6 Years Post Top surgery | Montage & Reflection (Andrew Yelland) CC

6 Years Post Top surgery | Montage & Reflection (Andrew Yelland) CC

to speak to dr. Yellen Andrew Yellin to
mr. Yellen magical mr. Yelland and book a date for top surgery I’m so stoked so
state hey folks it’s Finn today’s blog is a transition update because this
month I turned six years post Top surgery where did that time go so I
thought it might be fun to do a little montage of the whole journey from
referral to having top surgery and recovery over the last six years and
then a little reflection on the last year’s healing and how I feel about my
chest today yes they I went to the girls to see doctor Dean to have a catch up
see how I was doing on hormones and why I have you and I asked about top surgery
he said he’s very happy to put me forward for top surgery he needed my
therapist Steve to agree to it which I’m pretty sure he will well it sounds a bit
and then this goes before the panel which I said I think he said was next
week or the week after and as long as the panel agree that it’s in my best
interests and what-have-you I’ll be allocated funding and then I will be
allowed to talk to the surgeon of my choice and book a date for surgery
yesterday I got home to find this my referral nerve so yet my tip wouldn’t
work so eventually got the phone number by the time I got the phone number it
was like quarter to five so I’m and obviously that nobody was there so I
left it like a voicemail just kind of saying hi I’ve got a referral and can I
bring you or can you bring me back anyway this morning at like ten to nine
I think it was phone rings and it’s Jimmy on the phone oh my god so exciting
and then she said so how about the 27th of November and I was kind of went oh my
god so I’m booked in for Top surgery on the 27th of November
and I’ve got my consultant with mr. Yelland ten days beforehand on Monday
the 18th of November I cannot believe this is happening I didn’t think it
beats last Christmas now I know I am but it’s just nice that the confirmation surgery hey guys it’s a quick update
it’s Thursday yeah it’s Thursday I’m not with it and things are going
really really well yesterday after recovery I was fine I woke up grinning
if it was really well and then about eight o’clock I start to get some really
bad pain like because under here and it started swelling and when Tanner called
this whole side was just out here in the in there and to get someone out to have
a look and I developed a a hematoma which is basically like it bleeds it
apparently could just come from them so its tiniest a little blood vessel bursts
so they’ve been bleeding under there and and fluids it’s so rare that it happens
and young and doesn’t use drains so you know because it is quite a rare thing to
happen and then this morning young come see means is like yeah we’re gonna take
you in so they took me back into surgery and I opened it up and and cleared it
out and now I thank God I feel fine he said it wasn’t serious you know it’s not
life-threatening or anything but obviously it’s incredibly painful it
does go down on its own usually over time but you don’t get very good result
that way so he likes to go in and get rid of it all because if the results are
still good you know it’s fine actually went into the bind off earlier
look I can see that what’s there looks really good now the swelling’s gone down
and even with the best feeling I’ve got it does look really good slight bump in
the road don’t get in there it has definitely gone down from what it was I
don’t know if the cameras gonna pick it up but I am actually getting some
bruising coming out from where the hematin I don’t know if everybody gets
breathing or just us there have the hematoma
just us 1% and but yeah it’s definitely coming out but yeah all the swelling
down here is gradually going so yeah just can’t wait to see what this looks
like when it comes off on Monday that’s fine so we’re looking good there’s a
little bit more brittle that’s why the readings back nothing yes I mean it is a
little wave look at it whole things just a little bit more swell and then the
other side but it will your body will oppose yeah thanks no sorry got bruised
but of then there it’s it’s so amazing to wear a shirt with nothing else I
probably do it very often I need interface video so yeah I’ve got great
amount of movement say yes this is my wonderful chest I absolutely love it I
tried to have absolutely no expectation other than to have no moves and should
just be surprised but I absolutely love it
I was expecting it to look a little odd even though it’s what I want I was
expecting some kind of to look and go wow that’s really different but I didn’t
I kind of it kind of looks and then when yeah
that’s my chest I can’t really put it into words it’s just like yeah that’s
that’s my chest and I just I’m not even looking in the camera properly look I’m
just looking at me reflection of my mpix because I love them this is where we’re at with the
chesticles this is my chest at one year and this is my chest now at two years
hose off from my chest at three years post-op so this is my
chest now at five years post-op tada so this is my chest at six years post up
and as you can see I’m still one very happy bunny
that’s enough silliness so it’s six years post-op now I don’t think a huge
amount has changed from my update last year Chris does say that he thinks my
scars have faded even more in that time but I think it’s the case that I’ve just
got hairier and fatter the hair covers it and where my pecs are slightly kind
of sagging a bit now they’re hiding the scar line always a bonus but overall
looking back from the whole journey over six years I mean I think my scar line
has done incredibly well over time and its really healed well and faded nicely
I think that Peck line is incredible I’m very lucky in that I have quite a
naturally muscular physique showoff I don’t really do much gym stuff to be
honest I do lift a bit but not much most of this is Andrew yellen’s work he
creates and moulds of chest he doesn’t just do the double mastectomy actually
does do chest reconstruction I think that is a big difference in a sir
I love the way he’s contoured my chest I do talk a lot about my nipples if you
remember the beginning I was really paranoid about my nipples they just
seemed huge weights to be fair they are but I love them now I’ve grown into them
I think they’ve settled a lot from what they were I love them and I’m not
bothered and it also has some concerns about the underneath part here that
there was slightly a bit of dog earring and bit of extra fat here but again
that’s Macy to do me being a chubster but that is me really digging to
critique my chess because overall I just love my chest I don’t see anything wrong
with myself I love it I don’t even notice the scar line doesn’t bother me
I’m always shirtless whenever I’ve got an opportunity whether it’s a indoors
with Chris or whether it’s outside at a festival or a gig I love having my shirt
off and just feeling the Sun on my chest and the wind in my hair I am one very
very very happy Yelland custard surgery for trans people really does save and
improve quality of life I think a lot of people who don’t understand trans lives
or trans people or no trans people kind of see us having surgery and think that
it’s cosmetic and this was anything but cosmetic I had to have chest surgery to
reveal my real chest living with the chest beforehand was hell on earth
having to get up every day and quickly cover my body because the side of it
would make me sick not being able to go out for fear that somebody might hug me
or brush against me and they’d feel my chest and I’d feel them touch it not
being able to stay over in anyone’s house because going to get dressed and
undressed going camping just going out doing anything when your
body has grown bits that aren’t you you living with that day in and day out is
absolutely hell and having them gone my goodness the freedom to be able to get
up in the morning and just whip the duvet off and lay there naked to be able
to sit next to my partner to have him put his hand on my chest to feel the Sun
on my chest all of these things are just so
incredible and they are life-saving it was never about getting the perfect body
my goodness I mean look at me I’m carrying more weight I’m graying I’m
sagging in places it was never about that it was about revealing my male self
making my outside match with my inside if I look back before I transitioned I
had what was stereotypically the perfect female body I was slim all of those
things you know unscarred and what-have-you where’s now I’ve got scars
and I’m sagging but none of that matters because I’m a scarred saggy man and
that’s what counts I don’t care about being perfect I just care about having
the body that’s really mine and that’s what Top surgery is done for me that’s
what all of my surgeries have done for me but top surgery I think freed me more
than anything because I could kind of hide what was in my parents but these
things that grown couldn’t do much about that I’ve been trying to sleep through
my life so I didn’t have to face them and to be honest you know a lot of times
I thought about checking out of life because of how painful that dysphoria
was so that’s why our surgeries are life saving and life enhancing so for anyone
out there waiting for their surgery I feel you hang in it will happen just
take care of yourself in the mean time and once you get it I promise once this
you have this joy of a new chest all that pain of waiting will disappear and
in place will just be this lovely free feeling of having your chest so hang on
in there thanks for watching everybody if you like this video I’d love it if
you could give it a thumbs up and let me know in the comment section below and if
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to share my videos you think will help take care of
yourselves see you again next week


  • Black woman coding says:

    I love you Finn

  • Cats and Codeine says:


  • Leo West says:

    I have top surgery with dr kneeshaw in 41 days! Im will only be 17 and i am also in the uk! Im so lucky to have started testosterone at 16 and to have surgery a year later!!!

  • Tricky says:

    Heck you look good.

  • Malachy Gilmour says:

    Hey Finn – Happy 6 years you#re chest has turned out great and i love it!

  • Designation _eli says:

    Thank you, Finn, your videos keep making me smile. You're such a bright, sunny part of my routine!

  • Doktor Mandrake says:

    Iโ€™m one week post op and I totally get everything you say. Itโ€™s amazing. Except for the itching!

  • Kelly Reilly-Robinson says:

    I love your manly chest too because your joy is contagious!!! You Finn are a lamb ๐Ÿ˜Šโ™ฅ๏ธ Congratulations for being authentic you. You deserve love and happinessโ™ฅ๏ธ Scars show the journeys of our lives

  • Red Rhodes says:

    Itโ€™s crazy to sit here at 2 weeks post op and think about how Iโ€™ll still get to have this chest 6 years down the line! Still doesnโ€™t feel quite real.

  • whatgenderami says:

    wooot!!! happy six years, Finn ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰

    yes! i always hated when i was pre-op and people would ask me โ€œwhy do you /want/ to get surgery?โ€ because for me, top surgery was never a want, it was a need. i wasnโ€™t getting surgery because i thought the process would be cool, fun, interesting; i was getting surgery to save my life ๐Ÿ’œ

  • Liam says:

    You had top surgery on my 13th birthday! Congratulations on 6 years, Finn! We're all so proud of you.

  • Kayd Lucas says:

    Im 2 weeks post op ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  • Nicolas Burton says:

    It's hard to believe that my top surgery was almost 4 years ago. I'll actually be having my gastric bypass 2 days after my 4 year top surgery anniversary. ๐Ÿ™‚ Like you, my chest has healed very well. My scars are barely noticeable. Party, like you said, because of my hairy chest and fluffy physique. Though a product my mother-in-law sells really helped too. It's called ASEA. It works wonders on scars new and old. And it's good for a bunch of other stuff too. When I first heard of it I was very skeptical. It seemed like the new fad cure-all. But I tried it during my initial healing of the top surgery scars and was amazed at how much it helped. For anyone interested go here to learn more.. https://aseaglobal.com/
    I'm in no way trying to sell anything. This stuff just helped me so much that I try to tell others about it so hopefully it can help them. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • AdamB FTM says:

    My little finnster xxx i adore you. I am a hairy chubby bear too and you look FABULOUSSSSS ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

  • BecomingJayson says:

    Whaaaaaat it's been a year already since your last post op video? That's crazy… I remember watching it being just 2.5 months away from surgery and now I'm nearly a year post op. Time really does fly once it's happened but it's such a painful long wait beforehand. Even so as you said, it's so much more than cosmetic and the pain is 100% worth it in the end. <3

  • Judster says:

    Wow! You look absolutely amazing bud!

  • tarasinecera says:

    Finn, I think you are the sweetest thing on the internet. I love watching your videos and as an older, newly-discovered trans man, I find them both helpful and they inspire hope. I hope I get to have an experience like yours. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • LisaASMR says:

    You are amazing!!!

  • Nick Stuckenborg says:

    I have one year to wait for top surgery, but I am all booked in to have top surgery in a year. It's going to be a long wait, but watching your videos in the meantime help. You're very good at speaking and informing, and you're probably one of the most genuine people I've seen on YouTube.

  • LMC says:

    Your surgeon did a great job.

  • EthanJay1261 says:

    Where has the time gone? Lol you look great and beautifully said!!!
    Thank you Buddy

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