Christian Students told to ask any question on Islam…and they did!

Christian Students told to ask any question on Islam…and they did!

Alright bismillahirrahmanirrahim So what we can do is as they are coming in we can start off by the way But I will just take any questions and then I will start off where I left off in the intro to Islam. So Go ahead a think you are asking some questions when I walked in here So any question based upon what you observed in there what the sermon was and anything regarding the prayer? Yes Okay, so the question is what about the children do they go up with the women or do they stay down It depends on the age by the way You know like a 12 13 year old boy they would be preferred to be with the dirts and with the men if they are like younger like my Verdict of my first grader. He usually plays with of my wife Yes, so it just depends on the age here Okay question Okay, that sounds good and uh, those are all good questions So the very first question was about the prayer itself the way that we pray So really important the way that we Muslims pray is the way we are following how the Prophet used to pray Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him and he was taught by God himself through angel Gabriel So angel Gabriel came in the form of a human a man and he taught Muhammad peace be upon him how to pray When to pray the actions the motions the recitation and also the way that we pray in the group prayer So all of those have been taught so we are just following what he used to pray, right? But just a footnote The way that we are praying as I mentioned before the lunchtime is that all the prophets are used to pray the same way And I’ll just give you maybe two or three examples from the Bible itself So it says the book of Genesis chapter 17 verse number 3 when the time for prayer came abraham He went to a secluded place Over there he prayed directly to one god and he was prostrating himself on the ground Exactly with the way that she have seen muslims pray The reason we are following that is because we also follow Abraham peace be upon him He rich his actions his prayers and especially his belief in the absolute oneness of God It speaks about in the Book of Numbers That Moses and his brother Aaron and their family when they went to the place of worship They prayed exactly the same way as you see a sprain So when it came to Jesus who we considered and we follow him and we say that he is a mighty prophet You know, he went one day to the Garden of Gethsemane So this is before the people were coming after him. So he escaped them. He went to a secluded place called the Garden of Gethsemane over there he placed his forehead on the ground and he was praying to God saying that Oh, God take this cup of death away from me not my will but your will and this is present in the New Testament in the Gospel of Matthew chapter 26 verse number 39 you singing Okay, so in prayers that we do or in the in the call for prayer also It may appear as if it’s singing but we don’t say it is singing by the way We are just beautifying our voice just to recite those passages of the Quran and also the call for prayer So we don’t have hymns in our service We have the quotations or the passages from the Quran and the praises of God So just recall it from the memory, you know unlike in a Christian Church She may have for some books some pages or something in front of you that You look at it and you read from it or you sing from it, so Every Muslim we are supposed to memorize certain passages from the Quran So you’ll be amazed to find out that the whole Quran has been passed down from the time of Muhammad. Peace Be upon him up until our time in memory of humans. So He memorized the whole Quran by the way means Mohammed peace be upon him his followers memorized it Not a small book. It’s like a big book like hundreds of pages 6,000 plus passages in there and that memorization process is coming down from that time to our time and Amazingly there are 10 million plus memorizers of the whole Quran right now in the whole world So even my first grader, by the way, he memorized close to 20 chapters of the Quran in Arabic language he can stand up over here and He can start reciting and I can hold the book over here just to see if he’s making any mistakes of pretending though he memorized the whole I mean the the 20 chapters were the very So in that way the Quran, so there is a prophecy in the Quran that it is going to be protected God made the prophecy chapter 15 verse number 9 that it is God’s message and he’s going to protect it and we say this is a miracle This is the way it is protected So about the question of the convert So Islam is a faith in which anyone of their own choice. They can convert to Islam so It’s really important. The Quran says there is no force in conversion. By the way, if anyone is forcing anybody that’s not conversion so this is mentioned in chapter 2 verse number 256 It says that there is no compulsion in faith a person has the choice So in this mosque almost every week every month there are many conversions People they call over here and they say you know what? I have been reading about Islam. I have a few questions Can we can I come and sit down with the Imam with the scholar and we have them come over here? We have small sessions like these and after the sessions of their own choice majority of them they say You know what the oneness of God resonates with us the comprehensive guidance of the Quran resonates with us The concept of modesty of women resonates with us now we want to convert so About twenty four percent of the Muslims in the u.s say they are converse to Islam and in the USA Islam is the fastest growing faith, according to CNN and Fox and Chicago Tribune and different media outlets it is a fastest growing faith Which is paradoxical by the way Right based upon the number of misconception people have even then people are converting after they know what Islam is Even more amazing. Is that 60% to 40% Females to males ratio when it comes to conversion, by the way So really briefly about Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. So he was born in the city of Mecca in the year 570 So when he was born as he was growing up, he was just an ordinary person until the age of 40 that’s when angel Gabriel was sent by God and That’s when he was appointed as a prophet But before that time he was still an amazing person, by the way He was given the title of the most honest and the most truthful person in Arabic It is a Sadiq and alameen. So all of Arabia used to recognize him and he had the credibility That the best person the most credible the most authentic never lied never cheated uphold the promises You know like nowadays when the youth when they have to introduce each other they may say, you know I like basketball or I play video games. I’m good in fortnight and whatnot, right? In those days when they used to introduce him They used to say he is the most honest amongst us and he’s the most truthful amongst us. So At the age of 40 God started to reveal passages of the Quran to him So the whole Quran was revealed by God it took about 23 years So God could have given the whole Quran in one piece But he wanted the Muslims and the Prophet to know the Quran those Passages or to process them and to practice them and to share with them. So it just becomes more manageable so from the time of sixth nce all the way to 633 C II until he passed away the passages of the Quran they came sometimes our chapters used to come sometimes Some verses used to come so he memorized the whole thing he helped his followers memorized it and they wrote it down in his lifetime by the way in different bits and pieces and So from that time up until our time both in the memory and in the writing the Quran has been passed down to us So regarding the birthdays or just from the Islamic Thea logical point of view We are not supposed to celebrate the birthday of Prophet Muhammad. Peace. Be upon him or Jesus. Peace Be upon him or any prophet not about not even our own birthdays, by the way, just from the religious point of view What as Muslims are living here? There is a cultural influx and whatnot some Muslims because of culture. They may celebrate birthdays Chuck-e-cheese and whatnot, right? People go there and help which is after you see it So yeah, just from the cultural point of view. We don’t but you may see in the media you may see in India Pakistan Malaysia some Muslims are doing it because You know, not every person practices Islam its fundamentals There’s many things that also has to do with the cultural influence based upon where you live So that’s important for us to have a demarcation between the cultural practices from the pure teachings of Islam Yes Sure sure, so again just as a follow-up on the celebrations Muslims do celebrate two important dates So the very first day comes right after the 30 29 to 30 days of fasting so the very next day after the month of fasting is a day of celebration yes to recognize the wonderful blessings that God has given to us in the form of the food and the health and the family and for all of humanity So that’s one celebration The second celebration is we have also alliance with our Jewish and the Christian friends that has to do with the person of Abraham Peace be upon him So the story of Abraham and his sacrificial son is also mentioned in the Quran, by the way so that that day in which that happened Muslims also recognize it and we celebrate it and we also remembered that how we should also sacrifice for God and for Humanity to make humanity in a better humanity, so How would people be resurrected when they would be eaten by shark So there is so a quick simple answer would be if God could create the whole universe from nothing He can create you or all of us from nothing even though we are eaten by a shark or burn or drown in the sea or Cremated if God could do that big of a creation bringing us from nothing or from something would be nothing in front of God Smart question, but Ok, who knows the five pillars bother with the five good actions anybody Yes to uh to testify verbally believing in our heart and then testifying that I bear witness No other God besides one God Allah, and I bear witness Muhammad is His Messenger? So there’s the very first and the most important pillar of Islam So when a person converts to Islam, we don’t have baptism. We don’t have dipping in the pool. There’s no basement here, brother oh there is but no but we don’t have baptism a Person has to recite the testimony of faith Understanding Islam and then reciting the testimony of faith to formally convert to Islam Okay, so we have four more pillars to go by the way take a guess. Yes, sir So let them know what is Hajj it’s a strange word for them There you go, it is a pilgrimage actually so once in a lifetime you guys knew that right Okay, so raise your hand next time so once in a lifetime was in a lifetime a Muslim is obligated to go to Mecca for the pilgrimage so again As I mentioned in Mecca is the first and the oldest house to worship on God build by two prophets I mention right over the two prophets Abraham and his older son Yes, so I went for my Hajj for my pilgrimage like maybe six years ago Amazing experience, by the way, just imagine all of Chicago three million people coming together Not speaking the same language Different races and cultures and nationalities all of us coming together But when the time for prayer comes everyone knows how to pray together There is no translator up there by the way Once the call for comes if everyone stands shoulder-to-shoulder and we pray exactly the same way the way that you guys see us over here So that’s the second pillar Three more to go. Yes Yes prayer. So praying five times a day is also let’s say there’s a third pillar Right. So you have seen the second player of the day by the way, right? Wonderful, yes, so We are supposed to share 2.5 percent at least of our shape of our saved assets Okay, so there are two different ways of donation right one is an obligatory donation So this 2.5 percent of the save assets? This is the obligatory donation now beyond the obligatory a person can donate you know, any amount So I think we have what two more to go. No, just one more pillar to go. Yes Yes, so fasting in the month of Ramadhan is what the fifth one right So these are not the only good actions a Muslim is supposed to do there are other good actions it is an obligation for every Muslim to gain knowledge and Gaining of knowledge does not stop a stop when your sophomore than you can drop out, right? No gaining of knowledge is continuous until you pass away until you’re in the grave So from cradle to grave, it’s gaining of knowledge, you know by gaining of knowledge That’s when I can realize maybe you can realize the wonderful majesty of God the Almighty nature of God a Muslim is supposed to be indulging in the society as the Imam mentioned you guys caught it or not. I’m not sure He mentioned that a Muslim is supposed to be a part of the bigger society to make the society better You know muhammad peace be upon him. He was the peacemaker in the society He was the ambassador a positive force in the society and every Muslim is supposed to you know Emulate that and we are supposed to also indulge in the bigger society. So there are many passages in the Quran that speaks about That how we should enjoin good and forbid evil if there is some goodness in the society We should multiply the goodness by joining it if there is any harm or wrong in the society We work with the good-hearted people to eradicate the wrong and last but not the least there are certain responsibilities that God has given to a Muslim a Responsibility that we have towards God knowing him worshipping him following his guidance. We have responsibility towards Muhammad Peace be upon him knowing him loving him following him into all the prophets Then a big responsibility Muslims have towards our parents. The Quran is big on it Muhammad Peace be upon him is big on it One time a person came to the Prophet and asked him this question That of all the people in the world who should be my love my kindness my compassion. My allegiance should go towards the Prophet said your mother and Then the person asked okay fine, then who next and the Prophet said your mother The third time the Prophet said your mother the four time the Prophet said your father right dad So if moms and dad if we are playing Spiritual Olympics the goal the silver and the bronze medal goes to the moms right in the poor – we come home with the car You know participation price All right Muhammad peace be upon him He said that paradise lies beneath the feet of your mothers means by obeying taking care of them Respecting them that is one of the ways to go to paradise So in Islam, there is no real concept of a nursing home the nursing home of the parents is the home of the child So this how big Islam is about parents then we have certain responsibilities towards our neighbors You know one of the sayings of Muhammad peace be upon him is That you are not a full believer. If you eat you’re full and if your neighbors are hungry, so In that way Islam has a set of belief system and a set of deed system That covers all the aspect of life of a person a family and yes humanity So in a nutshell that what Islam is, all right. So let’s take your question. Well their question right about the hijab So it’s really important when it comes to the hijab hijab means The covering right the covering of modesty as our sister is wearing the sister in the bag the sister in the bag as you’re wearing it’s important that Hijab, so that’s called hijab. By the way. Hijab is a dress code in anywhere that she goes. There is a dress code In the hospital, there’s a dress code My children when they go to school there is a dress code in certain times of certain days They’re supposed to wear like color socks certain times, you know white socks It’s annoying sometimes but they have to pick and choose in the morning time, but that’s the dress code If we go to the restaurant it is, you know, no shirt. No shoes. No service, correct? So this is the dress code of modesty that God has given to humanity Important so it is mentioned in the Quran two different time two different places about the commandment of wearing modesty But modesty is not only for the ladies by the way. It’s really important Modesty is also for the males for the guys So as a male, I cannot wait transparent or tight clothes as a male I cannot wear clothes of the opposite gender or extravagant clothes to waste my money So the concept of modesty is for both sisters and the brothers for the sisters more the brothers a little bit less Number four thing is concept of modesty is a holistic concept. It’s not just about what we wear It’s about the state of mind, you know Muhammad peace be upon him. He said When he speaks about the tongue the modesty of the tongue he said that say something good or remain silent How many marriages can be saved right I’m serious But people get emotional they say things and then they regret so it’s important modesty of our eyes We cannot be on, you know, looking and staring and lusting after people modesty of over years modesty of our actions Search the holistic concept is for both males and for females But some people they may have the misconception that you know, people are forced to wear the hijab But the husband by the you know fathers by the sons by the brothers That’s not the case any sister who is wearing the hijab? She is doing it to please the Creator really important even in the Jewish faith and the Christian faith You guys may know it based upon your background Jewish ladies Just if you go with the teachings once she gets married, she cannot show her hair. She has to cover her hair There’s part of the Jewish teachings even for the Christian sisters, it says in the first book of Corinthians chapter 11 verse number five and six This is the New Testament that especially when the Christian ladies when you go to the church It’s an obligation for the Christian ladies to cover themselves So Islam is not the first or the only faith modesty concept is also there in other faiths But last but not the least it’s really important the concept of modesty or the covering and the hijab It is not a hurdle for the Muslim ladies to let the world know that who they are they want themselves to be recognized by their spirituality by their talents by their Personality and not be objectified sometimes, you know some cultures objectify people. So modesty is a holistic concept for both males and females and we say if the society abides by it a Society would be chaste harmonious and a just society and that is hijab Any question on that? I know I took a little bit longer time because according to USA Today the number one misconception Our non-muslim friends have is about women in Islam Yeah, yes Okay, anything anything becomes obligatory for the Muslims from the age of puberty even like when we pray five times We encourage our children to pray with us. Obviously, they should get used to it. You know, my seven-year-old last year He fasted all the thirty days All right I mean he doesn’t have to but he did and we I mean we kind of encouraged him to some degree But he wanted by himself But it does not become obligatory until they reach the age of puberty Yes Okay, so the question is how do we manage a prayer And the work or going to school, right? Sure, a person can literally pray anywhere like suppose if I am in the hospital working in my lunch break or some break I can take like 10 minutes off. I can go to my office some nice clean place. I will pray up there suppose if I am Yeah, because all of us, you know, we get some breaks all throughout our day Correct even as a student you get break person who is you know going to any work gets a break suppose if I’m driving from here to Ohio and The time for prayer came in I will just pull over go to the rest area and I will pray up there Coming to the mosque and prayer and praying. It’s at 27 times more Bonus points more reward, but if the person cannot come in they can just pray anywhere. They we still get the reward But the bottom line is it’s an obligation and they are supposed to be praying What are the times for the prayer fine so the very first prayer is before sunrise So son Royce nowadays is for six 25-ish around that time. So before that time, so So these timings are not like exact times. These are like the periods. These are the time slots So the first prayer it ends by sunset, but it begins about an hour and a half before sunset So in that time slot I can wake up come to the mosque and pray the second time slot is early afternoon The one that you saw today, the third one is late afternoon The fourth one is right after sunset and the fifth one when it becomes dark Yeah Some people may ask. Okay. How come you have to pray five times? So the analogy which I give is, you know, we have to eat certain number of times a day to nourish our bodies So we pray certain number of times a day that God has obligated to nourish abour so We take break from the stressful life from the studies from the work and we connect with God This is a way to recharge ourselves and for us to realize that there is a God We have a higher purpose all the things that we do should align towards pleasing him and following his guidance Okay, so what happens if a person misses the prayer so we are not supposed to be intentionally Missing the prayers. So for example suppose if I like overslept for the morning prayer When I wake up I have to now quickly wash myself and I have to pray and I have to also repent to God So when we sow the concept of forgiveness in Islam is this right? So they are four or five different steps a person needs to know to be forgiven first and foremost We need to acknowledge that we have made that mistake The second thing is then we need to sincerely repent to God thirdly when we repent to God there should not be any mediator Not even Muhammad peace be upon him directly repenting to God number four three We need to make a sincere commitment not to make that mistake again I mean human beings we you know We are all the time, but still we have to make that intention and last but not the least We have to do some good deeds like extra good deeds, right? so in this way, the Quran says in Chapter number 33 And also in chapter four verse number one one six that God is going to forgive and willing to forgive all the same So we are perform that even when we make mistakes God can forgive us that’s one of the names of God that he is forgiving and he is a Merciful God so that is contrasting with the Christian faith in which somebody dies, you know Jesus Christ died for your sins or not in Islam. The concept of salvation is that it depends on though. It is a personal accountability So it says in the Quran chapter 2 verse number 25 if a person has the right belief and doing good deeds Then God is going to get indeed the person eternal paradise Language Okay, so there are two kinds of prayers one would be the four the five day at times of worship So those are in Arabic but besides the five prayers which are in Arabic. There are other prayers we can do in any language I mean I can pray right now in English saying that oh God bring justice and peace to the world in English for God can understand just the five Formal prayers are in Arabic. The rest of the prayers can be in any language I can sit in the car before I start driving I can pray to God for the safety of myself and the people around me So for those people who are new to Islam we have four classes in this mosque and many mosque to at least teach them the basics of Islam and the The initial parts of the Quran that they need to know they need to memorize so they can do the prayer There is only one version of the Quran Arabic But we have many translations of the Quran for those people who may not know how to read and write Arabic they can still get the main message of the Quran in any language and there are many apps – they can download those So there is a passage in the Quran chapter 49 verse number 13 and this kind of some sums up the whole thing that we have done today so in this passage of the Quran, this is the translation God is Addressing humanity, and this is how he addresses So god says that o humanity o mankind I have created you from one single made in one single female And made you into nations and peoples and tribes that you get to know each other Not that you may hate and discriminate and bias with each other you get to know each other and then God concludes by saying That the best amongst you is the one who is a pious and well-mannered person So I hope and pray that all of us as we came together together here as brothers and sisters in humanity We can work together on the common platform that we have so we can inshallah God willing You know eradicate all the ills and form societies which are based upon justice morality and peace for all Thanks a lot for coming


  • Brian Gilliam says:

    Dr. Ahmed, I haven't seen anybody share the faith in such a sincere and inviting way as you do. Your kindness reveals your love for God and your fellow man. May you be highly rewarded!

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    In Number 20 Moses and Aron (not their families) simply went to the entrance of the tent of meeting after the people complained they did not have any water (not a place of worship), and God’s glory appeared to them. The fell facedown, not prayed, and God instructed them as to how they should proceed.

    It is important to remember that in the Christian perspective, prayer is a conversation between God and us, not a ritual of memorized motions or recited passages of scripture.

    In Matthew 26, the night before he was crucified, it says his soul was overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death, and then he fell with his face to the ground and prayed, “My Father, if it is possible, may this cup (meaning the crucifixion) be taken from me. Yet not as I will, but as you will.”” The Son talks to the Father. In no way this resembles the methodical and mechanical Muslim prayer.

    It is also interesting that he uses the gospel of Matthew to support his argument, the same gospel that proclaims Jesus’s resurrection 2 chapters later.

    He is risen!

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    Covering of Hair is not Hijab at all but it's an incomplete hijab. Its commonly misunderstood in the west and I believe Dr. Ahmed didnt want to hurt those scarfed Muslims women who were attending his lecture. So, basically Hijab is to cover your modesty ..and modesty is not just your hair…Allah clearly stated in The Qur'an that woman have to cover themselves from top to toes except for eyes. Even if take the example of Virgin Mary (Maraym) she did not just cover her head rather her entire body with loose the same way Orthodox Jews too and this is what Allah expects from you too to coverup entirely. But poor Christian's and Jews forgot their roots and see Muslim Hijab as something weird or if that person is an Alien walking on the streets.

    “And tell the believing women to lower their gaze (from looking at forbidden things), and protect their private parts (from illegal sexual acts) and not to show off their adornment except only that which is apparent (like both eyes for necessity to see the way, or outer palms of hands or one eye or dress like veil, gloves, headcover, apron), and to draw their veils all over Juyoobihinna (i.e. their bodies, faces, necks and bosoms) and not to reveal their adornment except to their husbands, or their fathers, or their husband’s fathers, or their sons, or their husband’s sons, or their brothers or their brother’s sons, or their sister’s sons, or their (Muslim) women (i.e. their sisters in Islam), or the (female) slaves whom their right hands possess, or old male servants who lack vigour, or small children who have no sense of feminine sex. And let them not stamp their feet so as to reveal what they hide of their adornment. And all of you beg Allaah to forgive you all, O believers, that you may be successful”

    [Surah Al-Noor 24:31]

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    It is also difficult to say that it is a religion of peace when it conquered large swathes of the world from India, across North Africa, and into the south of Spain by the sword.

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    Also, the bizarre thing about the qur'an is how it constantly gets timings wrong. It has Abraham and Ishmael several thousand miles south of where they should be several thousand years after they were dead, building the Kaaba.
    Not very tenable as an actual position to take literally.

    Also, since we had this earlier in the video, the Bible. In the Bible God commands that you do not worship anything made by the hands of man. Yet, Muslims worship the Kaaba which is made by man. They bow down to it, a thing expressly forbidden.

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    That is more suitable that they will be known and not be abused. 

    Maudad takes it further

    It is likelier that they will be recognised and not molested.

    I note that several translations just straight up omit part of the sentence.

    This makes sense when you think that when this was revealed there were guys being really creepy towards the Muslima, particularly Uthman to the wives of the prophet. Uthman was the one persuading Mohammed to enforce this because he "wanted the verse revealed". Think about that for a minute and ponder.

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    However, Jesus remains unique, sinless, greater, holier, and better than Mohammed. 

    Even Koran states that Christ Jesus is sinless and holy as follows:

    -The birth of Jesus Christ was prophesied 700 years before by prophet Micah 5:2, while nothing is known about Mohammed birth.

    -Jesus' birth, ministry, suffering, death, and resurrection were fulfilment of prophecies in Taurat and Zabur 1000s of years before they took place (Read Psalms 22 full for his suffering and death; Psalm 110:1 his reign with God the Father;  Psalms 45:6 About his royal kingdom; Daniel 7:13 as The Son of Man who will reign for ever; 

    -Zechariah 2:10 about his coming; Zech 9:9 about his humility as the perfect, righteous King.

    -Christ was born supernaturally of a virgin unlike any human being in human history (Sura Mariam 19). Mohammed was born naturally like everyone else.

    – Jesus Christ is sinless, (Sura Mariam 19:19), while Mohammed was sinful. (Sura 48:2).

    – Jesus  spoke from the cradle (Sura 19: 30; Sura 5:110; Sura 3:46) performed miracles, raised dead  people, gave life to clay birds, but Mohammed did no miracles.

    – Koran calls Jesus Khalimatullah (Sura 4: 171; Sura 3:45; RuhuAllah (Sura 4:171); calls Him Righteous (S 3:46); calls Him Pure (S 19:19); Mercy from God (S:19:21); Glorious in this and the coming world (Sura 3:45); One nearer to God (Sura: 3:45); the One taught by Allah of  Wisdom, Books, Taurat, and Injeel (Sura 3:48); while Mohammed was none of the above and not taught anything by Allah!! He was illiterate.!!

    – Jesus is still alive at the right side of God, (Sura 4: 157);  Mohammed is dead and in grave.

    – Allah specially chose the family of Mary and Jesus (Sura 33:33) while nothing is mentioned about the family of Mohammed or name of his mother.

    -Koran speaks about Mary and her parents while no word is spoken about Mohammed's family. (Sura 33:33-36).

    – Allah set apart Mary as holy and chose her for a special mission amongst all women born in this world (Sura 3: 42). Why?

    – Angels spoke to Mary but no angels knew the mother of Mohammed or her name mentioned in Koran. (Sura 3:42-43).

    – Jesus taught his disciples to forgive and love their enemies. He never killed a single human soul but only raised dead people. 

    Mohammed killed countless people to establish Islam and Allah's religion.
    – Jesus will come to judge and rule, Mohammed will not come to do any such thing.!!

    Tell my Muslim friends, why do you want to follow Mohammed who himself was not sure about his destiny or sure that he will go to paradise while Jesus promised forgiveness of sins in His Name and Eternal Life to those who believe in Him

  • Truth about Islam says:

    Let Christian Prince ask you anything about Islam

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    I wonder if Muslim even wanna hear anything about Christianity if this session happen in the other way around. Hahahahaha

  • Safraz Khan says:

    Jesus called non-jews dogs and pigs in Matthew 7:6. Jesus called that Greek woman a dog in Mark 7:26-27 for being a non-jew! Jesus was only sent for the Jews.
    Matthew 15:24 "I have only been sent for the children of Israel"

  • Adyan Ali says:

    Brother Sabeel is amazing and anyone who listens to your lectures will feel peace and love towards other faiths

  • bipin kujur says:

    can anyone please answer if quran is from allah why is there contradictions

  • 闽南人 says:

    Do you believe in LIBERTY of religion and FREE CONVERSION?

  • Rizwan Jb273 says:

    Very nice

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    Malay subtitle plsssss

  • Koensdus says:

    I have a few more questions for you dr. Ahmed:
    In answer to the question how people convert to Islam you said that 'there is no compulsion in religion' (and I guess you're referring to Al-Bakarah 256 here?)
    But then there are also passages such as S. 9: 29 or S. 8: 29 ("“And fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief and polytheism, i.e. worshipping others besides Allaah), and the religion (worship) will all be for Allaah Alone [in the whole of the world]”
    Then there's the Islamic teaching that he who leaves Islam ought to be killed (Bukhari, volume 9, #57, Narrated Ikrima, "Some atheists were brought to Ali and he burnt them. The news of this event, reached Ibn Abbas who said, "If I had been in his place, I would not have burnt them, as Allah's messenger forbade it, saying, "Do not punish anybody with Allah's punishment (fire)." I would have killed them according to the statement of Allah's Messenger, "Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him.")
    All of this seems to contradict your answer, the message here is: 'fight the unbeliever (and btw: the word 'fight' in S. 9: 29 means 'fight-to-kill' in Arabic) ..UNTIL he either submits to Islam or is subjugated (as a Dhimmi)..that's compulsion, would you care to explain please?

  • Cool Hunk says:

    all lie mister ahemd all lie

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    Wow…it looks mostly female

  • VIRAL SHIRAL says:

    Brother you are doing amazing Job. Jazak Allah Kher

  • Kama Kosn says:

    I think as muslims we cannot say we "follow" Jesus a.s. but rather we respect him. Truth is we follow prophet muhammad pbuh and Christian's follow Jesus a.s. I would like to believe that a Christian can still remain as Christian's even if he/she believe that prophet muhammad is the last and final prophet and Allah is one.

  • Sultanmurat Baymuratov says: watching the video

  • Ian Randall says:

    I hope these poor kids get to learn about Islam, and not this white washed lies, this taqiya.

  • KASH SPORTS says:

    Masha Allah .. keep going
    Lots of love from Indian illegally occupied Kashmir

  • michael christian quillosa lopez says:

    Pls all of you who’s in this Talked check Christian Prince video then you will see what is Islam ..

  • michael christian quillosa lopez says:

    Pls all of you who’s in this Talked check Christian Prince video then you will see what is Islam ..

  • michael christian quillosa lopez says:

    Pls all of you who’s in this Talked check Christian Prince video then you will see what is Islam .. deceiving other people by the sweet mouth wont last .. the Truth will always prevail’

  • michael christian quillosa lopez says:

    Pls all of you who’s in this Talked check Christian Prince video then you will see what is Islam .. deceiving other people by the sweet mouth wont last .. the Truth will always prevail’

  • michael christian quillosa lopez says:

    Pls all of you who’s in this Talked check Christian Prince video then you will see what is Islam .. deceiving other people by the sweet mouth wont last .. the Truth will always prevail’

  • Shaheer Khan says:

    This muslim scholar lacks knowledge, He should include science in islam. In muslim prayer all of your muscles get a proper exercise

  • Ibrahim Sulaiman says:

    Masha'Allah a civilised discussion about real Islam, not the fake "terrorist" Islam as shown in the media.

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    may Allah protect brother fro Bangladesh.

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    A Wolf in sheep clothing

  • Trust Is Abused says:

    I wish you all the best in this world and the akirah .
    I hope you come to UK soon.

  • abdou alrhman_ عبد الرحمن ماستر says:

    ماشاء الله تبارك الله
    ربنا ينصركم وينصر الاسلام بكم
    والله اني احببت الشيخ في الله

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    more eduation

  • Jejet Tejej says:

    jihad (holy fighting in Allah's cause) is ordained for you (Muslims) though you dislike it, and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know.

    (سورة البقرة, Al-Baqara, Chapter #2, Verse #216)

  • Jejet Tejej says:

    Narrated 'Aisha: Do you make us (women) equal to dogs and donkeys? While I used to lie in my bed, the Prophet would come and pray facing the middle of the bed. I used to consider it not good to stand in front of him in his prayers. So I used to slip away slowly and quietly from the foot of the bed till I got out of my guilt. (Book #9, Hadith #486)

  • Jejet Tejej says:

    Narrated 'Aisha: The things which annual prayer were mentioned before me (and those were): a dog, a donkey and a woman. I said, "You have compared us (women) to donkeys and dogs. By Allah! I saw the Prophet praying while I used to lie in (my) bed between him and the Qibla. Whenever I was in need of something, I disliked to sit and trouble the Prophet. So, I would slip away by the side of his feet." (Book #9, Hadith #493)

  • Jejet Tejej says:

    Narrated 'Aisha: It is not good that you people have made us (women) equal to dogs and donkeys. No doubt I saw Allah's Apostle praying while I used to lie between him and the Qibla and when he wanted to prostrate, he pushed my legs and I withdrew them. (Book #9, Hadith #498)

  • Jejet Tejej says:

    Is lying part of Islam,,since Islam allows lying ???

  • bo jackson says:

  • Khadijeh A says:

    Masha Allah, there is nothing that Allah Subhanna Va Ta'ala ordered us to do and its not beneficial to ourselves. Look at the science of fasting , look at the science of Halal meat. No wonder Islam is the complete religion.

  • Azedine BENAMMAR says:

    Excellent teacher, may Allah guide you all the time.

  • Dragon Star says:

    Dr Ahmed why don't you debate Christian prince. Why don't Muslims debate Christian prince and defend Islam? Muslims are Leaving Islam because of Christian prince debates.

  • The Fisherman says:

    1. "Why do muslims pray the way they pray?" – His reposnse was the angel jibreel told muhammad how to pray, the way to pray and the actions etc. The Qur'an is the book the Jibreel revealed to muhammad, the Qur'an does not contain the way to pray, the way to pray is found in the Hadith, the Sunnah of muhammad, the hadith were not revealed by allah, this young man is wrong.

    2. "Why do muslims pray the way they pray? He said that all the prophets prayed the same way that musims prayed, that is false. The Messiah prayed many ways, one of which was while looking to up heaven, muslims do not look up to heaven when praying.

    John 17:1 After Jesus said this, he looked toward heaven and prayed: "Father, the hour has come. Glorify your Son, that your Son may glorify you.

    This youong man is ignorant of the Bible.

    3. "Is there singing in Muslims services?" music is Haram in islam, it is considered the work of instruments of shaitan.

    4. "Preservation of the Qur'an" No such thing, many many islamic sources including the wife of muhammad Aisha prove that the Qur'an has been lost, changed, edited and burned. Today muslims have the recitation of hafs and the recitation of hafs is not a book.

    Abu Ubaid’s Kitab Fadail-al-Qur’an: Said Abu ‘Ubaid:

    LET NONE OF YOU SAY, “I HAVE LEARNED THE WHOLE OF THE QUR'AN” for how does he know what the whole of it is, WHEN MUCH OF IT HAS DISAPPEARED? Let him rather say, “I have learned what is extant thereof

    (Jalal al Din `Abdul Rahman b. Abi Bakr al Suyuti, al-Itqan fi `ulum al-Qur'an, Halabi, Cairo, 1935/1354, Volume 2, p. 25)

    `Abdullah b. `Umar reportedly said, 'LET NONE OF YOU SAY, "I HAVE GOT THE WHOLE OF THE QUR'AN." How does he know what all of it is? MUCH OF THE QUR'AN HAS GONE Let him say instead, "I HAVE GOT WHAT HAS SURVIVED".

    Suyuti "The Itqan" – page 184

    "Malik says that several verses from chapter 9 (Sura of Repentance) have been dropped from the beginning. Among them is, ‘In the name of God the compassionate, the Merciful’ because IT WAS PROVEN THAT THE LENGTH OF THE SURA OF REPENTANCE WAS EQUAL TO THE LENGTH OF THE SURA OF THE COW

    Suyuti "The Itqan" – page 184

    "In the name of God the compassionate, the merciful" WERE FOUND in the chapter of Repentance in the Qur’anic copy which belonged to Ibn Mas’ud which ’Uthman CONFISCATED AND BURNED WHEN THE CURRENT QUR'AN WAS EDITED.

    5. "How do people convert to islam?" – Through a lack of knowledge.

    6. "Muhammad never lied never cheated" – This gentleman is now lying to all of them or he is accusing allah to be a liar. The Qur'an clearly states muhammad is a sinful man.

    Surat 48:2 "That Allah may forgive for you (muhammad) what preceded of your sin and what will follow and complete His favor upon you and guide you to a straight path

  • khalil rehman says:

    Masha Allah my sweetest brother you did a great job again May allah always bestow us to follow entire the islam Aameen

  • Lerian V says:

    How can we confirm Muhammad heard from God and not Satan? Any witness or something like that?

  • Vinny Waz says:

    Why they did not ask about the teaching of killing people just because they don’t believe Lin Islam or how could a prophet from God Mary a 6 years old when he was 54, why did the Quran alias raping of women, so guys listing to this guy don’t know Islam or the Quran,

    Why did Mohammad forced his adopted son to divorce her so that Mohammad can marry her.

  • Vinny Waz says:

    You are noting but a lier

  • Vinny Waz says:

    Keep lying talk about the real Islam and Mohammad the thief the killer and the rapist

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    The great scholar vividly answer the questions with his amazing knowledge of the religion and accompanied with his skills of communication.

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  • snm111 says:


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  • Eleison K B says:

    Arabic is foreign languages without translating, so I translate all foreign languages and not copy and compare > 1Introductions book كتاب المقدمات
    On the authority of Abu Ayyub Khalid bin Zaid, may God be pleased with him, he said: I heard the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, saying: “Were it not for you to sin; for God’s creation will be a sin, so they will forgive, so forgive them” ((Narrated by Muslim)). /And from my father Ayyub Khalid bin Zaid, Allah is pleased with him. "Lol you're guilty; and to create God creates people who, Vespa, travel, to forgive them" ((narrated by Muslim)).وعن أبي أيوب خالد بن زيد، رضي الله عنه ، قال سمعت رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم، يقول‏:‏ ‏ "‏لولا أنكم تذنبون ؛ لخلق الله خلقاً يذنبون، فيستغفرون، فيغفر لهم‏"‏ ‏(‏‏(‏رواه مسلم‏)‏‏)‏‏.‏
    Muslim Translation>Abu Ayyub Khalid bin Zaid (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:
    Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, "Were you not to commit sins, Allah would create people who would commit sins and ask for forgiveness, and He would forgive them".
    وعن أبي أيوب خالد بن زيد، رضي الله عنه ، قال سمعت رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم، يقول‏:‏ ‏ "‏لولا أنكم تذنبون ؛ لخلق الله خلقاً يذنبون، فيستغفرون، فيغفر لهم‏"‏ ‏(‏‏(‏رواه مسلم‏)‏‏)‏‏.‏
    Arabic/English book reference : Book 1, Hadith 423

  • Alan Griffiths says:

    When is the next delusional being,or as you put it "prophet" due to appear? I offer a great big B.S.

  • Quran Dawah LIVE says:

    Asalaam wa alaykum. I have seen a countless number of speakers on Islam through this platform. As a muslim/continual striving believer I would like to say that Allah swt has blessed you brother with a profound speaking ability and profound organizational skills in your speech. To be able to put this together without any prompt/written speech/ without a flinch without a pause without nervousness. This video itself is summarizing the reminder even muslims need with such calmness to ponder and reflect upon Allah swt reminder even through you brother. I am sitting here just like the college students revitalizing continually my sharpening of things I to should be contemplating. What an enormous courageous act of speaking to college students regarding Islam in the way you had presented it. Indeed ! Indeed Lo! Behold the prophet Muhammad saw The deliverer of the message. Behold today amoungst us humans we have in the days the last a great muslim (you) with great intention, great speech, what profound way of having put together the presentation of this deen (way) summarizing it with perfect timing even so that humans and their attention spans don't get distracted despite a broken egg seen. I am grateful to Allah swt for the way of honor you have shown our prophet starting off with his mention, along with greatful to have a speaker like yourself. May Allah swt protect and shield you and your family from all evil and on the day of judgement may Allah grant you his forgiveness and compassion by allowing you to enter gardens where rivers flow beneath a place nearness to our Rab, Allah. Thank you. Take care.

  • M O says:

    Thank you for the coming and asking.

  • Monique Brown says:

    Correction: Christians do memorize their hymns

  • Knight of God says:

    Why of all the Prophets of God only Muhammad rape a dead corpse in the grave his Aunt Fatima ibn Asad!
    ( Kanz Al Ummal 34424)
    Muhammad is the Filthy Satanic False prophet of Muslims!

  • Qaide Azam says:

    Only if the accent……

  • Sarah5pqpppq1qwjijwqiq qjqjqqnqnjqiqiiq Ismail says:

    Masha Allah

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    Another taqyiia warrior

  • See Mirror says:

    Dear audience : you must read mohad biography known as sira, 9 English translation of quran, you will find, no 2 will match, hadiths- you will come across very disturbing and stupid stuff., also listen u-tube videos of.   Christian Prince an Arab -scholar in islam always on,  Robb Christian arab. David Wood, Abdulah Sameer, Apostate Prophet, Dr AlFadi a Saudi Scholar and Dr J Smith, Sanra Solomon – Saudi e-muslim. Read yourself, listen the u-tubes  and compare with Sabeel Ahmedi . Must have some insight in islam, otherwise, you can be easy prey.

  • Silent Knight says:

    But nobody except muhammad promoted paganism by kissing black stone …..

  • Margaret Ann Harvey says:

    It's one thing to believe, and it's quite another to provide evidence for what you believe. Notice, very little evidence was given. Islam contradicts previous scriptures, which is evidence for heresy. Where are the manuscripts that show where and when the Bible was corrupted, as Muslims assume? Also, where is the one unchanged Quran that looks exactly like the Hafs Quran of today, that dates to the time of Muhammad? Please do not accept Islam uncritically. What this teacher is ignoring is that Islam post-dates the Arab conquests. Similarities with Judaism and Christianity are interpretive, they are not evidence-based. Again, where is the evidence to prove that Islam is anything more than the state religion of the Arabian empire? This must be asked, especially in light of historical and modern violence toward political, Islamist goals. Notice, there is no mention of the political nature of Islam in this presentation or the authoritarian and totalitarian nature of Islam.

    This is the message of the early church, my friends, so the question becomes, what is Islam, what is Islam really? What is its purpose? Please think about that. God bless.

    John 3:16 New International Version (NIV)

    16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

  • Suraj Kumar says:

    All these fuckin liars

  • Big Dog says:

    The founder of Islam is a very disgusting man.

  • Dangerous Mega Encounters says:

    These cretins here have had to be commanded to go here no one in their right mind could come here of their own will.

  • See Mirror says:

    must know something about mohd. here is free download

    biography of mohd couple of hadiths -disgusting. No mohammeden scholar will tell you

     Abu Burda reported Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) as saying:
    There would come people amongst the Muslims on the
    Day of Resurrection with as heavy sins as a mountain, and Allah would forgive
    them and He would place in their stead the Jews and the Christians.
     (As far as I think), Abu Raub said: I do not
    know as to who is in doubt. Abu Burda said: I narrated it to 'Umar b. 'Abd
    al-'Aziz, whereupon he said: Was it your father who narrated it to you from
    Allah's Apostle (ﷺ)? I said:
    Reference : Sahih
    Muslim 2767 dIn-book reference : Book 50, Hadith 60USC-MSA web
    (English) reference : Book 37, Hadith 6668  (deprecated
    numbering scheme)

     Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) having said:

     By Him in Whose Hand is my life, if you were not to
    commit sin, Allah would sweep you out of existence and He would replace (you
    by) those people who would commit sin and seek forgiveness from Allah, and He would have pardoned them.
     Reference : Sahih Muslim
    2749In-book reference : Book 50, Hadith 13USC-MSA web (English)
    reference : Book 37, Hadith 6622  (deprecated numbering scheme)

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    May Those accept islam ya Allah

  • Ahmed abdalle says:

    Dr ahmed may Allah bless you brother. The amazing lecture and Q with A for the students and knowledge seekers about Islam.

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    Please talk about the life of MHd. Relating to women and sex… Coz u are a smart guy

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