10 Horrible Realities Of A Post Apocalyptic Society

10 Horrible Realities Of A Post Apocalyptic Society

Many people love watching shows or movies
set in some sort of post-apocalyptic universe, and consider the lifestyle to be very glamorous. However, the truth is that reality in a post-apocalyptic
universe would certainly not be the fun and games free-for-all that so many people imagine
it to be. The most fun parts of life you see in the
post-apocalyptic movies would either be non-existent, or just the happiest moments of what is otherwise
a long, hard slog through life. In today’s article, we will go over ways
that life after the apocalypse might not be as fun as many would like to believe. 10. Horses Would Almost Certainly Be Eaten, Not
Used As Mounts In a lot of post-apocalyptic media, you see
people using horses as mounts, but this is really just all kinds of silly. While it makes sense in a medieval fantasy
universe, those who are already used to technology and are starving are unlikely to be using
a horse — something that requires so much food to keep alive — as a mount when they
could eat it instead. Now, back in the day part of the reason they
used horses for mounts was because they needed something, but nowadays we have things like
bikes. And, when it comes to multi-gear bikes, we
now have bikes that, with comparatively little effort, could potentially take someone hundreds
of miles. In terms of the caloric costs in a society
struggling to find food, it just wouldn’t be logical for horses to be anything other
than meat. Bikes, and other similar transport, would
quickly become the norm as fuel and food both became scarce. 9. Travel Would Become A Rarity, Only Done As
Truly Needed Now, while we would have mountain bikes for
long travel, and they are relatively sturdy, they offer very little in terms of protection
from the elements, and the truth is that in general, unless trying to migrate like in
the old days for better land, there would be little reason at all to do any real travel. If people were living in an area where they
even had a decent amount of resources it would be extremely risky to move. Even in an area with few resources, if there
was just enough to survive, it would be hard to save up enough for a long journey, especially
if you aren’t sure other areas are in much better shape. Travel would almost certainly be cut to most
people never going more than a few miles in any direction, and we would all likely become
very well acquainted — very quickly — with all of our closest neighbors (and probably
come to rely on each other, as we would need to make do with the products and services
around us). Unfortunately, not only buying online, but
even ordering products from afar would simply cease to be, due to the fact that most travel
would be greatly curtailed unless absolutely necessary. 8. Shampoo, Conditioner And Other Products Would
Probably Not Be Available In post-apocalyptic media, you see beautiful
people who have often been out in the woods for weeks, months, or even longer. They do not have access to a beauty supply
store, a beauty parlor, or even a Walgreens, but they manage to look perfectly made up,
like they just came out of makeup at a Hollywood studio. (Because… they have.) And while it would likely be harder for us
to connect with the main characters if they looked grunged up and disgusting, the fact
of the matter is that they probably kind of would. You can only wash your clothes so well in
a stream without soap, and in most post-apocalyptic situations, getting yourself and your clothes
fully cleaned (if you are lucky) is about as far as you are going to get. Focusing on cosmetics is going to come later
in the more prosperous villages, after a lot of people have settled down, and even then
it’d be unlikely to reach the level that it once did any time soon (if ever). Furthermore, no matter how advanced a village,
those who spend most of their time out in the woods are simply not going to look like
Hollywood supermodels. 7. The Remaining Anti-Vaxxers Would Have Potential
To Do Incredible Damage Today, anti-vaxxers are already doing serious
damage, bringing diseases like measles roaring back in developed countries like the United
States. However, in a society were there was much
less regulation, and much less vaccine availability, it would be much easier for anti-vaxxers to
poison the well, or get away with mixing their children with others when they have infectious
diseases. In fact, this was part of the reason disease
used to spread so quickly. Before organizations like the CDC, or constant
mass communication and increased literacy, not only were things like vaccinations rare,
but medical ignorance in general was a big problem. Now, many today are learning medical ignorance
by believing the wrong information they read online, and even some in the medical field
are being infected. In a scenario where a lot of humans got cut
off from each other, and a lot of laws broke down, many fewer people would have vaccines
available and a lot of others would feel less pressure to get their kids vaccinated, or
potentially fall to scientific ignorance. The results could be dire, and wipe out a
huge amount of a population that has already lost infrastructure, communication, and knowledge
due to other apocalyptic reasons. 6. Pollution Would Be A Greater Problem Than
Perhaps Ever Before Right now pollution and climate change are
a big problem, but in the event of some kind of disaster, whether through climate change
or something else, it could end up (at least on a local scale) an even bigger immediate
problem for the average community of survivors. Regulation would mostly be up to local communities,
and some would be better than others, but nearby communities could pollute in their
own ways that might affect their neighbors, and aside from war, it could be very hard
to get them to cooperate. On top of that, most people would probably
be more worried about survival at all costs at first, so likely a lot of sacrifices in
terms of pollution would be made. Now, it could be argued that going back in
time people would have had a similar problem in any non-industrialized society without
proper states and laws governing dumping waste and other such things, but it could be an
even bigger problem, because in many post-apocalyptic societies, people would not have more than
a patchwork of waste dumping cooperation with their nearby neighbors. But they would also have a situation where
many people had a knowledge of industry that those in the past didn’t. So, many people would be piecing together
industrial equipment, utilizing dangerous chemicals, and using whatever they could to
get by, with far less environmental safety or knowledge. In short, apart from the massive scale of
industry we have now, the problem on a local scale could end up far worse. 5. We Would Have To Spend Time Talking To People
Who Don’t Agree With Us On the internet, we have gotten used to the
high of always finding people who agree with us, and always finding people who share our
hobbies. However, in a post-apocalyptic society, we
would have to make do with people who are local to us, and this would make it much harder
to find that easy affirmation. On the whole, you are going to have a lot
more trouble finding people who simply pat you on the back for every opinion you have. And you are also going to find it a lot harder
to find those who share your more esoteric hobbies. Online, you can always find at least a few
oddballs who share your weirdest quirks and interests, but if society and all of that
mass communication breaks down, then you are once again going to find yourself being that
weird geeky person. In truth there are many geeky interests that
are still kind of niche, but people feel cool and accepted because you can always find a
few people to talk to about them. But without the connectedness of the modern
age, all of that is going to quickly go away. 4. A Minor Injury Or Other Bruise Or Cut Could
Easily Lead To Your Death One of the first things that would go away
is proper access to medical care, and even often basic medical supplies. This makes a very difficult situation for
those glamorous survivors you see in a lot of movies, who often look very rugged and
scuffed up, like they have been through the wringer. The sad fact is that without proper medical
care (which most survivors in post-apocalyptic movies and TV shows don’t have), those bruised
and scuffed up people will probably soon develop a blood infection from their cuts and bruises,
and then die a very miserable and easily avoidable death. And as for anything much worse than that,
you better hope you are lucky and only end up crippled for life in some form, instead
of simply succumbing to your injuries. Those who are crippled would also likely struggle
to fit into society at all, and in harsher groups with less resources, may not end up
finding a place at all. When you are trying to rebuild society, it
can be difficult to justify spending too many resources on the weak. 3. People Would Start Having Massive Amounts
Of Children Again, And They Would Die In order to shore up human numbers, and also
to ensure that at least a few survive, people would likely start having massive amounts
of children again like they used to. Unfortunately, this would also lead us back
to a time period when children were used greatly for labor from a young age, and were often
considered more of a resource than anything else. After all, if times are tough and food is
hard to come by, then anyone who eats food had better be helping produce it as well. This means children would be more focused
on work than getting an education, and parents could expect, with less healthcare, that most
of their children wouldn’t survive to adulthood and may be afraid to get too attached in the
first place. This means children would grow up not feeling
as much affection and attachment to their parents, but this may be well and good enough,
as their parents probably wouldn’t live very long lives either. Now, this doesn’t mean parent and child
relationships would be loveless, but things would definitely be much more grim. 2. Raids Would Probably Be Common, And Life Would
Be Violent And Unpleasant In a post-apocalyptic society, raids would
be something people would have to regularly worry about. Whether from individuals, mini-armies from
entire small cities, or just little raiding bands, any community or anyone who put down
roots would have to constantly be worried about what kind of people might simply try
to run up and take what they have. You would have to constantly be on alert,
and with all the modern weapons still around, you can almost never be too prepared for what
your enemies might use in order to take everything you have or even obliterate you from the face
of the Earth. Bigger communities with their own militias
would probably fare better, but small farms or families isolated from others would almost
be sitting ducks, and probably constantly find themselves under attack. Unless you are willing to be part of a big
cooperative with a lot of protection, the more attention you attract with your nice
buildings and beautiful lands, the more likely someone is going to just straight up steal
it from you. 1. It May Sound Fun To Individuals, But They
Would Have It The Very Worst Of All Many young men like the idea of a future where
we still have a lot of our knowledge, but society has busted down and things are now
going south. It’s sort of a feeling of independence,
like they can get their chance to live out of all their wildest power fantasies, and
with no rules at all to stop them as a cherry on the sundae. However, they would find a society full of
patchwork new rules and communities, where they would either follow those rules while
around each community or find themselves quickly unwelcome. And if they tried to just raid and impose
their will on others, they would often find themselves against fierce resistance and hunted
down. If they ever needed medical or other help,
most survivors would find themselves needing assistance, and would either need to break
down and be a part of society for a bit, or would already be an enemy of society and find
that no one really wants to help them (without at least punishing them first). The bigger, more organized societies would
prosper, and those that were alone, except for a few rare survival experts who didn’t
mind staying away from others and living entirely as hermits, would not live long, and would
likely have an unpleasant existence in the new, post-apocalyptic world.


  • Jedediah Galloway says:

    Biggest thing I would miss (assuming I survived the literal chaos) would be toilet paper.

  • Harry McMackin says:

    Should mention gasoline. Possibly electricity also.

  • DarkGhost 01 says:

    As a hopeful Post-apocalyptic writer I will take some of these to heart. Especially the cripple element. That would make it really interesting imo

  • lekiscool says:

    Thats ok, I have a disability, I wouldn’t be able to live very long without my meds.

  • Lilac Lizard says:

    Could you do a video on the 10 best crops to grow post apocalypse?
    I saw a fascinating calculation on lettuce yield per square metre a while back, where, due to it's fast growth rate, it actually appeared to outperform almost, if not all other crops in terms of calories per hectare per year. Would be interesting to know what crops would work well in different settings & particularly if all other needs like water were removed from the calculations, so in a nuclear bunker/space station/Mars or whatever where plants could be stacked as well, I think the results could be really surprising

  • Earl Warner says:

    No, no , no.. Horses would not become food. We would still have cows for that. Horses do live off the land too you know, we wouldn't have to worry too much about extra food for them at all. Horses have far too much of a use for transportation to be used for food, they can reproduce… machines can't.

    Okay… I was going to comment on everything on the list but… it's far easier to just say this: It seems the quality of these videos has taken a major nose-dive for a while now. They are not researched or thought out very well at all any more so…. yeah, I am glad I just browsed this channel and never subscribed to it.

  • Nick Milner says:

    I feel great now😔🤔let's hope we never succumb to a world like that!

  • bitsnpieces11 says:

    Donkeys and camels would be much, much better than horses.  They can live on scrub and little water and still carry a large load.  Horses are for speed.

  • Ted Nugent says:

    I always wondered why u never see bikes or .22s on the walking dead.

  • Jeff Shepherd says:

    6:10 "finding it a lot harder to find those who share your more esoteric hobbies." Dark days indeed!

  • Heathen Wolf says:

    Many vaccines have already been proven to actually cause diseases. Take small pox for example. The breakout of it at Disneyland/world were of vaccinated children…. And if vaccines work, why are the vaccinated afraid of the unvaccinated? If their vaccines work… Sure you can trust the government, just ask an Indian .. (CDC)

  • Dee Kirilyuk says:

    why dont you talk about GMO in food and water killing people, and drug overdose forced by pharmaceutical companies? and force apocalypse

  • Ron Secord says:

    Everyone left would be on the same level,bottom of the food chain. We would all equally suck including the Rich Elites. Not such a bad thing!

  • ACGreyhound04 says:

    Any “remaining anti-vaxxers” would quickly be used for target practice in a real post-apocalyptic situation.

  • ACGreyhound04 says:

    When modern people think “post-apocalyptic” they usually think of a modern society crushed by a nuclear war or weird bio-engineered plague, but any student of history would know that in a lot of ways, we’ve actually been there before.

    Compared to the Roman Empire in, say, 200 AD, medieval Western Europe of 400 AD was pretty dang post-apocalyptic. Society took a HUGE step down in a very short time after the fall of the Empire, and A LOT of ancient knowledge was lost that we still may not have completely re-discovered.

  • CaptHiltz says:

    If you think about it in this situation the anti vaxxer probably would some of the first to parish because, you know, they aren't vaccinated. Bet they didn't think of that.

  • OverLord says:

    I feel that the people who are capable of surviving would be Smart enough to not to eat their horses. Alot of the ones surviving would be country people.

  • Jon Wineinger says:

    I'm all ready stocking up on toilet paper. I will be a rich guy.

  • makemwunder says:

    NO, anti vaxxers aren't bringing these diseases back to the U.S. The illegals are bringing them in…..

  • ApocGuy says:

    c'mon not every scratch will cause blood poisoning. if that would be true, there wouldnt be 7bill people on this planet.also you CAN get a lot of substitutes for medicine in nature if only you KNOW what to look for and how to process raw materials to medicine. Alcohol is one of basic disinfectant on this planet, with peroxide next. alcohol is easy to make, while you can make hydrogen peroxide, but need proper knowledge and equipment. knowledge is power, hide it well. or use it to your benefits 😉

  • puro says:

    12. Listening to Karen complaining since there is no managers

  • Kevin Stover says:

    I believe that in fact there would be very little if any post apocalypse society. Man has littered the world with ticking time bombs that would decimate virtually all life on the planet. From un-manned nuclear reactors…to millions of rail cars filled with chemicals that would eventually leak and poison vast swaths of land. Leaking tanks would mix chemical together that would be deadly to life as we know it. If society breaks down and there is no one to control all the chemicals, you can kiss it all goodbye.

  • Margaret Swartz says:

    What would we eat besides each other?

  • pulesjet says:

    Lack of Antibiotics alone will kill millions of survivors. A simple Cut finger has the potential to kill you.

  • Nick eZTarg8 says:

    Disability erasure in post apocalyptic media??? Did someone seriously wonder why that might be a thing

  • Paul Overstreet says:

    "Children would be valued more for work…". You make it sound like teaching kids to be productive is a bad thing. Contrary to pop culture, kids need something to do. They need responsibility. Without it, you get antifa.

  • Trevor Keen says:

    This whole video is a prepper's wet dream.

  • jp bart says:

    luckily, i have more years behind me than ahead & hopefully, i'll be dead before the apocalypse. as it is, i feel uncomfortable living in this pre-apocalyptic overpopulated, overly polluted shithole of a planet!

  • Scorched Earth says:

    Forget any of that, what happens to all the bodies? Millions of people dying in such a short amount of time means millions of rotting corpses. Forget raids, the biggest issue is hygiene and disease.

  • Adam Thornton says:

    There would probably be a big divide between people who lived in cities beforehand and people who lived in the countryside or small to medium size towns. I could imagine some of these towns developing some kind of caste-like system with urban refugees being used like serfs or indentured servants in exchange for being allowed some basic food, shelter, and something approximating safety. Especially in a country like the United States which (unlike Britain, where I live) has a fairly low population density, net food exports, and existing tensions between its rural and urban populations.

  • jyggalag daedric prince of order says:

    Simon will be the ranger with the big iron on his hip

  • Sara Eyler says:

    You are grossly confused about bikes being a better mode of transportation than horses. We dont have to buy "horse food" from the store. Its grass. It grows everywhere. Not hard to feed a horse. But like people, the high maintenance horses will die with the high maintenance people.

  • Draco lord says:

    What's the movie shown at the time stamp 2:44? It looks interesting.

  • Christopher A says:

    I think you just love hearing yourself talk. What a useless list…

  • rayeasom says:

    Not many people have the will power to live a hard life never mind the ability. A world without safe spaces and having to face a reality of acknowledging someone else’s opinion, I’m sure the snowflake generation of left wing SJWs would rather die than accept that. The vegans would die out very quickly without their supply of avocados. The only people who’d have a hope in hell of surviving the first few days are those strong willed people who have a grip on reality. Wahoo conservatives survive.

  • Matt TheMechanic says:

    You forgot electricity… like for refrigerators, hospitals and gas station pumps. Losing those would sssuuuuuucccccckkkkkk!

  • Vestlandsguten says:

    On the bright side, there would be no such thing as diabetus…

  • RageDarkPrince says:

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  • Anthony Weir says:

    So in short a lot of death and destruction

  • Vecterbeast1 call of duty channel says:

    Horses eat grass TF?

  • Paul Waweru says:

    1, 2 and 6 are somewhat debatable
    1 and 2 are linked. The kind of places with large numbers of domesticated horses would first be further from urban centers than would be expected. They would also have enough stockpiles to keep them from slaughtering their stock of livestock – especially horses – to last through the first stages of the 'dying off'.
    More importantly, because of the isolation from urban regions, keeping their horses would be more sensible.
    As for pollution, even in medieval and pre-medieval ages, the most polluted areas were the urban centers themselves not only because of large concentrations of population but also because of the very nature of modern civilization. Most of the things that cause pollution are the by-product of non-self sustaining communities such as fuel, processed foods etc. The great urban regions would experience rapid population decline as food stocks and utilities disappeared and people would starve or simply die of cold if they did not get killed within the first few weeks as grocery stores run out of food.

    On a curious note, why do you think the anti-vazzers are the problem in a post-apocalyptic world? From our perspective, they refusing to conform is dangerous to them as they are using their own bodies to fight off disease. From a future perspective however, they would be most fitted to survive in a world incapable of large – even small scale in some instances – production of medicines or cures. Those they would come in contact with would be exposed to dangerous 'ancient' diseases and they would be positioned to resist the new diseases that would inevitably arise. I mean, 'Remember the Tita…I mean Native Americans'

  • Amelia Lane says:

    While I do agree that a lot of people would probably eat a horse if they were starving, I’ve known people who have owned the same horse for like 20 years and they damn well aren’t gonna eat it

  • Bryan Murphy says:

    You are so wrong about eating horses. The world over and for time almost immemorial humans do not eat animals that do work until they are dead.

  • themurtadhgames says:

    But after a few thousand years wouldnt life be good and happy because everyone has evolved to be good again

  • Charlie Extra says:

    while garbage pollution would increase, since industry would be nonexistant, there would be no new plastic products and items would have to be reused. also, petroleum products would be rare so working cars/trucks would be fewer or cease to exist. So on the whole pollution would be lesser.

  • terrance eisner says:

    #4 come on I hear that all the time but I Work with power tools almost every day I'm no stranger to being accidentally stabbed by a rusty nail getting bruises from falling off a latter or scrapes and cuts from other remodeling accidents on top of remodeling and repair work the first task is cleaning because my tenants trash the place before they move out so I'm no stranger to bacteria either. Look I've been doing this stuff for over a decade now and I've never touched a first aid kit in my life. I'm a living testament to the falsehood of that claim a minor injury is the same today as it was hundreds of years ago when the life expectancy was short there is no correlation and there never was one. They don't kill people now in third world countries where there is no access to a hospital. They didn't kill the Pilgrims who came over on the mayflower only to starve and/or freeze that first winter and no my friend minor cuts and bruises will NOT kill your grandchildren or mine when society crumbles now that's not in any way intended to say they wouldn't younger in an apocalypse than they would today. It just won't be from a minor injury.

  • Nice Try says:

    Insert Modern Day Farmer who doesn't realize farms would attract raiders indefinitely and continuously until the owners (and everything worth raiding,) are out of the picture.

  • Biffgee says:

    Try riding a bicycle across country. You'll quickly wish you had a horse.

  • Nathan says:

    News flash, post apocalypse everybody is anti-vaxx

  • ItenerantMonk says:

    Soap is a lot easier to make than most people think.

  • Peter Greer says:

    I would recommend the film The Road if you want to realise what a post apocalyptic life would really be like, beware it is disturbing.

  • jim loontiens says:

    bike has flat tire, there goes your bike.horses eat grass, not saying we all will survive but alot of us would have the brains enough to get organized.

  • Alarming Spectral says:

    Seems like a sailboat would be a go to place to live.

  • lexy oesterwind says:

    Stop believing everything you a told, Simon.
    Just because one is unvaccinated does NOT mean one is sick, nor does it make someone a danger to society. That is a false narrative. You around more unvaccinated people (both children AND adults) who are Perfectly healthy!
    Most anti-vaxxers are not that way due to "believing everything we read online". Most of us are that way due to being vaccine injured ourselves, know someone who is vaccine injured and/or knowing someone who died from being vaccinated.

  • ANGRY_MEXICAN _77 says:

    I cant believe top tenz is already at 1mil😵 what happened to the 50k I joined at lol

  • Admiral Ackbar says:

    Turn on my V.C.R.
    Same one I've had for years
    James Brown on the Tami Show
    Same tape I've had for years
    I sit in my old car
    Same one I've had for years
    Old battery's running down
    It ran for years and years
    Turn on the radio
    The static hurts my ears
    Tell me where would I go
    I ain't been out in years
    Turn on the stereo
    It's played for years and years
    An Otis Redding song
    It's all I own
    When the world is running down
    You make the best of what's still around
    When the world is running down
    You make the best of what's still around

  • Wrugglethumper Spanks, Otter Provocateur says:

    So what you're saying is, is that I'd die.

  • Ata Mata says:

    Bicycle is better than a horse…
    Man, have you ever been in nature…?
    A horse eats to much ….
    Yes… Of grass and other stuff that just grows all around, it's not like something you would need to worry too much about

  • J.D. Braun says:

    Nothing about all the dead bodies that would be lying around? Think of how many corpses would be in the streets of new york or another highly populated city.

  • LadyDoomsinger says:

    Weird geeky interests on the internet? Can't imagine what that would be…

    continues watching TopTenz videos

  • Jake Satov says:

    This was hella interesting. Anything else you could do on post apocalyptic scenarios and realities would be awesome

  • Topsoil Depletion Awareness (closing the loop) says:

    The ruling class will do anything they can to stay in power.

  • daveogarf says:

    Very Well-reasoned, Simon.

  • Darker Than Black says:

    I don't know about number ten there are many reasons why a horse would be better than a bicycle.

  • James Andrews says:

    Eat a horse, ride a bicycle.

  • chefpetey says:

    You forgot all the Nuclear Plants melting down.

  • Andy says:

    I came here for information, not communist politics. You’re little anti vax speech just got your channel off my list.

  • sailingsolar says:

    We would have mountain bikes? Only until it gets a flat tire. How will you fix a punctured tire or one that's worn through to the cords? After 6 months you probably making shoes out of wrapped rags.

  • Dan Strier says:

    Someone is going to need to start a company like Vault-Tec. So we can post apocalypse in style.

  • rikjohnson39 says:

    RE the Pollution chapter: Visit any third world nation to see this. In 28 years traveling with the USAF, I visited a LOT of third world nations from The Gambia to Panama and most of my time was spend, not in the major cities, but in small villages of a few hundred to a thousand people. Most people chose a nearby (within 15 minute walk for kids of home) field where they dumped their trash in a big pile that was infested with rats, roaches, flies, etc. This pile was so close to home that the vermin easily migrated back and forth from your house to the trash.
    The minority would simply toss their trash into an alley or the street. Note that I live in a nice neighborhood in Tucson, Az, population a million and I STILL have to go into my alley with a shovel and clean up the trash my Middle-class neighbors were too lazy to put in the community dumpster!
    In the city of San Pedro Sula, a major city, entire streets were impassable because the locals had simply used it as a trash dump with their garbage 4' high and 500' long with barely room along the houses to pass.
    People are lazy in every nation and after-the-fall, most people would simply toss their trash over their back fence and live with the flies and roaches. They do this today and it would simply get worse.

  • rikjohnson39 says:

    Re the children chapter: My grandparents had LOTS of kids for three reasons, 1) cheap labor on the farm, 2) no birth control, 3) no TV so what else was there to do. The other reason was women knew that their lives depended on the physical strength of their man who did all the hard farming work and it was necessary to keep him around to feed you and your kids so humans switches from monthly 'heat' as in animals to constant sex to keep the male around. Women even today quickly learn to trade sex for goods and attention, though they often lie about doing this with "he loaned me money so I felt comfortable sleeping with him." followed by an angry reply to the request for the loan to be paid back, "I paid for that money on my back!"

  • Marvin the Martian says:

    Ppl that think a post apocalyptic world would be fun & cool believe tv & video game fantasies. They would be the 1st to die.

  • D Schultz says:

    Can they read flash cards while working?

  • Jeremy Yates says:

    Wouldn't life practically end if society crumbled? With the amount of nuclear reactors, weapons, and waste distributed throughout the world, meltdowns would occur quickly. These meltdowns would contaminate most if not all rivers, oceans, and lakes. The radioactivity would be airborne and most if not all life would cease outside of microscopic life. Best chance for survival would probably be in less developed countries such as those in Africa but even then the radioactivity would probably reach it and kill any and everything. We've set ourselves up in such a way that if we were to disappear or crumble then a domino effect would take place destroying everything. Anyone who did survive would probably develop terrible burns and/or cancer and MAYBE some form of evolution would occur allowing later generations to be immune to radioactivity but that's a best case scenario. I dont believe there can be a post apocalyptic world. At least, not for very long until our own devices poison us.

  • nunya bidness says:

    If vaccines work, then you dont need to worry about people who dont use them…

  • Dave Brady says:

    I want to know where the endless supply of gas and bullets come from in post apocalyptic society

  • David Price says:

    This video doesn't provide anywhere near enough information to open a realistic discussion or defend their 10 items. The cause, scope, and duration of the disaster, the resulting state of the world's environment (biosphere), the number of people that survive the initial conditions, the dispersion of this population are all factors that need to be known to have anything close to an intelligent discussion on this topic. However, I guess this is just for fun.

  • Pighood says:


  • M lucas says:

    THANK YOU for pointing out the fact about cosmetics! That's one thing that bothers me a lot, especially in a genre that often prides itself on 'gritty realism'. Which usually translates to 'gratuitous violence'. (However realistic the violence might be, you lose a LOT of credibility in realism if the cast still looks like they stepped out of a magazine shot. Zero body hair is just ridiculous!)

  • Dave Alexander says:

    90% of the people wont survive the 1st 30 days. Thoes that get past the initial die off will be the TRAINED/PREPARED preppers. .and even for them its gonna be HARD. Armegeddon & the New World Order will destroy almost all the rest. Entire planet will be almost dead. Only thing that will save the few remnants will be Christ returning.

  • Furor Frisii says:

    anti-vaxxers will get scrapped for parts after the apocalypse/ Why let those hippies irritate men, and frustrate survival?

  • Mitch Ennis says:

    Just watch the movie Threads. The movie shows are going to get a lot worse before they get better.

  • Joshua Ballew says:

    Is there a reason you show yourself talking in the whole video?

  • Roy Banton says:

    I'm really surprised that he didnt mention the cannibalism that would be rife throughout society. I'm sure many people think that they will eat small animals and vegitation but hunger does strange things to a person.

  • Birds ofPrey says:

    I disagree with Horses being meat, based on our ancestors realized that they were better used as a tool to help them hunt and travel. Simon mention bikes but they break and would be hard to fix. Humans would still have other animals to eat that a horse would help hunting them down.

  • danger dork says:

    People on welfare already have massive amounts of children

  • Laurence Clifford says:

    It would take 3 days before people started eating each other. Vegans will start eating their pot plants but it won't take long before their gold fish and pet cat start to look tasty, then the annoying kids in their apartment block will look appetising and before long they'll be chowing down on their next door neighbours.

  • Jeremy Banyar says:


  • Grant Goldberg says:

    If the vaccines protect you against diseases then the anti-vaxxers actions should be inconsequential to those who've been vaccinated. Kind of a stunning admission that they don't.

  • Evin Chester says:

    So being a student of history, the world would revert back to where it was say, three to four hundred years ago.
    Pretty much agrarian, limited industry, having to use steam and rivers as power sources.
    Maybe the tech to do windmills might be there.
    Recycling would be done on a large scale.
    Yeah…not that fun…and not like living off the grid.

  • Shannon Medley says:

    When diesel generators dont have anyone to refuel them, unattended nuclear powerplant would all melt down.

  • πικκι Γειδ says:

    #8 He obviously hasn't seen lost or the 100, they look hot as hell in dirty clothes 😆

  • Slickinfinity says:

    no one will probably survive if all the nuclear reactors go into meltdowns due to lack of maintenance which would be enough to irradiate the whole world so I wouldn't worry too much about any apocalypse, you'd have maybe a few years tops imo.

  • Tsinibor says:

    I like how you dunked on preppers in #1

  • cass c says:

    Sure, demonize anti-vaxxers, but in a post-apocalyptic world would likely produce something possibly not even present before… 🙄 vaccinations will be the last thing on people's mind

  • Steve Kacor says:

    Sounds like you need to do your homework, if you are prepared you will survive. What skills you have are only limited by how motivated you are to learn. As a society we have forgotten so many skills our ancestors took for granted.

  • Jose Martinez says:

    Yeah question anti vaccination ppl causing a problem. Why would it be a problem to anybody who is vaccinated. Doesn't make much sense doesn't maybe you give some thought into why ppl who are vaccinated can still catch and die from diseases they should be protected against

  • Kadeem Johnson says:

    Anime shows the apocalypse will be fun you'll be free from the system no control over you you can do parkour it's liberating you be a human being an individual for once ✌😎🎬💪✊

  • vincent hawkins says:

    A lot of this depends on what caused the apocalypses to start with. I would probably keep my horse if it still had grass to eat. I could git food by farming or hunting if there were still wild animals which there would be if my horse could still survive. A bike would be to much work and if it breaks their may not be spare parts. Also you can carry more with you if you have to move with the use of a horse, including weapons and tools, and they can be made to work on a farm. I would hate to have to grow crops with just man power, having a horse or donkey would make the work far more productive. It would be a asset not a liability.

  • TheGholiday says:

    Unless people knew how to run a refinery fuel would run out quickly as it doesn’t have a long shelf life.

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