  • Claude Balls says:

    That might explain Trumps Orange-reddish coloring.

  • Ged Woods says:

    Depends what direction the habitual zone drifts in. Thought it was Venus myself.

  • kingkong84 says:

    No. There, I solved it for you.

  • Dialysisforever says:

    Yes https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYlsNIXKIkRTN5WL6fe_wtQ

  • YB WANG says:

    Just subscribed because Noah's voice is just so soothing 😅

  • rippoxxx says:

    Im pretty sure we did not.

  • Shane Jordan says:

    Could explain b14 traces detected across mars which is usually caused by nuclear bombs. Not to mention the residual radiation from millions of years ago.

  • Heathen The Heretic says:

    This whole comment section is full of idiots and I wouldn't be surprised if any of these ppl believe in the mole people or that we lived with dinosaurs and that giant people once ruled the earth

  • WSCLATER says:

    Absolute science fiction nonsense.

  • dragon says:

    You must be a complete idiot if you think Earth is the only planet with life in the universe.

  • kenneth klement says:

    Parrakas elongated skulls are people that may have come from this planet a million plus years ago👽

  • Bucket with a face on it says:

    It's a credible theory to suggest we came to earth as fully formed beings. Actually more believable than we just morphed into humans from single celled organisms.

  • 163pete says:

    If humans lived on mars you would see beer cans everywhere!!!

  • John Sutter says:

    Humans are a terraforming tool of the annunaki?

  • 280zjammer says:

    There’s no trash on Mars so I’m going to say absolutely not.

  • Charles Anthony says:

    The city of Cairo, Egypt means Mars. From all indications, liquid water ran on Mars in the distant past. There are other indications that a civilization once existed there. Mars is a great mystery that our grandchildren will solve. Don't rule out anything.

  • KTM690EnduroR 35 says:

    The answer is no. Pictures of mars are actually pictures of Earth desert with red filter added. Just like every single pic of Earth in text books and online are cgi composites . JFK was trying to warn us

  • Jamie Weston says:


  • Joel Isac says:

    Its the nuke cycle lol we move back and forth, wondering what went wrong with venus lol

  • Sewan & Sawen Creations says:

    Humans live in Mars no, dummies…and almost as many on earth as well. Now Jupiter…there's 10 times the amount of humans on Jupiter as on earth…who you think is making all that gas? Humans inhabit many planets in the solar system…earth is one of the least populous planets as well…and very technologically and humanely stunted as well. There's humans on earth who actually think they're kings and queens because they use money to get morons to inadequately build their antique dwellings. No zero world human would be caught dead in a house built by another human…just foolishness. Robots build incredible 5 dimensional resonating perfect structures, with unshakable foundations. Zero world enlightened humans live in robot built houses…the peasantry lives in dwellings built with money by slaves hands…so, brick chips, corners cut, plywood…ewww. and the sweat from man built structures stays in the wood and walls and eventually leads to nasty molds growing in cavernous and rotten lumber that's used to cut corners. I'd never live in a house built by inferior man…no zero world space faring human who knows about the other space faring humans would…just disgusting and dirty. The canopy of heaven is much better than a man built dwelling.

  • CARL Rauschkolb says:

    yes it was habitable we used to have McDonald's Chuck-E-Cheese taco Bell Walmart Winn-Dixie we even have family Dollar on Mars with a couple of skateparks some movie theaters and a Goodwill

  • Kesiif says:

    If we lived anywhere it was Venus. Its atmosphere is composed of the pollutants we have as a footprint.

  • NORMAN WELCH says:

    We should be more concerned with where we are going, but knowing our past is relevant.

  • RetroGamerz says:

    Elon musk project would be pointless😂

  • john alt says:


  • Frog guy says:


  • Lynn Ulrich says:

    No we didnt!! We are not living on a spinning ball you fools!!! And NASA is nothing but another government agency that STEALS our money and LIES to us. Wake up my fellow patriots!

  • Herbert Norkus says:

    Ive no doubt. When they found the mars meteorite with fossilized microbes in antarctica, that was the proof. Then they walked it back for some reason. Viking landers in 1976 had a result that was positive in their tests, that was walked back as well. Now nasa was supposed to make a huge announcement , but the eggheads there think we arent ready….walked back again….utter silence except for announcements of future missions. People have surmised that many of the great plagues of history were the result of interstellar microbes landing here…things we had no resistance to. Im thinking that life isnt as fragile as wed thought and the universe is teeming with it…and microbial diaspora, is more the norm than the exception.

  • 11.000.000 Views says:


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