• David McNichol says:

    Starts – 6:05
    Community Links – 7:12
    Daniel’s Presentation – 21:20

  • Malisa Ncube says:

    Another awesome presentation. I love this.

    The experimental stuff blows my mind

  • simo says:

    Johns mic sounds like it’s under the table. Daniels is peaked to heck

  • Far Horizon says:

    Blazor will effectively replace JS, React, Flutter, Xamarin up to some extent, can't wait for Blazor mobile.

  • Alex Danut says:

    the link doesn't work

  • Mark Tekfan says:

    It looks like a professional studio, but obviously it is not! Very amateur and distracting operation in many live broadcasts.
    Please invest in some proper audiotechnic consulting and education!

  • The Cakemeister says:

    A lot of video tearing during page scrolls again this week, so it's a bit more difficult to follow Jon's lovely community links. I think the video compression might have accidentally got changed. If you're able to reduce the compression of the video – increase the bandwidth – that would be much appreciated

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