1,400 Filipino soldiers versus 40,000 communist Chinese during Korean War

1,400 Filipino soldiers versus 40,000 communist Chinese during Korean War

what is going on guys back at it again another video you guys know what is it's your boy careful anyways man so I recently the video about how powerful is the Philippines you guys haven't checked out go check it out go check it out anyways one of you guys Jupiter what's telling me yo Kevin you want to see how powerful the Philippines are man there is history about the Korean War you know it says 1400 Filipinos versus 40,000 Communist Chinese during the Korean War man I don't know those numbers seem hella stacked man this guy show me how powerful they are and how much heart the Filipino fighters got man anyways let's go check that video now let's let's go okay Wow the heart man it's the heart fine Chinese sustained okay they're new ships I'm the bedside the another air force now oh wow they are building their airforce very experienced we shall beat them again oh man I did not know man those are some crazy numbers man 1400 Filipino soldiers vs. 40,000 Chinese soldiers men and 7000 Chinese soldiers died lost their lives that day when it defend a lie at only 24 Filipinos lost their lives man oh man those numbers were so stacked against them but they held the line man I know like I said the Filipinos have so much heart man so much heart behind them and they'll defend to the last one man they'll defend for whatever cause great cause cuz they're fighters man they keep pushing forward man that is insane numbers and I'm watching now how you guys are just continuously growing your forces man your naval forces your air forces man you guys got so much like you guys are like honestly you can't mess with the Filipino because like I said the army is growing they're hot they have so much heart they just don't wanna stop man you guys don't know when to stop like I did I watched another video of the bat other guys checked out the basketball video man when the Australians ganged up on that one Filipino and then everyone came and Oh looking Abed instantly jumped on him and it was a big brawl man instantly you don't mess with wood if you mess with one you mess with all man that's well they're like they may be Filipino people may be super friendly honestly the friendliest people in the world but you gotta know how to treat you gotta treat them how you would want to be treated in that honestly if you don't treat them how you would want to be treated you're ready for a world of hurt man like seriously like it's just gonna all gang up on you put still man watching this really makes me think like yo you may not meet they may not have the numbers they may not even have the best technology or whatever man but they got heart and it will fight till the end that's it they'll simply fight till the end man they won't give up and the plus is so trained and determined damn how you gonna fight against that who ever is man let me know what you guys think about this videos first time watching this cuz the war a Korean man I really open my eyes to some things man and that's just crazy and even now the Filipinos building that Philippines are building their army and if I probably you should have messed with them man I'm telling you should not mess with them like Canada you know like you better take that garbage back anyways if you guys enjoyed that video you guys know what do man hit that subscribe button right now and give me that thumbs up comment down below turn polls notification bells on catch you guys next one all right peace just


  • Anthonny Francis Centino says:

    Please do a reaction about the battle for marawi… They are truly a warriors… Tnx bro !!!

  • Loida Ruiz says:

    I think its safe to say that Filipinos are very resilient. No matter what happens we always try to find a way to survive. You may want to check out the story of the Reo Brothers they were affected by super typoon Yolanda They litterally have nothing to eat no home to stay but ended up performing in the club were the Beatles first perform. You might wanna check thier oerformance they're all over the internet. And also the stories of the soldiers who stayed in BPR Sierra Madre. The vessels condition was pretty bad but they choose to.stay there to protect and for the love of our motherland.

  • okidok guebats says:

    try also " battle of marawi" were filipino soldiers smashed the blood thirst ISIS..it took 6 years in syria to minimize them but it only took 4 months for the filipino soldiers to crushed them ..more than 900 ISHIT dies and almost 100 soldiers dies even though ISIS is in defensive position..as if your watching counter strike on that video

  • spike phil says:

    We are starting building our military. We don't need war but we will fight if necessary. Thanks bro.

  • lost city Biringan Samar says:

    One of my uncle is a Filipino soldier during Korean war & Vietnam war.

  • Dolly Borromeo says:

    Originally, filipinos are Ophirians. Ophir from the descendants of Shem (oldest son of Noah) & the father of Apachshad. Before, when the spaniards tried to own the Ophir our strong fighter Lapulapu n his comrades fought so hard not anyone to takeover the Ophir islands. This is when Magelan n his soldiers were killed. Philippines was named from Spain's king Philip. This is when Ophirians (Ophir) to Phiippines. And one of a senator suggested to president Marcos to change the Philippines to Marharlika…. hebrew meant freedom n fighters. So we, the Orphirians are Yahawah ( hebrew LORD) children to fight without fear n do what is right. So many Orphirians sacrifice their lives to show that we care n respect to die for a cause.

  • Shine Ann says:

    Wow! thank you so much for this vlog man..really true. Pilipinos are friendly but don’t dare messed with them because they really fought back if treated unfairly. We are God fearing and peace loving people, brave and unite in times of trouble. BTW, I’m a proud child of once a PEFTOK Soldier ♥️😇. missing my father in heaven 😔♥️😇

  • Jan Lim says:

    official numbers that the chinese listed were only 400 killed on that battle

  • Reymon Marana says:

    Late happy independence day sa inyo

  • Asuka Weng says:

    Bcos we Filipinos are born to hve unity in all aspects,especially during calamities we're all helping each other.

  • Rica Onate Agoncillo Bacani says:

    Pls watch 5 filipinos vs 20 mexicans ..

  • Kenny Emano says:

    1,400 soldier and 1.3 Billion Praying🙏 vs 40,000 Chinese

  • Zernan Asuncion says:

    Philippine Army is now in the second phase of modernizing the military, acquiring more aircrafts they have to choose from Gripen of Sweden or new version of F-16 of the US also in the shopping lists were 3 submarines …..and more for the shopping lists for navies and airforce until phase 3…..already ordered 16 balckhawk choppers and 12units of T129 attack helicopters from Turkey, 2 new frigates were already ordered from South Korea also 8 units of KAAV 7-A1 amphibious assault vehicles also from South Korea , i unit already delivered and the other 1 will be delivered in 2020….. This Philippine military build-up is surely for the aggressiveness of China in South China Sea as they occupying some islands within the Philippine territory or within the Philippine EEC (Exclusive Economic Zone), Philippines is not looking for war , but need to defend the home country in times of Chinese agression…..

  • bai mubina sinarimbo says:

    Finally..the korean war..alot of people didnt know about this…thank you for this kevo…i love your reaction videos…

  • Sync Mnemosyne says:

    Pls react to Battle of Marawi https://youtu.be/_4zXI0X8Brc

  • jade villaber says:

    Maybe more of us will subscribe kev if the video you shared is updated that was 6 to 7 years ago many ships and aircrafts were bought by the new administration this time. But still ill hit the button.

  • Jude Bonachita says:

    Noon yon kasi mga ninono matatapang walang inoorungan para sa bayan..pero iba.n A ngayon matatapang lang kung naka drugs wala ng pag mamahal sa bansang pilipinas.

  • Rowena Gulitiw says:

    Oh..yeah Filipinos braved,always looks for way out or remedy just to conquer and survived.

  • Romeo Molina Jr. says:

    Hi kevo, you might want to see the brawl between filipinos and mexicans in the US. It's titled" 5 filipinos vs 20 mexicans". Lionheart prevails on that video.

  • Romeo Molina Jr. says:

    Hi kevo, you might want to see the brawl between filipinos and mexicans in the US. It's titled" 5 filipinos vs 20 mexicans". Lionheart prevails on that video.

  • Noel Cruzado says:

    With Filipinos….we may not be friends but we can be friendly

  • rogel paglinawan says:

    try to check this link. they are the beterans in korean war.😊😊https://youtu.be/Iwz3UchbsZ0

  • Magic Johnson says:

    According to
    Lisa Edmondson, "He who is humble is confident and wise. He who brags is insecure and lacking". However, based on Walt Whitman's quote, "If you done it, it ain't bragging."
    ..What do you think guys?…

  • Marro Villaluz says:

    Filipinos are suvivors…thats why I'm very proud to be a Filipino Kevin…

  • sgtmichael12 says:

    Battle of marawi city undersiege by isis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4zXI0X8Brc&bpctr=1560397590

  • Yan Nix says:

    Yow kev.. pls watch marawi battle.. pls pls thanks

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