Culture shock! Head size matters カルチャーショック・小顔

Culture shock! Head size matters カルチャーショック・小顔

Hey guys! Today we have an interesting subject to talk about. This is actually one of the biggest things I had a culture shock about when I first came to Japan. Was it that surprising? Yes, because I’d never heard of it before I got here! I don’t know how I didn’t know. I watched so many YouTube videos about Japan before I came here. But apparently, something that’s a really big thing here about attractiveness is the size of your face. Kogao (small face) Or like the size of your head. Yeah, they say face, but they’re actually talking about the size of your head. Japanese people will say, “Oh, you have such a small face!” which is a compliment. It’s really good here to have a small face, or a small head, and it’s not so good to have a-
-Huge head.
-…larger head. And that’s a real thing. This a real, nationwide, everyone-in-Japan-knows-about-it thing here. This isn’t one of those trendy
“HURR JAPAN’S BEING SO WEIRD RIGHT NOW” “But actually only a dozen people are doing it!” things. Like whenever you go out shopping, you get comments like “KAO CHISSA!” which means like “UAGHH HER FACE IS SO SMALL!” You guys might be really confused. I’ll try my best to explain it. In general, and I don’t know how far this extends, like I don’t know if it’s all East Asians, but Japanese people tend to have larger sized heads in proportion to the size of their body, compared to Westerners. When I went to America, everyone seemed to have smaller faces. How do they measure it, though? Well, I did look up some research on this. Oh, you did? Of course I would look up research. But when you get on Google Scholar or Google and you start trying to look up scientific articles on the size of heads compared to races, you get a lot of people trying to prove that certain races have naturally higher IQs than other races because they have larger brains and cranial capacities. Oh, because they have larger brains? And I did not get a good feeling from those articles so I don’t know if I trust them. I just kind of pushed them aside. But almost all of them did end up saying that East Asians had the largest head size. Oh, really? Yeah, they looked at cranial capacity, so I think that’s like the overall volume inside where you could have brain space. And I have to warn our Japanese viewers watching this! Do NOT go to America and say, “Ugh I have such a big head.” Because that has a completely different meaning! We have nothing like this in America. If you’re talking about the size of your “head”, you’re referring to something else. So don’t talk about the size of your head in America. So I think the average was 57 centimeters. 57 centimeters? Head size? Do you want me to measure your head? We’re gonna measure our heads. From here to here. You’re 58cm. Oh really? So it’s a little above average. Yeah, you’re 58.5 cm. Okay. It’s not like I’m 60cm. I’m sorry. So that’s average Japanese? Male. Oh, average male Japanese head size.
Yep, I looked it up. Yep. I’m sorry, Jun! No, I’m not embarrassed at all. I don’t care anymore. Did you care? Did you ever care? No, not really. Until I met you. Really? You have a freaking small head! Okay, for female it’s 54.5 cm. 53 maybe?
[It was actually 52 cm] Yeah, it’s tiny. So your head is…
5.5 cm bigger than you. You’re just slightly above average, and I’m a little below average. Yep. But I’m also a lot taller than Japanese women. That makes it even worse. Can we compare our head sizes? Okay.
Look into the camera.
Okay. Let’s compare. You need to know how small your head is. It’s freaking tiny. I know it’s small… It’s tiny! If I had a larger face, would you still have been attracted to me? Yeah, I think so. Really? Yep. What if my face was like this? Are you indirectly offending me? That’s my face size. Okay, I won’t do that, then. Okay well I don’t care about your face size. Okay. I’m glad. I like you the way you are. Thank you. Some Japanese people who have the smaller, Western-sized heads, They’re considered to have very attractive head sizes. Like an idol, celebrity, and model. Yeah, people like that often tend to be like models or actors or actresses because they have such an attractive head size. The first time I came to Japan, that’s when I learned about this head size/face size thing. And at first I had no idea what they were talking about. I couldn’t tell that there was any difference. But now that I’ve gotten used to it and I’ve seen it so much, I’m able to see the difference. But I still don’t care! Because I wasn’t raised in a society- I’m jealous. -where people talked about the size of your head. I don’t care. I don’t care, and I feel really uncomfortable when I take pictures with my Japanese friends here. Because they’ll look at the pictures afterward and they’ll be like, “Oh, I’m so embarrassed! My head’s so big!” And I’m like, “Don’t be embarrassed! It’s a nice picture! I’m happy to take a picture with you!” And they’ll be like, “Oh your face is so small. I’m so embarrassed.” And I feel bad because they feel bad about it. But I don’t care at all. I want to explain this to our Japanese viewers because I don’t think we have anything in America that you guys just never cared about. So I’ve been thinking about how I could make Japanese people understand, and I had to come up with a fake example. So this is not a real thing in America. All right, let’s hear you out. But how I would compare the head size/face size thing in Japan would be is: if you went to America and found out there’s this thing where people with pointy elbows were really embarrassed about their elbows, but people with SQUARE elbows… Those are attractive elbows. And whenever you took a picture with your friends, the people with pointy elbows would hide their elbows so they didn’t show up in the picture. Or if they showed up in the picture, they’d be like, “Oh, I’m so embarrassed about my pointy elbow!” You wouldn’t care at all! You wouldn’t care. And then if people were just constantly saying to you on the street, “Ah! Your square elbows are soo attractive! Geez.” Like how do you feel about that? Like… thank you…? But… I don’t know. So if you’re Japanese and you have a larger head, you don’t have to be embarrassed about it because when you meet a foreigner, they’re probably not going to care at all. It’s probably not going to affect their attraction for you at all. It’s just not a thing. So today was a little cultural lesson on face here in Japan. I hope you learned something! Thanks for watching! I’ll see you guys later! Bye!


  • MattinaBird says:

    I think you've mixed up with skull length to head circumference. Head length is what is considered attractive in fashion industry. That's why most "supermodels" have really small heads in terms of length compared to their body length. No, the circumference does not equal to the length of your skull. that's crazy talk, tried that theory myself.

  • bekah1daf says:

    jesus this video made me realize i have a giant ass head im depressed

  • Sisi Danielova says:

    I am a girl an may head is 56cm D:

  • Blacksteam99 says:

    Do women in Japan say "My tits are down here ?!?!?" Because men are co instantly staring at their face ?

  • eduardo torres says:

    fun fact, womens heads get bigger with age.
    for men, their JAW gets wider with age

  • Isla Is Best says:

    Here the size of your head refers to your ego, being told you have a big head means you have a large ego.

  • vproject says:

    Jun is like every other guy. He rounds it up to the higher denominator. 🤣

  • Scott W Pilgrim says:

    Sharp noses, big eyes, and fair skin determine beauty in my family. Guess whose got all three? Meee!

  • Trista Ferencik says:

    "I have such a big head" Orly 😏😏😏

  • Jesus Christ says:

    2:08 that would explain as to why Asians are always depicted as super intelligent

  • A. says:

    Omg I didn’t know about small heads nor pointy elbows… (I’m from France). One more proof that attractivity is a lot about culture. It’s not rational.

  • Holli Niesen says:

    This is super interesting to me. I've always hated how small my head is compared to the rest of my body

  • Millie Wilson says:

    3:40 "i only cared, till i met you" lmao im dying of laughter.

  • A. says:

    So mine is 53 cm… Must go to Japan lol

  • Anna Blanco says:

    conclusion: if you have a large head in Japan, go date a foreinger

  • SangoManju says:

    I am japanese but born in Brazil. I´ve always been embarrassed about my head size not because I learned this from Japan, but because you can REALLY NOTICE it in the pictures with other people!!! I always try to be a little bit behind in a group picture. Trying to find the best haircut to make my head more discreet.
    Also, people have commented already about my head size in Brazil and I ended up feeling really bad about it. It´s something impossible to change about myself.

  • Nuria Basanta says:

    Jajaja i have a big head, a lot of hats don't fit me well

  • VGO VGER says:

    I'm 58 cm but my head looks small for me, I have wide shoulders and thick chest, 6ft1?

  • VGO VGER says:

    Must be weird for Japanese people to see a red head?

  • Rocky Gunter says:

    Oh yeah, this big brain time

  • Leah and Harley's Great Adventures says:

    My head size is in the 90th percentile in America lol. Never really thought about it.

  • Silver says:

    No wonder they're all smart

  • Culvea Solvere says:

    That racial Eugenics thing has been disproven so many times it's good you left that out. The only determining factor of whether or not you are a genius is the density of your neurons so the more neurons you have in clusters the more powerful your intelligence and imagination becomes, this was documented when they examined the brain of Einstein.

  • Culvea Solvere says:

    I'd say to your friends and viewers that your height has everything to do as to why your head is smaller.

  • Angela grace says:

    Also when people say you have a big head in America they’re often trying to call you stuck up, or overly confident and not actually talking about your head size lol

  • Luke Z says:

    Neanderthals watching too many cartoons it seems.

  • Lynt Lau says:

    Well, Jun is tall though.

  • kaikalai says:

    as an american i’m not gonna lie even seeing the thumbnail i still had a suspicion this video was about the,,,,other,,,,,,,head

  • Ina Raykova says:

    When you think about it, aren't all of our perceived flaws like that? – Not an actual thing. Just some group's idea about looks.

    Appreciate Japan giving us some perspective thanks to their thing for small heads 😆

  • FinnSalsa says:

    I'm a male with 52 cm head xD
    Don't get jealous Jun. :3

  • Hello Dear Elise says:

    Okay, then I'm never going to Japan with my big 59cm head.
    I'm literally a xenomorph.

  • Butters says:

    oh you have a big head
    means your really smart
    or you can say it diffrently and means you have a big dick
    small means stupied or just small

  • Clay Craven says:

    im wondering about how much you edited this one its all choped up

  • Gman351 says:

    Japanese have Big heads because they have much more Alien DMA also they have alien slanted eyes

  • Sandra Schiefer says:

    Ok now i feel really bad O_o my head size is 57 cm i am female 180 cm tall and my husbands head is 59 with 185 cm tall. I really dont know if its normal because we dont care here in germany about this. But if you say east asian people have big heads now i feel like i have a balloon head. :3

  • Woo ooshing Machine says:

    Where I live if you have a big forehead we say your forehead pregnant 🤣🤣🤣

  • Zooni Fauzan says:

    It's like Korea
    Even in S.K small faces are considered handsome/pretty

  • ALunarLight says:

    I'm a 61cm female the only thing I hate is I can get cute sunhats at regular stores

  • Ashley McCready says:

    Something similar in America would probably be weight or body size because generally speaking that is something people here get embarrassed about

  • Alexandru Gheorghe says:

    IQ differences based on race are true. It may not be a fun or easy subject to discuss (for some), still, doesn't make it any less real.

  • Chaika Gaz says:

    Pretty sure shes making this up. Wheres her stats? Did she do a study where she asked 500,000 japanese people how they feel about size of faces? Baseless rumors she spreading.

  • E Aiwarikr says:

    You two are a beautiful couple. Continue being the best you can be to eachother 🙏

  • chris18228 says:

    Small head small brain

  • kk. kayla says:

    What about ears? Are small ears cute 😂😂😂 ( I got abnormally really small ears)

  • Airehcaz says:

    Whaaaaaat? I’ve never heard of such a thing. So weird to me

  • Coco Daisy says:

    Lol this is a thing in Korea too!

  • Gofor It says:


  • Aimee Thomson says:

    Same as her gob

  • JoGo Psycho says:

    I have a average Japanese girl size head.

  • Bang Supa says:

    i have round head
    i wish it was egg shape

  • Megan Carlson says:

    well I have 51.5 so yeah. I legally thought I had a big head apparently I have a small head. Yay for me😄 now I'm happy.

  • jamie M says:

    For a nation which seems like value intelegence it seems a little ironic to find a smaller head size more attractive. And as the guy who's head is two big to wear any hat or cap without adjusting to the largest setting, I cri.

  • Warsaw says:

    Im 54 cm, its not normal for a guy😂 im very self concious about it😕

  • Andrew Millar says:

    Jun your small, in your head size.
    I'm large in my head size, I'm 59cm and that's large in Australia.
    Most of my friends have head size of 54-56.
    Big head, big brain, or my ego so large.

  • S. Samuel says:


  • Jessica Mercure says:

    I’m a little surprised. Because Japan is so into Kawaii traits. Cute kittens, puppies and babies have big heads relative to their body size. So this is confusing.

  • Marvin Kilgore says:

    so… I'm apparently not very attractive in terms of head size lol.
    I have a 24 inch head, or for those using centimeters, 61 centimeters…

  • Trevor Fuhrman says:

    So I'm 6 foot tall and a 60cm head. How would that generally seem to Japanese people? Attractive or unattractive?

  • Lili Gao says:

    Same in China😂 i am shocked that it could also be a culture shock

  • ちなつ___ says:


  • hana says:


  • Kapp says:


  • Lps kitten lover meow says:


  • Anthony Cheung says:

    Is having a small head for both males and females considered attractive in Japan or just females? I can understand maybe for females but not males.

  • wildflower says:

    I've got teased by my small head and tiny framed face. My pale skin. My skinny body. Looks like I would fit in alright in Japan. :')

  • CC says:

    Is this why bangs are so common in Japan? To cover their heads? Lol

  • Culvea Solvere says:

    There is a thing here where women are sad about their breast size but of course that doesn't translate over to men.
    Men here are concerned about their arm size, most try to hide that they have no musculature or go to great lengths to become super big in muscle size especially if they have a small genitalia problem. There are real similarities but nothing that fits both genders here in the USA

  • cptangerine says:

    4:17 that dramatic effect killed me hahahaha

  • せそさ寿司 says:



  • Jessilene Silva says:

    Mine is 56,5 heheheh 😂😂😂

  • - Ocho says:

    I feel/ know the reason we don’t care about that type of stuff here in the US is because of the diversity in most areas

  • MrPineappleKetchup says:

    Finally a country that’ll appreciate my microcephally

  • HG Quills says:

    As an American I've never heard the elbow thing but I was always raised to believe that having a larger head is better because it is more photogenic.


    Japanese people: care about head size
    Also Japanese people: have bigger heads

  • Tabgach Giyamhu says:

    having a small head(small brain) is never a bless and in fact this has nothing to do with the absolute size of your head it's about the can have a very large head which is narrow in the front but long on the u understand the cephalic index?that's what i what matters is how narrow ur face is in comparison to your face length in ratio.ok?it's all abt the ratio.not the absolute head size.

  • Ouranor says:

    Agreed in general, except Eugene's head (any Tryceratops here?) IS freakishly big compared to his body, like whaaat

  • I Don't know what to call myself says:

    a kid in my class was teased because he had a large head (elementary school) + we measured our foreheads and compared the size haha

  • Roujia Bai says:

    most asian countries have that beauty standard lol

  • Sam Kay says:

    Pin head is sexy now, omg

  • SaviIassics says:

    Isn't there some wierd thing in America about belly buttons? Like innies versus outies?

  • idk what username to use says:

    mine is 56 and i’m a girl :,)

  • YumeOw says:

    it's crazy how strong attractions and stuff depend on the society and the culture. Why can't every culture except everyone and teach the kids, that everyone's beautiful.

  • 刘炫意草莓香水 says:

    China too, they like skinny face, the smaller skinnier head the cuter you're consider,
    BIG HEAD!!!!!!!

  • Polaarii says:

    In japan people are attracted to heads, In America, some people are attracted to feat. YIKES LOL

  • Eli Erika says:

    I did not know that 😁 and I don't care about head sizes at all. You know what could be a great idea for a video? Teaching non-japanese speakers some basic Japanese 😊

  • woogie storm says:

    i'm from the uk and i sometimes felt embarrassed cus my head looks big

  • Neska Milak says:

    … i may be one of the few foreigners who has paid attention to my own head size lol… mostly coz… "one size fits all" hats do not fit all. and the horse riding place went out and found a 4 yr olds helmet for me. i live in a western country and they always are surprised how small my head is whenever it suddenly becomes apparent that glasses/hats/helmets i need a child's size -.-"
    in japan, my friends started suggesting i stand closest to the camera because i was small.. i'm as tall as them, or taller. but my head is 50cms, i just checked. now i know whhy they kept insisting i go to the front…

    tbh, i don't mind. the photos did look kinda disproportionately weird and i've thought that ever since high school yr book commitee thing had a group photo and i singlehandedly wrecked the balance of the whole thing coz someone put me in the back row..

  • Ivan Matveyev says:

    my head is big

  • Dani Reyes says:

    If I ever go to Japan then now I know for a fact that I'd be the ugliest woman ever to ever set foot there, lol.

  • Katya says:

    I started looking at my elbows lol

  • Rebecca best says:

    I often get teased for my neanderthal type backwards sloping head but does that mean I'd be concidered attractive in Japan. I have a rather small head and even smaller forehead

  • Stun Field says:

    My head is 12cm

  • truMalma says:

    oh for real? I was expecting to feel attacked for having a tiny head, guess not! 😀 yay!!

  • Gaby Rose 11N says:

    Jun getting flustered ! Awww ! And when he said he never felt anxious about head sizes until he met her because she’s tiny … and saying it’s worse that she’s tall (worse as in even more beautiful and intimidating ) 💗💗💗

  • Kirill Berezin says:

    1:54 so biased. because you disagree doesn't mean they wrong.

  • Kira Dreamer says:

    I have a huge head

  • MYUR says:

    Is it Americans small face or large body?

  • AudOldEnds says:

    “Cause you have a freaking small head” omfg 😂 but the elbows example and Jun looking at his elbows like “the fuck??”😂😂😂😂

  • Cheyanne green says:

    He's so cute!!!

  • にっしー says:


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