CAPT Robert Tosatto: Volunteering and Service to Your Community

CAPT Robert Tosatto:  Volunteering and Service to Your Community

Service is important for so many reasons
and in so many ways for the individual, for community and for the nation. For the
individual it can bring a sense of pride and accomplishment and really helping
out your neighbors and your community It can also have personal benefits for your
own health. Studies have found that volunteers are less likely to have heart
disease and even depression. So there is that personal side of it. But also improving the community is so important, too and there are many ways that volunteers..and
ways you can serve to help your community to bring the community
together, that builds that connectedness and that social cohesion which really builds resilience, which is one of the things we want to see in communities is a very
strong and resilient community. A way to get involved is with the Medical Reserve
Corps to help improve public health in the community and help to improve the
emergency preparedness, response and recovery capabilities. It might be for you, so check out the Medical Reserve Corps and perhaps talk to your local MRC leader to
see what their needs are and if you can serve.

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