Chinese Communist Blueprint for Takeover Countries

Chinese Communist Blueprint for Takeover Countries

greetings to the sixth seal news talk this is a special please do not go away from this video if you need to understand what is the plan what are the plans of China or takeover global domination this is a A through Z explanation on how China takes over governments how they come in they set up shop then they take over government to do their bidding if you're from another country or you're from the US or you belong to the governments of these other countries and you have been wondering how is China corrupting how they're taking over government this is a must-see video and it's good for beginners for those who don't understand how China has taken over governments and for those who are more advanced and people in government and country governments who don't realize what they're getting you know in with the Chinese when they started to arrive okay this is the blueprint how China operates I'm giving you the blueprint on how China operates and what they're doing to individual countries to take them over this is a must-see video I will explain to you from you can say from A through Z I will give you all the explanation on how China's doing it this is so now we're going to move to part one with no more deletes this is part one the Chinese the first thing they do when they want to go into a country of course they're going to do research on how valuable this country is to their global domination plan now bear with me with all these parts because we will give from A through Z we will go through how they corrupt people the whole nine yards everything but on the first part what the Chinese are doing on their global domination blueprint is when they go into a country they're going before they go into the country they're already studying studying the country they're from they're studying what are the effects of that country on other countries what are the possibilities to take over the country okay there are studying many different aspects of the country that will make you could say will open up doors for them so they can move in with their total takeover of the country so the first thing they do is they're studying the countries for possibly their resources they're studying studying in the country for the governmental environment the kind of government housed politics environments in that country the the possibility on how easy that government is able to be corrupted okay you and well political environment I was going to say they're studying many different like I say things of that country okay so they start collecting data on these countries okay before and it's a step by step their whole thing is step by step they go from one part to to part the three part if you can follow the blueprint if you go through the history of a country with China you can see there they have been following it step by step okay so that's the first thing they do to check out the government to see if there's an avenue for them to come in and take over that that government and and see what what could be if any walls could be put in from them to stop them and so on but they usually what they do is the Chinese what they do is they look for countries who are suffering they're weak in politics or they're havin they're havin they're havin turmoil inside the country with different politics not complete upside down turmoils such as you're fine let's say like in Iraq in Syria nowadays you know no they're looking more for something that's more stable but still has internal problems with their politics okay China also will study like I said for resources one of the resources of this country does they have coal does it have iron does it have does it have meaning for you know for raw raw materials what can be the resources is it manpower is is it because it's located in an area where their military will have an advantage a day and an advantage over other military forces is it a key area of operations seaports will that be a key area to put a seaport and or or military or so on they study everything before they start making their move now they have these plans of the Chinese are implemented at different levels they have what I see it's like there is a hard level where they find something they need right away or they need to move on and they hit it really hard then they have us a medium level which is more of a soft takeover and then they have a very light takeover okay so they don't attract attention from other people on what their plans are okay we're not right now we're pretty much covering you could say the medium to hot or out the upper level so we're covering here so on part one what the Chinese are doing as part of their plan is survey they're doing a survey of the country collecting data of the country political environment in resources and in geographical location of the country and what are the avenues they can open up that is the first part in the blueprint book of the Chinese so we're going to now move to the second part of how China opens up doors I'm part 2 of the Chinese Communist blueprint for takeover of countries what the Chinese engage in is communication and espionage both things communication with the making establishing better communication with that government that they want to take over and espionage bringing in people from their country to spy on the country not for let's say for resources or take thing no just to send data back to the central government usually the way they do the espionage is they use tourists they use regular tours what what they do is in a group of tourists they embed communist spy they embed their spies within those groups of tourists who are leaving China out to go on their holiday vacations go visit other countries that's where they're in bed they're spies okay they're basically to collect data what we have to understand about the the Chinese government and the way it handles their citizens not everybody in China it's able to get on the plane and leave China and go visit another country that doesn't work you may see Chinese they save your United States you may seem all over Disneyland or Disney World in other parts in theme parks enjoying themself doing that but for the more for the most part these are people that belong to the Communist Party okay the Chinese Communist Party the CCP or they belong to the the the People's liberated army okay they belong to those groups okay or they are associated with those groups they might not be the top of the cream of those groups or naivet in the middle they just are associated with those group these are the people we will call the elites these people have the advantage of getting passports and able to leave China and go visit other countries okay those are the vanish elites have okay they are usually the ones that have the better business the better jobs these are the extreme top managers of companies okay and and so on okay these are you could say the better off the people who are better off financially better off then most of all saying China these people make a small percentage in China for the most part China is a third world country when it comes to people's riches there's a lot of BS talk about China about being super powerful rich yes they're very super powerful rich but the ones that control control the wealth in China is like less than once 1/10 of a percent of a percent on who really controls the wealth in China for the most part China is the third war a comedy basically they have won a comedy for the elite and the second a comedy for the extreme for who or even their benefits are nowhere near what the elite get okay so they are they are they call himself a superpower some kind of a country with super riches yes only for the elite so what China does is it's an embeds spice within these tourist groups to go into these countries but they have a to prompt of attack on this country they say they decided to take over a country and what they for like I favor with those sin and this do the survey will you cover this on from the first part they'll do the survey in the country on the second part they send in their spies and bet it with Chinese tours the second was the second the second thing they do they also use businessmen those sent in businessmen to come to come in check out the country and they'll come in there with the pretense of maybe trying to open up a factory or talking about better trade deals between each country or what can be purchased from their country to send back to China or vice versa okay so they come in there but they come in with little happy face they're all happy faces ready to meet everybody and everybody's good and everything is nice okay this is the way they come so these countries since a lot of a lot of third world countries the here of all the Chinese are visiting our country this is great it's a plus floor for the country we're getting new tours from China and we're getting some businessman looking at the country if you're from another government and you're one of these countries you have seen what I'm telling you what you're dealing with what you're dealing with is 8th spies you're dealing with a lot of spice with from China I'm not talking about that all Chinese tourists are spices no I'm saying embedded with those groups are spies embedded with the groups of businessmen are spies there a lot of the businessmen for the most part they're spies for the Communist Party okay that's what they are they're there to collect data they're also trying to find out information about and of individuals so once China sensing their spies they collect data underground locations millet work military where the military is located government officials what areas have industrial parks what areas suffer from the lack of industrials industries what and they start collecting a lot of data they could spend a couple years in this who know that it's very hard to tell how long they could spit but I can spend quite a while collecting the stuff and sending it back to the central government and China businessmen can start making their connections with other businessmen of that country and start putting together and start be firming becoming friends of a lot of these people they own these business or are all right and and and they start making very good connections in these countries but they're getting everything set up they're building up a stage is what they're building up right now at this point okay so that is the second part its espionage and making connections in the country that they want to take over that is the second part of this we will now move on to the third part of their plan and me tell you this is exactly how China works step-by-step okay we're now moving to the third part of this this is part three of China's Communist blueprint for takeover of countries on the first part the Chinese as you know they did their survey of the country and the potentials of what that country had for them what could they get out of this country's resources and so on they did a study of the country on the third part they introduced their espionage or spying tippity into the country and business man's not huge but not businessman with a lot of power but some businessmen went into the country these are also spies for China that was on the second part with the use espionage and businessman on the part three now the Chinese pick it up a notch they go up to a higher level on this part okay what they doing what they doing now on part three is now they have that they have their data okay from their spies on the ground and from their survey now they know what the country is mainly suffering from if they if the country is suffering from from inner structures such as roads then this is something they're going to target if it's a port facility or or airline or they need a better less a airport or or electrical grid this is stuff they're going to be targeting so what they do now is the Chinese start bringing a businessman with more power okay now the the first businessman that came in there at the same part – they what they were doing there is trying to also establish connections now that those now that they have the data on people they want to connect especially what they're trying to do is they're trying to get to the top government the top officials and go the second wave a businessman come in to the country those start making now more more context with top officials in the government they start they start to talk to the government about investing millions of dollars for inner structure or millions of dollars to build apartment complex or built help with the electrical system on and on and on but what they do is they start off they start out small and there's a reason they start out small let's say there's a project a project to build a road okay the road is not is not a long road it's a short road let's say there the project is the road is only going to be let's say 10 kilometers long that's the how long the road is going to be it's a 10 kilometer long road ok they're going to they're going every their gonna put it in place they're gonna they're gonna they're gonna pay it they're gonna do the whole work for this road so the Chinese say we're going to help out because we want to have better trade with your government and we're going to help if you help us to allow us to bring him but it better trade between both government we're going to also help with your road system and we can give you put a road into place for you and sometimes the Chinese will tell them this is just gonna be part of another project will tell you we'll put the road on a 10 kilometer road and along that road future plan is to put some industries or factories that we will bring from China or we will invest in this country for your country so of course the China the the country and that you know they they look at the deal like there's a well this is a great idea this built this let the Chinese build us a road and they have and then will will will end up paying back for the road some cases you'll pay they'll pay back for the road and a very small interest to pay back for this road ok and they get up an actual really good road for their country and then the Chinese are promising to them that this road will expand ok because what they're planning into is putting industries of putting small businesses that will help their community their country out fund and they will have Chinese and investors behind this okay so but this is all part of a plot by China the road is just a plot okay now the Chinese know exactly what's going to happen next let's say to build the road I don't know exactly what the cost of building a road and a third world country is because it all depends on the country's economics and the value of their money and so on on earth but let's say for argument's sake that the roads gonna cost five million dollars let's just say that for argument's sake okay it's a five million dollar road okay so this is a government project so then the Chinese say okay we will end up you know we're gonna build this road we'll put in the money for this and you paying us back and a small percentage and then the Chinese will talk we agreed to use your local contractors to build the road this is when the corruption starts to going to play what the Chinese know 100% is they're dealing with a country a third-world country and even this could even happen to it even a country so comedy is even a lot higher a lot better but this is the way they work they know they're dealing with corruption so they know that what's gonna happen is within that government they're going to put the project up for bid okay in most countries they'll put the project up for bid there's something called a tender committee and many countries have what they call a tender committee which means country companies from those countries can bid for projects having to do with the government okay so these people come in to put companies come in to bid for these projects but it's all tied to corruption so the roads gonna be built five million dollars is going to be invested in – this into this road okay and this is like I say still a small project the Chinese know what's going to happen next their espionage on the ground and what they already have been able to do as far as espionage they're collecting data on all activity behind how this country goes about in hiring contractors what these people see and and the government for what what they're seeing is they see an opportunity to fill in their pockets with money maybe a couple hundred thousand here fifty thousand there but they feel they see an opportunity what they do is they allow companies to put in bids for those for to build the road from their own country they allow these companies these are basically subcontractors because the main contractor is the Chinese company or the China other companies coming from China that's the main contractor but they're gonna hire they say the ones to make the asphalt the ones they have the heavy equipment China might bring in management and some personnel but the raw materials may be coming from that country so so the the government in that country knows that they can make some money not the government the corrupt people in that government of that country knows that they can make some money usually are these are the higher people the higher management of that government the ones who have who can make decisions those will be on the decision board on who gets the tender or those who are involved with the board in other words who can give influence to the board say look we want you to we want you to go with this company even though they're not making the decision at the board level okay for these contracts so what happens is the Chinese knows that corruption is going to go it's gonna make it's gonna make an appearance you so the company the the country goes the officials they start taking these tenders these bids from these companies then they start making contact with these some of these companies could actually be owned by some of these officials okay but their own through third parties their own in a way where people might not notice that they are the ones own the company depending on the country some of them will out right no you know everybody will know that that person owns that company okay and some other countries because of corruptions laws they don't want these people owning any company so but what they are and one way or the other they're going to get a piece of the pie so they had five companies bid for the road but only one wins the actual contract for the asphalt that will be provided for building the road and the the all the other stuff that they needed to build that road so that corrupt official or group of corrupt officials okay tell that company look we have awarded you the contract and even though their contract may they actually the bidding for that contract may actually be even higher than the rest of the of the four countries other coming for companies that beta for those are those other companies may have lower bids or might even be a better company but they go with the one day they are connected with now what that company those companies do the one they got awarded the contract what they're gonna do is they're gonna give a percentage of what they're going to make off this deal okay to those people those officials that gave them the contract they will have let's say an offshore account depending how much money it is or the money will be transferred somehow I will be laundering what you could say my money will be laundry okay it will go through different companies for different things and somehow the official will get his money okay now everybody think this is all good there the Chinese start to do the project for their one that are ten kilometers they start doing this project like okay there could be five million 20 million I don't know miss but they make this road using subcontractors such as the asphalt company then they will have equipment companies that have to go in there and people and people that have a workers also they'll have to go in there and and the couple will be a couple companies involved in that project but all those companies will be actually pouring money back into corrupt officials of that country now you will say well how do the Chinese getting anything out of this they are the Chinese are running an espionage as what to do everyone is there collecting data from all these officials who are dealing with these companies who given them the kickback so the Chinese are collecting all the data they could be doing anything to collect data okay they might be taking photos they might be taking videos they might be they might be tapping people's phone lines they might be doing all kind of stuff but they're collecting the data is for everything of these of these deals okay so the Chinese finish off the road the corrupt officials fill in their pocket with a lot of money okay the company that made the project made money on the project and everything has been set everything is nice the government now sees the Chinese this is a good idea to have China in there because now China is promising more projects China saying well we want to do more projects but what China is doing is with the small projects that they're doing they're collecting more and more data on corrupt officials it's what they're doing all right and they're they're seeing how these officials get corrupted and how they are manipulated so they're collecting knowledge just with the small projects once they have done several projects once the Chinese have done several projects and they have a really good hand on on who are the top corrupt officials make a lot of time this we'll lead all the way up to the very top of that government they move on to part three okay let's move on to part three now so for this part we were doing with China and how they start off small projects to start corrupting officials but not them the officials in some ways are corrupting themselves with the companies the sub companies subcontractors to the Chinese this is what these officials are being corrupted at now we'll move on to part we're going to move on to part four and we're going to talk more about more about this we are now on part four Chinese Communist blueprint for takeover of countries so we have covered a couple parts already and now I'm part four the Chinese are going to step up their activities for making projects in the country but now they're going to be stepping up two major activities because they're now beginning to get moving in for the kill but not quite with it things are gonna get escalated after making several small projects the Chinese have been collecting data from the corrupt officials who are dealing with their subcontractors okay the Chinese companies have gone in there with their management teams to build out rows and small projects which all might mainly tied with the government or tied with let's say the top people of that country okay so after the Chinese have picked up enough data they know who are the corrupt people who are the people they can be corrupted okay and they have all this they move on they they they scale up their projects they now go up to the government and they tell them look we see that you're suffering let's say from having a better airport or you're suffering from complete major overall you need a major or of your inner structure of your highway system or you need a port a seaport a better seaport okay now let's say that the reason that the company uh the Chinese are actually corrupting this government and they're trying to take over this government this country is because they want to establish a military base in the future in this country okay they want to put a base there that country may be actually a neighbor to another country which maybe has a prong with China maybe China doesn't have good relationship and China wants to establish a military presence in this country that they're trying to invest their money into okay this is one of the major reasons so they propose to that government that they want to build a port a seaport and they tell the government look we want to we want to build a seaport that's gonna cost maybe about eight hundred million dollars to build a seaport it's gonna be a modern seaport it's gonna it's gonna be a deep channel seaport they roll out ships large ships to dock on your on your port we're going we also want to invest in putting an industrial area warehouses Congress so on and then of course you're looking at a major project now for the country all right the the Chinese hotel will tell the country look we will employ a lot of people from your local comedy than me from your local from your country will be employed in the Seaport and there'll be a lot of more jobs available and of course everything is win-win-win with the Chinese the way they explain it you'll be winning the big prize okay so of course one of the first things this country's corrupt officials are going to see is a huge opportunity for them to start to fill in their pockets with millions of dollars because maybe the seaport is in I know a hundred million a billion dollar some lots of money to bill a seaport and dredge canal and put and make it deep enough for for for big ships to come in so let's say the government approves the project and then once again the government has the whole bidding for this seaport to consider construction has to go through their tender department there durka there are the ones that make the decision the board that makes a decision for who gets the contract to work for the Chinese as some contractors remember the Chinese are the main contractors and they are hiring local contractors to do subcontracting work and bringing a lot of the raw materials such as payment cement wood steel and so on and manufacturing for other things so this port it's going to have require a lot of cement it's going to require a lot of paint men it's going to require a lot of steel work millions and millions of dollars it's going to be poured into the economy of this country the Chinese know that the Chinese already have tried with small projects they know that this is going to be their gonna go crazy in that country the people that corrupt trying to make money off this project all right so the Chinese basically sign a contract with that country to build this port it's possibly the Chinese tell them look we're gonna give you ice we're gonna build the port they cost let's say 900 or 800 million dollars you know very close to a billion dollars order and we're gonna build this port and we're gonna give you a small interest loan you can say for the built this part where you have you can pay us back on earth on a 30 or 40 years basic you'll pay us back the cost of this loan back to our to our country and I'll give some kind of a loan I don't want almost uh you know if it's gonna be how much the percentage is gonna be but it will be alone which will sound like they can pay it off in 40 years or thirty years or whatever okay and the Chinese will come up with all this plan that they will have better comrades that Chinese ships will now be able to come in and pick up their products and take him back to China and they will be able to bring in the stuff okay on earth so they will brainwash these people all these countries you know that the China's gonna be doing great things with this port okay so the country starts to put out the bits for the contracts now they're bringing in cement companies steel companies all kind of manufacture the D of the officials the corrupt officials can go up high I could go as high as actually those who ruled that country the big top the the Prime Minister the President or whoever is the dictator is in charge of that country they couldn't that money can go all the way to the top okay so they they closed out their deals with all these subcontractors are going to build the port and the Chinese have monitor all the activity from these people what disks because we're talking a lot of money a lot of times what happens there is the China the Chinese the subcontractors of these countries will set up overseas account so they can money laundry there the money coming coming in for these companies can then give the crop officials their money so they put overseas account they might even put small little register consultant business overseas okay and different kind of businesses overseas or accounts so the official who's in government and that country doesn't get in trouble okay and it just looks like only the subcontractors are making the money but believe me all the money is being kicked back back to the central tender tender committed committee ow all of it to the government and very top people of that government the Chinese are collecting all Abe from information all data everything from these corruption schemes okay now you cannot implement that you cannot say the Chinese are guilty for corruption there had done nothing to break no loss okay the Chinese no one exactly what the money how the money is gonna be using how the money's gonna end up with these corrupt officials that's what they know so they know the more than money they bring the easier it is for them to corrupt the government now you will say well wait a minute James the Chinese haven't corrupt nobody because their money's going to the subcontractors they hire and it is the subcontractors who are corrupting the government exactly it's what they want the Chinese that's what the way the Chinese one of things to look like that's what they want things to be look look just like that that they have nothing to do with it when they do because China's collecting all the data on every all the activity having to do with corruption scams okay China may be also Peru uh working worthless with the subcontractors to collect documentation and to have all the information for these foreign accounts where these people are having their money deposit okay China may actually be paying these people to provide them with all these documentation and everything China will get the documentation the proof everything they need they will get off that these people and that government are corrupt okay so China goes and they bring in their management team and and some other people and they start to work with the subcontractors building the port okay putting this port together so they start to build the port takes two or three years they built the port they completed the port everything looks great okay and now they're going to move on to part four or Step five okay so now our cutoff here and we're going to move too far part five and now the Esk now we escalate even higher okay part five coming up so now we're back here on part five Chinese Communist blueprint for takeover of countries okay now what the Chinese do on part five they already finished the port everything is done the officials have filled in there the corrupt officials of that country have filled in their money with millions of dollars there's no tie to China China has no tie to it the only thing China did was to provide subcontractors with money okay the subcontractors were the ones who basically provided the kickback money to the government in order for the government to award them with the contracts okay so China is really not there they're not they cannot implement it you want to be accused of any wrongdoing that's why they're operating there okay so now let's say the ports complete everything is done the officials are all happy they got their accounts for with millions and millions of dollars the subcontracting companies are all happy they make millions of dollars off this port and everybody's doing great but now this is when China starts to make their move China starts to send a couple of their special officials people their military uh lations top people from their governments start going into this country and then they go and they make the contact they all they meet up with the top officials of this country and they tell the top officials of this country look we want to use we want to put in the port our own Chinese management we want to put our company to manage the port okay so then they had this said there was an agreement on the table for that company for that country to manage their own port there will be disagreements and then China will turn around and say we're the ones who put the money up for this port and we want you guys to respect us our decision we want our people to manage the port who are the people they're going to manage the port for China in this country for the most part the PLA the people's liberated army those are the ones are going to take over that port and manage that port this other country for you know there might be a little bit they don't want to do it but eventually they'll have to give into Chinese pressure and China will take over the management of the port but it doesn't end there then more official start arriving from China and then they start to tell the president or the dictator or the the Prime Minister whoever's in charge of the country and their group they'll start telling the Chinese will start telling them that they want to move in to play a couple of their ships naval ships some submarines and possibly or they want to make a military base right on there under on their country so of course the the the the country starts flipping out the people know we cannot do this we're gonna have a lot of political consequences you know our neighbors are so and so and so they're never going to buy into this and this is gonna be and there's all kind of activities to try to tell the Chinese no they're not they're not going to accept a Chinese military present on their country they're not going to allow that they don't want to allow the Chinese to put in their own ships okay the problem is the China has been undermining everything and collecting information from everybody okay so what China does is they there's different ways they will go about this if there if the country's being to resistance against them then China's starched or I or maybe at that point already they start to you know go after that country's military top leaders alright they start going after the police and they start going after the military and they start finding ways to corrupt the police in the military and this is pretty much the same thing they may offer the military you know a couple of ships they say well we have a couple of ships we want to give to you for free and so on so that they may start to and in some ways they're start buying off the military and the police okay offering the police more equipment even probably telling the police department of that country go ahead and you know buy you know buy this equipment from us from China and so on so they start getting into debt with China and all kinds of but Chinese go to their technicals like an octopus know spread to different those spread different areas pull different kind of corruption schemes to to corrupt other kind of people the most corruption will be going towards the main government of that country so the country doesn't want to have China in there than China basically turns around to those corrupt officials and what they want they're not gonna gather them in a big room with all the corrupt official no they will go after them one by one and they will say remember that you had this contract remember the the cement company they helped built our port we have data we have documentation from from we were able to obtain documentation from the cement company the Chinese – if they said we stole that documentation we just took it okay this shows offshore accounts where your money is located this shows we have video we have photos of you taking money we have you and the hotel rooms with full of prostitutes and join the wealth that you got from these companies and they go on and on every think that they had all the dirty dealings that that official did that he thought he was not being monitored on nobody knew about only him in the subcontractor the Chinese have everything on him that's y'all know that's when he one official so the Chinese start going on other official start talking to them and then they start telling these officials we're going to start talking to your political enemies and we may end up giving them all this information because in any country people have political enemies and people that are trying to move into the government or takeover positions so little by little they start going to all these these are officials that got this kickback money from cement companies from steel manufacture everything having to do with the port and the Chinese basically telling we have all the proof of all the corruption we even know where the money is located okay and the Chinese may even turn around said we have people here that were ready to say the truth about what you guys been doing you know so this is what happens on part five so now we move on to part six things escalate to even higher plateau you can say and we'll move on to the next part next part here we are back in part now we're now in part six we just did part five the Chinese are now in the process and part five the Chinese were in the process are showing the government you know what they knew about the corruption schemes with the subcontractors they were they were hired to build the port with the Chinese and the Chinese have also given plan and part five of building a military base of putting a military present on their country okay so on part six the government starts to agree with the Chinese yes go ahead put your military present built your base and put it there and bring in the ships that you want okay I'm put them on close to the port the Chinese will say thank you very much and then they will start to build their military bases and so on on the port the problem is it doesn't stop there because the Chinese are not going to just stop they're putting a military present on that country and put it in in some ships no now the Chinese have enough dirt and information they have enough you know corruption information on these all these top officials to really bury them okay so after the Chinese built their military prison okay they put their military personnel on the ground with some really you know really top-of-the-line military people and their navy ships and so on they built the whole thing there okay and the Chinese have been paying off to take over that country's military and police force the Chinese then approached the government somewhere along the way there they're going to approach the government and tell the government look you're no longer a solving country you are you now have to answer to BAE Jean we have taken your country over completely supposing this country has free elections where people get voted into office and they have elections some officials may say well you know we're running for election next year we might not get voted in and there might be somebody else that wants to put different policies towards Chinese the Chinese will say don't worry we'll take care of that because we will pour millions of dollars into your election and assured that you get elected to you position or the persons you want to get elected to their position well get elected to the position the Chinese also by that time they have also taken over the media of that country possibly by buying the media buying the newspapers buying the television stations or putting a lot of money behind these groups these media groups because they need to control the media they control the media they control the government they control the police they control the military and they have a military present inside the country now what's happened to the country the country has been lost to China the country may still fly their country flag but in reality that country is answering to China the country may still have free elections and people may still think they're voting in for their candidates to to be elected that's all over with it's all being 100% manipulated by the Chinese the Chinese are able to establish their base on that country and put an end put whatever they want in military personnel and do whatever they want the country is basically now owned by China the officials in those countries cannot do anything and also China will continue to corrupt those officials more and more they will just continue to corrupt China will just continue to pouring money corrupt officials and all different areas and those officials that they see they maybe want to turn on them they will find a way to get rid of those people they will discredit them and for another nation to a final wake and though people the bits of there'll be some a political are evil but China be the ones basically pulling the strings on this government and they will own that country if the country has resources those resources will go to China the people of their country will not benefit nothing from China because China will just suck resources out of that country they will enslave the population basically for what they want but the Chinese one then along the way China's plan will be to turn that country into a communist style government okay and this is what they'll step on to other there there'll be other plans for the government that will bring him closer to China China may not plan a flag over that country may not say you know there's our Chinese flag no it will be under mine and China will also operate within that government it's continuous secret they don't want then that the international public to know how they took over this country the country will give the appearance international appearance that they are still a sovereign country and they're pretty much the decisions are coming from them when in fact it's all coming from China and that's the way China corrupts government the Chinese right now are in different plans of this because these plants can take many years to actually form or actually come into furia fruition if they can actually when they actually you know complete it these plants right now are happening in the Caribbeans they're happening the Chinese plans are right now happening in Central America the Caribbean they're happen in different in different parts of Asia the same sac plant from one through six okay this same way of their activity I'm giving what I'm giving you here there's a lot more detail to all this okay but I'm pretty much have given you the basics this is how China works if you're one of these countries in urine official China came to you you know they want to give you or they want to put up do a major project in your country you're basically receiving a Trojan a Trojan horse from China it's what you receive it is a project that will be used against you and if you know that your country has prom with corruption then you know that you are probably going to fall under the inference of China and China will take over your country because that's what China is going to exploit it's the corruption in your country for them to take over your country and because they have failed in their country their their the this China has made billions of dollars from from from the international community from all the junk they sell all the stuff they do they have made billions about they're now using that money for war conquests the Chinese right now and a lot of countries are like in stage four of this of this plan of this blueprint in many countries they're in stage four and some countries they have almost reached stage six in some countries they have reached stage six if you look at Pakistan Pakistan is stage six for the Chinese Chinese practi on Pakistan if you look at Sri Lanka stage six Shalaka has fallen to the Chinese and matter of fact this thing about the port and Sri Lanka this is what happened if you look at Miramar okay what was once called Burma falling into there between like Stage five and six that's where all part five and six you could say well the plan is where they're at in South America they're right now a lot of countries Central America Panama and always these people are in stage four going into stage five with the Chinese remember stage six is when they actually put their military because it's day six when they actually put their military in place China is also gone to places like Africa your booty that's just been straight out corruption for them to get their base in there they would they they are not going you cannot say you're that part the air then Africa that China put their base is a stage six because the country also has base with other countries even the US but the country is filling their money in with a lot of kickback money from China to have to allow China to stay and there in a key area there in an extreme key area military wise I'm not gonna get into that with a whole different video but China this plan for China the blueprint plan it's possibly in effect right now also in the US because media control the control for the media and control for for to find out who are the officials this all okay once you once they are past the surveillance or what they want from that country and they start doing their espionage and usually we will start from three it can be mixed up mixed around okay they can they can start investing money into the media they can start doing small projects and they can start more and more getting into China is basically right now buying United States they're not conquering United States with military might know they're buying United States and there's there's actually a book that I will maybe we would like to put together having to do more in debt on how this blueprint works but you know that takes time and money for me to sit there and write a book like that I don't know if I'd be able to do it I don't even know if anybody's will be interested in a book like that but the Chinese plan this same plan and one way in one form or another is in effect in mostly all countries it's in effect in many countries especially powerful countries lashes into the u.s. countries such as Canada Mexico countries in and in Europe now here up is a different situation Europe is controlled by the globalist okay that's globalist territory and the Chinese know that so it's for the most part China wants to stay away from Europe okay because they are the globalists are controlling Europe i but the globalists in china are in code their ink they're basically sharing the same idea of global domination China is involved in a lot of places such as Indonesia they're involved in Malaysia they're involving a lot of other parts in the Philippines there and in all other areas in Asia they are involved with this plan a lot of those countries if you look at them they will be in one of these parts there will either be import 3.45 there will be in one of those sections they will be there all right and we're getting closer to be where riparian II say a couple more years away from seeing a lot more Chinese bases being built and different location and they will put more basis once they put in bases and they put in their military personnel it's pretty much to Sherry on top of the cake they pretty much control that country they own that country you say that's the way they are Nepal that's another one that's falling under Chinese they're very close to a stage six no pause one of us comes very close to stage six they'd already been approached by the Chinese and told by the Chinese that the Chinese are planning and building a base in Nepal and Miramar was told that the Chinese the Chinese told Miramar they want to build a base there so all those countries are very close to part six six zero stage six of these people's plan people we are in a war I'm one that we don't see because that's what China doesn't want you to see China does not want you to notice what they're doing it's all secret it's a secret war and under my SSE is an awesome it's a war to undermine secret in a secret way these countries and they're taking always countries and they're being successful but nobody a lot of people don't recognize the Chinese blueprint they don't see it China has a blueprint basically to control these countries it's a lot deeper than this and what I'm telling you there's other stuff that they used to control government okay but this is pretty much the basic of that blueprint on how China takes over governments and like I say if you look around the wall there are different countries in different stages Australia is already deep into these stages which with China you know but the Australian a lot of people from Australia are fighting off this problem with China they they're I don't know if you ever see a base from China in Australia but China is getting a lot of control over Australia a lot of the control there was the controlling a lot of stuff in the story and they're all over the place China does have a lot of enemies people like India India does not want China but China has been trying to push for it to go into it then the plan this plan this blueprint hasn't worked out too good in India for China but what China is doing is is using the blueprint to go around India to surround India by going into places like Sri Lanka Sri Lanka stage six you could say part six of this plan is Sri Lanka the Chinese have been able they're planning on building a base there over it maybe possibly already started to build the base day or who knows I don't know I don't haven't follow that up too much but I know they were in the Prada will talked about it last year about doing this and then Nepal and then they have Miramar so if you don't submit to the Chinese plan that what they want and they're not able to corrupt your government they will surround your country they'll find ways to surround your company your country especially if your country in some way maybe pose a threat to China economically or military why somehow they will surrounded Pakistan is also on the other side India pretty much there in stage 6 you know pack the Chinese have built the Navy they are putting their naval fleet there putting part of their Navy in Pakistan alright this was planned that the Chinese already have done so this is the plan for China to commit the way they deal in their plant like I said there's there's more in debt to this that will take it will take time for me to sit down and write a book on it and put something together where I can where I can be available to you so you can see it more in that maybe there's some foreign government or somebody there they will need this book to be done with all the details alright hey patreon go and put some big bucks in there so I can take a year or two off so I can put this together alright I don't have the time right now I have a job too had to go to and these small little videos that I make I don't have the money for the time that so if you guys somebody has some deep pockets and really want to see I'm more of an in-depth or more details on how China is operating whoa why believe me I could put some stuff together some you know I say possibly a really good book maybe even do a better document or some kind of a document and you know you know put some better videos and show more in dentists but I don't have the resources for that so anyway people this is where we got into the next time please subscribe to six seal and I know a lot of so many people may have your own idea on how China is operating hey you're free to open up your own YouTube video channel it doesn't cost a dime go do it but don't bug me with comets actually I'm getting to the point where I'm thinking of actually removing comments from my videos because out of 10 comets that are made in my videos only wanted to or actually make any sense in our in some ways nice there's so much Chinese trolls and so many people with it's just a bunch of fools it's like ridiculous the thing and just even people making comments on videos that have nothing to do with the subject or didn't understand the subject at all so I'm actually contemplating that that maybe I should remove comments you know commentary people they want to make comments on my way maybe just remove that out there from the videos I know and I really don't have a lot of time to answer a lot of comments or look at them but anyway do what you can people support the channel thumbs up and I hope you just help in to the next time god bless and if you're out there you want to invest in my book you really seriously want to invest on a book and this really good study into this you know you can't but you know but that means being gaining out on my job the whole nine yards are putting maybe a year or two into this anyway I will see you later okay god bless hi there are people thank you for watching the program that you just watch please you can keep the channel going with a lot of stuff software maintenance in all nine yards okay but I need your help I need your donations and I need to please partnership with six seal news oh it's easy don't walk away because anybody from any country can donate almost any country around the world can donate to my channel here it's easy I want to show you how it's done there's two ways of doing it you go through PayPal or you can go through patreon patreon is owned by you two and eight house company you can trust let's go to the PayPal first and I'll turn it on there it is look how easy this now you can go there and you can just put one dollar if you want to you can put ten dollars if you want to and then let's say you go that you wanna do you can eat if you mark here you can do muscling donations you don't have to be a paid power member get this understand 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  • Patpaul Almelor says:

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