Communism vs. Socialism: What’s The Difference? | NowThis World

Communism vs. Socialism: What’s The Difference? | NowThis World

This might come as a surprise, But in the history of the modern world, there has never been a communist country. While a number of countries have
Described themselves as communist, for example China and North Korea. By definition, there has never been a true communist country. So what exactly is communism, and how does it relate to socialism? Well it may be easier to explain what the two have in common. Both ideologies originate from a desire to limit worker exploitation And lower or eliminate the influence of economic classes in society. There are dozens of variations on both communism and socialism. Based on the different ways these ideologies are implemented in different countries. There’re Stalinism, Leninism, Trotskyism, Maoism and others which are essentially all versions of Marxism. Couple with various styles of revolution. Karl Marx was an economist and philosopher who co-wrote the communist manifesto. Among other foundational books on communism. In short, his theory centered around the idea that as Europe transitioned from centralized monarchies to quasi-democratic capitalist economies Workers were being exploited by those who owned the means of production. So if you work in a factory or on a farm as many at the time did Whoever owns the factory or farm is getting more out of the worker than they’re putting in. This creates an inherent inequality giving the owners whom Marx called the Bourgeoisie, power over the workers called the proletariat. In Marxism, to fix this inequality, society must shift towards a model, where the proletariat hold this power instead by collectively controlling the means of production. That’s where socialism and communism come into play. According to Marx, Socialism is a precursor to communism and the next logical step after capitalism. In Socialism, a democratic state controls the means of production rather than having private companies hold ownership. Instead of competing with each other as in a capitalist society, socialism has workers contribute as much as they can to the greater good, and then they all share equally in that good. Variations of this idea are already popular within capitalist societies in the form of universal health care or social services like fire departments and schools funded by taxes. While the use of these services is unequal and Everyone Is equally responsible for contributing to them based on their ability or level of income. So that’s socialism. But once the state controls all the means of production, the next step is total collective ownership. Not just of production, But all aspects of society and economy, including private property. The intention of abolishing private property is a classless, moneyless and stateless society where everyone works towards the same collective goal of being healthy happy and free. Everybody does what they can to contribute and takes only what they need in return. As I said before, there are no true communist countries and there never have been. Every so-called communist country is actually a socialist country, with the state controlling employment and economy to some degree. Even the widely referred to communist Russia was actually called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. In short, Socialism and Communism are not altogether different. Rather most schools of economics consider- Socialism to be a precursor to communism once the state has enough control over society and economy. But this total control is a major reason that socialist countries struggle to reach this ideal. Corruption is rampant in countries like the former USSR, Venezuela, Vietnam and North Korea Largely people due to people in power, abusing that power instead of using it to help the society they control. And refusing to give up that power to the people Nonetheless, Socialist ideals have seen incredible success when paired with capitalism. In countries like Sweden and Canada The human hurdle of overcoming power and greed and government is the biggest reason we’ve never seen a true communist country. So which countries have been labeled communist? And how do they actually live up to their reputations? Find out in this video to the right. Thanks for watching NowThis World! don’t forget to Like and subscribe for more videos like this every week.


  • The Mr. Man says:

    Doesn't support Communism. Off to Gulag.

  • swapnil mangalvedhekar says:

    While there's no complete democratic country at all democratic countries are so called democratic also

  • Kerlos G says:

    You should have mentioned that the workers are suppose to own the factories and farms and have a democratic vote on changes

  • 68DBURT says:

    Nothing is difference between socialism and communism , it is time to tell the truth, both are evil, both are about slavery and both are about the destruction of freedom…

  • Jen McMahon says:

    So what about the 100+ million murders!

  • farberam says:

    This inadvertently supports the criticisms of communism as being utopian.

    We are beasts molded by a cruel world to be adapted to it. There is no communism in nature. Communism is unnatural.

    And anyone who brings up bees and ants must realize they are all hive mind slaves to a queen. What a nightmare.

  • ShockDoctrin says:

    So the communist party in charge of the means of production is not communism? That is brilliant Einstein.

  • OneMinuteFixed says:

    Communism vs socialism = diarrhea vs feses

  • Eduardo Jardim says:

    In Soviet Russia only Stalin Benefited from the Communism…

  • sundiii99OWS says:

    Say that capitalism produced communism, because capitalism is so oppressive. It was worse back in 1850-1950 but it’s still bad: many earn $10 an hour where rent is $2000 and up.

  • sundiii99OWS says:

    There never should have been any unequal wealth. It started thousands of years ago. Capitalism is just another name for slavery: controlled by someone or something.

  • ronki23 says:

    Capitalism sucks but Communism sucks even more. The best thing is a mixture of the two

  • dungeon of dragons says:

    Multiple times

  • Stanford Leeham says:

    Expert worker

  • name surname says:

    Both are well-intentioned ideologies that unfortunately are guaranteed to make the entire country poor and suffer. Don’t believe me? Look at Venezuela. Used to be one of, if not the RICHEST country in South America. Now it’s a Zimbabwe 2.0, with casualties similar to the Iraqi War even though Venezuela is at peacetime. It has the largest oil reserves in the world, but the socialist influence was so crippling that the country became what it is today in 2013.

  • name surname says:

    I received an ad for Adventure Communist when I clicked on this video

  • BigE says:

    Communism sucks dickhole.

  • Andrea Scacchi says:

    A prefer to be free and poorer than somebody than to be NOT free and poor as everybody.

  • Poopin Finoopin says:

    Both theories sound totally feasible and consistent with natural human nature.

  • B H says:

    Yea, I guess we haven't had socialist countries. Though that's because they all decided to skip it and go straight to communism.
    We also don't have any capitalist countries either. Not one. Sounds like the argument goes both ways so it's a useless one.

  • Mathew James Whelan says:

    Does this include Jacindarism

  • Sara Silva says:

  • W EB says:

    Communism cripples a meritocracy which has enabled a society to grow and prosper.

  • sean li says:

    It reminds me that Giddens talked about this in his famous work "captialism and morden social theory" . he compared Durkilm (the book named Socialism) and Karl Max, the difference is which of production and distrubition is contralized and governed.

  • NTA Games says:

    I mean the full name of Vietnam is
    "The Socialist republic of Vietnam"

  • dark16one says:

    I see that people have not learned their lesson. Sounds good on paper, but it's not possible. Countries that adopt this system become corrupt, and like in George Orwell's " Animal farm" some members of society become more equal than others. I come from a former soviet state, and let me tell you, young people today are as easily manipulated as they were in the past, dreaming of a socialist state. Let me tell you something kids, better dead than red.

  • Alexander Bucks says:

    Send them to gulag

  • Coy Randolph says:

    "Takes only what they need" right – which is why Golden Corral exists

  • guloguloguy says:

    LOL!!!!! ……Great ….more lipstick on a pig!!!……..LOL!!!! socialists = communists= marxists = IDIOTS!!!!

  • tiglath pileser says:

    there's no real distinction between communism and socialism: socialism is simply the low phase of communism

  • ghostlylover99123 says:

    So, Britain is a socialist country

  • Noah Herschyvik says:

    Complete nonsense.

    Actually read Marx. This guy is either ignorant or lying.

  • Prince Johnson says:

    And the American republic capitalism republics aren’t subjected to the abuse of power?

  • Albert Wesker says:

    Cancer vs. AIDS

  • Chryssa Galani says:

    30k leftists, perhaps now is happening what happened to the aincient roman world. West is declain and weak left will be the new order in which we will shift. God s only mistake, he gave us free will so that we can abandon him and destroy ourself alone without his intervention after all isn't that true freedom yeahhhh

  • Alf_ z says:

    In socialism do the state distribute money or other stuff

  • Aidan JOHNSTON says:

    who else is watching this for school?

  • A 87 says:

    Yea, in my opinion, socialism keeps failing because corruption can go a long way in socialists societies, corrupt people will always have more power than the honest ones unlike in democracies where atleast a portion of the population can live normal lives under a corrupt leader because the power in demorcacies are divided into multiple people especially the famous and the rich, i think we as a species cannot build the utopian society many socialists dream of but there is potential in technology, then again if machines controlled the means of production, would that just turn us all into its pets? Maybe it wouldn't be that bad, who knows

  • Flexgado24 says:

    This will take over. A one world nation, one world leader, one world currency and religion.

  • PRATEEKsirji says:

    "I am a capitalist"
    – Karl Marx

  • Nafisantara S says:

    Our body is a communism if you want to know, all of our Cell's is go for work, and if there is an useless Cell (like a cancer Cell), the metabolism Will kill them, every single of Cell Will work, until they die,killed, or until they commit suicide.

  • Lee Davis says:

    Scandinavian Countries have never been Socialist.
    They are free markets, their governments invest heavily in the free market economy. Their #1 Gross National Product is fossil fuel. They have the least regulated market in Europe. Their Citizens rate even higher then U.S. Citizens in individual freedoms.
    Those are all the opposite of Socialist doctrine.
    What they do have is a comprehensive welfare system which is possible because of their low population and market success.
    So no, they are not Socialist.
    That is a lie created by the Socialists, specially American Socialists, pointing only to the Scan Countries welfare programs, because of the dismal failure of Socialism to succeed past and present.

  • Corry Burton says:

    Never Works…..

  • The Champions League King says:


  • Paul Muad'Dib says:

    I couldn’t disagree more, and it’s intellectually dishonest. Communists use socialism as their apparatus to create communism. The narrator is basically trying to say that every nation that has tried communism and failed wasn’t really following communism. As if to claim that he’s smarter than Stalin, Trotsky, Mao, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh, etc. And, that if he had been in charge, then communism would’ve been implemented correctly. I find that arrogant and repugnant.

  • Eastorian Pride says:

    Karl Marx was too idealistic n naive to think so highly in humankind…we r a selfish creature, too selfish for classless, moneyless n stateless society

  • Michael Amirault says:

    Um no, the reason that communism hasn't worked isn't just because of "greed and power of government," it has far more to do with the hurdle of organizing international communism. Most of these "communist" countries have been historically isolated because they've always been under attack. (Ex. Cuba by the U.S., the USSR by the White Army, etc.)

  • PRO PRIMATE says:

    It is impossible to make an engine having 100% efficiency.But an engine with 60% efficiency is better than engine with 50% or 40%. Even though we know 100% efficiency is not possible but we still try to invent engine having better efficiency than the last one and every new invention we are becoming closer to 100% (which is Ultimate Impossible Benchmark).

    Everyone things Marx is crazy, whole idea of communism is crazy. What's a communist country???
    I think it's a clear depiction of "HEAVEN"
    By definition "a classless moneyless and stateless society where everyone works towards the same collective goal of being healthy happy and free where everybody does what they can contribute and take only what they need". I think Marx communist Nation as an Ultimate Impossible Benchmark which can never be achieved and I see Socialism is path to becoming closer to that 100%.

  • Wavey Khalz says:

    Viktor reznov is a communist

  • Sada Kasa says:

    Communism similar with Autocracy.Autocracy originate from Stone Age Political system(Communism).Nice bidio.

  • striker3 says:

    Communism just plain sucks, and socialism just plain ruins individual entrepreneurship and disrespects the rights of individuals. They're both useless and failures.

  • Jasper Mennink says:

    When communism a mix of capitalism and socialism or full socialism ain’t going to happen because who want to give up money so you should take it by force

  • Richard Gill says:

    Socialism & Communism in a nutshell… Ready…💀🤪🤮🤮🔥👺🤬🤪👺💩😔💀💀🤬😭😭🤯🥵😈👹🤮☠️👽😤😢🤯💪🤬 Thank You Very Much.🙏😇.

  • h k says:

    So …..??? Maybe communism isn't achieved because socialism kills everyone involved before "communism" can be implemented? Perhaps they are both poisons because the pursuit of either creates misery by means of death.. torture.. hunger..loss of freedom… suspicion and mistrust amongst the participating population… etc.

  • Cloгох Блять says:

    Ive always liked and even supported the concept of Communism but I just know it will never work because of Human ego.
    I'm satisfied with a decent GINI index and capitalism, as long as it doesn't become so large and out of hand like during the era of Rockefeller.

  • froggyNotGreen says:

    Funny how he mentioned Sweden and Canada.

  • Native badass says:

    Communism is the stage after socialism..

  • john greenfield says:

    i learn German and Russian from the Communist manifesto

  • RJE says:

    They are scams. They are scams of power hungry individuals that deceive the stupid and create a new nobility. Communism has never worked because power corrupts. When communism failed in Europe suddenly hundreds of millionaires showed up….former commie bosses. Communism crushes people that protest and shows its total fear of exposure…like what is happening China today.

  • V T says:

    Old jungle saying:

    "Capitalism is Tiger
    Socialism is hyena pack
    Communism is ant hill"

  • Mihnea says:


  • naxel37 says:

    I certainly wouldn't say Canada is better off than US. Idk about Sweden.

  • adolf herrera says:

    Tbh they both end with failure

  • Gaming XLXUXKXA says:


  • si si says:

    Communism is the best system to live but cannot because of human nature.

  • Linda Tong says:

    skip to 1:40 if you don't want the historical context

  • Reingampam Lunglo says:

    No doubt, Capitalism has its own flaws and shortcomings, but since Communism's ultimate goal is to establish a "state less" society (where there is no govt), then won't it let to anarchy and to the state of nature which was described by Hobbes.

  • sand under-man says:

    me and boys gonna play OURCRAFT

  • Mac Daddy says:

    Go to Cuba..

  • james dolph says:

    there can and never will be a true communist country … it is counter to natural law … so can never work

  • A.A. Villalobos-Claramunt says:

    sweden is not socialist… XDDD wtf dude

  • MasA says:

    There is a difference between Communism as a state of being for a society, versus Communism as a society which is seeking to attain a Communist existence. So, there has never been a Communist country in the former sense, that it hasn't reached a Communist existence, but they are still Communist countries in the sense that they believe in Communism and are seeking to attain a Communist existence.

  • attiume yami says:

    There is no such thing as “the wealthy elite, middle class, working class, poor” in a true state of comminism. Last time I checked, china, cuba,venezuela, vietnam, and even north korea still have class systems. Communism is a fraud. Socialism is evil.

    Comminism is a beautiful thing, until humman nature gets thrown into the mix. Then u have hunger and mass genocide. All in the name of the people.

    No thank you

  • ham samwhich says:

    I don't see "incredible success" in canada or sweden….

  • Elijah MC says:

    Learned here compared at school :3

  • Pro Rebel Separatist says:

    Karl Marx didn't co-write The Communist Manifesto at all. This was done by a group called "The League of Just Men" All Karl did was become the leader of the party with the Manifesto, for which he agreed.

  • Jesus Yanez says:

    Communism is trying to make a come back disguised as socialism. Say NO to communism!

  • Mr. Bang Bang says:

    Communism : "Capitalism is evil"

    *kills 200 million people in 1 century

  • WarChicken says:

    The Definition of socialism is communism without a gun pointed at you

  • Vic 2.0 says:

    I'd rather give my money freely to the big, bad corporations than to the big, bad government. At least with the former arrangement, I can stop giving them my money when they become corrupt. When an almighty government becomes corrupt? All any of us can do is die.

  • TheOwlCreek says:

    Capitalism, Communism, Socialism, Fascism and Imperialism have all failed! All isms have led to war, greed, destruction of nature, poverty, terrorism, corruption, air/water pollution and lack of safety/ security!


  • Sunny Mu Ni9hty says:

    So communism is just an ideal concept ?

  • Scott M says:

    Isn’t Cuba a communist country?

  • BEN PHILLIP says:

    Basically Socialism is a step throw communism

  • Talia Letkeman says:

    He keeps saying there has never been a communist country…but by we he has described sounds a bit like North America First Nations people prior to outside invasion. Course still not country why since tribe by tribe they are very difference but I don’t know…I’m just seeing a bit of overlap in the ways of thinking and doing.

    Many didn’t even have an understanding of that land could be bought or owned….hence why we stole it so easily. And yes, if a people don’t have a true understanding of the contract between them —it’s stealing.

  • James Jerome says:

    Left-wing marxist/marxian is like centrist liberal and right-wing conservative, views-and-values, whilst socialism is like capitalism and capitalism/feudalism, respectively is interests-and-issues.

    Communist party-led public-sector, socialist in jurisdiction name and capitalist in economics.

    Marxist/marxian(-orientated) socialism with marxist/marxian communism in mind, however in the capitalist west, especially the default centre-right anglo-west you have socialistic capitalists, capitalistic capitalists, feudalistic capitalists and capitalists/feudalists, whilst in parts of the centre-left european-west you have mostly socialistic capitalists, capitalistic capitalists, feudalistic capitalists and capitalists/feudalists.

    The primary difference is the european-west prioritises social-economic/socio-economic services of the public-sector to guarantee a high standard of health-and-wealth, instead of safety-and-security via the safety-and-security apparatus (security, police and military). The anglo-west is the reverse, guaranteeing a high standard of safety-and-security via the safety-and-security apparatus (security, police and military), instead of health-and-wealth via social-economic/socio-economic services of the public-sector.

    The views-and-values that under-pin interests-and-issues are different, so centrists-proper and rightists in the anglo-west will call centre-left to left-wing policies-and-programmes as "far-left", when they are the furthest left permissible within capitalism without challenging capitalists/business owners.

    It ain't really just collar/class versus culture versus colour/tone, as exemplified by the so-called "left", centre and right-wing, respectively. Its business owners versus collar/class versus culture versus colour/tone, as exemplified by the actual left-wing, the so-called "left" (both centre-left and centre-left to left-wing), centre and right-wing

  • Danilo Catania says:

    So this is one of those guys who says "real communism has never been done, if it did it'd be a paradise" ok what ever you need to tell yourself, the only difference between socialism and communism is the amount of violence you need to implement to force it on people

  • Mac A. says:

    So basically communist/socialist is only good on paper… not so much in reality…people in every socialist country have equal life styles…but poor…very everyone is equally POOR.
    Socialism only works at home.. and only for a short period.. once kids are old enough to work.. socialism ends for them and they become capitalists.. unless, they become maggots of the government.

  • Chris Irinoiu says:

    "The goal of socialism is communism". Source? LENIN!!!

  • Patrick T says:

    one thing i know about communism and socialism.. They make the country worst and worst!

  • SwagSheepNEO says:

    Oh my god this is one of the most inaccurate videos I've seen. Both Denmark and Sweden tried socialism and in both cases it failed. They soon realised that they had to return to capitalism as the unemployment rate and the two countries' homelessness skyrocketed. As soon as the countries returned to capitalism, the now poor living conditions began to revert back to an average homelessness and unemployment rate. I'm not even going to discuss Canada as it is not socialist. In short, this video is full of errors and supports the notion of socialism.

  • Charles du Toit says:

    What is a communist?
    “It is someone who has nothing but, wants to share everything with you…”

  • voldog1969 says:

    Same evil .

  • One Lee says:

    Communisim, socialism call it what you like
    There's very little difference in the two
    Now, ain't I right (ain't he right)
    – Marty Robbins

  • Dimitrij Albul says:

    Socialism and Communism are similar. Socialism works towards equality. Communism enforces it. Communism is socialism lvl 2. Fascism is lvl 3

  • F. Teixeira says:

    Communism will win eventually

  • Aman SA says:

    So basically some fantasy robin hood bs? Take from the rich and give to the poor…

  • Vaibhav S says:

    Socialism and communism are both fancy names for theft

  • GeminiJets37 says:

    So basically they’re all libertarian left and those nations used the government and strong authoritarianism to get it to work and it didn’t turn out so well.

  • Frederick Röders says:

    No autocratic dictator ever even came close to communism, because of many reasons. A very important one is that capitalists will never allow a proper communist society to exist on a "national" scale. You can see these dictators were corrupt and uncommunistic pretty easily too, they killed other prominent socialists and even anarchist groups over POWER.
    Its easy to see these dictators just want power, even if they have to pretend to be commies.
    I think anarchists are better at getting to a true communist society, but this is going to take quite some time to get there, and all during that transitionary time another corrupt power hungry figure can rise up and hijack it.. Stalin 2.0.
    We humans first need to learn to live in a sort of "power vacuum". We have to rid ourselves of unjust hierarchies and THEN move to socialism and eventually communism. I think by the time we get there it wont even be named communism anymore. We wont be obsessed with isms anymore at that time, like star trek.

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