Curious Americans Came to our Mosque – What do they say?

Curious Americans Came to our Mosque – What do they say?

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem
assalamu alaikum assalam alikum means peace of god be upon you thank you thank
you that’s a way that we start you can say what the comes alone if you want it
so that’s the way we start anything and that’s the way we greet each other and
we have our friends over here and we are here at the GLIC that is guiding light
Islamic Center and today we are having a mosque open house so our friends our
neighbors are here our brothers and sisters in humanity and we want to get
their feedback first and foremost what brought you here to the mosque and so
far what has been your experience well curiosity brought me here a friend who
is Muslim invited us to attend and we are involved in an interfaith effort in
southern Indiana right across they were seeking to understand and build unity
and in our community and so this has been wonderful and I have learned a lot
so thank you very much for this opportunity what have you learned so far
well I loved reading about the role of women about the the very successful
women who are Muslim and reading about the the guiding principles about that I mean I was very touched
that you you know you’re not supposed to eat if the person next to you has no
food you know just being aware of other people and caring for other people doing
right by them and that that’s that’s what God wants of us and so anyway I
appreciate learning about that thank you you know so much appreciate that you
took our time you know it’s a nice weather it’s not as hot as yesterday
it’s like 75 in the morning you could have been anywhere but you came here may
God guide and bless you thank you same to you just a friend come on the posters
are very informative I also really like the slideshow that showed the community
involvement of the members here all the different areas that they help outside
of the congregation I thought that was very inspiring
always sad to see that you know it’s one of the main principles of Islam that we
are supposed to engage with the bigger society and enhance it that’s what
Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him he taught us and that’s what we Muslims we
are supposed to emulate him and all the wonderful prophets and messengers Jesus
Moses Abraham know how peace be upon all of them absolutely thank you what was
your main motivation to come to the mosque just at the full duration our
interfaith activities were some of us are members of the Baha’i faith and part
of the Baha’i faith is to understand all the other faiths that we believe are
true faiths so we need to know more about them and interact with with their
members and and make this world more peaceful place
the mission that we all have have you read the Quran by the way I
have a Quran of my own and I’ve read lots of it
one important chapter and verse of the Quran that speaks about the unity of
humanity is in chapter 49 verse number 13 in which God is addressing humanity
and God is saying that o mankind o humanity I have created you from one
single male in one single female and made you into peoples and nations and
tribes that you get to know each other so that’s the main mission that we have
to connect humanity with one God and Muhammad peace be upon him as the final
prophet and unity of humanity thank you and thanks for having this event thanks
for coming all the way from Chicago he saw so welcome my dear brother Tom right
Tom okay my name is Sabeel and you’re so welcome to come to the mosque over here
let us know what made you to come to the mosque I just wanted to find out more
about Islam and the teachings I did get some things to read which will
help me more a Quran and then I’m not sure a pamphlet or something to read and
what are your names I’m James Gina James and you know Wow
nice names my name is Sabeel, so we want to hear from our friends James and Gina
what brought you here to the mosque and what has been your expectation so far
and what do you know about Islam well we’re both converts from Christianity
through Islam and we are looking for a place to pray
and place the funds community and we were recently married and we are in the
live in the neighborhood we recently moved to the neighborhood well I didn’t
have a little knowledge about Islam I went to India and I have the opportunity
to live it’s run closer over there and then I decided to get married with James
we are all convert to Islam but when we want to get like more knowledge about
the religions were new and on it so welcome to the mosque any question that
you have about the mosque about Islamic practices you know any knowledge that
you need more let us know we are all brothers and sisters and welcome to
Islam both of you thank you we’re happy to be here good as Salaam alaikum peace
of God be upon you


  • GAAZI786 says:

    Good move, It will help to minimize the ill propaganda against Islam and Muslims. May ALLAH bless Sabeel Ahmed.

  • j n says:

    Sabeel y our a sweet man

  • Mokta abdul says:

    Fkoff to your own Muslim country, fkn shitholes Muslims.

  • Nasrin Rahman says:

    Still mosque is terrorist factory. No doubt about it.

  • abdul ali says:

    Thank you sir
    Zazakallah kair
    Veery good duwa islam

  • shahid hussain says:

    Sabeel Brother Assalam ALAIKUM Allah bless you all the time till last breath and give more strength in Daawa and … I inspried from your videos and watch regularly. You devoting your life in a path of Allah's messengers may Allah put me also in this way of Daawa…. here I have a suggestion to you that's if we call MASJID instead of MOSQUE, isn't better? Bcz word masjid is used in arabic genuinely before 1400 AD and mentioned clearly in Quraan also and here the history of Mosque is mosque. 1717, earlier moseak (c.1400), also mosquee (16c.), probably in part from Middle French mosquée, from Italian moschea, earlier moscheta, from Spanish mesquita (modern mezquita), from Arabic masjid "temple, place of worship," from sajada "he worshipped" + prefix ma- denoting "place."

  • Satriyo Seputro says:

    God bless you all 🙏

  • Aneesh Babu says:

    Watch "Christian Prince" videos on YouTube.. debate him… Islam is dieing because of him..

  • Chloe Pearl says:

    Wonderful job, keep it up. Baraka Allahu fikum

  • Shahnaz Parveen says:

    Hope Allah swt will be with you. its not easy task to convince nasara and yahud. keep going esp. Dua for you. Great thanks to shaheed afridi, imran khan to Speak out For kashmiries. BD.

  • Meer Irfan Meer Irfan says:

    Allah akbar

  • musiCpro!! says:

    Good job

  • Fuad Ridaoui says:

    MashaAllah Great initiative 😃😃💚

  • selemani chambo says:

    Allah bless you brother for this jihad, let everyone know islam is peace, salam from Tanzania

  • Yahya moxamad says:

    I really appreciate Dr sabeel

  • Silvan Diplo says:

    Assalamualaikum Mr.Sabeel i hope you can interview the story of James and Gina how can they embraced Islam.
    May Allah SWT always protect you.

  • AOL Rodr says:

    Don't take advantage of goodness of the CHRISTIANS.
    Please explain TAQIYA
    James & Gina disillusioned, fooled; Converts that you are, will you oblige to verse 9.111?!! Will YOU oblige to 532 violent verses?!! Goodness shown to you is one side of the coin; have you seen the other side?!!
    Just the belief of ONE GOD doesn't make that religion righteous, it's teachings of goodness for humanity does.

  • spykar firos says:

    Masha Allah

  • Fawaaz Van Der schyff says:

    I think its awesome and such a respectful move that these ppl came out to check how it is. Its not that we want them to change there beliefs, its just to find out what the truth behind all the stereotypes are about islam. Much respect to them and may Allah guide and keep us all inshalaah ameen🌟

  • billal hossean says:

    thanks mr.sabeel Ahmed all and who are visitors.pray to allah for your success.

  • qasim butt says:

  • Rashid Parwez says:

    JazakAllahu khair
    💜from India

  • Paragon Of virtue says:

    049.013 .
    O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted.

  • Naushad Alam says:


  • Gladwin Samuel says:

    Deceiving spirit which deceives the Christ's children….very sad to see this …

  • Gladwin Samuel says:

    I pray that these Muslims living in a Christian nation may find the love of Christ and follow Christ

  • Alhuda Foundations says:

    Good job bro

  • nurnoby santo says:

    American people are very polite,,, cool thinking and behavior.. I first saw them so cool respect to American people and women from Bangladesh

  • Ryan Wallace says:

    Now let them listen to the Christian Prince on youtube so we can laugh together….. 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • moonlight light says:

    love from bangladesh💖🇧🇩💖

  • busalam retnam says:

    Are you Americans mad? A wayward generation. You are not allowed to step in Any Place of Worship, for to do so one is committing himself to the mysterious forces….

  • Roshan jameel says:

    Masha Allah from India

  • Baharull C baba says:

    Ma sha Allah Allhamdulilah Subhanallah Allahu Akbar am so glad to see this really. May Allah the Almighty guide and protect us all here and hereafter in sha Allah Ameen

  • Sanjay Kawade says:

    Force conversation is become difficult ,so new fake drama of muslims ,

  • Americajon says:

    Please buy pair of mic please

  • Ahmad Ali says:


  • Minhaj Ahmad says:

    Nice job sir …..

  • mr x says:

    Islam are terrorist and related people are terrorist my English are not good little bit but I can profe it

  • aliyas ashraf says:

    What is your methodology ? Do explain it…

  • Javed Akhtar says:

    Yai makkar ko yai bhi nahi pata jootai chappal pahain ker mazjid Mai nahi aatau

  • Agusp Mthamrin says:

    Baaraka Llaahu fiikum


    Mosliman senit

  • Naeem Haque22 says:

    Why is he not popular as Nouman Ali Khan? He deserves more popularity.

  • Lance Gin says:

    Allah of Islam is not God. Allah has no prove he can performing miracles of healing.

  • Sani says:

    Sabeel, do you feel uncomfortable talking in front of the camera? Because to me it seems like you do. Not saying your not enjoying it. But it feels that you are doubting on what or how to say things and when or when not to look in the camera. :p Still keep doing what you do! Just don't doubt yourself.

  • Amazon Account says:


  • Longinus Ukenta says:

    Why are millions of muslims running away from their 100% muslim countries to 100% Christian countries? Why has allah cursed muslim countries that muslims are running away from them.

  • Longinus Ukenta says:

    According to the koran and the hadith's muhaMAD was a:
    Double crosser
    War criminal

  • altaf bandenavaj says:

    May Allah reward you brother sabeel go ahead and don't give up this wonderful work

  • Muhammad Jamal Uddin says:

    Brother Sabeel Ahmed, you are doing a great job to satisfy of Allah swt. May Allah accept us our good deeds & forgive our bad deeds. Allahumma ameen.

  • Mr LA-BOY says:

    Can you explain Sura 3 Vs 28, any Muslim

  • Don Jiaye says:

    Peace and Understanding among us the Believers GOD is very important…Thanks to all of you.

  • solomon duncan says:

    Muslims see the religion as a political party, and their videos is a form of campaigning for the party.

  • shahid Raihan says:

    May Allah swt guide all mankind's to truths
    Lets us all learn from each other's

  • Omer Mato Albanian Muslim says:

    Allah Akbar ❤💙

  • PN says:

    Why this same hospitality not available in all muslim countries? Why SHARIA not removed and allow free will?.Will muslim women be allowed the same freedom to visit church just like this?

  • PN says:

    The presenter looks European below neck and a middle east above neck.

  • cry peace says:

    I love when slimy sabeel says that we are all brothers and sisters in humanity.

    The biggest problem with islamist is that they think all westerners are fools and they do not know how islam cult functions.

    When mohammad captured mecca he gave a choice to the people of the book ( jews/christians )to give jiziya n live as dimmi but to the pagans he gave no choice. They had to accept islam or get killed.

    Also mohammad ordered the brutal killing of 5 people, and 3 of them were women, who used to mock at mohammad when he was in mecca as a peaceful man.

    Blessings !!!
    Stay away from Islam !!!

  • Nidaa says:

    educated people are always polite

  • Devil Worshipping Atheist says:

    Now give them a Quran, they will be horrified at the violence, brutality, barbarity and superstitious orchestrator of Islam, Muhammad the warlord paedophile. Allah was Muhammad’s imaginary friend and close to 2 billion idiots have been fooled to follow him

  • mas dimas says:

    assalamualaikum dr sabeel…..please explanation about khilafah too….thank you 🙂 islam is the peace religion

  • foysal hossen says:

    Great job

  • Sadiya Sineen says:

    Masha Allah.. Dr sabeel Ahmed
    Jazakallah khair you are promoting Islam.helping people n calling them to the Truth of ones life

  • Jan NisaR says:

    May ALLAH give you Jannah Brother Dr. Sabeel Ahmad Sir

  • Headhunter 1 says:

    Jesus greeted his disciples with the exact words.
    John 20;19

  • hujjatullah sahib says:

    There is nothing more stellar to a sincere Muslim than to witness and welcome non-Muslim brothers and sisters in humanity who equally sincerely make an effort to learn about true Islam and Muslims instead of just remaining satisfied with all the anti-Islamic propaganda that has traditionally consumed their needlessly fearful societies !

  • sk alamgir Uddin says:

    May Allah bless sabel Bro.

  • y Israel says:

    Glory to the only one 1 God almighty ALLAH 🙏 s w t 💗 🌷/ the màker @ Creator of the whole universe .

  • y Israel says:

    Islam is the only religion on Earth from the beginning of time to the end of time / judgement day / all prophets chosen for islam and Muslims too if ( muses , Jesus Christ , Mohamed ) all books sent for islam and Muslims too if ( taorah or Bible or quraan ) all other believes are / Man made religions if ( juddisem or Christianity or hinddusem or buddism or even Sikhism )
    FACT not FICTION / open your mind dear 🌹❤☝

  • Fama Ameen says:

    Lovely mashaAllah very proud of you son.. this is exactly what we need right now this day n this age

  • Kattar aadmi says:

    Learn Islam you will love it
    I love Islam 👆❤️

  • Haidarali Ansari says:

    Bhai ye log kaya bol rahe hai hindi me bolne ke liye kahiye i love hindi

  • محمد ميكائيل القاسمي الهندي says:

    ASSALAMUALAIKUM Dr Sabeel sahab
    Hope you are doing well!
    Sir My name is Muhammad Meekail Qasmj from India
    I have Graduation and Post graduation in Arabic- English language and literature… so I want to work there under your guidance in America if you give me such a wonderful opportunity.
    Mohd Meekail Tabish Qasmi
    Email: [email protected]

  • salma akhter hamida says:

    Where is the Centar stay ?

  • salma akhter hamida says:

    Good job circular well done

  • Muhammad Saleem says:


  • khan Khan says:

    See Muhammad Ali. This is Islam. Never criticise any human being and respect for everyone. Islam which is now portrayed is a thing funded by israel and usa government. People of usa are as usual good people as others.

  • Norma Kassim says:

    Lily Astried well.meant inspiring comment..may Allah bless you and god willing may you spread Peace to the pple in your community.

  • lil hammad says:

    how can we get these muslims to leave the pure monotheism taught by all prophets. Abraham. Moses. Muhammad and Jesus ' greatest command is to worship our lord the one god only'…..for the true trinity trigodhead voted on at nicea 325ad even tough it is foreign to Jesus and the bible says ' god is not a man '

  • Shahroz Ulhaq says:

    You are doing one of the best thing (job) in the world. Thanks for doing that 👏

  • Ansarie Hadji Malik says:

    Exact please?

  • Jake Warden says:

    Leave America and go back to your Islamic zombie zone dictator country

  • fid 77 says:

    Muslims, why no one of you know your god? Because is not real. Because is only a fabricated god. No one muslims know who is allah, what is allah, where is allah, how is allah. allah is only a imagination that nobody can imaginate. This is the islamic explanation.

  • Woro Salim says:

    Alhamdulilah..u did a great job..

  • Mohd Abdullah says:

    Brother Sabeel, I would like to join your organization and contribute towards the noble work you are doing in anyway that I can.

  • ziad mziri says:


  • Reham Mohaseb says:

    God bless and guide them

  • RM Azim says:

    Instead of Being Obsessed with Religion and Mosques it is Better that Muslims Devote
    Their Energy and Resources in Inculcating Muslims with Quality Education in English, particularly the Muslim Girls and Women who are Laggards.
    Unless this is Done the Muslims will Continue to Languish and will be Unable to Make a Mark for themselves in Comity of Nations. Muslims Should Know that there is No Substitute for Solid Quality Education.

  • sufi saleem says:

    Demacratic nation's are biggest threat to Islam . Muslim s should do more dawah to establish monorchy in America

  • aman ubaid says:

    Where is yourMosque in US I am from New York City

  • aman ubaid says:

    You’re doing great

  • aman ubaid says:

    Where is your Islamic Centre.

  • Parsee Nanoo says:

    Only asshole American visit mosque

  • Assa Dia says:

    Machalah brother sabeel you doing a wonderful job may God be with you 🙏🏽

  • Mamadou Bendaloue says:

    Thanks my pious brother Sabeel, Your Da'wah may Allah SWT accept your beautiful and friendly Da'wah. From the UK innocent deportee in Ghana Mr Mamadou Bendaloue ( Bilal) email address: [email protected]

  • Mamadou Bendaloue says:

    Well done brother Sabeel

  • AOL Rodr says:
    FOX leading American chicken to his den!!!
    Wake up American chicken before you turn into KFC (Kentucky fried chicken)

  • Han Hannan says:

    As salamualaikom brothers and sisters in Islam. Praise Allah.

  • SRK Bro Bruh Bros says:

    I want Your Confidence and Brilliance Love You Bro

  • SRK Bro Bruh Bros says:

    I love it when Americans pronounce Islam as Izlam

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